The Day After: News from around the league after Game 5

The Day After: News from around the league after Game 5


After the Lakers lost Game 5 of the Finals, they trailed a series for this first time this postseason.  With an elimination game coming up on Tuesday night, the Lakers need to find an offensive and defensive strategy.  The Celtics once again beat the Lakers to all the 50/50 balls and completely out-hustled them.  On the other end of the floor, the Lakers put up points, thanks to Kobe.  Bryant had 38 points in the game, while the next leading scorer, Pau, had 12.  The Lakers have to help out Kobe on the offensive end, and must play with effort and intensity on the defensive end.  They are facing elimination and have to respond, the Lakers have fought through adversity all season long, and now they must do it again.

As the Lakers are preparing to take on the Celtics on Tuesday night,  for the series tie, the media on the Lakers’ side are trying to find out what happened.  While up north in Boston, the fans and reporters are rejoicing on their big win.

The Lakers are in a very unusual position; they are facing an elimination game for the first time this postseason.   It is going to be tough to beat Boston two times in a row, but luckily the Lakers will play the remaining games at home.  However, will the Lakers be able to pull off a win, or will their title hopes be gone? [OC Register]

The Lakers have played as a unit all season long, but the Finals have been a different story.  Kobe is carrying the scoring load for his team, and at certain points it seems as though Kobe is the only player who “cares.”  If the Lakers want to repeat as champions, they must work with Kobe and help him on both ends of the court. [OC Register]

If the Lakers want to win Game 6 and Game 7, they must come out firing and have to play with a sense of urgency.  Boston attacked the Lakers early, and now it is the Lakers’ turn to do the same.  A total team effort is needed to pull off this great come back.[LA Times]

If the Lakers learned anything from their Game 5 performance, it’s that Kobe cannot win by himself. Bryant put on an amazing shooting performance, but the rest of the team failed to do their part.  Boston withstood Kobe’s magic, due to the other Lakers’ lack of effort and determination.  [Dime Magazine]

Kobe played his heart-out in Game 5, but his team didn’t.  Bryant tried to carry his team to victory, but the rest of the Lakers seemed “lazy.”  If the Lakers want to get out of this 2-3 hole, the Lakers have to play together on the offensive and defensive end. [Silver Screen and Roll]

The Lakers played poor defense throughout their three-game trip in Boston, and that didn’t work out for them.  Boston torched the Lakers and ended up taking a 3-2 series lead.   If anything, the Lakers’ lack of defense is the reason why they are facing elimination. [ESPN Los Angeles]

The Lakers said that they were a much tougher team than they were in ’08; however, Boston isn’t buying that.  With each win, the Celtics are proving to the world that they are still a better team.  []

The Lakers are trying to regroup and pull off two straight games, while the Celtics are looking for one more.  Here are the links to Boston’s reaction to their Game 5 victory.

The Celtics should consider themselves lucky, since they survived a miraculous show put on by Kobe Bryant.  They let Kobe score on the offensive end, but they never lost composure and kept playing as a team. [Boston Globe]

Despite Kobe’s third quarter, the Celtics played good defense throughout Game 5.  However, if Boston expects to see that same Laker team, they are in some trouble. [ESPN Boston]

In case you missed it, here are the highlights of Game 5.