Lakers Rumors: Robin Lopez ‘Another Serious Consideration’ For L.A.
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers appear to be headed toward backup plans in NBA free agency with big-name players seemingly passing on the opportunity to play for the storied franchise. One player that will likely get a call from Los Angeles, after LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan officially make their decisions, is Robin Lopez.

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According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Lopez is a potential candidate for the Lakers:

The consensus around the league has Jordan either heading back to the Los Angeles Clippers or joining the Dallas Mavericks in free agency. LaMarcus Aldridge also seems to be headed to a team other than the Lakers.

Aldridge has been linked to seriously considering the Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs. The Lakes are supposedly still in the running after news of a second meeting with the team surfaced, but it remains doubtful he’ll be wearing purple and gold next season.

As for Lopez, the veteran center was linked to the New York Knicks before talk of the Lakers being a contender for his services on Thursday, via Wojnarowski:

If the Knicks are truly ready to sign Lopez for the amount mentioned, the Lakers will have to jump at the opportunity to top it or at least hope he comes to Los Angeles for less if the team is able to land Aldridge. Lopez and Aldridge played well alongside one another with the Portland Trail Blazers the last two years and would be a considerable upgrade to the Lakers frontcourt.


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he’s the last good big man over pay for him since the cap is going up

      1. if we prioritize them first while everybody is going crazy with the stars, we can get them at a cheaper prize. not NOW when all stars were signed and the value of these players increases due to scarcity (best available).

        1. He always wanted ten plus million he’s a good role player but that’s to much even with the cap going up

          1. Hill back at any price around there if he’s willing to take another one year deal

        1. Kosta kofus can be had for half off what Lopez wants their the same player! Overpaying role players is the worst thing teams do

          1. Robin Lopez is not any better than Kosta Kofus. The Lakers need to have Robert Sacre and Robert Upshaw as back ups.

          2. I would offer Tobias Harris 13 mill a year. Offer Kosta koufus 5 mill and Gerald green 5 million. That would of been a good start to building a TEAM to help us in the long run. But again went after the big fish and getting squat in return it appears.

          3. I agree. Then find a way to lose Nick Young and avoid J Hill and J Lin at all costs

        1. A few years ago maybe, but we will see maybe he has a good year left in him I want Lakers to get # 17 & 18 !!!

  • What you didn’t post was that the Knicks are discussing a $12-13 million deal. Yeah, that’d wipe us out almost completely.

  • Lakers $23m cap room.

    Aldridge $18.8m
    Lopez $12m

    It can happen, Sign & Trade Ed Davis, Larry Nance, Nick Young for Lopez. Then use cap room to sign L.A.

      1. not true. he agreed to go to portland for 20m he has not signed anything and could still be a part of a snt.

        1. CJ, he’s not apart of the Lakers ok, He agreed to sign with Portland.. three year 20mil… you ppl on here are so delusional damn!!! “They wanted me to come back,” Davis said of the Lakers in a phone interview with Los Angeles News Group. “But I felt like this was the right decision for me. I didn’t really want to wait around. I was comfortable with everything there. I wanted to go back. Nothing went bad or anything.” I think that played a big part of it,” Davis said. “They want to have that cap space open for one of those guys. I felt Portland would help me with my career down the road. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.” “It was a tough thing,” Davis said. “But it’s about finding the right deal at the right time and getting the financial part and security.”

          “They gave me the opportunity to play and contribute,” Davis said of the Lakers. “They gave me a fair shot from day one. I have nothing but love for guys over there, especially with coach Scott and Mitch Kupchak. But this was a decision I had to make. I wish them all the success and the best. They were nothing but great to me with all the coaches and all the players. So I definitely enjoyed my time playing for the Lakers and I want to thank the fans for for all of their support.”

          All of which led Davis to sound both sentimental and joyful as he reflected on his recent past and looked ahead to his immediate future.

          “I wanted to come back,” Davis said. “But I had to make this decision.”

