Why Aren’t the Lakers the Hungriest Wolf in the Jungle?

It’s going to be a hard road to plow, but the Lakers, again, know that better than everybody. They see the Spurs. They see the improved Mavericks. They see Kevin Durant and Russ Westbrook licking their chops for their rematch. And then beyond that? The Boston Celtics or Miami Heat will inevitably loom. It’s going to be chaos come April. So why extend precious energy — the energy that ultimately could be the difference between a Game six or Game six, in February? Like all true senseis in every movie through forever, the true master waits and bides his time.

I don’t know how this road trip is going to turn out, Lakers fans. As a fan, I’d like to see them win every game by 50, but that’s probably not going to happen. Just know — whatever happens, as long as it doesn’t involve Kobe Bryant’s death, is worthless.

LeBron James and the Heat rightfully deserve the No. 1 spot on anybody’s “Power Rankings.” But, history doesn’t reward the top in anybody’s Power Rankings in January.

I suggest the fans do as the players, look beyond this annual road trip, and buckle down. It’s certainly going to be a bumpy ride.


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