Steve Nash On Jordan Clarkson’s Potential: ‘Sky’s The Limit’

Steve Nash 3

Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson started private workouts with Steve Nash during January of 2015, after injuries forced Nash to be ruled out for the 2014-15 season. It started as film work, then transitioned to more hands-on training in about 30-minute sessions, with some lasting up to two hours. The two worked on a variety of things, mostly centering on how to slow the game down for Clarkson, enable him to make better decisions and create space for himself.

What will Jordan Clarkson make this season? Find out here!

After several DNP stints and multiple assignments to the NBA D-League with the Los Angeles D-Fenders, Clarkson was then named a starter for the final 38 games of the season, averaging a team-leading 15.8 points per game on 45.8 percent shooting to go with 5.0 assists, 4.2 rebounds, and 1.05 steals. Most importantly, we were able to see the development and progress of a young rookie who could very well be an integral piece of the Lakers future.

Nash, who spent quite a bit of time with Clarkson, raved about the 23-year-old’s work ethic and personality in an interview with at the Harold & Carole Pump Foundation gala.

I think he’s very humble and hard working, but he has confidence. He has that security in himself to say, ‘Okay, I don’t know everything, I’m going to learn where I can, and try to get better and use every tool.’ He has a lot of wisdom for a young player.”

That wisdom earned Clarkson Kia NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month honors for his stretch of games played in the month of March, after averaging a team-leading 15.8 points on 45.2 percent shooting, in addition to 5.2 assists, and 4.8 rebounds, becoming the first-ever Laker to be honored with the award (first presented in 1981-82).

The No. 46 draft pick’s success didn’t stop there. After an impressive finish to his rookie season, Clarkson was also named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team, only the fifth second-round pick in the past 30 years to receive the honor, and joined fellow Lakers Eddie Jones, Vlade Divac, Byron Scott, James Worthy, Magic Johnson, Norm Nixon, Brian Winters, Jim Price, Dick Garrett, and Bill Hewitt, in addition to 1958-59 of the Year Elgin Baylor.

Nash attributes Clarkson’s success to his “work ethic and personality” and only expects it to grow.

He’s a great person, first of all, and I think he’s a really talented basketball player and incredibly coachable and works hard. I think the sky’s the limit for him.”

The two have yet to hit the court together this summer, although Clarkson told that he hopes he can get some work in with both Nash and Kobe Bryant before the summer’s end. Nash has yet to work out with Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell, though Clarkson hinted at that being a possibility earlier this summer.

That’s exciting for Laker fans to have two guys, D’Angelo (Russell) and Jordan (Clarkson), both big guards that can handle the ball and it’s kind of a fascinating and exciting backcourt for the future here.”

As far as Nash’s time with the Lakers, he doesn’t shy away from talking about how much of a disappointment it was. It’s clear by the tone in his voice how difficult it’s been for him on a personal level, coming in with championship hopes, only to have the final years of his career dictated by injury.

But, when he steps back and looks at it from another perspective, he’s still able to appreciate what a “phenomenal” experience being a Laker was, commending the Buss family and everyone he worked with.

The fans were unbelievable to me, the organization was unbelievable to me and my memories and the relationships I made in the building over in El Segundo (Lakers training facility) are relationships I’ll keep for a lifetime.”

Though Nash is enjoying his retirement, which includes a lot of time spent growing Meathawk, a production company he shares with his cousin, he says he’s still figuring out how to approach the next chapter of his life, which he called both “terrifying” and “exciting.” Hopefully, he can fit in a few more workouts with the Lakers youngins, too.


Sure would like to see Steve Nash on the Lakers coaching staff.

  1. No offense to Nash, but I probably wouldn’t like to see him be a head coach, maybe an assistant since defense was never really his thing. Unless, Nash possess the Steve Kerr style of coaching – good offense and good scoring, ball movement, I’m all in. For now, I just hope he can keep developing some of our young guys like Clarkson, Randle, and Russell

    1. He said coaching staff, not head coach. Coaching staff includes assistants. I hope we can hire him as a player development coach for our guards.

    1. Yeah i know its funny people are saying he won’t amount to nothing, but a legend who helped him is even saying he has an amazing pontential to grow but haters gonna hate, i just gotta say kobe wasn’t kobe for three years so just keep that mind haters.

      1. I agree. Most people are just hesitant because he was drafted so low and desperately want to find reasons to justify that draft position.

        1. Right but that also want i don’t get he’s a 2nd rounder who was putting 17 a game in college. That what bugs me when people judge and don’t know a thing about him.

          1. Come on Laker Nation , why do you promote @ray Sapiens and block out season ticket holders comments??

          2. i dont know why the editors and all this arent on here watching what is said.
            i had an editor argue with me bc i said something about dangelo russell playing the 1st 3 months in Dleague allowing clarkson to start at PG.
            but yet they let harry balzak and ray sapiens and clippersrunla post here allday long.

