Lakers Rumors: Nick Young ‘Feels Comfortable’ He Will Be On Roster
Lakers May Have Surprise Backup Shooting Guard Next Season

Coming into the off-season, it seemed likely that the Los Angeles Lakers would look to trade Nick Young. After a down year in which he disagreed with head coach Byron, it made sense that the Lakers would look to move him. The Lakers signing Sixth Man of the Year Lou Williams made it seem more likely that Young was on his way out of town.

The Lakers were unable to find a taker for Young and after a recent meeting with general manager Mitch Kupchak, Young apparently feels comfortable that he will be on the Lakers roster at the start of the season according to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News:

It is not entirely clear what Young and Kupchak addressed in their meeting. It is typical for Kupchak to meet with players to discuss both professional and private issues. But the conversation at least left Young feeling comfortable enough that he will enter the 2015-16 season on the Lakers’ roster, according to a source familiar with his thinking.

At this stage, the Lakers probably need to keep Young around as they are extremely thin at the small forward position. Kobe Bryant looks like the starting small forward right now and the only other player who could play the position besides Young is rookie Anthony Brown.

Kupchak has spoken about what Young needs to do to earn consistent minutes and he will likely get the chance to prove it in training camp. If he fails to do so, however, the Lakers will likely explore the possibility of moving him again closer to the trade deadline.

Hope bro plays good this year crazy how every laker fan went from praising him to wanting to trade him me personally wouldn’t trade him cause I don’t know what we would get in return would be worth it plus nick and Lou off the bench if they can coexist play defense not saying shut their man down are bench will be good them two alone will have our bench average 30 I’m optimistic about this season if we suck won’t be too mad cause last few years but if team click everyone play great limited injuries it could be a good year

  1. Flip floppers, but didn’t want him from the start. Being he’s a one sided player aside of his antics. Barks bigger than his bite to which best to hush his mouth.

    1. I wouldnt call myself a flip flopper fan, but I did like him when we first got him but he’s slacking off so I dont support him.

      I swear it even looked to me that he was hungover in one of the games he played.


      1. Seen this coming from the start. He turned out to be the brand’s jester. Didn’t expect much from this chump being he was late in his 20’s and still hadn’t applied a legit regimen to better his game. Otherwise, he would’ve practiced it from the start of his career while actually seeing RESULTS.

        1. With NY & Lou Will coming off the bench who needs defense? Lol they shooting threes all game. Of course I want defense but this team Will not be good defense individually. They are going to have to play good team defense with Hibbert in the paint protecting the rim.

        2. ?!, you do realize that playoff team’s play defense aside of the Lakers being close to dead last? Smh

        3. With them coming off the bench they won’t get much playing time with HIBBERT but if they don’t play D then they should stay on the bench and get traded, YOUR NOT GOING TO WIN if you don’t play D.

        4. Your right no Hibbert but their Will be Robert Upshaw the guy has a knack for blocking shots.

    2. Shut up Dim. Any idiot like you who claimed Marshon Brooks dropped 66 points once and ALSO deserved a camp invite has no business discussing Nick Young.

        1. Dim you’ve gone to the dark side. You want me to die? Shameful low even for you.

  • Couldn’t even trade a pretty favorable contract… shows how poorly he is viewed around the league. I’m sure Mitch would like him to play well so he can trade his sorry ass during the year.

    1. You need to learn to cuss good if you want to be a true put-down artist. Your weak, me-2 knocks on Young seem feeble and un-original. Jim213 is a really ferocious example for you or anyone to learn from. He says original stuff like “Barks bigger than his bite” and calls Nick “one sided”. Wow!

      See? 🙂

    2. You assume there were no trades to be made.

      Mitch called around IN CASE he needed to dump salary if the Hibbert, Bass, and Williams situations got messy. But, as of today, Mitch has assembled his team and the only issue is a 15 man roster, NOT salary cap.

    3. If he has changed his ways and playing good ball and D why trade him, that would make no sense at all !

  • Good to hear. We lack 3pt shooting so not sure why they wanted to trade him to begin with. Seriously the things he’s done have been blown way out of proportion. He’ll be fine this year.

