The Ball or not the Ball, that is the Question

Okay Lakers Nation it is a lonely Thursday afternoon here in Laker Land, as the dog days of August slowly drift away and we inch ever closer to the start of the new NBA season.  So for today we want to hear from you! Yes, you!  Excited yet? I certainly hope so.  So let’s get started.

Lakers Nation here is the situation.  It is Game 7 of the NBA Finals in Staples Center.  The Lakers versus the Celtics, and there are only ten seconds left in the game. Now this situation seems easy enough, but let’s make it a little more tricky. Would you, assuming the you I am speaking to is indeed a Lakers fan, rather have the lead by a point on defense or trail by one with the ball?  You see this question may not be as easy an answer as it seems.  Let us explore.

First off let’s take a look at the obvious answer.  The lead.  You always want the lead, no matter the situation.  The odds of a shot being made are generally lower than being missed because on average there is much more working against a made basket than working in it’s favor.  A seemingly

You know who gets the shot, but will he make it?
You know who get's the shot, but will he make it?

perfect shot can barely tick the rim and veer off course, a perfect example being Courtney Lee’s potential game winning lay-up in Game 2 of this last year’s finals.  Also taken into consideration is the skill level of the team defense.  Now, the defense of the Lakers may be a punchline at times but they have been known to step it up in big situations; just look at the way they locked down on the Orlando Magic in the Finals back in June.  It would appear on the surface that the obvious choice would be to take the lead and hope for the best, but let’s dig a little deeper and see what else we can discover.

Alright, behind door number two is the apparent riskier challenge.  However, in this situation it seems that you control your own destiny more than you would on defense.  It is up to you to put the ball in the hole, meaning that ultimately the win or loss is decided by your team.  That is a good place to be, with control.  Although, for Lakers fans there is another very large elephant in the room, and the elephant is actually shaped like a killer viper known as the Black Mamba.  Kobe Bryant is the best in the game today and hitting big shots in do or die situations, and that would be a huge factor in this situation.  Would you trust Kobe to get the job done, even though the other team will most certainly know that he is probably going to get the shot?  Do not forget that Bryant has missed just as many if not more potential game winners than he has made, but in this case it only takes one.

Okay Lakers Nation, where do we go from here?  Do you give up the lead to give your man Mr. Bryant a shot at the title or do you trust your team as a whole to play ten seconds of tough defense and scrape out a victory?

This may be a case where there is not even a right or wrong answer, but let us hear what you think regardless.