          3. They try to mold Dumb Laker fans , rather than allowing the true people who sit in the seats! # themediabro

          4. Clippysrunjackshit, ray, and harry drive traffic, pure and simple. The clicks and traffic gives them cash and so don’t really do anything about it. Lots of sites do that (unfortunately).

          5. It’s because people don’t know stuff like how his dad had cancer and his numbers dropped near the end of the season

      1. You might never get a Kobe ever again . Some of you Laker fans are either trolls or dumb! Please go root for the Clippers!!!?

  • Teach our young guns how to play the point and we’ll forgive you for the injury years in the Laker uniform.

    1. Nash owes the Lakers nothing. Anything he does is from the goodness of his heart and those who hold a grudge against him need to pull the plank out of their eye.

      1. How would you feel if you make 9M per year and you’re unable to deliver?

        I mean, I get paid shit and cannot stand it when the job is not done properly. Goodness from the heart would have been to give most of the money he made to the have-nots. Otherwise, that’s just being professional.

        1. What has that got to do with anything? Did Nash force the Lakers to give him that contract? Kobe’s done nothing the last two years all the same. Are we to hate on him? Regular folks don’t have an NBA CBA. That is not a realistic comp.

          1. Like you can compare Kobe’s situation with Nash’… I mean, Kobe had already brought 5 rings to the Lakers when he resigned with them (and oh, by the way, Kobe did not force them to give him this ridiculous contract neither). But yes, we can agree that signing an old Steve Nash to an expensive contract was a mistake by the FO.

          2. I wouldn’t say mistake as Nash up until that point had always been in good shape (great for someone his age).

          3. See Sir Charles’ interview: what does healthy mean when you’re a 35+-old athlete?

      2. Hey DP. I know you think I am your nemesis. I don’t feel that way. I think sometimes I am the only thing that stands between you and self-immolation. You know I love ya’…:-)

        I wish the Lakers could bring Nash back under contract to coach or work the in the front office. God knows we need real basketball people in Laker Land. I do think Nash feels a debt and rightly so. Just because, you know?

        1. Nash feels no obligation the way I see it. He’s made L.A. his home base with his kids for now. The main reason he’s loyal to the Lakers is because of how Mitch and Jimmy treated him.

  • we need you to bulk up jc dont let lavine pass you up in size smh he was skinnier than you last year

        1. JC is a better all around player.
          all lavine does is jump a little bit higher.
          JC could out jump zach if he trains hard enough.
          calf raises and jump over obstacles all day long.

          1. Of course some of these Lakers fans think with their heart not their heads

          2. Watch-out this season when jc screw your head for pumping your lovilavine! SMH!!!!

          3. I know what Clarkson is capable of I never he wasn’t a good player did I?

          4. if you love lavine so much why arent you a twolves fan?
            you must like wiggins too and towns.
            lol you sound like a minny fan to me.

          5. just because you think a player from another is better than a player on your team that doesn’t mean your not a fan lol

          6. i think wiggins will have a much higher ceiling than lavine will.
            zach is better right this moment but later andrew wiggins will be a far better player. jordan clarkson i like how he attacks the basket, even though lavine is a better dunker he doesnt attack the same way jordan does.
            and whats clarkson’s vertical 38.5 zach is only 44-46 a few inches more VS better footwork and dribbling. a better cross over too. JC>Lavine

          7. i dont think lavine is better than wiggins at all, are you serious about clarkson having better handles than lavine? i dont think you know much about lavine but you will. are you going to tell me clarkson is also a better shooter than lavine?

          8. you saying zach is a better player than JC?
            i disagree simple as that man. move on about it
            im not a twolves fan so why are saying what if?
            theres players on the Lakers that suck and ill tell you all about sacre kelly young cant play defense jabari sucks a little bit dangelo is a turnover machine.
            do you want me to post only negatives?
            i wouldnt be a Laker fan then.

          9. you can post whatever you want to post thats what we’re here for. this was a conversation we were having earlier if you didn’t like it you should have moved along to the next one and yes i do see lavine with a slightly higher ceiling than clarkson if that hurts your feelings go ask linfans how they cope with their pain

          10. lol lin is gone.
            clarkson russell is our future backcourt for the next 10-12 years mitch has said himself.
            so if you got beef with him email him about it.
            im not the GM bro.
            but i think clarkson will be a much better player than lavine ever will be.
            you have your opinion and i have mine so….?

          11. We could have used JLin at $2.139M. He did a fair job for us running the subs off the bench.

          12. I like Levine a lot. I wish he was a Laker, too. I just don’t know how you compare two youngsters like him and JC at this point in their careers.