    1. What we need is a spot-up shooter. Swaggy is more like a shooter on the move, who likes to create his own shot. Clarkson improved his spot-up &, the Rookie Brown is expected to be good spot-up shooter. Russell can do both. So i expect the Lakers to improve in that area.

  • He is kept because heis a very cheap contract and is 3 more years. He is an asset in case some deal come out. He is forced now to produce and this will bring his value up. Williams is his replacement. SAcre and Kelly will eventually be traded as soon as teams start to loose player by injuries or low performance. Win Win situation.

    1. You say YOUNG will be more tradable in 3 years and will be an asset, but he will be 33 yrs old, and if we cant get rid of him now, I don’t see your thinking.

    2. Or, in a worst case scenario…
      If Kelly or Sacre can’t be traded, they can we waived. At this point, their contracts don’t mean much as the roster is full and losing $2.7M wouldn’t be the end of the world.

      But, to me, Sacre and Kelly are cheap and will probably be picked up when teams start training camp and/or preseason.

      1. 5 million contracts are now like a vet min. before. Nick’s and the other guys that you named are easy to trade or cut. Lakers still below the tax and if the see the chance, they will grab a player to make the roster better.

  • Hopefully he will have a good season. Last year was a nightmare for Young in pretty much every regard.

  • See the pick where all the new Lakers hold up their jerseys? Hibbert makes Lou Williams look like Spud Webb… hahahaha…

  • How about setting a meeting with Upshaw and his agent MItch? There is talk another team has his agent’s ear and you are stalling because you want that spot open for a mythical player. Get it done before it’s too late Mitch, you asshole.

    1. For some reason, both sides (Upshaw and Mitch) are saying his conditioning isn’t NBA ready yet. I really don’t understand why not, since Upshaw won’t be relied to carry a huge load when you have guys like Hibbert and Black ahead of him. Upshaw really impressed me in Summer League stopping Towns and Okafor, I agree we need to pick this kid up. I don’t think conditioning will be a problem since he may not see minutes all the time, but he definitely deserves it since he can flat out block, defend, and bully people.

      1. Let’s be patient.
        We don’t know any details. There are a lot of things we don’t know and are assuming.

        Maybe, Mitch said, here’s a contract, but you have to stay sober until October 1.
        Maybe, there is a contract, but Upshaw’s agent is waiting to see if other teams offer better.
        Maybe, there is something STILL wrong with his heart (or medically), and there is no contract.
        Maybe Mitch is waiting to see if he can use the MLE before signing Upshaw?

        I doubt the lack of signing a contract means anything as serious. AND, for the sake of argument, what does Upshaw mean to THIS year’s team? He’s behind Hibbert AND Black…..

        Why must we endure the whining from spoiled Lakers fans and armchair GM’s?

        1. Man when you have a guy like Sacre who has proven nothing to us, I mean NOTHING and you have a chance to get a guy who can contribute in limited minutes why wouldn’t I be mad. The worst thing of the off season was bringing back Sacre, there’s honestly no reason. You can say he’s 7 ft, another body, good for practice. NO. Sacre just flat out sucks, bottom line, you have a nice young option in Upshaw and his contract would be small, why not sign him. Sacre was a horrible decision to bring back.

    2. What about the 2 year deal that was reported on 11 july?

      Undrafted free agent center Robert Upshaw (from Fresno!), Lakers reach agreement on two-year deal, league sources tell @Clevelanddotcom.

      And Corey Hansford wrote: “The first year on the contract is partially guaranteed, while the second year is non-guaranteed.”

    3. I thought you were joking but after doing some digging, apparently the Lakers haven’t sign Upshaw yet to leave the last spot for potential trade. I hope it won’t backfire.

    4. Upshaw is already on a 2 year contract. I was sweating it right after the draft. He signed the first day of SL. I really do think Hibbert needs a real center as a running mate/competitor to be at his best. So let’s cross our fingers on Upshaw.

