Top 5 Lakers Centers

Lakers Nation caps off our positional Top 5 lists with the big men in the middle, centers. After searching through the point guards, shooting guards, small forwards, and power forwards, it is time to finish off with the most prestigious position the Lakers have to offer.

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Lakers centers is that the number one ranked player has scored more points than any other player in NBA history, yet it is still debatable whether he belongs on the top of this list. However, while it may be argued, there are very few members of Lakers Nation that will complain about this placement. Abdul-Jabbar played for the Lakers from 1975 until 1989 during, which he won five NBA championships, 3 NBA Most Valuable Player awards, and the NBA Finals MVP award in 1985. Abdul-Jabbar had the unstoppable skyhook, which led to 38,387 career points, more than any other player to ever step on the floor.


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Kareem Abul Jabbar, was not only the Greatest Center ever ! ! ! But is and was the GREATEST Player ever to play the basketball game.

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