Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week

Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week


nbafacebookEvery week, our loyal fans head over to the Lakers Nation Facebook page to give their thoughts on everything happening in Lakerland. Some of them are intelligent, others not so much, but almost all of them are entertaining. Please continue to comment on the page, and you could see your quotes on our next post.

What To Expect From Jordan Hill This Season

10. Keno Alums Stretch 4 is optimal but offensive and defensive rebounding and solid post threat on offense and defense would be great to help out pau who might play center. Hopefully he his healthy and will be a starter at the 4 or 5

Pau Gasol’s Picture After Shaving For The First Time In Nine Years

9. JMoriah MiiMii H He looks like a weirder version of Sheldon from the Big Bang theory

Hopes For Jordan Farmar This Season

8. Bryan Marshall 10 asst. 14 pts. 5 rbn. 2 stl. That’s what I would like to see Farmar attempt to achieve. I would like to see Farmar go after weak side rounds so that the Lakers may get 2nd chance pts or get the fast break started and that’s the way Farmar can contribute to the Team, Lake Show !!!….. IJS …………..

Steve Nash’s Ranking In Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 List

7. Michael Tindore Easily one of the best shooters ever and last year he showed that he still has plenty of skill, in one of his worst seasons ever he put up more assists per game than any Laker since Nick the Quick… he is top 50 in my opinion. I wish he played better defense but his efficiency makes up for it…

Remembering Kobe’s Series Clinching Jumper In 2010 Western Conference Finals

6. Richald Caceres Lebron can do that too! Said no one ever. LOL

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On Kobe’s Rating In NBA 2K14 Being A 93

5. Martin Payne A 93 4 Kobe??? Seriously how Dominant he played this season smh.. What’s next nba 2k19 LeBron rating will still b at 99.. laughable.. give Kobe a worthy rating while hes still playin at his best

4. Antonio Devon Schroeder It’s truly an insult especially when he is obviously putting up MVP numbers. If he had a downgrade of stats yes change accordingly but don’t disrespect the man because you think his age or currant injury personifies him when numbers down lie. He is doing the same moves which qualifies his ability level. 2k14 GET IT TOGETHER! (I say change it) and put him on 97 (Not taking nothing from Lebron but clearly he is not a 99).

What You Will Remember Most About Dr. Jerry Buss

3. Thule Wang I think he is a real smart man,but most of all he is a great basketball fan.I can not forget the beautiful era which belongs to Lakers and Dr.Jerry Buss.

2. Ernie Williams Jr Being a Leader and not just a owner of the team, but a friend to the players also…. He stood what the Lakers were class !!!!!  🙂

On Kobe Being Unsure If He Will Be Ready For The Season Opener

1. Steven Ensley Jr. Don’t everyone get it? It’s Kobe and one of his famous Jedi Mind Tricks. He playing people to thinking he won’t be ready. Typical Black Mamba.


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