Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week

Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week


nbafacebookEvery week, our loyal fans head over to the Lakers Nation Facebook page to give their thoughts on everything happening in Lakerland. Some of them are intelligent, others not so much, but almost all of them are entertaining. Please continue to comment on the page, and you could see your quotes on our next post.

Remembering Kobe Bryant’s NBA Courtside Video Game

10. Edem Ekene My favorite basketball game of all time. Loved how much better Kobe was than every other player…just like in real life #MambaDeathStare

On D’Antoni Wanting Jordan Hill To Be A Stretch 4

9. Mike Starzec Jordan needs to be around the BASKET.. he is Monster rebounder and especially a very gifted offensive rebounder which invaluable too any team.. taking him out of that role will show any lack of consideration for who he is and what they need… the guy can run the floor for 48 minutes, and brings energy that creates positive flow for the team, he needs to be on the floor and let it happen.  there are 96 minutes to be played between the 4 and 5 Pau/Jordan and Chris should pretty much split it 32 minutes each(a basic breakdown).. they all play and no one gets over worked.

8. Lennard Eric D’Antoni is an idiot.  Trying to change players instead of playing to their strengths.  I believe in challenging players to be better and expand their game, but you can’t start your game plan expecting them to be a specific player.  Plan to their strengths!!!!!

Remembering Eddie Jones As A Laker

7. Phil Hoprasatsuk Eddie Jones was the man right before Kobe… A great Laker… best swingman… Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!  … that’s all u heard at the forum…

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Your Favorite Lakers Moment From The 80s

6. Paul Stevenson Michael Cooper throwing Larry Bird in the stands. The league had superstars back then, but they could get it too.

5. Joel Valentine Chick Hearns announcing” Worthy to Magic..Magic back to Worthy..Worthy all the way..SLAM DUNK!!

Reminiscing About Metta World Peace’s Clutch 3-Pointer In Game 7 vs. The Celtics

4. Larry Davis Jr. I remember jumping off of my couch hitting my head on the ceiling. Don’t know if I was happier for L.A. or for Ron. Gonna miss M.W.P.

3. Drew Mitchell My dad flew out to California to take me to this game. I vividly remember the electricity in the building when he hit this shot. I’ve never seen fans go wilder. This is one of my all-time favorite Lakers moments. A dagger of a shot against the Celtics of all teams. Amazing.

Thoughts On Lamar Odom’s Issues

2. Jodi Mott Sign him and send him to rehab…he needs the Lakers as much as we need the old Lamar that plays with such heart…it’s heart that got those rings, not all about me crap of D12  — get well Lamar, we want you to be happy!!

1. Paula Lira I think this should be a private matter, I feel sad for him, and hope he get’s all the help that he need’s. He is a great player., And the Lakers reaching out to him,Just show’s how much they care and how much class they really have. Let’s get him the help he need’s and get him back as a Laker.


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