What The Lakers Are Getting In Jonathan Holmes
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers made a relatively surprising move on Saturday, reportedly agreeing to a partially guaranteed contract with undrafted forward Jonathan Holmes from Texas. The Lakers already have 12 players under contract, as well as two players (J. Brown and T. Black) on non-guaranteed deals, and Robert Upshaw agreeing to a deal that has not yet been signed.

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Holmes is another very intriguing prospect who rated as their 24th-best prospect. Though making the roster is far from a guarantee Holmes has a lot of tools to work with. For those not familiar with Holmes from his days with the Longhorns, lets take a look at exactly what the Lakers are getting.

There isn’t one thing that Holmes does exceptionally well, but he is really good at a lot of things on both ends of the court.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
First and foremost, Holmes has excellent size for a small forward and, at 6’9 and 242 pounds, can even slide over to play some small-ball power forward, something he excelled at in college. Versatility is extremely important in today’s NBA and Holmes’ ability to play both forward spots effectively is a plus.

His experience playing both down low and on the wing has allowed him to develop many ways to score. He is a solid spot-up shooter who can get hot when his feet are set. At the NBA Draft Combine he made 17 of his 25 three-pointers during the spot-up drill, second best among all prospects. He can be streaky at times (33% from deep as a senior), but he has consistent mechanics, and his free throw percentage is good enough to give hope that he can be more consistent from deep regularly.

He can also take advantage of smaller defenders down low with decent footwork on the block and enough athleticism to shoot over the defense. While it isn’t his strongest suit, Holmes is able to attack defenders off the dribble when they close out too hard. He isn’t an excellent creator for himself or others off the dribble, however, but is fine in a straight line.

Holmes is also a very good rebounder, especially as a small forward. He averaged 6.1 rebounds as a senior (7.2 as a junior) and does a great job of attacking the offensive glass averaging over two per game for his career at Texas. He has a high motor and shows great instincts in following the ball off the rim and rebounding outside of his area.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports
Defensively is where Holmes can really shine as he has the size and quickness to hang with most small forwards in today’s NBA while being able to bang with power forwards as well. He is a willing defender who is physical, competitive, and very high energy.

Holmes is also a pretty good shot blocker thanks to his length and athleticism, averaging over a block in each of the last two seasons. He has good hands which allows him to come up with steals as well and he has no problems putting his body on the line at any point.

One of the more consistent players on the Boston Celtics’ Summer League team, Holmes averaged 10 points, five rebounds and just under one assist, block, and steal in eight games. He had a 15-point, 10-rebound performance against Philadelphia and a 15-point, seven-rebound, two-block performance against Portland, putting his versatility on full display.

Who knows if Holmes will wind up on the final 15-man roster, but the Lakers have now brought in another talented prospect who could add to the young core the team is beginning to establish. The Lakers could be getting a nice steal in Holmes.


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He has improved his 3 point shooting considerably since his senior year, and this is from an NBA 3 point line. He shot 17-25 in the Combine, 16-20 at the Lakers predraft workout and 13-28 in summer league. Everyone has been screaming out for a 3 and D guy, so this is a good move and hopefully the end of Ryan Kelly.

        1. its not that i feel either is a horrible player. but neither is good either

          scare is a solid back up center that on a contender were he only gets like 5-10 mins per game he would fit well.

          kelly just is injury prone the dude shows flashes when healthy but hes been in the nba for 2 seasons and been injured in both and he was injured in his last two years at duke.

        2. kelly can shoot. or at least he has show flashes of a nice shot. and his defense is on the bad side of solid. he would be an ok back up on a centending team like last years clippers

        3. How many flashes has he shown last year? I want consistency not flashes. To me he looks lethargic. Sorry, that’s my opinion.

        4. I’ll buy that. To me, Black and Upshaw are far superior than Sacre. I wish they could have kept Hill and Sacre. I know FO needs the money, but what did we get for Hill?

        5. That is the nicest thing I’ve ever read about Sacre.

          Great job not knocking on the guy… you showed real class, because this guy really sucks balls.

