Vin Scully vs. Chick Hearn


Vin Scully has been calling Dodgers games since the team was in Brooklyn, nearly sixty years.  He continues to call games to this day, and all Dodgers fans know that the day he finally hangs up his microphone will be one of the saddest in sports.  Scully is the epitome of professionalism, one of the classiest and most respected men in all of sports.  His voice is a soothing sound that can comfort any baseball fan, and his knowledge is an extensive as anyone who has ever seen a game.  Scully, or Vinny as most people know him, fills every minute of the game with unbelievable statistics and anecdotes that bring smiles to the faces of his listeners.  Yet, in the biggest moments of the game, Scully lets the fans do the announcing for him, allowing listeners to absorb the sounds of the cheers across the airwaves.  For years, while Scully called the game on radio and television, no Dodgers fan would leave for the game without their portable radio.  It was always a mesmerizing sight, seeing thousands of Dodgers fans sitting at the game with their radios blaring, purely to listen to Vinny call the game.  Scully was and is one of the only broadcasters to call the game alone, without a broadcasting partner.  This allows the listener to feel like he is talking to us, rather than his friend in the booth.  For Dodgers fans, Vin Scully has been someone they can consider a friend, someone they can truly admit that they love.  The knowledge and experiences that Scully has witnessed are unbelievable and extraordinary, and he has remained humble and professional throughout every minute of it.  A self-proclaimed ordinary family man, Scully’s love for the game of baseball is something that has benefited all sports fans around the world, and is something that we all should appreciate.  Any Dodgers fan knows this following clip as one of the best in history, as Vinny told us all how the impossible had just happened.

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