Top 5 Mike D’Antoni Coached NBA Teams

Top 5 Mike D’Antoni Coached NBA Teams


4. 2007-08 Phoenix Suns, 55-27

This roster was the last great Suns team under Mike D’Antoni, as next year this Suns team went a mediocre 32-50. This was the last legitimate title chance Nash and D’Antoni had together, but sadly their season ended in the first round. The Los Angeles Lakers acquired Pau Gasol during this season, meaning the Suns were no longer the best team in the Pacific Division.

The Lakers claimed the top spot in the division, while the Suns were at second place and finished with the sixth seed in the Western Conference. Despite the impressive .671 winning percentage, the Suns could not get out of the first round. Phoenix faced the San Antonio Spurs and got beaten easily in five games.

After the loss, the Suns were never the same, and the run-and-gun era was essentially over.


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