Road to the Repeat: First Stop – Anaheim

Road to the Repeat: First Stop – Anaheim


Tonight, in Anaheim, it all begins again.  The Lakers kick off the 2009-2010 campaign with the first of eight pre-season games tonight at the Honda Center versus the Golden State Warriors.  While I tend not to sink much importance into the pre-season match ups (after all they don’t count), there is something more exciting about this seasons first game/practice.  Very likely, the excitement stems from the championship of a season ago, and the promise of a potential repeat in the works.  Ron Artest being added to virtually anything will take the interest level up significantly, and certain questions must be asked.  How will he play within the triangle?  Will he defer to Kobe?  Could he possibly twitter while on the court?  All topics I hope to find the answer to, but may have to wait until at least October 27th’s home opener, or longer to determine for sure.  While the season is not even in it’s infancy yet, here are a few key topics I feel are worth watching develop as early as tomorrow:

  • The Return of Andrew Bynum– Will Phil continue to start Andrew Bynum?  Only time will tell.  As for now, Phil says he plans to stick with the same starting line up as last season when Andrew was healthy.  The real question most Lakers fans are no doubt asking themselves, “Just how important is Andrew Bynum to our repeat hopes?”  Lakers Nation attempts to answer this question in a previous editorial, The Forgotten One: Andrew Bynum’s Role in the Laker’s Title Defense
  • The emergence or continued absence of Sasha Vujacic and Adam Morrison – Both players have said they are feeling better than last year, and are ready to prove their worth on this very competitive Lakers squad.  In the case of Sasha, it will largely depend on if he is able to parlay his new hair cut into more productive shooting from distance.  Morrison on the other hand has never shown anything to be hopeful for since his days in college.  Seemingly health issues have been his biggest road block over the past few years, all of which he claims are now gone. If so, could we see some productive minutes from Adam?  Potentially, but very limited at best in my prediction.
  • Ron Artest’s integration into the Lakers locker room and system – The topic that has been beat to death, yet will not leave the minds of Lakers fans until a second trophy is being hoisted at the end of this season.  Can the Ron Artest experiment work?  My best bet is that yes, it will work.  Hungry players get fed by teams with talent, and the ability to help that player achieve his ultimate goal.  Besides being a Chinese rap star, Artest wants to win an NBA title badly.  In order to do so, he knows he must play by the rules and give it the  100% effort and production he is capable of.
  • Two young guards battle for the rights to the thrown– Who will reign supreme in the Farmar vs. Brown PG battle? Allow Lakers Nation to shed some light on the topic. Check out: Point Guard Predicament.
  • Lastly, will Khole Kardashian give Lamar the Tony Romo curse? – Unlikely.  It seems as if the newlyweds are very happy from all reports, and she even sported a Lakers purse on twitter the other day.  Embrace Lakers Nation and all will be good Khloe.

Get ready Lakers Nation, the season is upon us! If you can’t make the trip to Orange County tomorrow, here are all the details to get you ready.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Honda Center- Anaheim, CA

Tip off- 7:00pm


Radio: 710 ESPN (Welcome to the NEW Home of the Lakers)

Tickets are still available through or the Honda Center box office

Projected starting lineups according to

Warriors Lakers
PG Ellis Fisher
SG Azubuike Bryant
SF Jackson Artest
PF Randolph Gasol
C Biedrins Bynum