What We’ve Learned Without Kobe

Since those of us not in need of an immediate lobotomy are all pretty sure the Lakers are not a better team without Kobe Bryant, we need to ask ourselves what we have learned since he sat out.
Well, we learned a couple of obvious things.

One, Pau Gasol is a world class stud. After stamping his 21-19-8-5 line on Tim Duncan’s forehead last week, Pau gift wrapped an equally imposing 22-19-4-5 performance for the Latter Day Saints, er, Utah Jazz. After that display of dominance, can’t you just see Pau leaving the game with a Salt Lake floozy under each arm, demanding they call him El Conquistador for the rest of the evening? Is there a bigger bad ass that’s ever come out of Spain? I don’t think so.

Two, Lamar Odom is the most unbelievably inconsistent player in the history of professional basketball, end of story. Not like we didn’t know this already, but this fact was clearly cemented the second the Mamba went down. After refusing to string together back-to-back productive games in over a month, Lamar dropped the hammer on the Blazers, Spurs and Jazz. It looks like the corpse of Lamar Odom has finally arrived, and not a second too soon. Thanks for coming L.O. I expect you to keep this up for about as long as it takes me to finish this article.

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