          13. your all on his nuts not me.
            ive seen people that can dunk as good if not better than him in real life.
            So im not impressed sorry…. 🙂

          14. I would because the truth the truth jc the better player and shows it everytime.

        2. Do they know they are in competition, because I don’t think they do, their teams and their personal building blocks are more important to them, they are both smarter then that.

      1. in my humble opinion, i don’t see zach lavine being any more than a volume scorer. i could be wrong, but that is just my assessment so far. he has range for days and is a total freak athlete, but thats all i really seehe doesnt really attack the basket very well yet and is a face-up shooter. i think at his peak he will end up being a j.r. smith clone. as far as jordan clarkson, i think he is primed to be a fringe all-star combo guard, but never really a true star. i think at his peak, he can offer what monta ellis offers: good (but not elite) athleticism, a decent perimeter game, the ability to attack the basket at will, decent playmaking, and the ability to swap between point guard and shooting guard with ease.

        i’m not quite sure why lavine is being discussed more than the ROY andrew wiggins. wiggins shocked me last year with how advanced and refined his offensive game is. dude was already operating exclusively out of the post in his rookie season! watch his highlights. that guy is looking like young kobe out there lol… (not saying he will be kobe… relax guys).

        1. I can agree but Wiggins stats are better because he is the Wolves 1st option, clarkson is not the 1st option on the Lakers, however Clarkson held his own against Wiggins on head to head matchups last season, let’s see how Clarkson does this season, I just want to see improvement and I’m under the impression that Clarkson wants the same thing. As for Lavine, I think he’s kind of in the same boat as Clarkson (still being developed) in fact I think Lavine really wants to be a Laker.

    1. We could have had Lavine instead of Randall. After watching summer league I think we made a mistake drafting Randall over him. I know he was injured last season but he looked worse this summer league than last year. The guy has no fluidity to his game at all. Maybe I’m expecting too much Lamar out of him.

      1. I feel the same. Im pretty disapointed with his sl performance. I thought he could play sf by stretching the floor. He even looked lost playing the post! Hope he’ll prove me wrong this season, otherwise fo should reboot their long term plan.

        1. in SL, Randle was playing limited min. and he could not play the way he wanted, that is why he was so pissed and frustrated, besides he’s still a rookie and has to learn how to slow the game down and quit going full blast, just like a rookie, just give him time.

  • Regular-season record prediction: 24-58 Bleacher Report
    C’mon BR even I can say that’s a little low

    1. Well, that’s realistic unless one of Randle/Clarkson/Russell has an all star caliber year and KB24 stays healthy. I’m hoping for the later scenarios

      1. I say between 30-35 wins. I think our bench with N.Y. and Lou will be tough for some teams. I also like Bass. Need a backup PG.

        1. I think you are going to see a lot of both JC and DLo running the point, with both first and second units. That way everyone gets used to each other.

          1. The last thing we need is a pg imo. We have three guys who are more than capable of playing there. Not too many minutes to go around for another guy without stunting DLo or JC’s growth

          2. I think the majority of JC mins will be at SG. the second unit needs a nice role pg to pass to Young and Williams. In the era of big three’s I think two scorers can coexist coming off the bench.

          3. You do realize that Lou has played pg more than he has the 2 in his career right? That ISO heavy Lou from Toronto was because of Dwane Casey’s ISO system. Lou keeps reiterating this in interviews. NY will see some time at the 2, so will Kobe. That will free up more minutes for JC and DLo at the 1

          4. we will see. Taking away his two first seasons (limited minutes and low scoring) his last 8 seasons he has been listed PG 4 seasons and SG 4. Last season I saw him more as a SG (as he was listed) while playing with Vasquez, a pass 1st role player pg.

          5. I doubt Kobe will be at the 2. If anything, you’ll see Nick switch between the 2 and the 3. Kobe is only going to see 28-30 minutes a game most games.

          6. We have 4 guys capable of playing PG but only 1 who is actually a PG. We do need 1 more. Russell is, Clarkson is capable, Williams capable as is Kobe. Kobe though won’t likely be playing point. His role is on the SF slot this year. You’re devoting heavy minutes to Russell, Clarkson and Williams in splitting PG and SG duties.

          7. They need heavy minutes to develop quickly. Remember Melo and Bron’s first few years? Bringing in another pg would only complicate the rotations and the future development of the young studs. I think Mitch shares this view too as he has been signing and working out 3’s and 5’s – our problem positions

          8. I think they are looking at insurance purposes, if one of those were to get injured or if they pick up a quality vet, help Dlo and Clarkson learn the game and the tricks. IMO.