      1. Their still good for second round draft picks in the coming seasons, you just don’t throw them away for nothing, they will go before the season starts.

        1. They would just sign Upshaw instead… The kid blocks shots despite being raw… Imagine if he figured out what he was doing?

    1. Al Haldie sounds like he has no clue what he is saying. Spouting off his mouth with nothing to say. Moron!!

      1. I think pretty much most agree with you… Time to move on from those two. They can go play in China or Europe.

        But an athletic & versitile roster seems to be being built:

        Russell PG/SG
        Clarkson PG/SG
        Lou PG/SG
        Jabari SG
        KOBE SG/SF(evenPG)
        Swaggy SG/SF
        Brown SG/SF
        Holmes SF/PF
        Nance SF/PF
        Randle PF
        Bass PF/C
        Black PF/C
        Hibbert C
        (Upshaw) C

        Looking solid

  • This is a good move, it gives the Lakers options at SF – big, physical player who a smooth 3-pt shooter, offensive rebounder and play perimeter defense. His play with the celtics at SL was good enough.

    He has the size to bang and defend SFs like Lebron and Leonard, he’s a rookie I know but he can be developed as a physical 3 & D player.

    1. What about Nance? What are they going to do with him? Bringing in another guy like him? They should have drafted Looney.

      1. According to Al Haldie you always need workers. Where did you come up with that one genius. Of course a team needs workers you dummy!

  • Im glad to see were not just twiddling our thumbs, but we got 4 other guys with similar profile and size on the roster already, did we give up on A Brown already.

    1. Acquire as much talent as possible and don’t worry about having too many at one position.an example is the Yankees signing A.Rod though they had Jeter. Just get the best 15.

        1. A Rod was a very good sS but converted to 3rd base, Alfonso Soriano was a power hitting 2nd base,He was coverted to Left fielder, He hated it, but it did not stop him from hitting 30+ homers for a long time, even as a lead-off man

          1. Thanks Robert,you know about getting talent and letting the coach determine how to make it work.

    2. He’s a big small forward who has the size to slide into the power forward position. The other guys with his profile are power forwards who can play a little small forward. Not the use thing at all. We really don’t have anything quite like him. Him and Anthony Brown would both be role players of different types. And another small forward is actually a bit of a need with our roster, his versatility is a bonus.

      Lakers need to let go of Sacre by 15 man roster cuts if Upshaw proves himself trustworthy, and Kelly if Holmes earns a spot. That would leave us with one more spot to get an extra backup pg to solidify the roster.

  • This roster is really making no sense. I don’t see how minutes will be distributed or if some of the younger guys will even get a chance to play this season?

    C. Hibbert / Black / Sacre / Upshaw?
    PF. Randle / Bass / Nance / Kelly
    SF. Kobe / Young / A. Brown / Holmes
    SG. Clarkson / Williams / J. Brown
    PG. Russell

    1. Starting to have a theory, that Byron may continuously substitute wings in every 5 mins to tire opponents?

    2. I hear Williams is going to play pg on the second line. He is a capable at the point. So you should move him down to pg.
      I hope they will keep both Holmes and Upshaw an unload either Sacre or Kelly. Last year Kelly was the only stretch four on the team and so was useful in principle, even though the coach tried him often at 3 to no avail. Now we have Nance who can stretch at four and play better defense, so Kelly does become expendable, but I don’t see any other team wanting him or Sacre.

      Regarding the SF sot, it is good to have four guys there since Kobe won’t be playing a lot of games, and besides, there s always the danger of him getting hurt.

    3. Well, we can easily say that the Lakers have the most versatility that they’ve had in a while. With Exceptions of Hibbert, Bass, Sacre, Russell, and Kelly, everyone else will be playing other positions. Lou Williams can play SG and PG, Likewise Clarkson. Young, and Kobe will switch between SG and SF. Black will sometimes be between C and PF, and Nance Jr. will probably be between PF and SF. I can see it happening

      1. Intresting! Mitch and BS is building a well rounded and versatile team this time. This gonna be an exciting end products after training camp. We shall see then what scott truly made of this season.