          1. he is not with any team yet. he cant sign until jully 9th i believe which means he can still be snt’ed away

          2. yes he can jason. monta signed with indy and there are talks about him being used as a snt for hibbert

          3. CJ its not happening ok brother. the lakers aren’t signing or trading no one… they are sitting on their asses waiting on two players that aren’t coming to LA. and all the other player are agreeing elsewhere.. Jim and Mitch need to step down…

          4. Dude your wasting your time with some of these fans they live in dream land.

  • No way is he worth 13 million a year unless it’s a one year deal he has no all star upside and for the room exception mayb you can get kousta kofus !

  • Lakers are going nowhere next year just sign guys to one year deals and keep open to max slots sign Lopez to 13 million a year along with randle young and Russell Lakers won’t have two max slots! Yes the cap goes up but so does the max salary! Lakers will need about 44 million in cap space

  • 3 team trade

    Sacramento Kings
    Demarcus Cousins > Lakers

    Los Angeles Lakers

    Jordan Hill > Denver
    Nick young > Denver
    Tarik Black > Denver (optional)

    Denver Nuggets

    Tyson Lawson > Kings
    Kenneth Faried > Kings

    1. No way in heck the Nuggets give up Lawson and Faried for Hill and Young. Maybe if it was Randle and Clarkson

    2. Hill is a FA. Even so, Hill, Young, and Black for the Nuggets to give up Lawson and Faried is beyond laughable. In fact I hope you’re trolling.

      1. well they have new coach and in fact they pick Mudiay so there is a possibility that they will trade Lawson. Lakers will sign Hill. Swaggy P and Tarik Black are no Joke. These 3 are perfect for the Denver Nuggets system.

        1. you must be on that PCP. delusional if you think Hill, Nick Young, and Tarik Black can get flipped for Demarcus Cousins. you are the type of guy that would be in a NBA 2k league and try to trade someone David Lee in exchange for Blake Griffin.

          1. Oh my apologies to you sir, if I’m too delusional, guess what you’re too sensitive. It’s just my own idea if what will the lakers do if they can’t sign big names (center) in free agency. Jordan hill and nick young not your typical players they are very talented it’s just that they are in a not so strong team due to injuries. I do play 2k for fun because I enjoy and love basketball. Also I guessed you did not read fully my post I’m trading j.hill,nick young and Tarik black to the Denver Nuggets, for k.Faried and tylawson to the Kings and Kings will give to the lakers. J.hill and Swaggy p talents is perfect to the system of Denver which is likely a run and gun and love to shoot long bombs. And the trade is win win situation.

  • For me I think getting LaMarcus is like winning the lottery. We need to go after guys like Lopez before they’re gone and we’re stuck with Sacre.

  • Forget Aldridge and Jordan they are a wet dream at this point, sign Lopez for 14million ASAP!

    Let’s move on to the summer league.

      1. Would you rather have Jordan Hill for 10mil?

        I am sure he will charge them more for opting out and he knows the FO is in desperation mode after LA and DJ sign elsewhere.

        1. Hell yea. The stats are there…compare them around the league and the $9 he had was decent value. Last yr, he waited…and the yr before he rejected 7 mil offers and took the lakers 4. So when he got the 9 last yr…I see it as a thank u gift from the FO; for waiting and being loyal.

          If they need him this time, they might need to pay 10 cuz they (the FO) screwing up

    1. That’s desperation he’s a role player no all star ability an Lakers aren’t gonna have two max slots next year with Lopez

  • Kosta kofus can be possibly had for the room exception they do the same things but maybe kofus takes a one year low deal !

    1. Give Kosta 4 or 5 mill and garanteed starting job. Should of called him day one instead of wasting our time with unrealistic targets.

    1. Exactly if he can be had below four million a year much better value then robin at 13 mill a year

      1. he is going to be waiting for a wile. if you could get him for the mid lvl exception later you do it.