          9. Could always bring someone up from d league or Ronnie Price if that happens. Why spend money on a back up who will be fourth in the rotation? Just because of injuries? The same can be said for every position, not to mention the center position where we have one center, a pf being forced to play there (Black) and a guy who should not be in the league (Sacre). The 5 is much more urgent in my book

          10. Price is under contract, you know. I am sure Kendall Marshall is available…:-)

        2. I see that as problem. Teams don’t work like that…NY will struggle to play alongside Lou. He is also 30 and might not be able to change his game. I am hopeful because I think Randle will have a very stellar season (about 16ppg 7rpg), but it all depends on how well KB24 comes back and his health

        3. 30-35 wins I can agree on if Kobe goes down honestly. This team is far and away better than last years team.

          1. If Kobe by some horrible situation does get hurt hes retiring for sure…. 🙁
            then the Lakers win only about 30 ball games.
            no Kobe=no playoffs

    2. if we have another injury plagued season like we’ve had the last 2 years you can expect less than 24 wins

      1. I have been reading all those Post for over an hour and its sad to say I have not seen ONE real LAKERS fan, if this is all we are getting for fans LAKERS NATION should close up- this RAY SAPIENS IS SUCH AN ASS I DONT KNOW WHY ANY REAL LAKERS FAN WOULD GIVE HIM ONE ANSWER . WE USED TO HAVE REAL LAKERS FANS –BUT LOOK WHAT WE HAVE NOW FOLKS, JUST A BIG JOKE, WE CALL LAKERS FANS.

    3. It depends on a few things like how all the young players play (Russell,Randle,Clarkson,J.Brown,A.Brown, Nance,Black,Holmes,Upshaw), how the bench plays (Young and Williams aren’t exactly the most efficient players), injuries, and how Kobe plays (the Lakers were 12-31 before Kobe got hurt last year, hell the 2005-2006 Lakers were he averaged 35ppg,5rpg, and 4 apg they only finished 7th in the West they can’t just depend on Kobe).

  • is lou williams the best shooter to ever play with kobe? i ask this because throughout the years I’ve always felt like a sharp shooter next to kobe would be pretty scary

      1. not really, he was never the steve nash of phoenix for us but i guess you can’t say lou is the best since he hasn’t played a game for us either but if he’s the lou of toronto he definitely has the potential, d.russell also has the potential

    1. Kobe plays best with a shooter next to him and also a low post threat. I would put Derek Fisher and Steve Nash above Lou in shooting. Remember in 2013 right before the Achilles injury when KB dragged the team into the playoffs? That happened with KB as the defacto PG and Steve Nash/Blake as the “decoy” pg/shooter. I hope Russel/ Lou can do this for KB24

      1. some of your forgot the older shooters that Kobe played with. Eddie Jones, Glenn Rice, Robert (Big shot) horry…but Kobe never had the best shooters in their prime…nash was way over when he joined…

      2. i dont know about fish he was never a sharp shooter imo and horry was known for hitting a few clutch shots but was never really a consistent shooter

      3. Wow remember the good old days???? They were just like the good old days. Nothing like the good old days for losers to talk about, right L.A.FAKER TANKER fan and his good old days…..Just a Thought!!!

      1. nice choice although he was a bit passed his prime when he won a ring with the lakers, i believe he even retired right after that

    2. adam morrison was the best shooter to ever play with kobe.he won 2 rings with him could of been more if morrison never left

    3. ur dumb. it shows ur young. williams is not the best shooter hes not even great hes what you call a streaky shooter and his FG% shows it. sasha is what u call a great shooter possibly the best shooter kobe ever played with cuz his FG% was always consistent and he was always one of the bets FT % shooters iin the league every year

      1. you see the difference from your idiotic comments and everyone else’s? did i say lou was going to be the best shooter kobe has ever played with? or did i ask? you fucking moron

          1. your english is so bad it hurts me. he asked a question at no point did he say lou was the best shooter kobe’s played next to

    4. I don’t know if you like Young, but those first few games where Young came back from injury, it was really fun to watch Kobe and Young play. Kobe was in facilitator mode last season and was able to free up a lot of space for Young. As of late, I haven’t been the biggest Young fan, but if he can get back his scoring and at least stay on his man on defense, can you imagine Young, Kobe, and Williams on the court at the same time with Williams and Young hot and Kobe freeing up the D for those guys. Maybe even since Scott said Kobe will play the 4 at times, imagine Kobe, Young, Williams, J Brown, and Kobe facilitating freeing up the D

    5. hes not the best i would have to give that to either sasha or fisher but i agree a player like korver with kobe would be scary

      1. i have a hard time calling fisher a shooting threat to me he’s not that guy sasha was more of a shooter than fish but he was not very consistent

    1. I said we should get him over a month 1/2 ago. But I don’t think its agreed upon for certain.

        1. i really dont see dlo starting at the moment, i think he will get brought up slowly like clarkson

          1. Depends on training camp, but i see him starting in the back court with clarkson. Tough to not start the second overall pick.

