Lakers Rumors: L.A. Still In Trade Talks With Cavs For Brendan Haywood
Lakers Rumors: L.a. Still In Trade Talks With Cavs For Brendan Haywood

The Los Angeles Lakers may have struck out this summer in terms of landing a big name in NBA free agency, but the team remains active on the trade market. Agreeing to acquire Roy Hibbert from the Indiana Pacers may be the first of many trades to come.

According to Sam Amico of FOX Sports, the Lakers remain in trade talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers:

After failing to convince LaMarcus Aldridge, DeAndre Jordan, Greg Monroe or Kevin Love to sign with the team, the Lakers shifted gears in free agency with second-tier options. Although no real game-changers agreed to sign, Los Angeles has done well this week with Lou Williams, Brandon Bass and the acquisition of Hibbert.

The Cavaliers have been trying to trade Haywood’s contract for the past week or so with a few teams showing interest. The Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets were potential suitors with talk of Jamal Crawford or Joe Johnson heading back to Cleveland in return.

As for the Lakers, it is uncertain the asset(s) the team may be sending to Cleveland if they get a deal done. As Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk states, Haywood’s contract becomes guaranteed in a few weeks time meaning Cleveland is anxious to get a deal done:

Haywood’s contract becomes guaranteed on Aug. 1, so as long as whatever team waives him by July 31 saves all that cash. Sadly, the piece of paper with Haywood’s name on it is worth far more than Haywood on the court right now.

Rumors of trade talks involving the Lakers have been circulating for the past few days. Nick Young may potentially be on the move as well as Jordan Hill and/or Jeremy Lin in possibly sign-and-trade deals.

Needless to say, it appears the Lakers brass is far from done in terms of rounding out the roster this summer.

They must be trading him for Young. & a draft pick most likely

  1. Mostly a rumor, Cavs could load up with better talent/depth to help Lebron’s title aspirations.

        1. Maybe after Mitch trades Young he could give Marshon Brooks a camp invite, right? 66 point scoring machine!

          You clown.

        2. One hundred percent better effort than Nick the brick. That;s the issue. Duh, “Nick the brick the all-time best 6th man Lol.”

        3. You sound like no one knows this. The Cavs went for Crawford first, but the Clippers may not be interested, because they haven’t find an good candidate to replace DJ yet, so that cap space for them is probably not worth it to gave up Crawford. That’s why Nick Young became their secondary option

        4. Let’s hope so, as long as a player gives 100% effort on the floor (both ends) then that’s all one can ask.

        5. Crawford would be a better fit at this point than Young on this years Laker team. I agree ! I would definitely trust Crawford or Ray Allen’s shot before I would Young who is a bit more streaky. Crawford might play a little better defense too.

    1. Like what, trade him for Anthony Davis, lol, Jamal Crowford and Nick Young are what they looking for to replace JR smith, they got pretty much everything else already.

      1. UHH, if they’re willing to may a big trade then Joe Johnson’s been brought up tho he should be getting paid $10 mil a yr. Other options out-there lol.

  • Non-guaranteed contracts in the NBA now-a-days worth so much value than expiring contracts.

      1. They don’t really need to make space for Hibbert. Current salary cap predictions show they are a little over the cap. If the cap numbers are more, which could happen than they don’t need to trade anyone. But, why have Young when you just signed Williams. It’s the same player basically.

        1. Reason we haven’t heard about Bass’ contract terms yet. They’re also trying to conserve as much cap space to sign players still. I get what you’re saying though. Williams cancels out Young and Sacre and Kelly are expendable.

  • Lakers don’t really have anything to offer the Cavs for him. He will likely get dealt to a team who have the cap space to sign him so they can get a 10m trade exception to use either now or in January.

    1. That’s not the point. He’s a cap-saving move. We could dump Young and Kelly/Sacre and waive Haywood’s contract giving us ample cap room to spend.

          1. Nobody comes to mind. Young is a good guy, I don’t know why these fake fans are all over him like this. I remember watching Kobe’s face a couple time last year when Young made a couple tough shots in front of the bench. Priceless.

            We all like Upshaw, though, right?

      1. that would add money for us to spend but no sf’ that is better then young to add.

        we could just trade kelly and scare for him and a pick/s and waive him

    1. The contract isn’t guaranteed. So they will cut him soon as possible. Sign Lou Williams & Brandon Bass, & Upshaw with the available cap

  • A few days ago I was just joking around when I said “I don’t care if we sign Kwame Brown, let’s just sign somebody”…….lakers FO took that joke way too seriously.

