Who Is The Real King of Los Angeles?

Kobe Bryant has been the face of Los Angeles for the past decade and he has brought five NBA championships to the city. Bryant has played his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers, a team that is cherished by the entire state of California. As for the Clippers, the other team in the city, they have been ridiculed ignored by fans and for countless of years.

However, this season a new star is emerging and has transformed the Los Angeles Clippers. Blake Griffin has dazzled fans with his incredible leaping ability and spectacular plays. Although the Clippers’ playoff chances are long gone, the team can become successful if they continue to build around Griffin. Players like Griffin, Eric Gordan and Deandre Jordan will surely bring the Clippers back to the NBA playoffs.

As Griffin continues to shine under the bright lights of Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant is carrying his team to basketball immortality. However, many analysts and fans believe Griffin has taken over the throne of Los Angeles, and Dime Magazine writes Griffin is already challenging Kobe for the title.

It’s understandable that Griffin will one day become the King of Los Angeles, but it is absurd to proclaim that Griffin has beaten Kobe. Bryant has ruled the city for nearly two decades and he has brought multiple championships to his team. Bryant has been named regular season MVP and Finals MVP during  his tenure in Los Angeles. Blake Griffin cannot be named the King of Los Angeles until he leads to Clippers to a winning season and playoff success.

LakersNation, what are your thoughts on Blake Griffin being the King of Los Angeles?

seen the clippers have good young players plenty of times people get all sold on the clippers then they end up sucking gain after a year or two blake’s a good ball player been watching him since H.S. but he is not and never will be on the same level as kobe… you have four categories of players scrubs (Luke babbit), role players (shannon Brown), stars (russell westbrook, amare, joe johnson etc… ), and then Legends (kobe bryant, Jordan, magic, bird etc…) Blake is good real good but not a legend star yes legend… no

  • It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again…

    You can’t be a king without a ring…

    Sorry Blake. Sorry Clippers fans. Until that day comes–and it might–this nonsense needs to stop. It’s literally insulting to everything surrounding the Lakers and their legacy; not just insulting to KB24.

  • How is this even a debate? Blake hasn’t even played an entire season let-a-lone won a single playoff game!!! To top it off and end any more discussion he plays for the clippers….. that alone should say it all.

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