Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week

Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week


nbafacebookEvery week, our loyal fans head over to the Lakers Nation Facebook page to give their thoughts on everything happening in Lakerland. Some of them are intelligent, others not so much, but almost all of them are entertaining. Please continue to comment on the page, and you could see your quotes on our next post.

Reaction To The Release Of The Lakers’ 2013-14 Schedule

10. Michael Acuna When i saw the schedule…the Lakers will have ONE OF THE TOUGHEST SCHEDULES in the NBA. Second or Third toughest!! Tough, Tough, Tough…so what? it’s tough. Just go out and play.

9. Daniel Anthony Cruz Every game but Houston vs lakers. That is going to b a nasty game. It should have been the Christmas Day game.

On Kobe Shattering The Recovery Timetable For An Achilles Injury

8. Sam Dasios Never doubt the Black Mamba. Dude is not human. #CountonKobe to be ready for the opener.

On Shaq Dissing Kareem

7. James Odell Lankford Jr. Shaq you Better stop smoking crack Brotha, Kareem had 6 Reg season MVP’s 6 Rings , 19 All Star Game Appearances 2 Finals MVP’s The All Time leading NBA scorer of all time should I continue ? so how are you better??!!!

6. Eric Halais Dude that skyhook is the most deadly weapon in sports history….Shaq don”t screw your own Lakers memories….it may affect your image….i”am sure you never saw Kareem in person…even in Boston he was a hero….in the 1985 finals he played so outrageous that he got a standing ovation on the last minute of the game when they beat the Celts in BOSTON GARDEN……..that has never even happened anywhere….Kareem Abdul Jabbar leader of all times in scoring!! rememba????

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Looking At A Video Comparing Kobe and Jordan’s Similarities

5. Justin Emerson text book jump shot, works of art. Kobe’s the closest thing to Jordan this generation will ever see and is the last of a dying breed of superstars in the NBA. We will never see another MJ, Kobe, or anyone close to them ever again.

On Kobe’s Motivation Being ‘Six’

4. Pedro Francisco No he is getting 7 rings or even 8 he will make sure no one will reach his spot light!!!! We are Kobe believer and lakersnation!

On Kobe Bryant Shooting Free Throws After Tearing His Achilles

3. Michael Estes I’ve never seen anyone who has continued anything…let alone walked…, and them shoot freethrows?  If that’s not a warrior…and a champion…..I don’t know what is.

Who Was The Greatest Laker Center Of All-Time?

2. David Diamond Shaq was awesome,  but to all you YOUNGens  you are too young to remember Kareem’s patented Sky Hook…he was already tall enough, but how do you stuff someone THAT TALL and a SKY HOOK.  The arc that ball took was so high, not even Superman James could jump up and touch it. The Old Timers know this…….

Remembering Derek Fisher’s 0.4 Shot

1. Jorge Ahumada I was on my knees begging god for a miracle to happen n Mr .4 made that shot. One of my greatest Laker moments of my life. I love being a Laker fan…


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