Lakers Rumors: Ricky Ledo Worked Out For L.A. On Monday
Lakers Rumors: Ricky Ledo Worked Out For L.a. On Monday

With one roster spot remaining, the Los Angeles Lakers reportedly worked out 14 players earlier this week as they prepare for the 2015-16 NBA season. While names included Bobby Brown, Eric Moreland and Toure Murry, another player has emerged.

According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, the Lakers also worked out Ricky Ledo, who was recently waived by the New York Knicks:

At the 2013 NBA Draft, Ledo was selected with the 43rd overall pick by the Milwaukee Bucks, but was eventually traded to the Dallas Mavericks. During his two seasons in Dallas, he only appeared in 16 games before getting an opportunity with the Knicks this past season. In 12 games, Ledo averaged 7.4 points, 2.8 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 19.4 minutes.

For the Lakers, they have one remaining spot left on their roster and general manager Mitch Kupchak has shared the team could use another point guard or center. With their first preseason game not until early October in Hawaii, a recent report has the Lakers interested in Javale McGee.

With Kirkpatrick and Ledo, the team seems interested in adding another SG.

And given the reported names, the PG competition seems to be between B.Brown and Murry.

We won’t know anything until the team announces something however.

    1. Of the published names, the guys I hope they sign are:

      Ledo (SG) – It’s interesting as he’s a 6’7″ SG. He posts a .406 3-point average and could be a very good project. Interesting to note however, JBrown has a contract and VERY well liked among the staff. But, they say JBrown is a “bulldog” and when he attacks he’s so explosive that he’s like D.Rose and “teams have to foul him to stop him.” <- That's useful, but sorta 1-dimensional.

      B.Brown (PG) – He played well in Europe and on the Team USA International squads. He’s not amazing, but I think he can be a placeholder until Mitch figures things out (via trade) in December/January. I haven’t watched him play, but I would assume he’s better than Buycks who was playing on a DLeague team in Idaho last year.

      RE: All SF Guys
      With ABrown, and Holmes on the roster, I doubt the team is doing anything more than due diligence. And I doubt most players would sign in LA given they would be #5 on the SF list and have almost ZERO opportunity for a roster position. I can say however, once Young is traded the depth chart is ok (SF: Bryant, ABrown, JHolmes). <- I think Holmes got guaranteed money to sit in the DLeague until Young is traded and THEN promoted up.

      1. holmes,mcgee i want on the squad mario chalmers eh maybe but id like to see the other pgs fight it out for the last spot

      2. im all for trading for markieff morris for swag,kelly and sacre i would do that in a heart beat

        1. M Morris is nothing but a cancer for the team, he plays according to his own agenda, something this young core does not need.

      3. Correction: J. BROWN Shoots the 3 ball as well as any one on the team, in college he played beside CLARKSON as the SG. FG % 413 ==3 pt % 371..==ft % 753 KOBE 373 pt % 3spt 293 % ft 813 %

  1. Chalmers should be that player…

    Lakers rotation would look like this:

    That is the 10 man rotation.

  • He’ll be a useful training camp guy to redshirt against the actual Lakers and give them a good workout, so pretty much just looking for guys to make up the numbers.

          1. im going off what scott did with jc he sat him until he proved he was ready

          2. I won’t disagree with the logic…..
            but the team just drafted the next superstar PG with the #2 pick, has no starting PG, AND, there are no PG options on the free agency market that represent BETTER starting solutions.

            Situationally, it makes a lot of sense to start Russell. He’s OBVIOUSLY the future of the franchise and he needs all the experience he can get.

            Also, when playing with starters, and on a relatively short leash (aka “just pass the ball and NOT be fancy”) I’m not sure he’s a liability on the court. If Scott watches him carefully, he can limit the damage he can do via turnovers and poor shooting by rotating him OUT of the game (aka Short Leash).

          3. He’s comparing a situation with a #46 pick in an offseason where we signed another PG. To this offseason when we drafted a #2 pick while we signed no PGs. How can you argue with that logic?

          4. If carefully monitored, I don’t think Russell is a liability.

            I’m not sure if he’s going to be anything more than the #5 offensive option until 2016, but as a guy who moves the ball around and stretches the defense with a 3-point shot, i think he’s capable.

            Defensively, he’s going to *usually* guard the opponent SG which is the typically the lowest scoring guy, AND the guy with the least offensive “moves.” And on the nights when the SG happens to be Harden or Winslow, then that becomes Clarkson’s duty and Russell switches to the PG.

          5. russell can score thats good and all but he cant play defense all that well yet and we all know how scott preaches defense..again this is my opinion

          6. When he’s guarding the worst guy on the opponent’s team, does it really matter?

            You look at absolutions and try to find a reason to reject the situation, I look at the situation and say, “it is what it is” and hope that it helps Russell and the Team improve for the future.

