SoCal Ballers Coming out in Threes at LA Live

On August 12 the residents of Los Angeles heard the echo of bouncing basketballs throughout the streets as the Midnight Mission Basketball All Stars dribbled their basketballs from the Midnight Mission to Nokia Plaza at L.A. Live in honor of the Lakers upcoming 3 on 3 basketball tournament which will take place on August 15.

The 3 on 3 games will be held on various basketball courts throughout downtown Los Angeles, including in and around L.A. Live and the Staples Center as hundreds of athletes compete for bragging rights and the chance to become the basketball kings of the Los Angeles streets.  The tournament, which is sponsored by Nike, will be composed of over fifty outdoor basketball courts and will give all the players the opportunity to win some of the over $100,000 in prizes that will be awarded.

While the 3 on 3 tournament will be the main event over the three day period there will be a variety of other activities that will be full of entertainment and fun for the whole family.  On Friday, August 14, Nokia Plaza L.A. Live will host an interactive Fan Fest that will be free to the public throughout the weekend.  Included in the Fan Fest are a variety of basketball events including the Nike Slam Dunk Contest, live music, great food, and even appearances from past Laker greats!

There is no doubt that this is the beginning of another championship tradition in the city of Los Angeles and is sure to be fantastic entertainment for all involved.

Day 1  – Gary’s Day at LA Live

Arrived at LA Live a little late and the place was already going off! You know Nike always throws a great event with music, giveaways and everyone rocking the purple and gold. I started out by checking out the dancers next to the courts, then cruised around the courts to see all the ballers doing their – from the young to the old, the male to the female and the bad to the good. Next up was checking out the kid dancers from eKidz and then the ladies of “Bring it On!” You’ll see in the pictures how they both turned Nike’s Center Court into their own personal dance floor.

Once I started getting settled in, I met up with AC Green who was there to hold a clinic for some lucky kids in the stands and also to promote his new professional 3 on 3 league While that was going on, I heard cheers and roars coming over from the courts and I remembered it was the qualifiers for tomorrow Dunk Contest. Let me tell you this, the guy wearing all white in the pictures is going to win tomorrow. He is SICK! So sick that he was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans AFTER his dunked closed the qualifications down!

Next, I went back to Center Court to go meet up with Kurt Rambis, who was being honored by the city LA for this contributions. The owner of LA Live, AEG, presented him with a 50″ Plasma TV, so he’ll have something to do during those cold-ass winters in Minnesota.

After all the awards are given out and the politicians are done getting their free publicity, the celebrities take the court for some round robin tournament action. The only game I stayed for was a game between Brandon Routh’s team and David Arquette’s team. It’s funny how those are the only two celebrities I knew their actual names and they were by far their two worst players! They both do play with a lot of heart, but damn, they didn’t stay long when God was handing out coordination!

Highlights of the Day:

  • Meeting AC Green & Kurt Rambis
  • Watching a Man Fly in the Dunk Contest
  • Meeting some great people like Adam, Susana, Lindsay, & Noah.

More to come from tomorrow’s event. Hope I get to meet more people from Lakers Nation out there!

Check back soon for more pics, but for now enjoy the 150+ I took today:

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