VIDEO: Roy Hibbert On Expectations, Playing With Kobe, Learning From Kareem

Even though the Los Angeles Lakers failed to acquire one of their targets in free agency, the team recovered nicely in swinging a trade for former All-Star center Roy Hibbert. Hibbert will step in as the starting center in hopes that the change of scenery will help him regain his All-Star form.

Hibbert was introduced this week along with fellow acquisitions Lou Williams and Brandon Bass. Afterwards, Hibbert sat down with Time Warner Cable SportsNet and spoke on a number of topics including his expectations for this season and playing with Kobe Bryant.

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Hibbert expects to be a defensive stopper on this team and wants his teammates to rest easy knowing that he will be there to protect the rim. Hibbert also said that he is up for the challenge of dealing with Kobe Bryant and what he expects of his teammates.

In his introductory press conference, Hibbert spoke about working with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and he expounded on what he learned from Kareem in this interview as well. Hibbert seems to understand his role and is ready for the challenge of putting on a Lakers jersey.


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Why does it never play? It’s the same thing on the NBA website.. NVM. I have AD BLOCKER and the video won’t play unless you disable it.

  1. Go check out NBALakersnation’s Youtube channel! He uploads all of the TWC videos including these interviews.

  2. What up Spartan.

    I love Hibberts attitude. Can’t wait to watch him play alongside Kobe and the gang.

    Great interview, why the heck didn’t LN post it the day of instead of days later?

    1. What’s up man, yeah I love all of their attitudes. All true professionals, and ready to work hard for the Purple and Gold.

      I’ve been a supporter of Hibbert’s since Indiana and I always felt like he had a lot more to show. And the atmosphere there wasn’t the best. And I went away for a bit because of the stupidity of the media with the whole “Kobe is a bad teammate shit”.

      1. I feel the same way. I been a Hibbert fan for a while.

        I kept away for the same reasons, the Kobe hating. It upsets me so much, that I rather not even read, but then I started thinking, I’m not going to limit myself because of idiots.

        So here I am, and Its good to see you here expressing your point of view, educating the ignorant, back handing the haters, and rooting for our players.

        1. Thanks man, but I’m doing anything special. It’s fans like you who make me happy to be apart of something like LakersNation.

        1. Tell me. How is he a bad teammate? Go ahead give me your media-filled answers and I’ll break every single one of them.

        2. He’s a selfish player. I don’t need the media to tell me that. I can look at his career stat sheet and achievements. But the way he’s treated his teammates over the years doesn’t help him either.

        3. LOL. He’s a “selfish player” huh… that’s why he’s averaged over 4.5 assists every season since his 4th year and has only put the idea of winning into the heads around him since starting.

          And how has he treated his teammates over the years? I mean you are in the locker room each day right? You observe these things first hand correct?

          Oh but let’s ignore former teammates’ views and opinions of the man who have countlessly backed Kobe and said nothing but great things about him and playing with him. Outside of Smush Parker, who else has complained about Kobe?
          Shaq? He’s also been on the record saying that even though they had their personal beef, Kobe only wanted what was best for him and act like a pro/student of the game.. he acted like a child instead.

          Dwight? Lol.

          Malone? Yeah, that guy fights everyone he disagrees with. And he couldn’t handle Kobe’s competitive attitude because it was on/above his level. Putting alphas together never really ends well.

          Rick Fox, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher, Sasha V, Jordan Farmer and many others have said only great things about Kobe. Oh, but what they say doesn’t matter right? Only your biased perception manifested by your hate for the man matters right?

          SMH. Get real bud. I can do this all day. Because no one really looks behind the media’s BS.

        4. I don’t hate the man. I’m a Laker fan but I’m realistic. 4.5 assists when you take 20+ shots per game shooting 45% percent from the field is pretty selfish. Its been pretty well documented that he talks down to his teammates. He’s admitted it himself.

        5. You’re not really presenting any real facts to support your opinion. Again, the idea of Kobe being a “bad teammate” isn’t proven or factually sustainable since it’s nothing more than a glorified opinion. LeBron, CP3, and Harden have all talked down to their teammates as well… I don’t see you or many others calling them bad teammates or bad leaders.

          And since it’s “well documented” that Kobe talks down to his teammates, why can’t you seem to remember of him being a good one? Like when he gave teammates rides in his helicopter to games or medical appointments. Or getting them gold watches for Christmas. Or mentoring the young guys we have today and had before?

          Are those not qualities of a good teammate?

