Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week

Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week


nbafacebookEvery week, our loyal fans head over to the Lakers Nation Facebook page to give their thoughts on everything happening in Lakerland. Some of them are intelligent, others not so much, but almost all of them are entertaining. Please continue to comment on the page, and you could see your quotes on our next post.

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What you did when Robert Horry hit his famous game winner in 2002 vs. Kings.

10. Josh Ward: I was talking to my friend on the phone and I said “Shaq won’t let us lose this game, Kobe won’t let us lose this game and if it comes down to it Robert Horry won’t let us lose this game.” Then this happened…will never forget that moment.

9. Jose Bravo: Funny how these queens fans or just Lakers haters are still crying to this day. I was on the phone at the time and threw my cellphone as I started jumping and screaming in celebration. The queens could never beat the Lakers.

When you think Kobe will return?

8. Anthony Ponce: It doesn’t matter. The only thing that does matter is that he doesn’t get hurt again. It only matters that when he does return, that is healthy and well rested. Kobe should not rush things.

What makes the Kobe/Pau partnership so great?

7. Dat Le: Its simple. Kobe says jump, Pau Jumps. Kobe says sit, Pau Sits. Why? Cause Kobe can win, and if kobe tells Pau to win, he’ll win. Kobe says  jump, Howard cries. Kobe Says Sit, Howard Cries, Kobe tells Howard to win, he goes to the rockets.

6. Leonel Sanchez: Their team chemistry together on the court. Communication, trust, and understanding included to have a victorious outcome in game situations. Between themselves and in close late game’s to guide the team. Especially when they did their parts in the postseason to get a repeat.

Your favorite memories from the Laker team and final game they played against the Celtics in the old Boston Garden.

5. Freddie Pikovsky: Cedric Ceballos with his massive throw downs, Eddie Jones swift and smooth like butter, Van Excel was wild, aggressive and exciting as hell, Sedale Threatt the pick pocket…This was not nearly one of the better Lakers squads on record but probably one of the most exciting Lakers team to watch.

4. Janssen Diaz: I remember this game!! there was a laker fan in the audience dressed in laker gear and carrying a sign that clowned the celtics! after van exel hit the game winner, i remember wondering if that laker fan made it home in one piece! #nickthequick

Reaction to Lebron James being voted the NBA’s most popular player over Kobe.

3. Lisa Dixon: I WANT A RECOUNT!!!!!!!

2. Febrick Flores Enage: Kobe is way better than Lebron, especially when we’re talking not just about B-ball but in terms of attitude. NBA Fans here in Philippines is very disappointed with Lebron.

Who was the player who turned you into a Laker fan?

1. Clarence Baldwin Jr: Magic…the greatest Laker ever. Nine Finals, 5x champion, 3x Finals MVP, 3x NBA MVP, best point guard ever (no discussion)  and typically considered the best teammate of his era. If he was selfish and wanted credit, he could’ve sunk the early to mid 80s Lakers. But winning was all he cared about and it showed in how he played. Some guys say they’re about winning, but they play the same way regardless of who they play with. Magic adapted to prime Kareem, past his prime Kareem…and then to older Worthy, Perkins, and Divac and STILL dragged them to the Finals.


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