Top 5 Lakers Small Forwards

As we move to the front line in our Lakers Nation Top 5 Lists, we find some of the more unappreciated, yet crucial members of Lakers teams past. The Top 5 Lakers Small Forwards list could be organized a variety of different ways, however we here at LN kept true to form, allowing championship bling to play the deciding role.

BRENTWOOD, CA - AUGUST 9:  NBA player Rick Fox of the L.A. Lakers attends the funeral service of Los Angeles Lakers Broadcaster Chick Hearn at the St. Martin of Tours Church in Brentwood, California on August 9, 2002.  Hearn died at the age of 85 and was the only Lakers broadcaster in the team's 42 year history in Los Angeles.  (Photo by Robert Mora/ Getty Images)

5. Rick Fox

Rick Fox is one of the more recent Lakers players to make one of our lists thus far. Fox was a key starter for the Lakers during the early 2000’s, winning 3 NBA Championships during the three-peat era of 2000-2004. While Fox’s PPG never hit double digits during those years, it wasent his scoring which kept him in the starting rotation. It was his defensive ability coupled with playing the role of enforcer which proved critical for the Lakers during the last dynasty. Fox notoriously did many things well, but nothing exceptional, a true jack of all trades and the ultimate role player.

What do you think Lakers Nation? Agree, disagree? Who would you move around? Sound off in the comments section below!


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Rick Fox was truly a solid role player..

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