Top 5 Point Guard Options for the Lakers in Free Agency

Top 5 Point Guard Options for the Lakers in Free Agency


#2 Steve Nash

Upside: Still one of the best floor generals in the league. With Nash, the pace of the game will speed up for the Lakers and as a result the offense may become one of the best in the NBA.

Downside: Nash is 38-years-old. Obviously, he is not a long-term solution at point guard and not a great defender.

#1 Deron Williams (player option)

Upside: One of the best all-around point guards in the game today. At 27-years-old, Williams will help secure the future of the Lakers franchise after the Kobe Bryant era with the ability to be a game-changer in the backcourt with skills almost identical to Chris Paul.

Downside: The Lakers will have to do a sign-and-trade that might result in sending Andrew Bynum to the Brooklyn Nets. Pau Gasol has been mentioned in a potential deal with the Nets to acquire Williams, but Brooklyn seems uninterested in a trade for the Spaniard.

Other Notable Free Agent PGs: Jason Kidd, Raymond Felton, Goran Dragic, Jason Terry, Jeremy Lin, Aaron Brooks (restricted), Kirk Hinrich, Derek Fisher , Andre Miller, Jameer Nelson (player option) and Jamal Crawford