  • if the lakers were to convince la to come to la we could trade scare kelly and nance away and have the cap space to sign harris. then we could use our mid lvl exception for kofus or lopez.

    russ, kobe, harris, la, kofus thats a play off team

          1. i would do a kelly, scare, nance and 2 future second rounders for nothing to phily if i was the lakers.

            even more so if it ment landing la and harris

          2. harris is still a possibility at this point. magic is not interested to match above the qualifying offer

        1. Unlikely for a player to turn down 8 mil.

          Long shot. Wish it happened but the way things are going…we’re gonna end up losing everybody from last yr and our starting C would become Canadas finest, sacre

          1. Rather not get him. I’ll stick with Canadas finest. Koufos disappearing hair is too much of a distraction for me

          2. Im not gonna argue about who is better. This is like comparing rotting apples to rotting oranges. They both taste like sh1t

          3. Kofus and his recceding hairline for less then five million is better then Lopez for 13 million a year

          4. If we’re not putting out a winning product. I rather develop black, upshaw, nance, kelly, etc

          5. I agree what does Lopez for 13 million a year do help the Lakers go from 21 wins to 25?

    1. I rather go clarkson,kobe, harris/kj mcdaniels, la (i doubt)/randle, koufos/lopez or ANDREW BYNUM. 6thman russell.

      1. I rather they get bynum. He’d be the fan favorite. Keep us happy for a while…short while

  • That one year guaranteed deal of $20M and the next year player option at $10M sounds pretty reasonable now, huh?

  • Robin Lopez should listen to “I’m Coming Home” by Diddy and he’ll be convinced to coming home in LA

    1. And the Lakers should say if Robin wants more then seven million a year thanks but no thanks

  • Is there any free agent the Lakers AREN’T interested in? It’s starting to look awfully pathetic. I mean if you pretend to be implementing some type of system out on the floor, obviously not everyone is going to fit into it. :/

    At this point I just hope the team is watchable, something they haven’t been the last 2 seasons.

  • They should not have let Ed Davis get away.

    At least get Robin Lopez now and forget about the rest.

    There is a nice 7 foot guy in Upshaw and we still have Sacre.

    I think they need more shooters and guys like Sefolosha.

    1. until now, i can’t believe they already sign Sacre. as if there is a team interested in snatching him. damn!

  • Terrible idea to pay a non all star talent but decent roll player like Lopez for 13 million a year sign hill or kofus to a one year deal and save two max cap slots

      1. Yea but Aldridge isn’t coming only way its worth Lopez is to also get harris but they do that they can only have one max slot

      1. Not having a plan is what is killing our future. Cap space will not get us anything. Having a decent squad that guys want to play with is what will help us in the long run. Russell and randle are unproven. No superstar will take a risk with unproven players plus lack of front office direction.

    1. in other words were not going to pay a player like lopez 15m for 4 years because we need a center.

      the lakers wont sign bad contracts just to add talent

      1. Agreed unless it was Aldridge or Jordan its actually better to strike out load up on one year contracts have two max slots and hope Russell Clarkson and randle develop to impress next years free agents

  • drian Wojnarowski: Another serious consideration for Robin Lopez: The Lakers.

    Sign Him!!!!

        1. Aldridge isn’t coming you need to realize it was to save face for the Lakers he felt bad

          1. Bc right after woj who reported the second meeting he went on TV and announced its still down to the spurs and suns

          2. TThis is just so the Lakers can say they had a good meeting and Aldridges people can concur

          3. I’m starting to think Woj and his sources are a bunch of laker haters. Just like majority of national media. Fuck his bombs

      1. Nope some fans are so desperate to sign someone anyone they wanna give terrible contracts to role players

        1. It will prevent the Lakers from having two max slots yes the cap goes up but so does the max salary

          1. I think it’s telling the Knicks and Lakers are the only two teams viewing Lopez at that salary the blazers with bird rights aren’t going there

          2. because hes not worth that ammount of money but nither was hill worth 9m last season.

          3. And the teams with deep pockets who haven’t been able to sign stars. Desperate and would be foolish to over pay.

  • This player will bring Aldridge to LA imo. Only reason we sign him. He works well with LA…

    I think we can maneuver a deal to S&T Ed Davis along with Young and Kelly for Lopez… He’s only 26 guys and plays REALLY hard. 80% FT shooter as well.

