Paul Pierce: ‘There’s No Way I Could’ Play For The Lakers

Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

After leading the Boston Celtics to an NBA title over the Los Angeles Lakers in 2008, Paul Pierce officially became public enemy number one among Lakers fans back in his hometown.

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After short stints with the Brooklyn Nets and Washington Wizards, Pierce has returned home to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. Although there’s been rumors for years about Pierce possibly ending up with the Lakers, the one-time NBA champion downplays any notion of ever signing with the other team in Los Angeles, via Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe:

“It’s a dream come true to be able to come home, finally,” Pierce said. “I grew up a Laker fan but playing on all the Boston Celtic teams . . . there’s no way I could go there — so this was the next best choice. And it’s always been a dream to play in front of my family and friends.”

With the Lakers having cap space this summer, plenty of rumors began swirling about the team targeting veterans after missing out on LaMarcus Aldridge, DeAndre Jordan and Greg Monroe. Although not directly linked to the Lakers, Pierce may have been an option for the storied franchise.

Ultimately, the Lakers ended up with some solid veteran additions. Lou Williams, Brandon Bass and Roy Hibbert may not be game-changers, but they’re all arguably upgrades from players that have left the team in free agency this summer.

As for Pierce, the journeyman chose not to return to the Wizards and rejoin head coach Doc Rivers in Los Angeles on a team filled with veterans. Pierce also joins Josh Smith, Cole Aldrich, Lance Stephenson and former Laker Wesley Johnson with the Clippers.


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perfect. there’s no way i could stomach a whiny bitch like paul pierce in a lakers uniform.

    1. respect for some little pussy who fakes an injury to the point of requesting a wheelchair? LOL.


      1. you better respect greatness bitch. I love how laker fans like to shit on other players if they dont come here (well paul pierce was wack anyways). knock it off bitch

        1. May I ask a question, it show that your not a LAKERS fan, so why are you here, or do you think you can change LAKERS fans ideas, there must be a reason because we are not great TROLL FANS, of KLAPPERS fans.

        2. Dont categorize how he acts with other laker fans. As a huge laker fan Paul Pierce has been one of best players ive seen. Ive liked him more and appreciated what he does while on the nets and raptors of course lol.

        3. @ Veteran: Think about it genius… Pierce talked smack about the Lakers out of the clear blue sky.

          It’s bound to upset some people.

  • Never forget: Pierce faking an injury in the Finals where he was wheel chaired off the court to make a miraculous recovery lol

  • After the Lakers smack him in the Finals and ended the big 3 era in Boston. Plus clippers cover up that banner that we took from him.

  • Reposting for those who still have interest or hope for Nick Young.

    Swaggy P put on a clinic dropping
    26 pts. & 13 rebounds in drew league . heard he & iggy engagement called off…He looks good again, got his mojo back, and a sore ankle.
    VIDEO on ballislife website

      1. Read!!!! … BallisLife! Bleacher report redirected me to ballislife
        Tmz for the off court drama.
        Wendy Williams for the iggy news.

  • Hey Paul, it’s OK if you want to play for cunt teams instead of with your real heroes. I’ll enjoy seeing you crash and burn with that train wreck organization you just joined. I bet Clitters fans will love your beautiful Beetlejuice banner…

  • Much respect for Paul Pierce. Much more respect for making that statement. Last of a dying breed Pierce,KG,Kobe and Duncan. Guys who actually want to beat each other and not team up. As a Lakers fan I hate Pierce. But respect the heck out of him.

    1. I can’t respect him, at all. He did the ultimate flop. They took him out of the first game of the finals in a body bag, but 10 minutes later he was prancing back onto the floor, not really hurt at all. Cheap broken down whore.

      1. Ha of course the Lakers fan in me hates that moment. But as a basketball fan you gotta respect Pierce. He’s a all time great.

        1. I respect Bird and Ainge, but not Pierce or McHale. To this day, if I see one of those guys in a parking lot, I’m going to let the air out of their tires.