        1. I don’t think Byron is THAT involved… Give some credit to Jim…

          But really, Kupchak deserves credit.

          Byron has to stop being stubborn and adopt some analytics in his coaching

      2. Russell can play pg and sg, Bass can play pf and c, kelly can play sf and pf (though he’s not good at either)

    4. Kelly and sacre gona b gone by the start of season. Lou is a hybrid so is clarkson (more suited for sg) there gona thin it out

    5. Bass is starting, I think that was said to be the most likely thing a few weeks ago. We won’t have two young guards and a young pf starting. Randle will get his minutes though, maybe more than Bass, just won’t start

  • The Lakers are recruiting to start a forward/frontcourt academy pool in the D-Fenders? Ok, his profile looks much more appealing than Kelly or even A. Brown if he truly is what this article makes of him, but we’ve got 12 guaranted contracts + Black + J. Brown + (possibly) Upshaw + rumors to go for a vet backup center…
    There’s also this pre-draft statement from Mitch that they would likely go for a maximum of 2 rookies.And they are passing on Scotty Hopson who is a Holmes with double the scoring on a nightly basis and a strong experience abroad as well as in DLeague. And we are still missing a true backup PG behind Russell (since Clarkson will play SG). So I’m really not getting what’s happening… Could that only be training camp invitattion?

    1. Yes – only T Camp invite but with a partial guaranteed salary. Same as Upshaw once he signs. Black and Jabari Brown are on the team on non-guaranteed contracts that will become fully guaranteed in I think January unless on or both are waived beforehand. Effectively the Lakers have a 14 man roster unless they waive somebody, not 12.

  • What will the FO do with Kelly? This kid was impressive in SL…he’s a workhorse. He shot the ball well in SL and is a pretty good defensive player.

    1. Kelly is Odd man out, too slow. and can’t paly defense, Not athletic enough.. he got ate up last year+ plus he plays matador defense

  • With this signing and the rumored Mcgee signing as well, looks like Sacre & Kelly will be gone. Which is really good news.

  • Final few moves and our roster would be set.

    1) Trade Young, Sacre and Kelly for Markieef Morris. PHX owes us a favor for Nash.
    2) Sign Upshaw and McGee.
    3) Absorb Mario Chalmers’ 4m contract.

    15-man roster
    Kobe Bryant (captain)
    Roy Hibbert (captain)
    D’Angelo Russell
    Jordan Clarkson
    Julius Randle
    Marikieef Morris
    Mario Chalmers
    Brandon Bass
    Lou Williams
    Tarik Black
    Javale McGee
    Anthony Brown
    Larry Nance Jr
    Robert Upshaw
    Jonathan Holmes

    That’s exactly 15. Upshaw and Holmes can start the first one month down with the D-Fenders. Just like Clarkson last year. Would help our cause.

    Hibbert / McGee / Black / Upshaw
    Randle / Bass / Nance Jr
    Morris / ABrown / Holmes
    Clarkson / Kobe / Williams
    Russell / Chalmers

    We’re set. Clarkson should get more minutes than Kobe. We must play Kobe only 25 minutes a night. Will give us a better shot at postseason.

    1. in a perfect world, that would be great. good post. although kobe not starting is not gonna fly with byron.

      or kobe.

        1. not so sure about morris, hes one of the suns core players, and definitely the better of the twins.

    2. I know you really don’t believe the suns are that Stupid….Say you are kidding…. You can’t believe that…. If the Lakers could trade Kelly and Sacre…they would have done it a long time ago…you can’t get a ball boy for them..

      1. thing is he wants out badly. PHX are forced to take what they get. Look at the trade package offered for Lawson by Houston. Sometimes, teams are desperate to trade/off load.