    BUT ONLY if this brings Aldridge.

    1. Think again why you’re so willing to trade Nick young he has negative value Lakers would need to entice teams to take young! Lakers would cut young if they could for cap space

      1. Porltand needs Wings. ESP if they lose Wes Mathews and they already lost Afflalo. he has a very friendly deal at 5 mill.

        1. Jick young is viewed as a negative player there are some guards for the room exception who aren’t as good but less of s headache

    2. May I add 13 mill for a C like Lopez will be a trade Asset when the new TV deal strikes… 13 mill will be nothing.

  • We will know how the domino’s fall after this second meeting with LA. I’m starting to feel his 1st choice is the Lakers but he’s trying to see what defensive minded C to compliment his game we go after and sign…that’s why I think R. Lopez did not sign with NYK yet cause he’s trying to see what LA does. I truly believe Lopez will take significant less to go play with LA again especially if it’s turning the Lakers into a dark horse contender for the whole thing! I said it in a earlier post and against what these on and off reports of saying he doesn’t want to sign with us. As a businessman and professional basketball player, your not going to waste your time and the organization’s time to do a Second meeting if you was not highly interested in joining that paticular team.

    1. He wants the lakers and likes the lakers…BUT I feel the 1st meeting was a let down. So, he’s giving us a 2nd chance. Pretty good, cuz this means he hasn’t been impressed by the rest

      1. ….even if he was undeniably impressed with the other teams and offers…Imo I don’t care how much of a “nice” guy you are. Your not going to give a team another chance to “woo” you again. He knew what they could potentially offer before the 1st meeting and he’s going to know the same now. I’m almost certain he’s trying to get Lopez or even long shot Jordan to join him with the Lakers.

        1. Who knows, Lakers FO seems like a mess. All over the place

          Best case scenario is that he comes with Lopez or DJ. Free agency would be a success

  • Never mind Lopez for a min some of you are so gullible that youre already planning on Aldridge coming here you’re about to ee disappointed for a second time can’t believe you’ll can’t see it for what it is allowing the Lakers to save some face

    1. i still dont see him as a laker but hes not trying to save face. hes a multi millionare he does not care if he made one team mad

  • btw no one is talking about it but the lakers could still get dj and la. that could be the hang up here. it is possible that they talked and decieded they want to play together and the lakers are the only realistic option for that to happen

  • From probasketballdraft twitter

    Hearing the Heat are a legit threat to the Spurs for Aldridge. Miami would need to do a sign & trade w/ Bosh from what I’ve been told. #heat

    1. that’s the guy who called lebron back to the cavs last year and the only guy who said all along Lakers preferred Russell to okafor

        1. Bosh is a all star any trade where they take in Nick young is dumb on Portland’s behalf

          1. nick young is a good player. and i never said they would take him.

            bosh is making over 90m over the next 4 years thats a huge ammout to pay a player for a bad team

  • Aldridge is such a long shot pipe dream, he will see that there is no C here, he cancelled with the Knicks cause they also have no C and he is not interested in playing C so what possible thing can the Lakers say to convince him at this save face meeting? Don’t worry we got Sacre and some crackhead on our summer league team. Meanwhile the delay will cost the Lakers again just like last season as even Ed Davis couldn’t wait and who can blame him, with teams quickly using up all their cap space soon only MLE sort of contracts will remain.

    1. the lakers could snt davis for lopez.or just sign him out right

      koufos could be have for the mid lvl exception

      dj and la together is still a possibility.

      there are options they are not likely but there are options

      1. Well the Lakers should have made the moves before they even meet with him, or at least by the second meeting like the Suns did with Chandler. This is just amateur hour sort of recruiting.