    1. Damn dude, you need to learn about salary cap space before you comment and most importantly read the article.

  • Get it done!!! Get a couple of draft picks and send Young n Kelly. That saves the Lakers almost 7 million. ..

    1. How does that save the Lakers almost 7 million when Young is 5+mil yr and Lou Williams is 7 million per yr. We still don’t know how much BBass will cost us and Hibbert will cost us about 17mil for this season.

      1. available cap was 23 – 17 for hibbert = 6 mil leftover
        trade swag n kelly contracts (already on books) = 7 mill
        pay bass the 6 and pay lou the 7…we need that extra $$

        1. so if we keep Young, that’s 2 mil/yr cheaper and we still don’t know how much Bass is going to cost us, probably a lot more than Kelly ???

  • Lakers want to trade young, Kelly and Sacre. If they can do this and get this guy, Lakers will drop him off before august 1st. Lakers looking for some cap room unloading, specially, Young contract. Still 3 years and 5+million per year.

    1. Sacre wasn’t guaranteed. Why would they pick up his option and then dump him? He’s a decent back up Center.

          1. I didn’t read the article all the way through, I made the mistake of thinking someone in the comments could give a simple answer WITHOUT insults or sarcasm ……..guess I was wrong

          2. It’s all our fault that you can’t read the entire article and then someone gives you crap when you don’t know what you’re talking about. Welcome to the internet.

          3. This site used to be a lot better, now you can find assholes that think they know everything, people that write things you can even understand, people getting personal with trashy wording.
            That is the unfortunate negativity of internet, any moron can send their opinion and there is no censorship of any kind.
            Let alone the trolls that spend all day trolling.
            In any case, don’t get discouraged, anybody is entitle to their opinion, as you have seen already.

        1. so wait,instead of reading the article and getting a solid report,you chose to ask strangers and when you got insulted,it made you feel some type a way?

    1. Do you know what non-guaranteed means? If not, it means that we can waive him and clear instant cap space.

  • I would like to know what the FO is doing… One day were looking good the next day chaos. One day were drafting Okafor next is Russell. Keep us in the loop.

    1. Well they cant let everyone know because people like you would sit here and argue over it, and besides that its NONE OF OUR BUSSINESS.Unless you have millions to help them out.

      1. Al Haldie, may i remind you the women sensitivity group is down the hall, you wouldnt wanna be late. IDK how you guys end up in the basketball forum.?

  • Look guys, a lot of us wasn’t sure how the non guaranteed contract stuff works……..there’s no need to be insulting people for simply asking a question.

      1. You white knights here are defending the wrong people. Whatever happened to actually reading articles, it answers most of the questions people here have anyway.

        It’s insulting to the writer and insulting to your own intelligence. Read and digest the article.

        1. Insulting the writer??? Hahaha. This ain’t writing. This isn’t a great article. These people insult the readers intelligence constantly. How to be a writer

          1) have an outline/template of the Lakers current situation and recent news.
          2) add today’s date
          3) grab a tweet…any tweet
          4) rephrase the tweet
          5) conclude with recent news and a “it’ll be interesting”, “we will see”, and do not forget to announce an upcoming event or game.

          So there’s no real point to read it. Just jump to the tweet

          What happened to being polite, kind, and respectful? There’s a reason it’s humankind and not humanevil

          Does it take that much time to answer a question and gain a “friend”? Or you rather point out mistakes and laugh at one another like idiots?
          There’s a big similarity in bullying

          One more thing, don’t you ever call these pathetic “tweetalists” journalists or writers. They’re tweetalists

    1. Don’t let it bother you they have all done the same thing as you, but they just like to act like they are better then every one else–and they really are not.

    2. Do you know how it feels when we are all talking about how his contract can save the Lakers cap space while you come out and ask why we need a player like this with a hefty contract

  • Lakers should’ve tried and offer a contract to Kevin Seraphin instead of trading for HIbbert.

  • If we’re doing the cavs a favor for a salary dump, I feel like we should get something good to sweeten the deal.

    1. The Cavs have until Aug 1 to waive him – it is a non-guaranteed contract, however, they want to trade his contract to a team that either wants him or wants to open up cap space. Williams contract basically used up the rest of the cap space, which leaves the Lakers with only the Room Mid-Level Exception of 2.8 mil.