  • Demar Derozan is the all star player the Lakers can get. He’s from Compton and he plays with nick young at the Drew league every year

    1. No offense, but Derozan isn’t a game changer for us. We have a promising 2 guard in Clarkson, what you get from Derozan is a solid player, nothing else. Might as well roll with Clarkson since he will be cheap, unlike Derozan and since Clarkson is still growing his game.

        1. The front office and Scott are pretty determined that Kobe will play the 3.

          I am sure that Kobe, Young and Brown are a MUCH better solution than adding DeRozan.

          We need a starting PG so that Clarkson can be a SG and Kobe a SF.

          Can DeRozan play the 1?

          1. I was talking about 2016 free agency when kobes contract comes off the books and the team goes after durant (who is most likely not coming) and derozan who is a realistic target still in his prime at 25

          2. I wouldn’t count on that either way. The FO will waste all their time on KD and Derozan will get signed along with many role players. This has been the case for the last 3 off seasons. Also, with the last season Hill and Young had playing around, I wouldn’t want to see another season of that, so pass on Derozan.

          3. I think we’re able to toss around 2 max contracts, which would work if 2 max free agents decide to team up and join the Lakers

      1. Don’t forget J Brown played with CLARKSON in college and can shoot lights out, as of this point (sitting on the bench) he is signed but everyone seems to forget him.

          1. I’m kinda excited about the offense of this year’s team. Consistency is key, but with Kobe, Clarkson, Randle, Young, Williams, Russell and guys with a “hot hand” could carry a team some nights. I FULLY expect every one to have atleast ONE 25ppg night this season. And I expect Russell will look young, but will have a small handful of eye-opening nights.

            I’m smiling when I think about the upcoming night when Clarkson gets 28 is unstoppable.
            Or Kobe with 30.
            Or Randle doing his thing…..
            or Williams and Young when they get on a streak.

  • as long as he shoots above 40% this year! If he and Lou can co-exist then I think he’ll be a great backup with this group

    1. i don’t understand why people don’t think he and Lou could co-exist. Many teams starting lineups feature 2 primary scorers with whatever role players. So why can’t the bench have the same thing? It doesn’t make sense. Russell, Williams, Young, Bass and Black as the 2nd unit and occasionally Clarkson in for Russell depending on how they do substitution patterns. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. As far as the Russell/Clarkson dynamic, yes I do expect both to start, but I also expect that Russell will be the first to sit with Clarkson sliding over to point and Williams coming in. At that point, Kobe will also sit and Young will come in. About 3 minutes later, you’ll see Clarkson go in for his rest and Russell come back out to play out the rest of the quarter with Williams, Young and the rest of the bench.

  • The biggest mistake of the off season was letting Tobias Harris or Khris Middleton go. I know the FO is saving that SF spot for Durant (which we probably won’t get). Even though, Harris lacks defense, we would have a nice young core to grow with Randle, Clarkson, Russell, Upshaw, Black, A. Brown, J. Brown, and Nance. I really like the Bucks young core and they were smart to add another young talent in Monroe. The same route the Warriors and the Thunder went by going young, the Lakers should follow. If we added a SF, I believe we would be right there quicker than those teams, since we have so much young talent. Just wish the Lakers followed those team’s route instead of chasing big names without a squad every season.

        1. Would Harris made us better?
          Paying him $15M would have meant we couldn’t sign Williams and/or Bass. or We could sign Williams and Bass but no Hibbert.

          Get over it…. It’s over and Mitch made the best decision he thought was available.

          1. Agree, only one person should be getting our players that we need , and that is is MITCH as he has done for a many years.

        2. they said they would have, for what it’s worth. but we’ll never truly know, i guess.. moving on.

  • Is there anyway we could get rid of one or both Sacre and Kelly. Whatever happened to Brendon Haywood’s unguaranteed contract

    1. Still there. Cav’s waiting for the opportunistic time to ship him out. Which leaves JR Smith’s future with the team in the bleak (for now).

  • Kupcake couldn’t trade him

    Anyways, pelicans short on cash. They offered Cole 3.03 mil…offer cannot be removed from the table after today. Sixers were interested but come on…it’s the Sixers. Lakers have a mle worth about 3.25 mil…Lakers can swoop in and easily outbid the pelicans.

