This Week in NBA News

10 Time NBA Champion Phil Jackson took a little time this week to address the media for the first time since, you know, since that thing happened.

PJ covered a wide range of topics ranging from his future, which he feels very comfortable with, and inevitably threw in the typical Phil Jackson response of “we will see”.  He touched on the future of “The Odoms” as well, and promised to give Lamar the best honeymoon possible, as training camp does start a day after his wedding.  He even threw in a little twitter talk (not that Phil would ever tweet), but he does plan to place some type of restrictions on his players as to the extent of social networking he will allow around game time.  Phil seems to feel confident that he can get his players to leave things like Twitter, TMZ and You Tube at the door.

Check out the video clips below for all the details of the press conference:

Phil on the roster and point guards

Phil on Twitter and “The Odoms”

Phil on Artest & Odom

Phil on his future, LO & Pau


Marc Stein of ESPN posted the first edition of his NBA Power Rankings for 2009-2010 season.  Holding true to form, the Lakers were given the #1 spot to begin the season based of the championship last year and the moves they made to improve over the summer.  Stein does say that he feels Artest is a big question mark for the Lakers, which most would have to agree with.  However, the questions posed for the other teams ranked in the Top 5 seem to be a bit more pressing in my opinion.  Additionally, Stein asks the question of; “Wouldn’t you rate the champs as far bigger favorites to repeat had they just hung on to the steadier Ariza?”  My answer,  no.  I wouldn’t rate them as bigger favorites if they stood pat while the rest of the league, especially their main competition in the West upgraded their ball clubs.  This topic has been debated over and over, however the reality that some people still can’t seem to grasp is that Artest is a better player than Ariza.  It is still to be determined whether he is a better fit for this system or not, but when you look at skills, pound for pound, Artest wins out.


The Knicks proved once again that they are #1 in the LeBron James sweepstakes, that is if you are basing it on cap space.  Nate Robinson and David Lee each agreed to 1 year contracts with the Knicks this week, ensuring that the cap room they worked so hard to create last year would be preserved for King James, or another top tier free agent come next summer.  While NY tends to operate similar to the Clippers, always finding a way to mess things up, they seemed to have done a pretty reasonable job of accomplishing a few things this summer.  By resigning Robinson and Lee they will be able to at least remain competitive and exciting on the court, while at the same time only having to take on a year of salary in preparations for their ultimate goal.  Is this the future…