      Example: Cavs get Young at $5,219,169, and say Kelly at $1,724,250 = $6,943,419. Haywood’s team option salary is $10,522,500. That leaves the deal 3,579,081 short. The max cash in a trade for the team in a year is 34. mil, so to make it up you would have to add say Sacre at $981,348 to get under the 3.4 mil max cash in the deal. Now Haywood would come to the Lakers who would not pick up his NG salary making him a UFA, and they would open up Young’s, Kelly’s, and Sacre’s Salaries to sign Bass and possibly another PG, with the $7,924,767 in cap space.

      Or if the Cavs had interest in Carlos Boozer, the Lakers could package him in a sign and trade along with Young, which would easily fit within the 10.5 mil of Hayward’s trade value. In this case though, it would only open up Young’s $5,219,169 salary in cap space, which could sign Bass.

      Clear as mud, but it covers the ground. 🙂

      1. I don’t know why any team would have interest in Carlos Boozer. His painted head needs to retire.

          1. a 9 year old could comprehend that article.. and you didn’t. that’s some scary shit, bro. go crack a book.

          2. go hide behind a gang like you always do. you only attack when you see someone getting on them. 😀 thats hilarious

          3. Damn hope you get it together, unless you’re in the 2nd grade. *

            There, i fixed it for you.

  • I know it’s not my money, but I say just pay and don’t do business/help cavs/Dan gilbert

    1. They’re going to do a trade regardless. Nick young is weaker than Joe Johnson, Crawford, and jr Smith.
      Might as well benefit

        1. Overall game. He can compete with jr Smith…but I think lebron would prefer Smith, Johnson, or Crawford

          1. Iso Joe may get him, but crawford and smith have the same game as young, create shots, attack basket and just score. I will say crawford and smith played better the past couple seasons but overall game is the same

          2. Crawford is a better ball handler and passer. Smith is more athletic but Nick when healthy is more consistent.

          3. Well, I didn’t mean they’re different. it’s obvious they’re similar.

            But the other guys Overall game is superior to youngs. Whether it’s consistency, fg percentage, handles, team importance, and ease of scoring.
            They all bring the same or similar things. But the other guys do it better

  • Why would the Lakers want more cap space?? Makes no sense unless they want to resign hill or have another trade planned.

    Sending Nick young to Cleveland would benefit both parties. Although, I’m sure Cleveland is asking the world for that non guaranteed contract.

    Then send Kelly n sacre to the pacers.

    In total, clears up around 8 mil I believe. seems pretty close to hills salary.
    Or, they might want that space for sign in trades. We shall see

    1. Why would the Lakers want more cap space??

      Because they want to sign Bass. They are out of cap and only have the Room Mid-Level Exception at 2.8 mil.

      1. Wouldn’t that be enough for bass? I assumed he would take the mid level exception. He averaged like 10 & 5 on a rookie squad, he’s 30 yrs old, and a bench player.

        If they’re going through all this trouble to sign bass at 6-8 mil a year…not worth it

  • Doubt we make a trade for Haywood, since the Cavs are really loading on talent (they they would use). The players up for trade are Kelly, Sacre, and Young. The Cavs are running out of cap (Irving, LeBron, Love, Thompson, and possibly adding Joe Johnson if trading Hayward to the Nets). They also have brought back Miller, Shumpert and other role players filling up the cap. In my opinion, Cavs will trade Haywood to a team they could get talent back that would be a vital piece in their team like a Joe Johnson.

          1. too expensive. if cavs are looking to strenghten their bench they will go and make a deal with us.
            but hey things are not simple like that and maybe we are raising a cavs interest to force another team to trade. like “look a lot of teams are interested in our guys, they have value you deal with us or we deal with them”.

    1. Good point, but I think they will go the other way, meaning, trying to dump salaries because they are already paying too much money. That being said, they will trade for non guarantee contract, and Lakers have none of those, i think

      1. They will do it. otherwise they have a problem with LBJ. They are close, besides the fact that they have the same agent.

        1. Problem is, the agent is using the players as leverage, LeBron is using Thompson as leverage, and Thompson is dumb enough to wait for LeBron instead of cashing in with Cleveland or elsewhere.

          Things can turn sour fast.

          What kind of roster improvements was LeBron looking for???

    2. Sacre was their fall back before getting Mosgow. Now he can be a back up. Kelly and Young give Lebron two shooters who can space the floor. It’s actually a favorable depth package for the Cavs bench vs Joe Johnson or Crawford.

