NBA Weekly: Shaq Claims Cavs are his Best Team yet

NBA Weekly: Shaq Claims Cavs are his Best Team yet


The NBA Pre-Season kicked off this week, with all teams in action, some in the US and others playing overseas. The NBA may be short on refs but not on news, and Lakers Nation is here to recap all you may of missed.

Shaq claims the 2009-2010 Cavs may be the best team he has ever been a part of…on paper .

“It’s probably the best team I’ve ever played on, on paper anyway,” O’Neal said Thursday. “I’ve always been on management to get me the power forward I’ve needed and the shooters I’ve needed.”

This includes the Lakers dynasty teams of early 2000, and his Miami Heat championship squad with Dwayne Wade. While LeBron is of course an impressive partner, no one else on that team really jumps out to me in a way that would warrant such comments.  Mo Williams is a nice little guard who can score the ball.  Delonte West, besides packing heat in the form of actual guns, doesn’t offer any consistent fire power (pun intended), and I am always concerned that if someone hit Big Z the wrong way his brittle body may just crack at the joints.  Come on Shaq, do you really need more attention right now?  What am I saying, of course you do.

Allen Iverson continues his “Sit on the Bench and Get Paid” tour, as the Memphis Grizzlies become the latest tour stop to be rocked by The Answer.  Iverson says that he was hurt during training camp, which go figure includes a whole lot of practice.  The Grizz expect Iverson to be out for at least three weeks and possibly miss the season opener vs. Detroit on October 28th.  Would anyone be shocked if Iverson missed a whole bunch more time than that?  He did say that he “doesn’t want to rush it”, which is NBA speak for, I think I’ll take my dear sweet time.  Enjoy the ride Memphis.


Kevin Garnett was back in action this week for the Celtics, claiming he is completely pain free and ready to play.  KG finished with only 6 points and 5 rebounds in a losing effort to the Houston Rockets, clearly showing signs that the time off has affected him.  After making his first two shots, Garnett proceeded to go 0-4 and lacked the defensive intensity and fire in the belly which the Celtics sorely miss.  This was of course only the first pre-season game, so not much was expected in his initial return anyways.  Regardless, if the C’s have any hope of returning to the NBA finals, there is no doubt that KG holds the key to that door.

In non-NBA related news.  Congrats go out to the Dodgers and Angels on some GREAT wins this week so far.  Keep it going for LA and THINK BLUE / Bust out the RALLY MONKEY!

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