        1. if we do get morris i would be ecstatic. and no you dont put him on the bench you art that guy with kobe and russel. im tired of people saying clarkson start. hes only holding back the team and unbalancing the roster

          1. That comment right there about Clarkson is the reason why people call you slow…A first team all-rookie player that may be the 2nd or 3rd best player on this team is holding us back how do you sound you should be grateful that we get to see a talent of his caliber on our team especially when he is a second round pick that the Lakers had to buy and he works his a$$ off to become better…Screw a balanced roster and let Mitch/Scott do their job…you are not a true Lakers fan

          2. its nothing to do with clarkson personally. he is more than worthy to start but not ahead of kobe bryant sorry thats crazy. kobe is a 2 period. he can play 3 but that will only hurt ur team as a whole since you would be at a defensive disadvantage against pretty much every team since kobe is not the defender he once was. thats what the problem is not clarkson. do you not understand what clarkson does if he starts??? are u blind??? he completely screws up the team. 1st he’s moving lou williams a pure SG to play PG not his natural position hes used to. 2nd hes moving kobe at the 3 which is not good and lastly DEFENSE!!!. hes holding back to what ur suppose to have in a starting caliber 3. a guy who can defend and play off ball hit the 3 etc. look around the league and it speaks for itself. overall starting clarkson at the 2 is putting the whole team in a struggle and at a decisive disadvantage every game cuz u would have no one to rely on the wing to defend the best player.

          3. Kobe is better suited to play the 3 at this stage of his career. He’s at even more of a disadvantage chasing fast SG’s off screens. Kobe has the strength to deal with SF’s. The team defense is much better served if the young legs of Russell and Clarkson are chasing the quick guard’s on the perimeter.

          4. your giving up to much for it. sorry. 95% of the league dont have 37 year olds playing the 3 cuz they know thats stupid to do. yes even kobe no exceptions the guy is still 37 no matter how great he is. ur only hurting him and destroying his body. maybe 10-15 years ago sure it would be ok i guess but not today where the 3 is jam packed with 3 an D young upcoming studs and lets not forget the stars at he 3 as well cuz there are plenty of those. oh ya and i forgot to mention this point ur also killing ball movement and team play with clalrkson starting. u must have at least 1 off the ball player in a structured lineup for it to function properly. u would n’t have that with clarkson,russel,kobe and randle all playing together. thats a nightmare. all are ball dominate players that need the ball in thier hands to be effective. it wont work. i rather have kobe chasing guards then getting injured again trying to defend guys 2-3 inches taller then him. its whats best for the team tot be the bets they can be. learn how to structure a team than talk to me. once kobe retires than clarkson could take his spot

          5. 99% of the league does not have a 37 year old SG coming off three season ending injuries chasing quick guard’s 30 mpg. Meanwhile 38 year old Paul Pierce will start for the Clippers at SF. It makes absolutely no sense for Kobe to play the 2 given the make up of this roster. Sorry man but you dead wrong on this.

          6. no im not . the clippers will get hurt from that. last year they had barnes whos still at his age a solid 3 and D guy thats why it wasn’t a problem. with pierce you dont have that at all. not only is he not a good defender anymore but hes like kobe where u need to give him the ball and let him do his thing not stand on the perimeter waiting for the open 3’s like barnes was. thas not piecre’s game u dont understand how to structure a team. lakers will struggle widely on defense and offense cuz hibbert has no support on the wing and cuz the ball will stick alot. alot of iso

          7. not so sure. I think JJ Redick will come off the bench to provide a flurry of offense. They need Stephenson to be the primary wing defender. Obv Pierce too old and very mediocre defender. Stephenson is their x-factor.

          8. Gary Viti knows more about structuring an NBA roster than both of us and as the teams physician, he’s lobbied Kobe to move to the three. Check yourself before you pump your chest like you know something son.

          9. hate all you want. dont be crying to me when kobe gets physically man handled at the 3 and most likely injured again. u actually think kobe can hang with 3’s???? u have a rude awakening coming ur way. # old guy trying to act like hes an experienced smart guy by calling someone son. typical desperate response

          10. You the one acting like you are the resident guru. Team Dr. Viti dubunked your foolishnrss for me. Kobe will be better off at the three. Deal with it.