  • I want the Lakers to clear cap space but I don’t want to see the Cavs improve I hope whatever deal the Lakers are working on it doesn’t included Nick Young, I would prefer him to be dumped on a non contender.

    1. Cavs play in the East, so this does not really hurt Lakers unless they get to the Finals this coming season.

  • It remains to be seen. I think you can have a good player in exchange of young. If you can’t then why not. You better clear cap Space before you do your moves. I thought Kelly and/or sacre were gone in the hibbert’s trade. I guess we going to Know more
    The sure thing is that to do sign and trade we need to have more cap Space in order to be able to sign both hibbert and williams. I hope bb comes with the 2.8m room exception.

  • TOR gets: Nick Young
    LAL gets: Terrence Ross, Luke Ridnour

    we would get our starting SF and the raptors get a replacement off the bench for Lou Williams, we would also waive Luke Ridnour, or find him his 90th home lol

      1. Nope, he was the raptors staring SF this season, and SF is his actual primary position, SG being his secondary

          1. if Nick Young gets traded, brown would be the second SF on our team, so he would have to backup no matter what anyways

    1. Luke Ridnour have to be leaving in a car now, the guy was traded 5 times already in a month. How many jokes can you make out of that?

    1. I think lakers either get a veteran at a minimun, or they just ride with Kobe, Brown and Randle. Even clarkson can play it for a few minutes here and there with Russel and Williams in the back court.

        1. well, it is better than having him at guard. Unless you want to put him as a water boy, that is his best position,

          1. Kobe at small forward actually helps him plus allows Clarkson, Russell, Randle to play together.

          2. Exactly, he does not need to push the ball, does not need to guard the fast guards, he can jump shot, and play the post in isolation.

  • Cavs trying to trade Haywood for Joe Johnson, or Jamal Crawford, or Nick Young. Hmmm which would they choose??? All good scorers.

    1. whichever teams bites first… Joe Johnson would probably be the best option, he’ll hit the big shots for you down the stretch and he can start for you right away

      1. i hope the Lakers will roll the dice on this one let N. Young go so they could sign a SF..

      2. While some of you fans making fun of Kobe’s 25mil, Joe Johnson is getting paid 24.8mil next season, almost the same as Kobe.

  • After signing sixth man of the year lou williams, they’re looking to trade young and his 3 year contract, simple as that, they’ll send him to any team that wants him, they don’t have to get anything back, they just want him gone and want the extra cap space. It’s both a salary dump and for roster reasons. They don’t want young on the team, he clashes with byron, that’s why they signed williams, basically his replacement. And if they trade young it frees up an extra $5 million in cap space now, and frees up extra money in 2016, 2017.

  • Bass is getting the $2.8 million exception
    By getting rid of Nick Young and Jordan Hill via S/T they would be under the cap by about $4 million or enough to sign say Gerald Green…

  • Whatever it takes to move Nick Young, I’m down. I’d pay another team just to take him far, far away from our young fellas.

  • Salary dump, lakers get the 2.8 M for Bass, trading Kelly and Sacre’s 2+ M for Hibbert’s 15.5 M + 3.2 M trade exception. Trade Nick Young for Terrence Ross.

  • RELAX PEEPS we are just trying to create roster spots.

    If they trade for him, it would be do dump either Nick Young, Ryan Kelly, Robert Sacre or a combination. I believe it was the Cavs that were interested in Robert Sacre last year. If we bring Hayward on we will dump him, and free up a roster spots to add the likes of UPSHAW.

  • I’m not saying this just because I’m a Lakers fan, but this team is going to be good. I don’t know if it’s playoff team good, but we’re going to be in it in every game. Think about it, the typical “young guys/rookies can’t help you win” usually that means 1 draft pick in his rookie can’t help you. Look at the young talent we have, Black who played like a solid big vet last year and will get a bigger role with Davis out. Russell is the most pro ready player in the draft and won’t play his best ball yet, but he will be a solid contributor. Randle has really matured since last year, and he’s watched a bunch of film, lost weight, and the word around the FO/players is that he has blown away everyone in their (why they weren’t reluctant to trade him), also has a 3 point shot added to his game. Anthony Brown played 4 years/graduated in college, which shows his maturity is already in line. Jabari Brown proved that he’s basically a replica of Ellington, so he can knock down his shots. Clarkson blew us away last season, especially after working out with Nash and Kobe’s mentorship, don’t forget he put on weight and I bet has worked more on his jump shot. Nance I also believe will contribute in spurts. Not saying these guys are making us a great team, but we’re not a bad team. We may also bring in Upshaw, whom I also believe will be a nice contributor.