        6. Basketball is a TEAM game. When you are selfish TEAMmate you are a bad TEAMmate. You conveniently ignored the part where I stated that 4.5 assists on 20+ shots at 45% is selfish basketball. The average star, let alone the average player, doesn’t get to take 20 shots a night. Kobe did that nightly and shot an average percentage from the field. He shot below average if your we are talking strictly star players. He’s lead the league in shot attempts per night for most of his career and he’s never shot over 46% from the field. He’s literally had the ball in his hands more than any other active player but only managed to create shots for his teammate 4-5 times per night. He holds the record for most missed shots in the history of the game! And don’t even get me started on last season. That is what makes him a bad teammate. I honestly don’t care about his personality. The fact that his teammates complain about him being a jerk and there is video footage is just icing on the cake.

        7. They say Tim Duncan doesn’t even talk to rookies until they’ve proven themselves. Is he a bad team mate? Michael Jodan once punched out Steve Kerr because he felt that he wasn’t practicing hard enough. Was he a bad team mate? With the exception of a few all I’ve ever heard is that he’s a great team mate if you work hard. If you’re lazy and don’t want to work he’s not. What’s wrong with that? Please tell us? Please!!

        8. LakerSpartan117,

          That was a very good post !

          We all know with great comes hate. Kobe is one of the all time greats regardless to the hate that was included in the package.

          Go Kobe ! Go Lakers!


      2. “I really see myself as a defensive presence, just making sure that I clean up anything at the rim… (teamates) should always rest on the fact that they know that I’ll be at the rim if they get beat off the dribbles to protect them”.

        I must have been dreaming about a player like that for over two years now…

        Plus, the guy looks like the ideal teamate. Another reason to embrace his addition to our young roster.

    1. I am having a hard time waiting for OCT 28 that’s when we play the rockets Hibbert & Howard get together and our 3 rd game on the 31 CLIPPERS, just cant wait.

  • I believe we will have a good year..he will have great year..I think lakers will surprise people..I think kobe will have a year to remember. .go lakers..I believe

    1. I guess that a healthy year would already be great for Kobe.

      But yes, this team can definitely compete. Maybe they’re one good 3 & D player away from a playoff spot.

  • Roy Hibbert is coming in with the attitude Dwight Howard should have had and still should have in Houston. Hibbert wants to play his defensive role. He wants to play with his strengths and do all he can to help the team succeed. Good attitude. What a great addition ! The Lakers are putting some good pieces around one of the greatest ever.

    Let’s give them the support they need to succeed through the growing pains and expected ups and downs of building trust and chemistry.

    Go Lakers !


      1. Lakers Lifer,

        Yeah it’s good to have more real yet still humble folks around. Those who respect “great players” and check the egos at the door. Too many haters and cowards. Like the homie Short said we need more player holidays.


    1. Honestly, I’m still shocked we have Hibbert. I’ve watched Hibbert for a couple of seasons now and tho’ I’ve wanted him because he was the defensive stopper we’ve needed for at least four seasons, I never imagined us being able to get him.

  • You need to stop hating the player and start hating the game because you have none. One of the all time greats has earned his respect regardless to you no talent lame ass haters within and outside of the media.

    Go Lakers !


    1. the lakers will always run this town! want proof? the clipper “fans” can’t help but flock to the lakers’ site!

  • If Hibbert look at the the TRUE FACTS…..Centers playing alongside Kobe had Good Careers and Won Rings(Kwame Brown doesn’t count he was a Bust…no matter what teams he played on)…Shaq,Pau and Bynum all had their best seasons with Kobe….Only player with over 30,000pts & 6,000 assists in NBA history.

    1. If he does win a championship in LA, it won’t be with Kobe. Kobe is basically playing with 1 good leg right now after that Achilles injury.

  • Roy Hibbert, after 7 years in the NBA, had gotten past the second round of the playoffs twice unlike some superstars who had been in the league longer than that and kept choking in the first and second round.

  • You mean, you can take pride in being a great defensive player without wanting the coach to make myriad of plays for you on the offensive end? Call Dwight Coward now, need to talk to him!?

  • This is a very good interview. I relly like his positive attitude.
    I guess MMA workouts helped him lose 16 lbs.

    Talking about working with young guys: Be patient; they’re good young group

    Leadership: wants to lead by example
    Working with Kobe: He was a huge Shaq/Kobe fan. Knew about Kobe’s demanding attitude and is ready for the challenge.

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