          11. ur only saying that cuz clarkson is on the lakers. what if Clarkson was never even a laker would u be saying “Kobe will be better off at the three. Deal with it” well u have to keep ur word man dont start changing it around once i catch you :D. well if kobe is better off at the 3 like ur saying than regardless of who would be on the roster he would be ur starting 3 right??? or are u letting Clarkson speak for you ;D

          12. Catch me? WTF?!? Clarkson is indeed on this team. Scott told him last season he wanted him to work off the ball more. He even prepped him for that role as he started him with Lin. Scott also told Young he wants him to play off the ball more. They drafted Russell for these reasons. Hell, Scott is even talking about Kobe playing stretch 4 situationally. But you the furu who knows better? LMAO

          13. I think that point is mute, BS already has planned to use Williams and/or Young off the bench and Kobe at the 3, we will just have to see how that works out, if it doesn’t then BS will have to make adjustments, the good thing about this roster is that most of them are capable of playing multi positions, just give it a chance.

          14. who will guard the lebron’s and melo’s ;learnod’s etc… of the world?. whats u gonna say kobe??? whats u gonna say clarkson. its obvious the lakers dont have anybody to do that job. the only hope the lakers have at that is taking a chance at this holmes guy or larry nance to do thta job and see how he pans out. he’ll surely give those guys a harder time than anyone else

            so what ur saying is if the lakers had tobias harris, or carrol etc.. someone like that you wouldn’t start him??? im sure you wouldn’t be saying what ur saying now. jut because u dont have one of those guys doesn’t mean u forget about the issue and put kobe there. the issue is still there. its called u put a serviceable 3 with what u have and hope for the best

          15. let’s hope that a miracle happens and we land Morris. He’d be the perfect stretch 4 / 3-and-D guy. Just perfect. And he’s got a great attitude too.

          16. i agree. i would love morris. but i honestly really dont care who it is as long as hes not another only offensive minded` player , thats all. i hope holmes is that guy

            tony mitchell
            earl clark
            luc richard

          17. it doesn’t matter who technically starts – Kobe or Clarkson. I just feel Kobe’s minutes need to be restricted. Clarkson can play 35+ mpg because he’s young and super athletic. Kobe shouldn’t avg more than 25 a night. If we make the playoffs, it’s a different story.

          18. He won’t make it past the all star break if they don’t keep his minutes down to 20 min or less.

          19. I’m glad we stayed away from Tobias. The guy can’t play D and he’s a ball hog. We already have Kobe, Lou, Swaggy and Clarkson. No room for more ball hogs.

          20. How is Clarkson holding back the team, he has 1 yr. over Russell, faster than Russell, better hops than Russell, attacks better than Russell, shoots better than Russell, the only thing Russell has over Clarkson is his passing ability and that is just slightly, plus he still has to prove he can pass in the NBA, he may turn out to be another Kendall Marshall, could not handle the speed in the NBA. Just saying.

        2. Even if the suns are forced to trade M.Morris, they can get a better offer than Kelly and Sacre.Come on People,The other teams don’t won’t Sub par players.Were you paying attention when Denver needed to move Lawson? Even in desperation mode,they didn’t want Sacre and Kelly!!

    3. looks good except I think Morris is a PF, we have enough at that spot and Chalmers is not better than Young, he disappears more so than Young.

      1. just because hes played PF for the suns doesn’t mean hes an actual PF. hes actually more of a 3 than anything else. its because the suns were already loaded at the 3 and D guys so they went small ball with morris for 3pt shooting and spacing.,thats why

      2. Morris is technically a PF, but he can play SF because he’s a good shooter. He spaces the floor really well. We need Chalmers more than Young because it’s important to get Clarkson and Russell a PG mentor. Chalmers has championship experience and can teach young Russell a thing or two. Young can’t teach anyone anything. He’s a bonafide scrub.