    The only problems at hand is whether we can play defense, can Kobe remain healthy/efficient, what kind of Hibbert are we going to get (All Star Hibbert or bum Hibbert), consistent Young with D or neither (if he stays), and finally can every player remain healthy. I really like this team, maybe doubting Bass’ signing since we have Randle, Black, and Nance/Kelly, but even Bass may work out. Looking at the Spurs core and everyone saying it’s a Finals team, just makes me laugh due to their age, they got beat by a younger and hungrier Warriors team, how can they compete with them or the Thunder. The Lakers have a nice mixture of young talent, and maybe need a few more vets to be a solid team this year. No doubt in the future, this will be a good team.

    1. i can see us being around the 9th to 12th seed, i’ll be stoked if we reach the 8th seed, but our ceiling right now looks around 9-12

      1. They’ll be a 35-40 win team next year so 8th or 9th seed seems about right. Of course you can’t predict injuries but if they stay healthy I can see it. Much improved.

        1. 35-40 wins will not take to the playoffs in the West dude. You got to break above .500 wins to even be consider 8th seed in the West. Your comment would be true if Lakers played in the East sadly.

          1. Well around the 7th-8th spot, the record should fall a bit, due to the Clippers losing DJ, Blazers losing Aldridge Batum and Wes, teams getting older, and other factors . I do agree with you that record won’t be enough to secure a playoff spot tho

          2. It baffles my mind that people think Clippers aren’t a playoff team just because ONE player left. Clippers got worst for sure on the defensive end without DJ but they are still a playoff team. I predict Clippers being 6th seed at best and 8th seed at worst. Most likely a 1st round exist

            Idk but my prediction is….
            1. Thunders (healthy)
            2. Warriors
            3. Spurs
            4. Rockets
            5. Grizzles
            6. Clippers
            7. Mavs
            8. Suns, Pelicans, or Jazz

          3. The Clippers have lost their defensive anchor, and best rebounder, it’s a major blow both to their roster depth and their morale, there is a chance they collapse, not saying they definitely will.

          4. They will be bad, but not to the point that some Lakers fans are exaggerating. Clippers will be 6th, 7th, or 8th seed and will be bounced in the first round period.

    2. Major point here is Maturity, mentally and Physically. These are 19 years old kids that play how many games in college, 15? there is how many games in the NBA 82, without play offs? so they need to mature their bodies, and their mind. It is not easy, to play every two days and stay in it, game after game. But I am sure at least we can see some flashes of what to expect in the future.

          1. stop trolling, get a life, men, really sad to be in a place you do not even care.

          2. I actually have a life. Since it’s only one of me, it would be man, not men. I actually care a lot thank you very much.

      1. everybody is entitle to their opinion, if you do not like it, don’t read it. I agree is too long to read it, but let the guy express his excitement, we are all on the same boat, we all want the best for the Lakers.

  • It makes sense because we’ve heard the Cavs were interested in Sacre before trading for Mozgov in mid season and with Sacre being the backup; LBJ will make Sacre look like a decent starting center behind Moagov.

  • I’m rooting for this kid Upshaw. Whatever the lakers end up doing – cap space, trades…I hope the kid makes the team. I think there’s a lot of potential! I’m as excited by what he may eventually bring as I am about Russell & Randle…

    1. ME TOO…i like this kid i hope the team will sign him..he will be the next H. Whiteside in this batch of rookie’s

          1. lmfaooo jk but someone said that he heard cody allen was pulled from the game and has been traded with brendan hawywood for Jamal Crawford. Don’t know if it’s true.

    1. The Lakers actually has a better chance than the Clippers. The Cavs wants Crawford more than Young, but without a good center as candidate, the Clippers may not find use for the cap space, and they will be reluctant to part away with Crawford without good use of the cap. Meanwhile, the Lakers just can’t wait to unload Nick Young.

  • In a trade I would like either: a center to back up Hibbert and allow Upshaw, a true SF, or draft picks.

  • Sorry, I can’t undersatnd why we would do that. Let’s stay with the kids & if we need a backup we need to have one backup to play center.

