VIDEO: The Personality Of Kobe Bryant

With Kobe Bryant dealing with a lot of criticism as of late for his enormous contract extension ($48.5 million) while partially being blamed for scaring off star free agents and possibly hurting the team’s ability to rebuild, Sam Limon of Pure Sweat Basketball put together an incredible compilation focusing on the Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s controversial personality:

Still to this day, many people question the very essence of Kobe Bryant’s supposed deranged way of thinking involving basketball and life itself. The man cares about winning on an extreme level that deserves to be recognized and respected.

The five-time NBA champion has been criticized for many different things over the course of 19 seasons with the Lakers. Bryant isn’t the easiest personality to deal with both on and off the floor. This has rubbed some teammates, opponents and even fans the wrong way, but the results are hard to argue with.

Despite being a difficult person to deal with, the future Hall of Famer has helped lead the Lakers to five NBA titles while widely being considered one of the best players in league history.


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unless you know him personally who cares what he does off the court? are you perfect?

  • he’s simply a business man working with the nba/nike drops a new color shoe every week/china/charity events/celebrity events/kids no time for goofing off when your in the public A list celeb and athlete..thats an amazing balance of life you

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    2. Dont even waste your time responding to that idiot johnny cat, he’s just a Kobe hating infatuated troll.

      FLAG HIM and move on.

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    2. kobe has not chased any player out of town.

    shaq admits it was his greed that broke up the lakers.
    the fo did howard dirty.
    kobe just so happend to be the scapegoat.

    3.if your the mother of a muti million dollar mega sports star you dont sell their high school stuff with out calling them first. what his mother did was wrong.

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  • There is good news for clippers fans. Their superstar Chris Paul has been working out with Raymond “Big Mac” Felton. It looks like the clippers will be winning some rings this coming season (donut rings).

  • Nice chat threads over B/R article by GArenas bwt Lebrun. Opposing fans of kb & lbj really make their solid points.

  • You are clearly a hater!!! How can you not be a hater when They call me hater for simply calling him Kobrick, which is factually correct when he shot 37% last season and took the most shots. Now admit it hater!!!! HAHA

  • “Incredible compilation”?

    When will people stop adding their favorite songs to vids?

    Why have the music volume above the vids commentary volume? If there’s audio in your vid, don’t cover it up with a damn song

    Btw, first time I see kobes Jimmy kimmel reaction. He didn’t look pissed. He had a smirk. Whether he wanted to laugh at them or with them…idk, but he didn’t seem ticked. We’ve seen Kobe ticked…and it’s on a whole other level than this. Media should put a sign on everything…”objects in content may be overly exaggerated than what they truly are”

  • You are a Kobe hater.

    I can safely assume this hate started when the Lakers chose Kobe over shaq. I’m sure shaq was one of your idols growing up and you still can’t get over it. PATHETIC




  • Kobe is and will always be one of my favorite players. He never backed down, never cared how he came across to the public. He worked hard, and got his rings. He expects hard work and determination. He’s a legend even if he is tapering off into mediocrity in his career as it comes to a close. He’s still got that killer instinct, and the competitive attitude.


      And Kobes mediocrity is averaging over 20 points per game at this stage of his career!

  • What’s funny is how I was just checking the date this article was written. Slow time for basketball news. Sometimes I hate that this is the only sport I follow. C’moooonnnn October.

  • I don’t think I’ll ever miss anything more than the showtime era, but I gotta admit it’s scary knowing this could be the last time we see kobe lace em up. A special talent. He had that 2pac me against the world attitude. Worth the price of admission.

  • I dont get it why they(haters, ex teammates) hate Kobe….he is pushing his self to his limits, gives all his best every time…treats others the same way he treats himself to make em better too…..most players deez days just wanna win WITHOUT PUTTIN THE WORK….they rather be carried than be the one who is leading the team SMH

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