  • If Holmes is as good as it says on paper and defends than im all for it. He has all the tools in the building. Hopefully he pans out and could solve the SF problem on the wing next year. He reminds me of another larry nance. If he makes the cut i would like to see him start at SF

    Russel – Clarkson
    Kobe – Williams
    Holmes – Young
    Randle – Bass
    Hibbert – McGee

  • I just don’t understand why sign a unproven small forward where the likes of Dorell Wright is still available. Lakers need to stop scrapping for the bottom of the recycling bin and sign some veterans with experience.

    1. i guess they want young upside players. I guess Mitch is not looking for winning but hes looking more towards the future.

    2. What has Dorell Wright done besides bounce around the league? If he were that good…someone would have made him a regular rotation player.why not take a chance on a younger guy….Dorell is not going to add anything to change this team…his reputation is a shooter but he hasn’t really done anything but bounce from team to team…

      1. dorell wright is a vet. he;s a pickup that says i want to win now. signing holmes is also a good pickup cuz he can defend and has upside but its a risk

  • and so the litany is brought forth as to how good holmes is. indeed, a whole bunch of reasons the lakers were so smart to “sign” him. does that mean that the celtics were just too stupid to sign him? amid all the accolades, there must be a reason he was cut loose. are the celtics so loaded with talent that they can just toss away a guy with all these talents (according to our faithful reporter)? besides, he went undrafted.

    as usual, with the lakers, i am confused.

    1. Who cares why the Celtics didn’t sign him?He fit a need with the Lakers… There are plenty of players that were undrafted or picked late…Jimmy Butler picked late…Ben Wallace I believe wasn’t drafted… If he fit keep him,he can’t be as bad as Kelly.

  • Although I have never heard of him, he sounds like a decent prospect. While the Lakers can use a good defensive SF, they already had Anthony Brown for that purpose. The Lakers seem to have a greater need for a veteran SF, hopefully to replace Nick Young who in my opinion is a waste of time. Another reason for a veteran SF is the fact that Kobe has been injury prone the last three years, so having a good veteran backup would make a lot of sense. I understand the Lakers interest in JaVale McGee (to replace Sacre) and they need a veteran backup PG. But I don’t understand bringing in another prospect (unless there is a trade coming soon), especially when a proven SF like Dorell Wright is available. I am thoroughly puzzled by this signing. Looks like several Lakers players will be rotating through the D-league this season.

  • Good young prospect but I’m not feeling the million PF movement again. He can play SF but his preference is PF.

      1. When a young player is asked/forced to play out of his comfort zone, the results can be bad. This is why Holmes fell off his last year at Texas. He was much better as a PF his junior season.

        1. That is true but we have too many PFs. I can see him playing the 3..it’s not like we’re asking him to play 20 minutes at that position. I can see why the Lakers wanted him. Watched him in SL he played well. I really like Tarik/Nance but this kid is somewhat of a threat offensively and he is a solid defender/rebounder.

          1. Goes back to what I originally said. I’m not feeling the million man PF movement. Holmes balled out playing PF for the Celtics this summer. He saiid he felt more comfortable in that role.

  • I have nothing against Young and I think he will do well now that he had a conversation w/ coach/gm. I still wouldn’t mind trading him. We desperately need a solid defender on the wing. Young & Kelly for James Johnson? Jabari and Anthony Brown/Nance Jr. for Rondae? Didn’t look up contracts or anything but we really could use Johnson/RHJ.

    1. nope the people here dont want any solid defender they want a 37 year broken down to be the solid defender ;D. it speaks to how stupid and how delusional these people on here really are. including the front office and coaching staff may i add. i on the other hand have common sense and im not blind just like you. when i see a gaping need on a roster ur suppose to fill it.i couldn’t agree more on ur ideas there. all i want is like u said someone who would give the lakers some hope on the wings. people say anthony brown is that guy. well i personally think hes not. they need a a more real deal type wing. the holmes pickup has be intrigued cuz he looks like a pretty darn good defender. maybe hes the missing peice all a long. even though i would of picked many players over him but whatev, its mitch’s risk hes taking not mine

      1. I really can’t say what Brown will be. If he can play defense he will get minutes. Based on SL play he can shoot but he still has to get adjusted to the NBA 3pt line. If I had to pick between those guys I’d take Johnson or RHJ.

