NBA News in a Slow NBA Month


The Captain jumps head first into the post Zen Era coaching pool. On Wednesday, Kareem Abdul Jabbar tweeted his way into the discussion of who will succeed Phil Jackson as the next Lakers coach. An unprompted Twitter rant by KAJ made it very clear that he is interested in the position, and wants Lakers Nation to support him. No one can deny that Kareem is one of the greatest players of all time. So how would he do as a head coach?

I just read the ESPN story on who will replace Phil & I c that alot of u think I would be a good choice. I would have to agree with my fans – Via @KAJ33 Twitter

Allen Iverson’s agent is deciding which team he will ruin next. “The Answer” still does not have as much in terms of which team, if any, he will lend his services to this coming season. It was reported this week that Iverson’s agent is working on a deal which according to Iverson’s twitter is, “close”. The frontrunners appear to be New York, Charlotte and Miami. My guess, whichever team has the least rigorous PRACTICE schedule.


KryptoNate forgets you need a license to drive, gets arrested. New York Knick Nate Robinson was arressted this week for driving with a suspended license. The suspension apparently stemmed from an unpaid parking ticket that Nate claims was sent to his Seattle home without his knowledge. He was taken to the 52nd precinct where he proceeded to keep his “tweeps” in the loop . It appears as if Nate said some things he regretted right around the time of his arrest, all of which were quickly removed from his page, and an apology for the “irresponsible tweets from earlier” was posted. You know, superman would never get treated like this.

Attention all future NBA stars: The Phoenix Suns will sign your not as talented twin brother. First the less talented, yet much more Frotastic Lopez brother, now Blake Griffen’s look alike twin. The Suns are at it again, apparently hoping that by signing their brothers, Brook and Blake will be lured to the desert in the free agency future. Unlikely. However, they have signed Taylor Griffen to a contract. If you are the brother of the next big NBA star, get ready to make some money off Steve Kerr!


White Chocolate signs with the Magic. Jason Williams has returned to the NBA. I know. Hold your excitement please. The 33 year old PG has signed a 1 year deal with the Orlando Magic, reported to be worth the veterans minimum of $1.3 million. Williams sat out all of last season after signing a 1 year deal with LA’s other team, due to complications with his wife’s pregnancy. He did petition late last season to be reinstated (requiring a 30 team unanimous vote), yet it was rejected 24 to 6. You know you have rubbed a few people the wrong way when 6 teams vote against you for no apparent reason.