          7. im going off what i seen in summer league all the teams they faced knew right away to attack the basketball against russell they exposed him real good.hes what like 19 do you see him guarding the cp3’s parkers, lillards right away ????????????????????????????

          8. Nope. I don’t see KAT guarding Howard/Jordan/Cousins but that doesn’t mean bench him. All rookies will get their asses kicked here and there but they will grow from it. I’m sure JC will take some matchups and DLO 6’9 wing span will come in handy.

          9. I see JC guarding Cp3’s, Parkers, Lillards right away.

            You are caught in the foolish notion that guys have to guard the same position on the other side.

          10. Since you like going off of what Scott says and does, do you know Scott said Russel was a better PG than Clarkson at this point the night we drafted him…? Go back and watch the clip bro.

          11. Apparently Scott did not pass the eye test with that statement because Russell proved otherwise, we’ll see what Russell does when games count or will Scott have to eat his words on this pick ?????

        1. agreed mcgee can be our own deandre jordan and could potentially help us beat the clips front court by matching thier athleticism

          1. just from him helping lebron win a ring he was a vital piece to they’re last championship run

    1. McGee is preferred due to talent and age. — Presuming he passes a physical.

      Anderson is a capable 1-2 year solution.

    2. The birdman? Personally I dont like him, but he was a great shot blocker.

      I think hes in decline.

      McGee is the better more well rounded of the two.

  • I hate these stories that don’t give enough information…. come on LN, get your writers to do some actual reporting. I don’t know anything about this guy so how about some facts like is he a PG, C, ????? how tall, how old, strength, weakness, what????? You could just as easily have said “Lakers worked out Joe Blow.” ARGH.

  • lakers have no intention in signing robert upshaw if they did they would of done it by now so good bye robert upshaw. i guess you’ll be a dominate force somewhere else being someones else’s franchise center some day . bunch of retards

    1. You don’t know anything about the Upshaw situation.

      Maybe they did offer upshaw a contract, and he’s waiting until training camp to sign…. (waiting on other offers)

      1. They did offer a deal bro, him and his camp wanted to take their sweet time. Now its the Lakers that want to wait.

    2. Josh, I have to agree, how can they give Sacre all the time he needs to develop when his potential is limited at best, smh !!!!!

  • damn the lakers have one easy ass starting schedule 😀 thats rare. usually they get the tough schedule in the beginning

      1. its possible the they can start off the season 6-0 but i doubt it. doesn’t really matter eventually the schedule will catch up to them

      1. Just googled greatest songs and went down memory lane. Don’t know this Bobby but I hope he makes the team just for namesake.

  • i think the nba went easy on the lakers this season with the schedule. cuz u know? kobe’s last year

  • The Lakers are keeping their doors open in case Upshaw all of sudden becomes a threat. The Lakers probably are shooting themselves in the foot when they didnt sign Whiteside, so Upshaw is probably in the same boat. But he only gave me glimpses of what he could do in Summer League. He still needs a lot of conditioning and needs to work on some things before he can get that contract. Overall, the Lakers really do need another Center and I dont consider Tarik Black as a Center and Sacre is just dead weight. They also need another SF.

    1. LoL! Nope. You see that schedule? Don’t need him. I can hear all the whinning already. Watch the Lakers stay healthy and steal the 7th seed.

      1. Go check out his stats for last season and you’ll understand what’s talent over character issues. Every NBA player has issues of their own, on or off the court, don’t forget Lakers got Nick Young, he has major issues, then why the hell he’s still in a Lakers uniform??

  • I just don’t understand the FO’s thinking, what the F are they waiting for, sign Javale McGee already and be done with it. The one remaining roster spot is valuable, only for someone who can help this team, not some scrub that will be sitting at the end of the bench, we already have Sacre and Kelly to do that. Just so pissed off to see Lakers working out these nobodies.

  • They should sign Kilpatrick or Bobby Brown! Dozer to deadly shooters and good combo guards you don’t need a center!

    1. I’m guessing the signings that the Lakers are making are just “training camp/pre season roster spots.” Still don’t know about whether Upshaw is signed or not, hopefully he is.

  • Although, we haven’t signed any past Knicks players, I’m getting tired of the Knicks-Lakers storylines like which is the worst team, which is the best worst team, Knicks signing too many former Laker players, etc. Just getting tired of us being talked about in the same sentence as the Knicks and Clippers.

  • Has anyone heard what Upshaw is doing right now? Is he working out with a trainer, or doing workouts on his own? Anything at all? You would think that IF he is serious about getting a shot on an NBA team (especially the Lakers) that he would be working his but off to prepare for a possible training camp invitation. By the way, for those who may not have heard, JaVale McGee has reportedly signed with Dallas. Looks like the Lakers may go to camp with what they have and see who makes the team.

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