PHOTO: NBA Fan Map Shows Los Angeles Lakers Are America’s Team

PHOTO: NBA Fan Map Shows Los Angeles Lakers Are America’s Team



It should come as no surprise that the Lakers have one of the largest fan bases in America. The team has appeared in The Finals 31 times, winning 16 NBA Championships. The franchise has also had the privilege of having stars such as Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant take the court representing the purple and gold.

The map via the New York Times, ┬áis based upon each team’s number of likes on the social media website. Facebook. The map shows how the premier teams in the league — the Thunder, Spurs, Celtics, and Heat — dominate their respective areas in terms of fan base.

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What’s most interesting about the map is how many fans the Lakers have according to the Facebook Data. The Lakers dominate Southern California, and are prominent in most states that boast no professional basketball team such as Nevada, Montana, and New Mexico.

For all the talk that the Clippers are becoming America’s team, this map proves that theory wrong. The Clippers name is not even mentioned on the map as the Lakers completely dominate the Los Angeles area.

For all those who thought fans would jump ship as the Lakers struggled are mistaken. Despite the Lakers enduring one of their worst seasons in franchise history, this map only proves that the team has one of the most loyal fan bases in America.
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