  • Everyone says we need draft picks. Aren’t J.C, Randle, Russell, Upshaw, Brown, Nance, and hopefully Justin Anderson enough for awhile?

    1. Not until we get a nice 3.
      Unless Mitch expects to go all in on an outstanding 3-and-d sf next year.
      Guess I can be patient and enjoy our new look.

  • Trading Young($5,219,169), Kelly($1,724,250), and Sacre($981,348) for Hibbert, and Haywood and then releasing him would leave the Lakers with $7,924,767 in cap space relief minus the extra 750k-1 million for Lou Williams and we can get all the kids signed including Upshaw, and maybe even Gerald Green so lets take a look at how we could look……
    PG-D’Angelo Russell
    SG-Kobe Bryant
    C-Roy Hibbert
    SF-Gerald Green
    PF-Julius Randle
    2nd Unit—-
    PG-Jordan Clarkson
    SG-Lou Williams
    C-Robert Upshaw
    SF-Anthony Brown
    PF-Brandon Bass
    PF-Tarik Black
    SG-Jabari Brown
    SF/PF-Larry Nance Jr
    thats a damn nice team with a good bench and lots of firepower with some potential game changing rim protection….

    1. I don’t know what the point of signing Bass was. Tarik Black is more than capable of backing up Randle and even playing Center for some small ball.

      1. experience and veteran leadership is vital in the development of rookies and other young players..

    2. Sign Vander Blue as well. Blue passes to Green who passes to Brown back to Green who swings it to the other Brown who finds Black for the dunk. I want to see that in a game.

    3. Why would the Cavs waste their spot for a 10m player on Nick Young? Seriously they can get a lot of better players than this. Not to mention if they trade with a team with actual cap room they get a trade exception.

      1. Because they know Smith is not coming back. Young is that type of player, and it looks like Joe Johnson is not happening because they’re already way over the cap without even signing James or Thompson yet. They give up 10M for 5.5M in young, and use that extra 4.5M on either lebron, Tristan, or delly.

        1. They’ve already signed their JR Smith upgrade with Mo Williams. Nick Young is a clown who makes JR Smith look like an All Star.

          1. Mo Williams will back up Kyrie. They know Irving is injury prone so they have reassurance at that position.

          2. He will do more than that, he will be their offensive bench guy, will play the 1 and 2 probably with Delli if they re sign him cause he is also a poor defender. Nick Young will not be netting the Lakers anything. Other than a throw in guy to make the Hibbert deal, or maybe find a team who will give up a second rounder for him. His contract is longer than people can handle his circus act.

      2. Patrick, just from your posts, I can tell your hate for the Lakers is for real, you don’t want the Lakers to have any relief, not even cap space. Unfortunately, the Cavs front office is trying to do business instead of hating. The Lakers are far from contention right now, what are you even worrying about? Lmao

        1. Just being realistic, unlike a lot of deluded Lakers fans who believe every rumor that comes up on this site. Logic dictates that Haywood is worth 10m at least, Nick Young is not even worth his contract.

  • Looks like Cavs want Swaggy for Haywood. We get rid of Young and a lot of space after we waive Haywood to sign Bass, a small forward, and eventually Upshaw. Kelly and Sacre are probably heading to Indiana for Hibbert.

  • Final Roster?

    C: Roy Hibbert / Robert Upshaw / Tarik Black

    PF: Julius Randle / Brandon Bass / Larry Nance

    SF: Terrence Ross(ur opinion) / Anthony Brown

    SG: Kobe Bryant / Lou Williams / Jabari Brown

    PG: D’Angelo Russell / Jordan Clarkson

    1. Funny thing is you know she wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole if he wasn’t an NBA star. Harden’s not the most good looking guy on the block, but him being a star athlete and his paycheck can make you change your opinion.

  • Is signing and trading Jermey Lin for Justin Anderson even slightly possible? Since they recently signed Barrea and have Harris/Felton. Seems like after trading Young, Kelly, and Sacre for salary space from Waiving Haywood and and acquiring Hibbert, we need to sign Bass with 2.8 of the almost 7 million. Either we sign and trade Lin for Anderson, or sign someone like Gerald Green.

    1. The 7 million is going to Lou. We have no cap space, have to sign Bass on the MLE.

      Edit: nevermind, looks like you are talking about the money we would save from Hayward. I agree, we could use that space to do a sign and trade with Lin most likely.

  • I will be completely satisfied once we finally get rid of Sacre, Kelly, Young, and sign or trade for a starting Small Forward. Watching summer league July 10th will also be a nice relief.