          1. Lol I’m not saying like the guy. But it’s hard to not respect Paul as a NBA fan. Its like LeBron. I hate him and cheer against him. But I respect the hell out of him

          2. I hate the Celtics as a Lakers fan. I respect the old guys Russell, Hondo, Byrd, DJ. Not Heinson, the winer Ainge, the gang banger Peirce or the current coach of the fightin’ Clip jointers. Once a Celtic always a Celtic. No matter how many showers you take, you still smell like a Celtic. Yes, I’m a bitter guy.

    1. Make that the possibility of not making the playoffs. Lol. The west is tough and it could go to any team, 10 seed deep.

    2. I don’t understand why he didnt stay in Washington. Washington is an up and coming team and has a much better shot at going to a WCF and maybe upsetting the Cavs than being on the Clippers and having to face maybe the Spurs again in the first round. The West is brutal, first round games can seem like Conference Finals games.

    1. They’ll utilize his one title attained while in Boston and put it along with Pierce’s banner atop Staples.

        1. That had always been the home of the best , and then here comes the KLAPPERS, putting up pictures of players, some kind of sad.

          1. How did the Clippers manage to move from the SPorts Arena to Staples anyways?

    2. WELL he is the only player that has a ring, his pic should be two times larger then the others.

  • Didn’t Pierce demand a trade from the Celtics to the Nets, along with KG to form the super team with Joe Johnson and Deron Williams? That team turned out to be a bust with 2 of hem on wheelchairs for most of the season.

  • Paul pierce, now there’s a guy who even in his prime was about as athletic and quick as your grandmother, but he’s still going to the hall of fame. Russell critics, ponder that one….

  • We didn’t want Paula Pierce anyway with his crybaby ass.And he wasn’t the best Basketball player to come out of Inglewood High school we had Reggie Thus Stanley Stewart Russell Brown Jay Humphrey just to name a few that was better than him he would have barely made the top15 in our schools history and that’s the truth.with his little B_ _ ch ass.

  • Non issue. A true Celtic never wanting to play for the Lakers? Fine. Nothing more sad then seeing Shaq in Celtic green at end of his career. I would hope Magic would never want to for the Celtics either.

  • In all honesty, I respect that. Pierce is that old school that he still acknowledges the rivalry and I can’t hate on that

  • When irrelevant and things are quiet mention the Lakers and you get attention. Why don’t he just have a Clippers press conference and call it a day.

  • And I look forward to seeing Paul Pierce, Wesley Johnson and Lance Stephensons selfies over the Lakers banners 🙂 enjoy the second round exits Truth

  • Feelings are mutual…..Laker nation would rather swallow our own vomit than cheer for a PHONY

  • I didn’t think I could dislike the Clippers any more than I already did. But then Pierce showed up and quadrupled my disgust.

  • Pierce is just politely saying he would not play for the Lakers because the Lakers has no chance of winning anything, for him being a former Celtic is just an excuse, if nobody can see that then you’re an idiot.

  • Gotta give it to the Flippers, they have added depth for their bench, and they have gotten better. They just might contend for a title this upcoming season.

  • And I’m sure Kobe would say the same thing about the Celtics! Same thing with the rest of Celtic greats and Laker greats. Each one of them would probably saw their hands off before playing for their rival.

    1. I don’t know, I would not be surprised if Kobe plays for a contender in 2017. I just prey the Lakers don’t buy into that again!

  • Pierce is right — for once. Lakers doesn’t need actor and Pierce is one damn good Hollywood talent that Lakers has no place for.

    1. Didn’t Pierce beat out Meryl Streep for the Oscar for Best Actress in a Dramatic Role that year he was carried off the court?

  • I’m fine with that… If Clips can beat the Spurs… And lose versus OKC or GSW.. It works for everyone…and the Bulls beating the Cavs would be good as well

  • Why is this a story players today have no sense of history so why print this bs. Truth is that he didn’t return here because we have no roster #FireJimBussToday


  • “I grew up a Laker fan but playing on all the Boston Celtic teams . . . there’s no way I could go there…plus, they suck.”

  • Paul no at dis point da Clippers da betta team in town. Yall niggas no it too. Ima Lakas fan but da reelalitee is we need Kome to leeve and Byerun to bee fired. Only den can we git some legidimate free ajents dat will chanje da teems prospecks.

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