    Jason Terry available. Can still spread the floor and he’s a living example that black don’t crack. Rarely misses games

    Kendrick Perkins is another big body. Obviously low on skills. But he can definitely bang (was getting tons of minutes before he got physical in the playoffs)

    Another option would be sign n trade for Norris Cole. Kelly might interest pelicans as a garbage version of Ryan Anderson. Spreads the floor

    1. Are you serious?
      Just because Mitch DIDN’T trade him doesn’t mean he couldn’t. More knee jerk responses from the uninformed….

      RE: Cole
      In 24 minutes last year, he averaged 6.3p and 3.5a… If that’s the case why spend the money? Isn’t Russell ALREADY better?

      RE: Jason Terry
      This dude is 37. In 21 minutes he averaged 7.0p and 1.9a….. Russell is already better.

      RE: Perkins
      With Hibbert and Black, what’s the point? And, didn’t you read that Mitch wanted another TRADITIONAL Center? He’s 6’10’ and offers nothing more than Sacre or Upshaw — a big body, no scoring, and 6 fouls.

      You are so hell-bent on filling the roster that you are looking at garbage. Stop pouting and realize that the team is fully assembled unless Mitch can find a trade partner.

      And, for some reason, you think that Mitch hasn’t already considered these guys….. and for some reason has passed.

      1. Look…check the way you’re writing because you wouldn’t speak to me like that in public.

        Uninformed?? What makes you so informed?? Because you believe everything you read or hear? I think that’s being a sheep. Stop thinking you’re so superior, all you do is criticize and offer 0 freaking things to the discussion. No ways to improve, you just complain and criticize without offering solutions. I may complain, but I throw out options. You complain to complain. You have a need, an uncontrollable impulse, to go against what anyone and everyone is saying

        Getting back to my point…
        Did I say I want young traded? Or do you get defensive whenever your favorite players get mentioned in a trade?

        fyi, I like Nick young. I was making a statement…a statement most would agree on. Considering all the rumors, it’s safe to say they wanted to trade him. They couldn’t get what they wanted, so kupcake has to make amends. Simple Enough for ya? They COULDN’T trade him for what they wanted.

        If you have a trade exception, mle, or any type of exception. Why not use it? Wouldn’t you want to have a deep team? Injuries are gonna occur…hopefully they’re minor, but don’t you want to have replacements available? Or you rather dig around the d league?

        Why are Russell fans scared of him getting mins or competing for mins?? Answer that please. If he’s so good, he’ll earn those mins asap. I like the kid, but he’s getting fanboys everywhere…those fans, create hate for the kid.

        Why throw around those stats? For what those players are worth and their age…those stats are good. Solid stats by a bench role player. You want to aim for home runs again? Sometimes bunts help more than 1 homer…they can start a rally

        Perkins is as traditional as it gets for a C. He could be an inch bigger. But you’re completely out of it if you want to debate whether Perkins is a traditional center. Even at this point of his career…he’d destroy sacre and Kelly.

        Terry brings a certain presence. Experience. Confidence. Leadership. And of course, 3s.

        Cole is really not a bad option. He knows his role. He’s consistent. Can be compared to farmar in a way

        Black will be a PF as soon as he consistently makes a jumper. Upshaw needs to learn the game and improve conditioning


        Plus, getting rid of Kelly and sacre would help a lot. Not so much financially, but it opens roster spots.

        Stop getting scared that players are going to take your favorite players mins.

        Take off your fedora as it’s squeezing your head And stopping the blood flow. Once you do, you’ll be a little more rational in your thinking.

        1. Again, you are looking at garbage for the sake of filling a roster and not looking if it’s an improvement. You seem to think that assembling a team is like playing fantasy league and that guys are simply “plug and play.”


          Yes, in public i’d use a lot more condescending tone and a lot less “nice” words. — Fools gotta get checked.

          And there is nothing worse than an ignorant sports fool talking out his ass just for the sake of making noise and acting like a whiney ass little bitch. IF you were in a bar, I’d call you out as such.

          if you’re gonna post on this comments section you gotta up your game buddy cause you don’t seem to understand how THIS one is played, and that’s with knowledge, doing your homework, and a bit more understanding than you’ve shown.