    1. Salary dump, waive Haywood, trade Young, Sacre, and Kelly. Receive cap space for Bass, Upshaw, and a Small Forward.

    1. Nick Young, because they wanted Crawford at first, I guess they had a problem talking to the Clippers, so they switching to Young, JR Smith won’t be back to the Cavs, that’s why

    1. My name is Hoang Nguyen and I hate the Lakers. I’m also a sixes fan pretending to be a bucks fan.


    3. Hoang Nguyen you must be a sad pathetic virgin to be posing as a Bucks Fan.

      76ers Takers for life LOL

  • Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre to Indiana for Roy Hibbert. Trade peanuts for Haywood to waive him and get the $10M to sign Williams and Bass. Trade Nick Young for Terrence Ross.

    1. Space. They can waive Haywood and pay nothing. Free’s up 10mil while probably dumping 1 or 2 guys to the Cavs as well.

    1. I don’t think none of these guys, Mitch always pull some shiet we can’t predict, like Hibbert trade, Williams signing and Brandon Bass, it looks like a brilliant plan B now, and plan A maybe just a formality knowing the chance is close to none.

  • If we can make this trade,while also getting rid of sacre swaggy and Kelly and also somehow acquiring a small forward, I’d say as someone who has been watching this ugly decline, that we deserve an A+ for our off season.

  • I already could see this happening from a mile away. The Lakers will end up signing Gerald Wallace to be the defensive athletic small forward they seek. Wallace is getting waived by the Warriors and be sure to know the Lakers will sign him.

          1. lol Warriors wanted to get rid of lee cause of his contract. Why would they keep another player with a huge contract? Both in the final year.

          2. Nah I think its because Lee didn’t fit with Kerr’s game plan. Lee went from a starter to being replaced by Barnes and Green.

    1. Veteran minimum because he got paid huge in the last season of his super big contract, he will get bough out by GSW. Lakers get a steal of a deal, he plays great defense and he is a athletic player, he just got buried on the Boston bench because the small forward position was given to the young guys since Ainge wanted to tank very badly but it backfired on Danny Ainge and the Celtics made the playoffs with the young guys leading the way. Wallace was the odd man out because of his age and actually he is way more rested and ready to have a big season as long as a team gives him a chance to show it off.

  • C: Roy Hibbert | Robert Upshaw | Tarik Black

    PF: Julius Randle | Brandon Bass | Larry Nance Jr.

    SF: Gerald Green or Dorell Wright | Anthony Brown

    SG: Kobe Bryant | Lou Williams | Jabari Brown

    PG: D’Angelo Russell | Jordan Clarkson

  • What is he going to accomplish? His contributory capacity continues to dwindle it, and each morsel of salary-cap space is invaluable at this stage while it’s as inflexible as it is.

    Unless he’s going to be an immediate waive-off, which I’m trusting is the tactic behind it, this move is completely fruitless.

      1. Better hope that vote go through or the Bucks will be in Vegas or Seattle. I would say you have bigger fish to fry.

        1. Seattle? LMAO, the city that lost their 46 year franchise because they were bad a few years and fans decided to boycott them by not going to games? dont let a sonic fan fool you, they’re liars. Sonics had the worst attendance in sports from 2003-2008.

          1. Those are two the Bucks have to worry. Milwaukee better fork over the cash for a new arena. 250 mil. That means no more free games on TV buddy.

        2. He’s not a Bucks fan. His name is Hoang Nguyen who is posing as a Bucks fan. He’s a fan of the 76 Tankers.

          Look this clown up on facebook, he’s from Philly.

  • I think we could go after Dorell Wright after Haywood’s salary dump and trading away Young, Kelly, and Sacre.

  • Technically the Cavs are screwed if they can’t trade Haywood. Can’t trade Haywood means can’t sign Tristan Thompson. Can’t sign Thompson means no LeBron James since James and Thompson are a package deal.

    1. James can be such a drama queen sometimes. He has Dan Gilbert and the Front Office in a vice grip as well.

          1. Congrats. Probably the biggest achievement in your pathetic life. You’re mother must be so proud LOL

  • No one is reminding you of anything Mr. Nguyen. You’re here on a Lakers blog site idiot. Don’t want to hear it? LEAVE

    1. Forget about the Bucks, this guy is not a Bucks fan. He’s a poser for the 76 Tankers

  • Haywood offers the Cavs a chance to add a player worth 12.5m to a roster that is already heavily into the luxury tax – could be paying as much as 250million. Or if they give up Haywood with an asset such as a pick, or one of the 3 guys they picked up in the draft to a team who has cap space, then they can get a 10.5m trade exception which means they can sign a player for that amount by the jan trade deadline. I think they will likely take this route as it offers them flexibility later on in the season if things go wrong with injuries etc.

