My Obsession with the Black Mamba

My Obsession with the Black Mamba


The internal focus permeating through his eyes is that of only him and no other known athlete, or even human being in this world.

Some people say that I am overboard in my obsession with Kobe Bryant. After last night’s self-authored welcome back party though, in which he scored 32 points on 13-19 from the field, mercilessly iced the game with two enormous three-pointers in the last minute of the game following an 18 day layoff, it’s that kind of performance that I hope they can understand why. HE IS RIDICULOUS!

The way this man plays the game of basketball is, for me at least, a source of some serious inspiration. More so than anything else, when you watch the Black Mamba go to work, you can’t help but realize just how incredible his work ethic and drive to be great both are.

Now, I am not by any means anything to be feared on the court when I play myself, having no organized ball experience at all or even much experience for that matter, but I love playing and I do my best to play hard at all times.

Regardless, when you actually take the time and engage the task of improving and developing your own game by waking up at 6:00 am and going to the gym to get up shots before work, you realize just how hard it is to be a good, consistent player. I have nothing but awe and admiration for anyone who has big time game, pro or not, it doesn’t matter to me.

That is precisely why I am so infatuated with everything that has to do with Kobe Bryant, the basketball player. People can only hope to have half of the capacity of his work ethic in their lifetime. Yeah, sure, he’s doing what he loves and it’s always easier to work hard when you have your ideal career, but if you consider the amount of pressure that this guy has been living under since Shaq’s departure from the Lakers, I’d say he wins that argument against most people in this world.

Ahead are the Top 3 reasons for my obsession with the Black Mamba. Enjoy.

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