      1. Hmm, I thought I heard it was 3.2…hope it is, every little bit counts.

        “5.305 million for teams without cap room, below the tax apron
        $3.278 million for teams over the tax apron
        $2.575 million for teams with cap room”

        One thing is for sure…the Lakers have one. Haha

  • Young is an asset to this team. He brings shooting, veteran stability, and can get hot at times. He can play either the SG or the SF position. I think that between Kobe and Young, the SF could have awesome firepower this year. Defense is a different story. If nothing else, Kobe and Young should OUTSCORE the opponent’s SF squad which still wins the positional battle even though it’s not ideal….. 😉

    If there were any guy who was poised to have a turnaround season it would be Young. And not from a “he should be better” baseless argument, but from a pure statistical argument. Overall his numbers last year were horrible in comparison to his career averages, and people overlook a long list of injuries (including a bruised ego). Unless a well established player simply falls off the cliff, he should see some level of rebound.

    He just lit up the Drew League and should be healthy. I am sure the threat of being traded out of LA opened up his eyes and he realizes that his future (both in LA and in the NBA) rests on his ability to contribute and play at a high level this year.

    Some look at Nick as a load stone, and I look at him as another tool and weapon for Scott to use this year… and Scott’s going to need every one of them AND a little luck for us to sniff a playoff spot.

    1. Exactly we need all the firepower we got and nick is part of that. For this team to sniff a playoff team Scott must use every weapon in his arsenal

      1. I’m not sure that Kobe and Nick could be shutdown defenders at the SF, I am very certain their 25 points will be more than the other team’s SF production.

        And while Kobe and Young would get killed against Lebron and KD, I have a hunch that Randle might be the Ace in the hole against these two. On almost every other night, I am sure that Kobe and Young can play above “average defense”. But, maybe the best defense is a good offense and consistent 25ppg production is the key.

        1. We know Randle has a lot of work to do before he becomes a consistent contributor on both offense and defense.

          It’s wait and see with him and Russell.

  • i think he will have a good season from the offensive side of the floor. The question is what will he do on Defensive end? Now he doesn’t have to be a lock down player or anything but jus be fundamentally sound. Like buy into the team principals, so no gambling for steals, going for block shots etc, jus be in the right positions.

    With lou also comming off the bench, the spacing should be good for him to get more open looks. The overall scoring will be fine, the season will come down to Defensive stops.

    1. He doesn’t gamble at all which is evidenced by his 0.5 steals per game. He showed he can be a defensive stopper in 2013-2014 but he has to stay consistent

      1. Assuming Young isn’t the starter….
        He should be able to shut down and outscore the opponent’s backup.

        And if he gets on one of his hot streaks…..
        Kobe might get a night off.

    1. people forget that nick young has solid tools to be a good defender. he’s long (7 foot wingspan), can jump really high (40 inch vertical), and moves well. too bad he has zero focus or motivation on D

  • Nick was untradeable this season. Every team was trying to clear cap room for the next season as well. Most likely Mitch offered him a bonus if he performs well this season to bring his stock back up, also making him more tradeable. Double edge sword.

  • He’s a good talent. But my opinion, Lakers should need to re-build their roster from last year. Last year was one of the, or THE most worst season Lakers experienced. So for me, since they already got rid of Hill and Lin, trade Swaggy already. Clearly, they do not care of winning. Giving bad examples to these young guys. IF he stays, he better change his Swaggy personality, and get back to winning basketball. Be a professional basketball player and help the team win some games for the fans. last year, he’s more like an Entertainer, not a professional athlete. 🙁

  • People don’t like nick young because he goofed off a little. He wasn’t taking it seriously because no one was. Two new coaches, players getting hurt left and right, playing with D-League talent, fans/FO hoping for tanking, etc. He brings offense (Has shot over 40% 7 out of 9 seasons). We can use that with Williams. We can use all the offense we can get since we have streaky rookies, a 37 year old starter, and a defensive center.