          2. I don’t think Scott gives him the start just because he’s the 2nd pick, Clarkson and Randle were a bit more “nba ready” than Russell last year and neither one started. If the Lakers mentality is playoffs over player development to start the season then Russell doesn’t start unless he shows less turn overs and that he can defend in preseason.

          3. agreed highly show us you can stop turning the ball over and then you can start

      1. yes he has the experience over jc and russ. hes a more natural pg and starting him will only help jc and russ develope more

      1. im the source my sources are highly creditable even more than chris broussards chalmers could be a laker come september

      1. i think mgmt want to tank again this year, and keep the top3 pick. maybe not a bad idea…they can draft Skal or Ben Simmons next year….then Lakers will be great for the next 10 years!

        1. I like Ben Simmons, but I don’t think our chances aren’t that likely this season, unless we can get some injuries going (which I absolutely don’t want to see)

  • Holmes lookin good. Looks like a steal. i hope he starts. has all the tools to be that primary ball stopper for LA since they have none, Not only that hes got good size for a 3 at 6’9 for matchup problems and and some times he could put him a the 4 if you really want to go small ball. very versatile player

      1. he spent 4 years in college id beg to differ….
        not only that his size alone is a problem for other teams SF.
        especially lebron kevin durant dirk nowitzki those tall SF who like to shoot outside.
        at 6’9 and some weight on him he can D up most of them guys for us. i would see him like a metta world peace type of player.

        1. wait are u telling me that u dont want a 37 year old doing those things??? :D!!!! did u gt hit with a brick and finally got knocked some common sense back in ur peanut head?? 😀

  • I don’t think Byron Scott will start 2 rookies(Randle is a rookie). He’s gonna make them earn it like he did with Clarkson last season, and he should. Either Randle or Russell will be coming off the bench this year.

    1. technically so is clarkson. i honestly dont count last year cuz he came out when the team was tanking hardcore.

        1. what?? :D!!! trust me i wouldn’t impersonate you even if you were the last person on the face of the earth :D. grow up kid. funny that u though is what actually me :D!!!!

          1. i dont know who that is but im guessing u think its me :D!!!. but to answer ur question sure give me both ill give u a head start and ill be blinded folded :D. sounds good? ;D

          2. your mother kisses you after swallowing me you know the routine gershfield nothings changed

          3. because you cant compete with me theres no competition gershfield back down like the coward you are and call me daddy

        1. its funny how people judge players off numbers and non numbers even though all 3 are in the same position :D!!

          1. Its funny that your still blindfolded after numb1lakefan azz whooped you and beat you with your ipad! SMFH!!!

  • Clarkson and DeAngello will become eventually the best 1-2 punch PG in NBA. I fully agree that Clarkson is not only very talented player but also very coachable with positive attitude individual meaning it will only reinforce positively his excellent basketball skill set. I love him he is half-Filipino.

  • Nash was great, but only in a specific system & that system padded his stats
    (along with many more)
    It made him look elite until he had to play defense or a slower 1/2 court style (he couldn’t) then we all saw just an average player.

    1. That system made him even better but he is a great shooter and passer no matter what. Getting the 50-40-90 once in a lifetime is awesome, but he did it 4 times.

  • Hey guys I just bang my nana got a video to show it , ya all wanna see it , it’s free lol

  • Sure he earned the spot to be the starter, but it doesn’t matter for jc if you start him or not, the kid got a positive outlook. i think it’s best if you let him in the court after the 6th minute of the first, play alongside the starter dlo. Give dlo and randle the confidence they need by starting them, plus jc doesn’t need to warm up, you plug him in and there you go, plus it’s easier to play d when your fresh. just a thought.

  • PG: dangelo, lou will
    SG: clarkson, Anthony brown
    SF: Kobe, nick young, nance
    PF: markeif Morris, bass, black
    C: hibbert, Jeremy Tyler, upshaw

    Room for one more: jabari brown, jon holmes, dorell wright, a 3rd pg,

          1. To acquire versatility at the position that complements various playing styles, proven production, and to free up space on the roster.

            Just one fan’s opinion.

        1. I wouldn’t trade Randle (someone who loves the lakers) for Morris (a guy who prefers the Rockets/Raptors and cries when they trade his brother).

    1. anthony brown is a SF and nance is a PF.
      jeremy tyler is not a Laker yet.
      and we are NOT trading Randle for some nut case.
      No way in hell. phoenix can keep him

  • Every lineup thrown out for discussion needs to include Russell, Clarkson and Randle in it. They are our future.