        1. no this is the lakers talking about basketball now like the x’s and o’s not how his name will grow because of la. the lakers wont be making any big secondary moves untill they know they do or dont have la-dj

          1. la-dj is an even more absolutely mythical creature that does not even financially work. You are asking one of them to take a paycut, again more amateur hour stuff. By the time they both make their decisions, Lopez Koufos even Jordan Hill will probably be gone.

          2. A lot of players take less money cause they make much more next season and beyond. The good ones anyway. Decent to scrubs take the money and run cause they know they are getting more than they deserve.

          3. Who has taken less money so far? Pretty sure everyone is being overpaid.

          4. I don’t why the Lakers can’t just sign both to max. With Kobe coming off the books next yr well have plenty of money who cares about going over the cap were the fucking Lakers c’mon man smh!!

          5. That’s what the cap does, it prevents teams signing free agents from other teams. Otherwise teams could just sign as many superstars as they want to.

          6. thats not true. la and djs first year of their max;s is around 18m so combind they would make lets say 37m.

            the lakers have 25m in cap space with out trading kelly nance and scare.

            if the lakers landed la that would drop us to around 8m in cap space with out trading our players.

            the lakers could then call dj and ask him to tell the clippers that he is going to either the mavs and the clippers get nothing or the lakers via snt.

            the lakers could snt davis, kellt and a futuer second to portland for lopez at 13m then trade lopes all apart of the same deal to the clippers with scare and nance and a future second rounder or two for dj.

            in order to snt for dj’s max deal the lakers would need to send out around 15m.

            lopez for dj is not great but lopes over perkins anyday of the week.

          7. I’m pretty sure you can’t immediately trade away a player you’ve sign and traded.

          8. just said it would all be apart of one deal.

            lal: dj (snt)
            por: davis (snt) ,kelly, second round pick
            lac, lopez (snt), nance, scare, 2 future second round picks

          9. yes they do.

            davis signed for 7ish
            kelly 1.8m
            scare 1m
            nance 1.5m that right ther is 10m then you annd the left over 5m in cap the lakers would have thats 15m which is enough to absorb a max dj.

            in trading its 125% can come back. so with 15m in space they could gett 18.75m which fits djs max deal

          10. No that’s not how it works, if after the sign and trade goes through the team ends up over the cap the salaries must match by 125%. So the Lakers are sending out 10.8m in salary and taking back 18m. This does not work.

          11. the lakers would stilol have around 5 m in cap space to use in the deal which is why it would work.

            and btw the lakers could also throw nick young and his near 6m deal

            they could make it work. its not likely but its possible

          12. The cap space doesn’t mean anything because the rule applies after the trade goes through not before it. If you add Nick young the salaries match, but then you are left with roster number issues with teams not having enough spots open and the Lakers having too few, The only realistic way it works is if one takes a paycut

          13. again thats not true. the cap space would fill in first then the trade kicks in thats why teams under the cap can trade over the cap.

            the rule would be if the lakers did the snt they could not go over the 83m mark next season.

          14. a team below the cap may disregard salaries when making trades, as long as the team finishes no more than $100,000 above the cap as the result of a trade

  • The Lakers seem to be considering a lot of things yet never pulling the trigger. Go ahead and sit around pondering everything while other teams snatch players up.

    Now our fans are begging for Kosta Koufos, a guy who can’t average over 5 rebounds a game. Sad times to be a Lakers fan.

    1. typical worthless comment from you. Stop polluting this site, troll. go crawl back to the clippers fan site. Or at least back into your parent’s basement.

      1. Look at my parrot repeating everything I say because he’s butt hurt that his boyfriend, the Asian one hit wonder is going to leave. Bye troll.

  • If the Lakers miss out there is one guy that has flown almost completely under the radar thus far, Enes Kanter. I would love to see the Knicks get Lopez because only a desperately foolish team would give Lopez 12-13 mil. I mean if you’re going to throw around that kind of money why not just offer Kanter a 4yr 60 mil or even max. At this point unless a miracle happens the Lakers don’t have anything to lose offering Kanter a max contract, even with the risk of OKC matching.

