The Ultimate Guide to Buying Lakers Tickets

Then we have the diamond in the rough when it comes to secondary ticket buying: eBay. Yes, that eBay. If done right, eBay is the most cost effective way to purchase Lakers tickets on the web. Now certainly we have the expected overflow of scumbag-wannabe-ticket-brokers who try and ruin eBay for the rest of us, but if we sift through the BS we can find a good deal.

Here’s what you do: look around until you find 2 or 3 sets of tickets that meet your budget. This is very important: know your budget. If you only have $200 to spend on Lakers tickets, you are not going to see Boston. Know that going in and you won’t get frustrated. Once you find what you’re looking for, click on the “Watch this Item” button and eBay will automatically send you a reminder e-mail 15 minutes before the auction closes. If the price is still in your budget, then Game On.

Wait until there are only 30 seconds left in the auction to place your max bid. This is important: only make one bid, and make it your max bid. With any luck, you’ll swoop in like spitfire and steal the tickets right under the nose of an unsuspecting, less eBay savvy, buyer. Isn’t the internet great?

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