Top 5 Lakers Small Forwards

Top 5 Lakers Small Forwards

Feb 07, 2009 - Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA - Former Tarheel and NBA Player JAMES WORTHY makes an appearance as Former Carolina Tarheels National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame players and coaches gather as they raise a banner in honor of the Carolina Tarheels Hall of Fame members during halftime as the University of North Carolina Tarheels defeat the University of Virginia Cavaliers with a final score of 76 - 61 as they played mens college basketball at the Dean Smith located in Chapel Hill Photo via Newscom

1. James Worthy

“Big Game James” tops our small forward list, bringing with him 3 NBA championship rings, 7 all-star apperances,and 1 NBA Finals MVP award. Worthy’s jersey is one of only 7 that hang from the rafters in Staples Center, which no doubt warrants consideration for the top spot on any Lakers list. One word can really sum up Worthy at his best: Showtime. On a team with such incredible talent as Magic, Kareem and Byron, it was even more impressive that Worthy was able to stand out. After leading the Lakers in Game 7 of the 88′ NBA Finals with a triple double vs. Detroit, Worthy was awarded the Finals MVP award and cemented his nick name’s legitimacy.

By Ryan Dunlop

If you feel like taking a trip back to the old skool, check out this mix of great Worthy moments:


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