  • koufous and randle. thats a pretty good frontcourt right there. plus david lee and tarik black off the bench is pretty solid as well. add that with a gerald green and you got a solid unit right there

        1. Cool cause I heard that warriors will give us next year 1st round pick kinda like what the Rockets did when we got Lin

  • the bucks,pistons, and heat are coming people. watch out folks. the cavs will have some real competition now

    1. Pacers will too after landing Ellis now they need to get a PG and PF and trade Hibbert and keep in mind Myles Turner will be a steal for them!

  • David West choosing between Wizards and Spurs if he signs with Spurs then there is no way they can get Aldridge cap won’t work out

      1. Him meeting with us for the 2nd time has to mean something players rarely do that especially elite ones

          1. its still unlikely we get la but i was surprised when i heard we were getting another interview

  • I almost got my ads kicked in Portland for telling some dudes at a bar I was a Lakers fan. Hope we get both these guys and Portland can kiss my white ass

  • Has anyone noticed that there hasn’t been any reports of the meeting being over must be a long ass meeting didn’t it start like 2& a half hours ago?

  • If your R. Lopez and a team just offered you 12-13 miles which in all due respect is probably double of what you should get…why are you not signing? He and LA are trying to team up to go to the Lakers. I’m just not sure if the numbers and everything will work out for us to do it

    1. the number work out the lakers have about 25m in cap space la’s max is around 18m that would leave us around 7 to 8m to spend or we could do a snt with davis for lopez

  • How far can This Team Go if fully Healthy

    Russel / Lin
    Kobe / Clarkson
    Green / Young
    Randle / Lee
    Koufous / Upshaw

    i say if they stay healthy they can be a 500 ball club. 44-42 maybe

  • not if healthy dumbass. if you only win 14 games in a season injuries have to be part of the reason

  • Just go get harris and either Lopez or koufos, bring back hill as well as price.

    Russell/ Clarkson/ Price
    Bryant/ Young/ J. Brown
    Harris/ A. Brown
    Randle/ Black/ Nance
    Lopez/ Hill/ Upshaw

    How many wins?

  • Lakers line up projection update

    Russell/ Price/ Buycks

    Clarkson/ Ellington/ Blue/ Kobe

    A. Brown/ Young

    J. Randle/ Nance/ Kelly

    Sacre / Black

    Record 12-70.

    1. You forgot Johnson, Henry (if healthy), Ellington, Boozer & Lin. Probably Hill too. Spurs and Warriors bringing back their championship core, Lakers bringing back their tanking core.

  • Look at teams like the Lakers and Spurs, they have never been known for top free agent signings. I think the Lakers can build a champion the same way that they have before…drafts and trades. They fill gaps with role player free agents. Shaq is the only top free agent that has come to the team since the 1970’s.

      1. Did you read my post??? I said top free agents and I said “come to the team.” Malone, Payton and Artest came to the team but NONE were top free agents at that time. Odom and Gasol were traded to LA. Kobe and Bynum were already there.

        1. artest malone and payton were still top freeagents that alot of teams wanted.

          kobe and bynum both almost left la and were resigned as freeagents.

          odom was almost a heat. and pau alm,ost left us too.

          1. That’s just not true. would you say Duncan is a top free agent? Malone was at a very similar point in his career. Payton never started another game after that season in LA. These were not the 1990’s players. They had gotten old. You are trying to revise history.

            The others stayed not came. That is much different. Free agency favors the home team because they can pay the most and there is a comfort level. Players use to stay because of that.

          2. payton and malone both left money on te table to come to la they were considered steals for the lakers.

          3. Why are you arguing the point? The bottom line is that they were not superstars in their prime. They were OLD!

          4. they were still big names that every team wanted and the lakers got them to come to la and take pay cuts to do so

    1. That’s true however since the new CBA came into effect they have traded away 6 1st round picks (Still two owing). In order to make the trades you need to have the assets to begin with, and you can’t get assets by signing guys to one year deals because they perform then leave the following season, see Ed Davis, Jodie Meeks, Kent Bazemore etc.

