What We’ve Learned Without Kobe

Written by: Jeff Lambert

Only in Lakerland are fans overtly distraught when the team is on pace for 63 wins. Even after a tough loss to Boston, the Defending Champs are sitting pretty at 42-14 with home court advantage in the West pretty much wrapped up. If they keep pace, a tidy 63-win season would be good enough for 5th best in team history. So I wonder why members of the Lakers Nation are not their obnoxiously confident selves these days…

The Lakers’ record is no cause for concern, but the quality of their victories and revelations of their defeats is something to pay attention to. A pair of losses to Cleveland and Denver can be tough to digest, but equally disheartening is how difficult some of the “lesser” teams were to put away. I’m all for seeing Kobe stick a game winning dagger in Dallas or Boston, but do we really need to see him bail the Lakers out against the likes of Miami, Milwaukee and Sacramento?

Take into account Pau’s hamstring, Andrew’s knee, Ron Ron’s dome piece, and the walking wounded that is Kobe Bryant, and the Lakers have more to worry about than just their record. So when Kobe sat out last week with a sprained ankle, the proud Lakers Nation prepared for Nuclear Winter…until something unexpected happened.

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