VIDEO: D’Angelo Russell Highlights From NBA Summer League

The Los Angeles Lakers headed into the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas earlier this month with high hopes for rookie point guard D’Angelo Russell to prove his worth after the team selected him with the second overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft.

Unfortunately, Russell’s overall performance was disappointing. The Ohio State product didn’t play consistently well over the course of the five games played at the Thomas & Mack Center, but did finish strong with a 21-point outing against the Utah Jazz.

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In five games during Summer League, Russell averaged 11.8 points, 5.2 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game. Russell shot 37.7 percent from the floor and a dismal 11.8 percent from beyond the arc.

Although a disappointment overall, Russell did have some impressive highlights displaying his remarkable passing ability and knack for scoring. The rookie point guard will have a few months to work on his game before getting back on the floor for the Lakers in October for the NBA preseason.


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The panic squad has been out in force, it’s nice to see some highlights of D’Angelo. He’s got the right attitude, the right work ethic, great instincts and swagger. He won’t be a dominant rookie, but he should be effective if he’s hitting that jumper coming off the screen. Everything opens up for him when the D needs to close on that shot. And of course he will thrive in transition.

I do see him becoming an All-Star in three years.

  1. In a Summer League filled with two or three-year rookies, Russel just did ok.
    Only reason why most fans were disappointed is because Russel did not play like the special kid the FO saw in him during pre-draft workouts, that’s all.

  • Damn LN just fed the trolls with this article?. SMH hope next season to have a better “highlight video” D’angelo Russell with magic passes with the James Harden step back 3

  • Russell needs to grow physically, and adapt to playing in the NBA against amazing athletes and grown men — just like EVERY rookie.

    We need to take a measured pace and realize that he is a 10-year solution. We must realize the pressure of the LA media and fans, and that he’s a 19 year old kid. Early failures, losses, and bad play could really slow down his development and an the team’s playoff hopes in the process.

    Russell WILL meet expectations, except they will come in year 2 and 3, like most rookies. I think it’s realistic to think that he could make adjustments and be ready to start after the All Star weekend.

    1. Intelligence runs through you. RUSSEL is a very smart basketball player and he will adjust his game accordingly. He will improve and and he will be a much improved player player in 3 years. Rest a sure the Russel that starts this season will not be the same Russel that will finish this season.

        1. Geez, I guess someone has no sense of humor. Chill out army guy, you don’t have to kill someone all the time.

    2. I agree with everything you wrote although nobody can predict how good he will really be, mate.

  • Russel

    Has incredible court vision
    Is being creative about making plays pushing himself and teamates
    Is looking to get others involved
    Is an excellent rebounder
    He is a cerebrial player and studies the defense, then makes a move, like kobe
    Communicates with the coach
    Is willing to learn from the legends , Steve Nash, Magic Johnson
    Is willing to listen to his teamates. Clarkson, Kobe
    Can make the 3 point shot
    Has a silky smooth jumper
    Student of the game

    This is one player i am NOT worried about. RUSSEL will just get better and better.

    1. Mitch said that Russell had an “unlimited ceiling potential.”

      That really resonated with me as it shows how a GM gauges potential and is a useful criteria for grading both players and draftees. It really shows the difference between Lebron, Durant, and Westbrook and the rest of the league. Guys like Lebron continually get better and always say, “I gotta find another level,” and do.

      I’m not sure Okafor has “unlimited ceiling” but Town does. And the thought that Russell will get better for the next 10 years is exciting.

      1. So, let me see if I got this right, Townes and Russell have “unlimited ceiling,” but Okafor is limited. So, he won’t get better in the next 10 years. At 19yrs old, he frozen. Un-huh, yeah, ok, right, I see… Okafor sure didn’t look like he had a ceiling when he ate the Lakers lunch.

        He destroyed double and triple teams. I thought Upshaw, according to some LA Fans, “could be the steal of the draft.” Okafor, made him look like rag doll.

        Really, is that how Mitch sold it to ya’ll. “Ceiling”, every GM learn in GM 101, you never pass on a franchise changing big, for a good little man. But, you go with that “ceiling” thingy. Incredible, that purple and gold kool-aid must be delicious.

        1. Purple and gold kool aid taste 16 x better than all the kool aid out there! I’ll take my chances.

          1. Historically, BGJ, it has been as you say “16× better (see i caught what you did there) than all the other kool-aid out there. And that fine, if that’s your reasons for confidence. No one can argue with the Lakers championships. It’s indisputable, empirical, solid evidence. To deny it, one would come off as, delusional, crazy, and out of touch with reality. Which, is the same line of deductive reasoning I was pointing out to the previous poster I actually responded to…

    2. excellent rebounder? lol. the only reason he averaged 5 rebounds in SL was because the bigs weren’t getting anything :D. that doesn’t make you and excellent rebounder. who isn’t willing to learn? most of those points are the most pathetic things i ever read and completely unnecessary :D!!!!

    3. “Can make the 3 point shot” >>>>>>> Not yet.

      “Has a silky smooth jumper” >>>>>>> for a college boy.

      Otherwise, I agree with you on all the things you’ve pointed out.

      1. That’s why i stated ” He Can Make ” He can make the 3 point shot, although we have to see how often and how consistent he can make it, didn’t specify that he has great at it, but i did see him make a couple in summer league. As for as his jumper, I am a shooter and can see certain things, he squares up good and has smooth release , good follow through and control of his shot. I am already impressed with his mid 15 ft J.

  • Even though the kid didn’t have the best Summer League, I took away some nice things from the kid.

    His height advantage amongst other PGs allowed him to use shield his opponent at the basket for layups, he has a pretty nice jumper/smooth shooting form (just the shots didn’t always fall), pretty solid defender racking up steals and blocks, pretty good rebounder, distributes ball well with flashy passes (I just think a lot of the turnovers were guys not being ready for the pass and rookie mistakes). I kind of see his game as a mixture of Steve Nash and Utah Deron Williams

  • I was probably the CEO of the “lets draft Okafar” a few months ago. But watching D’Angelo in the summer league, I now see why the FO went with him. Court vision, jump shot, handles and just his overall on court swag is amazing. Other than Towns, I honestly believe Russell has the higher cieling of all the other guys. Haven’t been this excited for a NBA season to start in a very long time.

        1. I got it and we play the CLIPPERS ON OCT 31 same time same station AND WE PLAY THE SUNS in between those two.

        2. Go to LAL CLUBHOUSE go to schedule look to the right side it will say printable copy click on that and the it is.Have fun your LAKERS NATION fun.

    1. You talking about Russell right? And you say “you did” watch SL? You talkin bout Russell? Russell Wilson? Russell Crowe? Oh, D’Angelo Russell.., k, yeah, right, uh huh, sure, got it, roger that, cool…

  • This kids vision is something special, a born leader did anyone see D’lo helping to orchestrate breaks in the time outs
    Just give him time he’s loading…

  • Whis is this guy joshhh waste his time on the lakers forum? Does the team he follow not have any news? He loves to initiate conflict.

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