      1. That is where you draft talent. San Antonio’s core for the past 12 years came through the draft.

  • Lakers FO should have made moves already to free up more cap space knowing that they needed to sign another big man if they are really going after LMA. I mean it’s common knowledge that LMA doesn’t want to play the 5, so why not clear cap space already so that you may have already signed Lopez & it might already help sway LMA to pick LA.

    Then if LMA doesn’t sign you still have your center and can now look for a SF instead because you still have Randle at 4 spot.

    Monroe chose Bucks because they have a better team already. It’s not about the big market anymore, social media has that covered. It’s about what team gives you a better chance at winning soon.

  • In 2 years once the young players have developed teams will want to play there. Plus, you don’t need a group of all stars to win a championship. You need 1 or 2 and solid role players that fit the system.

  • Lakers bringing back their TANKING core.
    Johnson/Young/A. Brown
    Russel/Clarkson/J. Brown

    Worst record, lets get that #1 pick in the 2016 draft.

  • The more I think about it, I feel we drafted Russell for a reason.

    Also, that Kings are pursuing Rondo for a reason.

    Kings trade: Cousins, Rondo
    Lakers trade: Russell, Randle, Clarkson, Young, Kelly, picks, cash

    Sign LMA to a max.


    I don’t approve it. But I think there’s a plan in place.

    1. No way I make that trade we Sacrifice everything. For Rondo who is Poison in a locker room and on an obvious decline, Kobe who only wants to play 1 more year and now is very injury prone, Aldridge who is already 30 and will soon start to decline. Only good thing about that deal is Cousins.

  • Screw that I rather watch the young players develop this season onces other players see that we have young ballers there going to be begging to sign in LA

    1. That’s the problem with FO they have no idea what they are doing. Get talent thru draft but they traded away almost all picks with Nash and Howard trade. So they have no choice but to acquire talent now and hasten the process because they have no picks coming.

      1. True but right now we don’t need no more picks. We already got the young core with Randle, Russell and Clarkson who all play different positions. Yeah we need a C but lets not rush it. I’m totally ok with this team right now. Next season is all about player development. How much fun is it going to be if lets just say Russell goes out there and avg 16,5,7 and Randle Avg 17, 9 and Clarkson avg 15,5,5. We are all going to be excited for the future.

      1. See now that is a contingency plan, they guaranteed a C meanwhile Lakers FO still got their finger up their ass.

        1. the lakers are not going to spend 15m on lopez when hes not worth it. but i agree the lakers yet again put all their egges in one basket and its failing

          1. They spent one million on Sacre though, he should be paying to play for the Lakers.

          2. agreed. i did not undertand that deal. it would have saved money to just let him wal or resign him for vets min later

  • Lakers is too much focus on Aldridge who in the first place not happy in first meeting. LA will not sign in LA.

      1. Lol people are dumb. They think he wanted a second meeting for sh*ts n giggles? People just hating.

      2. LA got a second chance because lakers did not discuss how he will play under coach Byron, but still there is no chance he will sign in LA, Spurs and Rockets are likely the favorites.

        1. the rockets are not even in it. if he really wanted to be a spur and the cap worked he would be one by now. he honestly is looking at la

          1. if he is truly willing to go in LA, right after the first meeting they should got him, like the other free agents chandler, love, butler, Monroe and more…

          2. not true. he has not singed/comited to antone. he does not know were hes going yet

      1. I think it’s time for little Jimmy to go back to thoroughbred horse racing, that’s what he’s good at, NBA is a grown man’s sport.

  • There goes Robin Lopez, to the Knicks, smh, seriously WTF is the Lakers FO doing. Aldridge going to say no thanks to the Lakers, we get squat, another season another roster of d leaguers and scrubs. I have lost all trust and faith in Mitch and Jim.

  • the biggest issue with the lakers is the fact that we have two owners and not one sothe team is split down the middle on how to go after players.

