Vin Scully vs. Chick Hearn


Perhaps the most important aspect of both Scully and Hearn is the level of professionalism that both displayed throughout their careers.  Many of the announcers you hear today are nothing more than glorified fans, who feel that just because the microphone is in their hands they have the right to blaspheme the game.  Too often today you hear excessive whining and complaining, most of it directed towards the officials, as announcers look for ways to explain losses and poor performance.  It is very rare that home announcers will criticize their team’s players, as they are either afraid to do so or simply far too jaded to see the truth.  When listening to Vinny or Chick, if you didn’t know better you could always assume they were calling the game for either team.  Never short with officials or opposing players, and showing a level of respect for the game by not putting themselves above it, both these men should be appreciated for how great they are.  Neither ever drew unnecessary attention to himself, as they understood that they are performing a service to the fans, and this level of chivalry is lost in today’s world of modern broadcasting.

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