Welcome to the New Lakers Nation

Chick HearnWe are proud to introduce our new site design, in our quest to make Lakers Nation the best possible experience for all Lakers Fans from around the world! As you can see, we’ve Laker-fied the site a bit with purple and gold and improved the layout of the content better, so you can find all the news you need about your beloved Los Angeles Lakers!

In honor of our inspiration, Lakers legendary broadcaster the late, great Chick Hearn, our ultimate goal is to provide Lakers fans everywhere with honest, interesting reporting about all the happenings of your Los Angeles Lakers and other happenings from around the NBA.  However, we also want to include plenty of opportunities for the fans to get involved as well, using popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to show the how the diversity and greatness of Laker Fans.

We are happy to feature exclusives on Lakers gear and other fun memorabilia that is sure to interest Lakers fans of all ages.  In our quest to become the best Lakers Fan site we can be, we want to set ourselves apart from other sites who claim to have your best interests at heart!  Instead of just copying the articles of other sites, we want to provide original content with credible sources to help set the standard for what a true Lakers Fan Site should be!

We want to report on Lakers news with our own opinions and ideas, and since we’re fans as well we can truly live up to our motto – For Fans, By Fans!  From breaking news articles to editorials on topics all fans care about, we want your Lakers Nation experience to be truly remarkable, and together we can stand united as Lakers Nation!

As we always do on LakersNation.com, to kick off our new design, we’re going to be running a Weekly Comment Contest until the beginning of the season. We’ll be giving away T-Shirts, DVDs, itunes gift cards, and more!

Check out the great new features we’ve added to the site to help make commenting and sharing a little bit easier.:

twit connectTwitConnect – If you don’t know, Lakers Nation community was built mainly from Twitter. So, to make things easier for our Twitter Followers, if you want to comment on a post, all you have to do is click on this Twitter Button and you will be logged into Lakers Nation. Also, your Twitter avatar pic will show up automatically next to your comment.

ReTweetButtonAnother way we’ve decided to use twitter is the “Retweet” button that you’ll find on every article here on LakersNation.com. If you have a twitter account and if you think the stories something your followers on twitter would enjoy, go ahead and press this button and it’ll automatically load your twitter with a message to send. Easy, huh?

Facebook ConnectFacebook Connect – If you’re like most people on the internet, you’re already logged into Facebook when you’re surfing websites. So, instead of having to type in your email and name again, all you have to do is press the Facebook Connect Button and you’ll be ready to comment all around the site.

FBPostSimilar to the Retweet button, the Facebook button will share a favorite LakersNation.com story with your friends and family on your facebook account. Simply, press the button on the page of your favorite article and your facebook will automatically load with a message all ready for you to share. Oh, and if you’re on facebook, don’t forget to sign up to become a fan of Lakers Nation.

tellafriendTAFExpandedTell-a-Friend – This button is used so that you can share this story with all your fellow Laker Friends and Family! By putting your mouse over the button, a bunch of smaller buttons will appear that will give you access to all your IM programs like AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Chat and GChat, all your email programs like GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail and also your network sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. Help spread the love to the world and show everyone why Lakers Nation is the place to be!

Also, don’t forget that we’re iPhone Friendly, so whenever you’re on the road and want to get your daily dose of LakersNation.com, just click on over and our site will be ready for your mobile browser needs.

We know you’re looking forward to the upcoming season and hopefully now, the season will be that much more fun as part of Lakers Nation!