    2. Holmes has a very similar build, game to Johnson, maybe you will like him. As for Rondae, not going to happen.

  • lakers could of signed tony mitchell instead. but whatev. i hope this guy turns out to be what he says he is. it would help alot especially on D. the good thing is his speciality is on the defensive end so i hope it translate to the nba

  • I’m not going into guessing who the will and will not be a laker ….kobe,Randle, russell,Hibbert and bass are locks (not a guess, IT’S A FACT )

  • I love seeing the kids on the floor z7 I think it’s a great idea to give some of them a shot. we should make room for them by trading Kelley, Young & Sacre to anyone who might be willing to take them & maybe even get a few 2nd round picks for them…

  • I like this kid, but really another SF — PF with “size who can play both positions”, I think we’re overstocked with said talent already, but if Holmes makes the team I wish him every success as his talent while raw is there and honing the skills would give him the potential to be a good/great Laker.

  • I still want Norris Cole or Mario Chalmers! Where will Carlos Boozer end? We have his bird until now?

  • I thought John Holmes had died! The porno dude with 10 inches is still around. And he wants to be a Laker? You kidding me?

  • I like the youth movement going on. Not sure about this guy but I guess they liked what they saw in the pre draft workouts. In any case it will not hurt to have him in training camp to see what he’s got and we really need another SF, especially a big one who can defend. Hoping for the best. I still feel we are one player short and have no idea who that one player is, or if he is even out there and available.

  • Yes, Holmes is another “tweener” just like Black, Nance, Randle–a point someone else made a while ago. With more teams today playing small ball, maybe that works sometimes, but I’m still hoping that Kupchak’s master plan includes moving at least some of these prospects for some quality veterans–especially a SF.

    I keep thinking about New York. If Carmello tires of the rebuilding, what would keep them from opening talks with the Lakers? Same argument can be made for Sacramento! It’s just a matter of time before George Karl and Cousins get into another beef. Seems Lakers’ history of attempting big trades is still a valid option.

    But if the Lakers go into the season with 8-9 prospects on the roster (remember the Upshaw situation is still unresolved), the coming season is likely to be both entertaining and frustrating at the same time. Time may be right for a big trade during the season??

    1. I’m expecting an entertaining and frustrating season. I like going with the youth movement. But it’s not like we have any choice. The Lakers are not an attractive destination at the moment. Ownership is still in flux the team is young and it’s biggest star is old. The key to turning that a round is hoping that Russell and Randle live up to their draft positions. If a third prospect emerges like a Nance Jr that would be icing on the cake. Also allowing Kobe to ride into the Sunset. All the positions in the Laker lineup have been recast. Except for the leading role. No free agent is going to take that role if Kobe is still here. You can tell a player you’ll be the man in the offense despite Kobe. But most players know better. If the Lakers are lucky than can develop much like Cleveland did. If Russell can play to a level of a Kyrie and Randle becomes a young Z-bo. Lakers may attract a star to take the leading role.

  • He’s not gonna make the team,they sign players so that the team is competitive during training camp.

    1. But we are super thin at SF. He can fill that role as a back up. Especially with Kobe healthy and limited minutes at the three. I think he actually has a good chance at making the team especially if he gets after it on the defensive end. Our defense is a major weakness especially at the 3. Again he can fill that role if he applies himself.

  • I actually like this given the fact that we are so thin at the 3. Kobe will be put on limited minutes. Having a guy as a back up who has a chance to spell that position defensively. Would be big for the Lakers. Say what you will about Byron. But he has shown he can get young guys to buy in and play hard. ( the Lakers were in a lot of games that they had no business being in last season) He has already got Hibbert to focus on the defensive end. Holmes best chance to make the team will be on the defensive end. I’m sure Byron will point that out to him.

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