Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week

Top 10 Lakers Nation Facebook Comments Of The Week


nbafacebookEvery week, our loyal fans head over to the Lakers Nation Facebook page to give their thoughts on everything happening in Lakerland. Some of them are intelligent, others not so much, but almost all of them are entertaining. Please continue to comment on the page, and you could see your quotes on our next post.

Hoping Some Of The Young Players Stay Past This Season

10. Andrew Jemima Swaggy P, Xavier Henry and Johnson all show a lot of promise and can probably contribute a lot more going forward than any other bargain bin players available in the next two or three seasons

Excited After Defeating The Timberwolves

9. Jay Roland Madamba It wasn’t a huge win, but it was a win that will help the lakers move in the right direction. Hopefully the Lakers can use this game as momentum to propel them have a win streak. They should also bottle up that defense and continue to play d like that. If they do the lakers will be unstoppable. Defense was the biggest reason for tonight’s win. Also the team looked together. Gasol was also more aggressive and looked like his old self. And I hope D’antoni keeps playing Kaman. Because the lakers need to play Big again.

Hoping The Lakers Don’t Trade Gasol

8. Cynthia Cross Crutchfield No, don’t trade Pau. He is playing great basketball. What I love about Pau is; if he makes a mistake he will apologize and own up to it or if he doesn’t play the way he thinks he should have he will say what he should have done to play better. Kobe Bryant loves Pau and knows how to relate to Pau.

A True Laker Fan

7. Stephen Jefferson I dont ever want to see a former celtic wearing a Lakers jersey ever. Nor Lebron wear one as well. True Lakers fans have this pride, and I proudly represent one of the many TRUE Lakers fans. #MambaBlood4Six!! #KeepWorkinPau!! #OneTime4SwaggyP!!

Hoping Kobe Rests As Much As Possible

6. Michelle Dearwester Anybody that knows anything about basketball…needs to want Kobe to rest…and not rush back…hell really there is no reason for him to come back at all this season….we need him to draft good players next season…and get a star or 2 to go along with it.  Kobe came back too soon, and then got hurt again…not his Achilles, but he still got hurt again….he needs to be 110% before he even THINKS about coming back!!! This season is a wash…WHY rush it??????

Loving Swaggy P

5. Cesar Del Rio Swaggy P is the type of player the Lakers need. He’s honored to be Laker like everyone on the team should be! He is by far my second favorite player on the team, after of course the black mamba!

4. Reggie Rdg Gamble I would love to keep “Swaggy P, swaggy D, swaggy C”. Lol. You can tell he just LOVES being a Laker. It shows on his face, in his interviews, in his game and he rubs off good spirits with the team! Plus he is a lock for 16-17 a game and could easily go off for 25 on any given night

Believing In Kobe Despite The Haters

3. Tony Zhong i seriously dont know why these so called lakers fan is giving up hope on kobe bryant or call themselves a lakers fan anyway. He is by far the hardest worker in the nba and what keeps him motivated is to get that number 6 ring and helped the lakers back to championship form. If you call yourself a lakers fan have faith in kobe bryant aka black mamba.He will return as the kobe we always know. #Bestrongkobe

2. Glain Moore Wow, I’m disgusted with some of you… the mamba is gone??? I never doubt kobe, where is the real Lakers fans? Because the people that’s saying trade and for him to retire are not real fans, Just a whole bunch of trolls from under the bridge

Anticipating Kobe’s Return

1. Jayme R Martinez when kobe gets back he’s gonna be a beast. no injury can keep from being out, after he snaped his knee cap he took over that game ru serious tho who does that? he shot a 3 over 30 feet kobe got so much Gas in that tank! a lot of miles on that body but that Gas stays topped off WOOOoooo kobe is gonna be fine!!!!

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