    This year, starting three young guys will probably ruin our chances at the playoffs but it also jump starts our journey to the next dynasty and championships. Gotta think long term. We are young, we have a great future ahead of us.

    1. Exactly with these guys getting substantial minutes, it will answer a lot of questions about what we have and quicken development. We need to see what have to be more efficient in FA the next two years.

      1. Speaking of which we also need to exercise patience. We won’t know what we have for 3 to 5 years. It takes time to develop into NBA talent. In some crazy cases it happens right away, but most times it takes years.

        1. We can expect them to reach close to their potential in 3-5 years (ex. both curry and harden avg 20+ points in 4th season), but we can tell pretty well after this season what our expectations should be. Not for certain but if these guys play 20+ minutes over 75 games it will give us some key insight.

  • Look at the Warriors. They started Curry right from the jump in 2009. We should do the same with Russell.

    1. It sounds nice but a lot of people’s jobs are on the line I don’t see Scott expiramenting with rookies but that’s just my opinion, I think he plays it safe and brings Russell and Randle off the bench until they prove they’re starters

      1. you could do that move clarkson to pg and kobe to sg but who is going to be the SF and PF? 2 bums?

      2. if you start nick young at SF and Bass at PF you might as well bring back ronnie price start him at PG and Robert Sacre at Center and Jabari starts at SG.
        that team would suck donkey balls.
        is a HUGE understatement!

      3. I feel similarly. But if Russell doesn’t catch fire by the preseason, I would just switch him with Clarkson for a while and let him play SG. He is supposed to be able to do that, too, and it is less complicated. He has the stroke for it. No need for D-league at this time.

  • 21 wins came last year as a result of injury decimation, having Jeremy Lin as our PG and Carlos Boozer on the team. Unless injury decimation happens again this year, simply being healthy alone should put this team at 30 wins at least and that’s without Kobe. This team has more scorers, at least 2 if not 3 go to guys when the clock is winding down, plenty of versatility and a lot of youth. Last year the Lakers had absolutely NO interior defense and the paint was open for everyone. Even with our poor perimeter defense, with Hibbert in there, there will still be some hesitancy and challenged shots in the paint. You’ll probably see Clarkson guarding faster point guards and Russell on slower shooting guards to mitigate some of the defensive deficiencies that Russell may have. Fortunately both Clarkson and Russell have size and length on their sides against opposing points. I can go over other variables but ultimately I can see this as a 40 win team honestly. If Kobe stays healthy, the Lakers learn to gel together, if Russell can be a quick learner, our bench can be a strength then we could even stretch to 45 wins.

    1. stretch to 52 and i will agree with you bro.
      again this is my team THE LAKERS!
      i wanna at leats make the playoffs this team is way too talented for just 40 wins….

      1. I think that’s asking a lot of such a young team. 45-47 could get them in the playoffs though. I just don’t see 50+ yet.

    2. I totally agree with you bro… our second unit this year is better then our starters last year.

  • Steve Nash should give back every dollar the Lakers gave to him. He was a total waste of time. His opinion means very little to me.

  • JC’s starving! His confidence on court almost comes off cocky but in interviews Jordan’s a down to earth dude.

  • whos this is this holmes guy ?? well lets just say hes the lakerrs only hope at being relevant or some what respectable this season on defense

  • Jordan Clarkson’s/Lakers Million dollar question…

    How will the lakers handle JC this year/offseason?

    Does Mitch sign JC to a multi-year big deal ASAP?

    Trade him mid-year while his stock rises?

    Or allow Jordan and his agent dictate his future with out anything in return?
    (Assuming D’angelo & JC clash)^

    I Know Mitch said he could see JC and D’Lo in the backcourt for the next 10 or so years.. But

    who know’s with Mitch anything could happen..

    1. we aint trading Randle and we definately DO NOT want that crazy guy on our team unless he comes for free. veteran min.
      what a wacko!

  • Obviously, Nash is being polite and diplomatic to retire from Lakers Nation. What else do you want him to say?
    I can only conclude that Nash doesn’t dislike Jordon Clarkson as much as Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant?

  • according to cj kobe bryant was the best player in the league last season. LOL thats funny considering hes only played like 40 games over the past 2 seasons :D. man the guy must be superman or something

      1. ahahah!!!! you’ve been here the whole time stalking while nobody thinks ur here. ur one fucken creepy ass kid.dont say i just got here cuz we both know thats bullshit kid. ur creepy

  • Did anyone else get the marquis 4 Randle Question? Keep Randle dummies!!!!! Some people are so stupid!!! Randle will be a force this year!?. Julius I’m calling you out , show these boys what’s up!!??