  • To be honest I don’t know how this roster is going to work. I got overhyped and fell for the empty promise of LA, DJ, or Monroe, but now we have a roster that has red flags and huge question marks! I want everyone to have a good year. Actually, I want everyone to have a great year! But we don’t know how D’Angelo will progress, how Randle will progress, we don’t know how many minutes and games Kobe will play, we don’t know if Hibbert will get back to his all-star caliber type of play and become a defensive force in the middle, we have too many young guys, we have too many guards, and we have Swaggy P v.1 and Swaggy P v.2 or Sweet Lou v.1 and v.2 (basically offensive guys that both want to become the 6th man and no defense), and we have no security at the 5 spot or the 3 spot.

    1. But isn’t that what makes it interesting? Intriguing, the unknown could be fun to watch

  • The only way he’s ever going to be able to get comfortable is if he starts playing some defense. With a better make up of the team, he’ll be fine offensively. He’ll get back to making his shots by virtue of not being the only guy on the team who could make a basket. Once he became that guy and had to become the go to scorer, he suffered. Now that he doesn’t have to be and he can simply be Swaggy the not first option on offense, he’ll get back to making his 3’s at a 40% clip like he did at the start of last year and go back to being IDM.

  • That’s good Mitch, keep a good eye on Swaggy clown, if he still doesn’t play defense and jacks up shots and inconsistent, trade his ass.

  • The season hasn’t started. By the way, the clippers still ringless? Haven’t checked in a while either.

  • Despite what most may think, I actually think the Laker roster is cool (MUCH better than last years) till we know what we got in training camp & preseason….the NBA is mostly a guard/perimeter oriented game today anyway, not too many teams have bigs as a strength….if Scott can find the right combos, we could surprise, and I think Nick could be a key weapon. I’d start Clarkson, Kobe, SF comp btw Nance & Brown, Bass, Hibbert…then have Russell, Lou, Nick, Randle, Black off the bench…make the kids earn it in the beginning, grow to starters, with two vets Lou & Nick, who could compliment each other, making the bench explosive offensively….then there’s still J. Brown and Upshaw….there’s a lot of guys that can play diff positions throughout the flow of a game, and that could help with the D… for now the roster seems cool, good mix of vets and youth to start this rebuild

  • Cut Sacre Or Kelly and sign BEASLEY !!!!!!!!!!! If Nick doesn’t dump Iggy he will fall from grace like Lamar , I watched some Drew league and he looks like he packed some weight . You can’t be chasing Iggy in clubs living that lifestyle and be focused 100 % on B Ball so just hope he wakes up and realizes that before it’s too late and he is out of the league !!!!!!!!!!

  • If I is Nick I wood jet from da Lakas by axeing fora trade. He aint gonna win no champship wit da playas dey got now eggspeshelly Kome who play too shellfish. Dis aint evun konsiderin a dumb koach like Byerun who aint neva won anythang. His bess yeer in New Jersee was due to Jason Kidd, it wasent Byeruns koachin fo shur.

  • His contract is pretty much untradeable with three remaining years at close to 6 million. He is getting more than Manu and Duncan which is crazy. Just another in a long line of bad moves by the Lakers.

    Although his bad play is the least of my worries, mostly worried his lazy, me first attitude will influence our young core.

  • I don’t want Nick “comfortable”…I want him nervous that Lou Williams will take his minutes off the bench and that Mitch might trade him if the right offer comes along.

    Might light a fire under him and have him playing hard to keep his spot.

    Complacency is the enemy of progress.

    1. Kids say the darnest things! Beasley? ??? & Fields? ?? Wtf! Kobe can take both those guys out on tired legs

  • The season will be as follows, Kobe will break down & be done with his basketball playing within a month of opening day, Russell will pick splinters out of his behind form sitting on the bench, Clarkson will be the only star, Randal, Young, Kelley, Sacre will all be traded for Cousins.

  • Nick Young has something to say about all the Lakers fans that want him traded:

    “Where ever I go, I got Iggy to suck my dick every night.”

  • Last season for the Tankers Bryant. Hopefully, last season for Byron Scott and Jim Buss as well.

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