Motivational Stories Of Kobe Bryant’s Incredible Work Ethic

Motivational Stories Of Kobe Bryant’s Incredible Work Ethic


Jason Kidd and Kobe Bryant

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Jason Kidd had an incredible NBA career that carried over to a potentially long career as a head coach with the Brooklyn Nets. Kidd and Kobe played together on Team USA and the veteran point guard was impressed about the way the Lakers superstar approached practice on a daily basis.

Kidd said the following about watching how Kobe handled himself during practice via ESPN:

“Kobe was great. He practices as if it’s Game 7. He wants to prove that he’s the best player in the world every single practice.”

Kidd may have won that elusive championship ring with the Dallas Mavericks, but Kobe and company were the main reason he didn’t have more to his credit dominating the Western Conference and beating the future Hall of Famer in the NBA Finals back in 2002.
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