    1. dude only Laker haters are posting that BS. you believe that rumor?
      they trade randle and i wont be watching any games ill go to the cable company and cancel all my sports pass and everything. people are straight up stupid!!

      1. Sometimes I don’t know anymore. Some of the Lakers brass might be that stupid ! I miss Dr. Buss everyday I read these crap articles . I want Jim to succeed but some of his decisions have hampered the Lakers . Starting with Mike Brown as coach !!!!!!

  • Why did Damien Lillard have to knee cap him in the third pre-season game of 2012?!! It’s because Time Warner was blocking the channel!!#karma?

  • This board is full of characters! Almost like a Seinfeld episode at times with Joshhh staring as Kramer! Sadly entertaining.

      1. I like Julius… He needs the ball to be effective…will be interesting to see him play second or third fiddle for the first time ever.

        1. dont worry russel will get him the ball . its defensively where they have the problem. offensively they have more than enough versatility and weapons on the team. i prefer bass with hibbert

          1. why would u say that? hes gonna do what he always does a solid vet whos does a little of everything and old man faried. plus he defends better

          2. True.. Wouldn’t be surprised if Julius is on the bench in crunch time situations.. Sometimes it’s not all about starting as it is playing in the 4th quarter when the games on the line. Bass will help defensively, time will tell with Julius.

          3. he has potential to play defense. we havent seen it but we could. hes going to compete with bass and nance Jr. both are defensive kind of players like Hibbert. the big’s will help each other with defense and offense and everything should balance out.

            the team needs to play together, mesh,grow and get to know each other in and outside of the basketball court.
            i dont know why these guys arent hanging with each other during summer doing drills and workouts?
            hell i do that twice a week and i dont play basketball for anything but fun! lol
            I am working on my vertical right now.

    1. hey i like kramer on Seinfeld….i like the show “king of queens” and “i love raymon” too.
      is that corny? lol

  • if the rumors of us acquiring mario chalmers are true, i would be ecstatic! the guy is a pesky defender and a nuisance (kinda like what sasha vujacic used to do; get in a player’s grill and piss them off lol), a capable 3-point shooter and has championship experience. he can bring a little bit of what derek fisher used to bring to our team. obviously i’m not saying he has the insane clutch pedigree of fisher, but you know what i mean. he is a wiley vet who can hit timely shots and isnt afraid of the moment. with him, kobe, and even nash still hanging around with the team, russell and clarkson will have a lot of mentors and positive influences. he can even start if we decide to bring russell along slowly, similar to how we brought clarkson along. do it, mitch!

    1. fyi some of these laker fans get butthurt when you say we can start a vet and bring up russell slowly

          1. kely sacre ya. young no. young is an actual basketball player. guy could flat out light it up on any given night

          2. He can play. But he is too worried about being swaggy to use his skills in a way that wins games.

          3. lol u mean like the game of the year last year where he took the game winning shot to WIN the game at SA. ;D. ur being to hard on the guy. the guy is a good piece for any team who lacks scoring.

          4. Yes, sort of what I mean. He is always will to take tough shots that make him look good but never willing to do the small things that winning players do for winning teams.

          5. swaggy needs to lose just alittle bit confidence and humble himself to work and play defense. he can light it up SOME-times not every night. dont hype him up please….
            we all already know…

      1. lol well my preference is to start russell too, but i wouldn’t mind bringing him off the bench IF we have a capable starter in our back pocket. i wouldn’t bench him for the sake of benching him lol. there are pros and cons to the argument of whether to throw a player into the fire (peyton manning) or bring a player along more slowly (aaron rodgers). i wouldn’t mind either. i’m a big believer in actual game experience being the best teacher, but it takes a mentally strong individual to handle the expected bumps in the road… is russell that kind of player? maybe training camp will answer that. oh btw i had to get an nfl analogy in there lmao. super pumped for football!

    2. doubt it. to be honest norris cole is a better pg than chamlers. champlers is good but hes been very fortunate. cole is better i find

      1. there isn’t any statistical evidence whatsoever that proves norris cole is a better player than mario chalmers. he is an inferior scorer and is also inferior in terms of efficiency on 2-point and 3-point shots and probably has only a modest advantage in athleticism. in terms of playmaking and defense, they are essentially identical in those regards… but after all is said and done, i wouldn’t mind norris cole either. i just think mario chalmers is better, and statistics prove that. please tell me you aren’t one of those loonies that will look at cold, hard, factual evidence like statistics and ignore them… lmao.

