Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week

Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week


nbafacebookEvery week, our loyal fans flock over to the Lakers Nation Facebook page to give their thoughts on everything happening in Laker Land. Some of them are intelligent, while others make us question your common sense, but almost all of them are entertaining. Please continue to comment on the page, and you could see your quotes on our next post.

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Here are our favorite Lakers Nation Facebook comments from the last week:

What would you grade the Lakers offseason so far?

10. Indarjeet Suren Persaud: Looks good on paper and so did last year can’t grade until they play and have a good chemistry. No grade yet.

9. Sterling Davis: It don’t matter who they get if they keep Mike as coach. Truth is he’s a little better than .500 coach, who can’t coach defense which wins in today’s NBA, he’s not a winner, he’s not a motivator, he’s not a teacher, he’s not a strategist and he’s not the right coach for the Lakers.

What would you tell Charles Barkley about Dwight Leaving the Lakers?

8. Esteban Ezequiel Herrera: One thing Chuck and Howard have in common…. ZERO CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! lol

7. Herbert Hanks: Every Laker that has more rings than Chuck…GO!!! Mark Madsen, Luke Walton, Rick Fox, Mitch Richmond, Glen Rice, Derek Harper, Jordan Farmar…

Was it right to amnesty Metta World Peace and what is your favorite Metta World Peace moment?

6. Jamil Louis-Unida: Fav moment? When he elbowed James Harden…. #ThatsWorldPeace =)

5. Omar Guzman: From a business standpoint, yes it was the right decision. From the standpoint of a fan, there was just one year left on his contract. It would have been nice to let him finish out his last year. Bonus points for Metta for being cool about it and moving on. Thank you for everything MWP!!

If you were an NBA Player, would you take a pay cut to play with the Lakers?

4. Jim Lyons: That’s what true LAKERS do. People that got heart and want to play for the Best franchise in NBA history. Unlike some COWARD

3. Patrick Swafford: Would I take a paycut to join the Lakers the answer HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!! It would be a dream to wear that purp and yellow for a paycut Idc if I’m ridin pine. Kobe would do it as well he’s a Laker forever. We know we’re not gunna do good. Hell, we’ll be lucky to make the playoffs. So we’re gearing up for next when we can acquire Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving who are both tight with Kobe so it’s going down bc any real Lakers fan don’t want LeBron with us. #WeStillRunLA

If you could play any NBA Player  in a one on one match who would it be and why?

2. Eli James: I would choose wilt chamberlain because he’s dead and I’d have a chance then.

What does it say about Dwight Howard that he was unable to accept his role with the Lakers?

1. Monica ValRu: He didnt wanted to be second fiddle to Kobe but he doesn’t mind being second to Harden? It just goes to show he could not handle the pressure. He wanted to go to a place where the expectations would not be high. He does not have a winner’s mentality.


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