  • Lopez off the board now too. Lamarcus obviously not going to pick the Lakers. Beginning to wonder why the Knicks are so active in FA market, and the Lakers haven’t done anything. (Given that both franchises are at rock bottom)

  • There you have it folks, our starting center Rob F**king Sacre, LMFAO, pathetic, just pathetic. Bring back Wes Johnson as the starting SF while they’re at it.

  • literally nobody wants to play for the lakers 😀 not even no name players. wow thats if that doesn’t tell u something i dont know what does

    1. It’s not that nobody wants to play for the Lakers, the incompetent FO went after the big names, they didn’t even bother to go for the 2nd tier guys, same F**king scenario as last season.

      1. a bit of both. but it shows you that no one wants to get into this mess that the lakers are in. they all want no part of it

  • They need to go after young players role players if they’re forced to start young and develop so be it but I see no point of bringing a 30 year old player(s) to play with a bunch of kids.. Work on trades or tank again.. Upshaw would be good enough for me.. Lakers need to send one buss to go after big names and another buss to the 2nd tier players.. Stop trying to land a superstar and if that’s the case youre going to do year after year then have all your freaking meetings in one day.. Laker fans are sick of being let down.. Me personally I’m happy with the draft but its simple if u don’t want to come to LA then we don’t want you.. Having a second meeting is nice and all but in between everybody is getting signed up.. Pick up role players at least solidify what would be our future bench..

  • Forget Lopez.He just agreed to terms with the Knicks.Another one bites the dust while the Lakers sit on their thumbs.Just like last summer.Only worse……

  • Looks like maybe we should make a play for David Lee.Dubs want to shed his salary.15 mil. for one more year.Unless they are going to spend the money on Rondo.Maybe he can start at C.

    1. If we miss on A tiers, lets use cap space to get hibbert and lee PLUS PICKS….summer of 2016 almost 60mil CAP SPACE. Nuff to sign KD and an ELITE BIG to pair with ROYs Randle and DLo with MIP on JC…..6th man swagP

  • Has anyone seen these quotes, is this guy legit?: David Wiess ‏@WiessD 34m
    34 minutes ago
    According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, after the 2nd meeting, Lamarcus Aldridge is leaning towards joining the Lakers

    David Wiess ‏@WiessD 12m12 minutes ago
    The #Lakers have not gotten any official word from the @aldridge_12 camp yet, since he wants to sleep on it before making a final decision.

    David Wiess ‏@WiessD 10m10 minutes ago
    It’s very important to be careful with sources since all parties involved have an agenda, my source comes directly from the Aldridge camp.

  • Are we honestly gonna pay close to 15 mil a year for a role player? I know we need assets to attract FA’s but damn, locking Sideshow Bob up on a 3-4 yr deal at around 12-15 mil per?

      1. Robin Lopez but it doesn’t matter now. He’s committed to the Knicks. So all that’s left out there of any value is McGee, Koufas and Kanter…

    1. Another one bites the dust. I’m just about ready to accept throwing the rooks into the fire and taking it one game at a time

  • 12 mil for Lopez. LoL way too much. I can see 8-9 mil. He’s not a scorer nor does he average double digit rbs.

  • Never thought 2016 deal would vastly affect FA, Tyson and Rolo getting paid 12mil a yr when supposedly they should be getting below 5mil SMH

    Heard vet min will be 4mil in 2016….WOW!

    I can play in the Nba better than sacre at the age of 18

  • Look at knicks,


    Bruh lakers cmon…..convince BOTH bigs if not then koufos LMA tandem to sign

  • So much for the small ball talk making bigs irrelevant. All of them getting paid big bucks for a suppossed small ball trending league.

    1. True but Russell was the best player available and we will need to replace Kobe, plus he can’t be counted on now. We should have just signed Lopez. I rather have him than DeAndre. Sounds crazy but his free throw shooting and not sure what he’d be on like offensively for us. I don’t see him as a max guy exactly, a max guy to me, is someone who could carry their team, like keep them in playoff contention at least, if you can’t do that, your not a max guy. Plus he plays with Blake, Chris, JJ, Jamal, and still no conference finals? Not a max guy, very close though.

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