        1. cole played great for miami back in the finals. he out shined chalmers. its because chamlers has more credibility i understand ur point of view since hes veiwed as a starter. but i personally think cole is better. he reminds of a jeff teague

          1. he thinks norris cole is even related to teague.
            an NBA elite player.
            i think he watches way too much shaqtin a fool.
            cole was on there so was mcgee and he kept hyping him up too. both of them

      2. wasnt norris cole on shaqtin a fool?
        he made the guy go back out and re-take the ball out of bounds and turned it over. the dumbest PG ever!
        just like javalle mcgee you keep hyping up all these shaqtin’ a fool guys…..
        who you want to join us next bran-dumb Knight????

    3. Odds are.. lakers aren’t making the playoffs & most likely NOT keeping next years draft pick.. Can’t bank the future on next years FA’s again. Another PG or a actual SF… At least the young core JR,JC&DR have most of us optimistically excited.

  • would like to see this reserve small lineup:
    Morris (probably would start at PF but I would like him to play some C too)

  • Whats been the biggest problem (achilles heal) for the Lakers the past 2 seasons? I think everyone knows this

    DEFENSE (in every category especially Points in the paint)

    So its not very smart to keep that problem going with a 3 guard rotation all of which are poor defenders. People think welll they have Hibbert so he fixes the problem. Well he fixes only part of it not entirely is what people dont get it.

      1. well it sure aint helping the problem and building the foundation when ur playing kobe,clarkson at the 2 and 3

  • I dont think this team will be one of the worst teams defensively again this year. I think they will be middle of the pack defensively.
    Russell showed he is a good on ball defender in SL he uses his size well.
    Clarkson should develop into an above average stopper this year with the work he’ll put in.
    Kobe is a lazy defender now but at times he shows flashes of his prime elite defense.
    Randle is not disciplined at this end but I expect him to be a good pick and roll defender with his excellent quickness.
    Hibbert is going to do what he does best and that’s protect that rim.

    1. Both Randle and Russell are fine individual defenders, but they both struggle with team defense. They will learn though. Randle will be a much better defender in the end though, he just is so big and quick he can switch everything.

  • Hire Nash preferably as the head coach and do it now before BS ruins these rooks together with another horrible season and sign BEASLEY !!! COME ON He is much better of a player than BOTH KELLY OR SACRE , this league is about wins and losses and both Jerry’s knew it and took risks that’s they always won or contended !!!!!

    1. I personally don’t think the FO thinks that Beasley is worth adding. I think we can all agree that Beasley possess a lot of potential (just as Wes Johnson does), but the problem is Beasley is inconsistent and is not all that much of a great player or lives up to the potential he did when he was drafted (just as Wes Johnson is). Also, it seems that the Lakers are really trying to push this youth movement with about 9 guys who are rookies or sophomores, so if there is a roster spot available they need to add a proven vet that can get the job done or another young guy to grow with the young nucleus.

      I can agree with you though, that the FO NEEDS to dump Kelly and Sacre ASAP, I hate those scrubs. My guess is that the FO won’t dump both Kelly or Sacre because no one wants to add them to their roster (through trade) or that if both are released or traded, Mitch will leave the roster at 14 spots and in mid season try to come up on another steal like signing Tarik Black.

      1. He is still only 25 years old , with two really good point guards he could easily turn into a consistent 16 and 8 guy , he shot 41% from 3 in limited minutes after joining the heat in late season , 6’10 who can play both 3 and the 4 . The kids confidence had been shattered after being a star in college and now the laughing stock , watch his highlights and I would say he poses all the tools to become a great role player for the Lakers until the rooks develop ..

        1. I can agree with your points. Another point I left out was his drug usage and maturity, a few years ago he signed a big contract with the Suns and blew it by testing positive for marijuana. The Lakers don’t want to be in that situation with a player, I think Beasley has matured to the point where he won’t let that happen again, but maybe that could be a question for the FO. I also think the reason the FO hasn’t considered signing Beasley is because we have too many PFs/SFs who need minutes (Kobe, Young, A. Brown / Randle, Bass, Black, Nance, Kelly) which would leave little or no playing time for Beasley. Mitch said a couple of weeks ago he needs to get young guys minutes since they were drafted, so I don’t see realistically where Beasley could get minutes. Also, maybe the FO isn’t impressed with Beasley, I can recall last off season the Lakers worked out Beasley twice and never added him to the roster or even a preseason spot. I really don’t know, but I don’t think the FO is sold on Beasley. I’d much rather have Beasley over Kelly and Sacre, but then again it be hard to manage to get Beasley any minutes.

  • Upshaw side deal D-league for a year with a promise of a multi year contract next year like Philly did and sign TYLER AND BEASLEY !!!!!!!!!!!

  • MAMBA will return with a vengeance and prove once again he deserves to be argued as the GOAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Happy B Day EJ !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guys i want here: Jeremy Tyler, Mario Chalmers, Robert Upshaw
    Guys i want gone: Robert Sacre, Ryan Kelly, joshhhh

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