Top 5 Lakers Centers

2. George Mikan

Mikan is commonly credited with changing the game of basketball. When he began his professional career in 1946 big men were not known for their power, rebounding, and shot-blocking. Mikan, however, rapidly changed that as he developed skills that would benefit him due to his size and strength over the rest of the league. Mikan won four NBA championships with the Minneapolis Lakers and was one of the NBA’s Top 50 Greatest Players list. His legacy still is relevant today, as many rules had to be changed or adjusted due to Mikan’s dominance down low. Mikan established the center position as we all know it today, and is truly one of the most remarkable players in Lakers, and league history.


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Kareem Abul Jabbar, was not only the Greatest Center ever ! ! ! But is and was the GREATEST Player ever to play the basketball game.

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