  • So you’re a poser? Do you wear your mom’s high heels and wigs too? Do you pretend to be a chick name Yolanda? GTFOH!

    1. His name is also Hoang Nguyen and he lives in Philly. If you find this clowns real address let me know.

  • Kobe Bryant: $25,000,000
    Nick Young: $5,219,169
    D’Angelo Russell: $4,252,600
    Julius Randle: $3,132,24
    Ryan Kelly: $1,724,250
    Robert Sacre: $981,358
    Larry Nance: $963,000
    Tarik Black: $845,059
    Jabari Brown: $845,059
    Jordan Clarkson: $845,059
    Anthony Brown: $845,059
    TOTAL: $43,807,794


    Nick Young: $5,219,169
    Ryan Kelly: $1,724,250
    Robert Sacre: $981,358
    TOTAL: $35,883,017

    Roy Hibbert: $15,514,031

    Lou Williams: $7,000,000
    Brandon Bass: $2,800,000
    TOTAL: $61,197,048

    Cap Space is approx $69,000,000
    Which means that space that’s left will be to sign Robert Upshaw, and get a Small Forward whether it’s free agency, trade, or sign and trade one of our players from last year.

    1. Screw the SF and let it be Kobe, Brown, and Nance. Save the money and just get Upshaw. Next year with the new NBA TV deal we will have EVEN more cap space. Get Kevin Durrant and another all-star in the same room and have them both sign max deals

      1. Small Forward:
        1. Lakers use the guys they are grabbing to trade for a decent
        3-and-D sf, or
        2. They shuffle Anthony Brown, Kobe, and Nance this year, waiting to focus on getting a great small forward next year

    2. You forgot Roy Hibbert trade kicker 2.3m which Indiana will pay but still counts on Lakers cap.

    3. With the trade kicker and that eventual roster, the team salary will be around $64,000,000. Sign Upshaw if he impresses at the Summer League, and have whatever is left to see what last player they see fit to sign.

    4. Hold on… we haven’t gotten rid of Streaky no D, Dance’in Sacre and Great Ryan Hope yet….

  • cavs-lakers-clippers possible trade:

    sacre&kelly to clippers
    crawford to cavs
    haywood to lakers

    not sure if this will happen though

    1. So the Clippers give up Crawford for Kelly and Sacre???? lol no way. Terrible trade for Clips. Unless you were going for that haha

      1. Cavs might also include one of their draft picks to Clippers. That’s what they offered previous to the draft.

  • Milwaukee was 15-67 2 seasons ago
    and last season were a 6th seed in a week ass east, where they were eventually beaten by 50+ points to get kicked out of the 1st round.
    They signed Monroe to a max contract who can’t defend the rim.

  • 1st round exit without DJ Clippers fan. Your 4 year spot into the playoffs and still no chips.

  • Hi. My name is Hoang Nguyen and I hate the lakers. I’m also a sixers fan pretending to be bucks fan.

  • C:
    PF: Griffin/Davis
    SF: Pierce/Johnson
    SG: Reddick/Crawford/Stephenson
    PG: Paul/Rivers

    Congrats on your old ass SF, essentially 4 SG’s a fat ass for a backup PF, and absolutely no C’s.

  • By the time doc rivers and his son are done with the clippers, they will be back to the #1 lottery and drafting another Olowokandi.

    1. Its really sad. Clippers been into the playoffs for 4 year stright and still no chips. Should have taken maximum advantage to take over LA while the Lakers are down? Hell they might not even have a division banner with the Warriors rising.

  • Your 2015-16 Los Angeles Clippers ladies and gentleman

    PF: Blake Griffin
    SF: Paul Pierce / Wesley Johnson / Jordan Hamilton
    SG: JJ Redick / Jamal Crawford / Lance Stephenson / CJ Wilcox
    PG: Chris Paul / Jordan Farmar

    1. will scrap for the 8th seed…. never winning a championship. we’ll reach the WCF before they ever get out of the first round again.

    2. Didn’t Farmar choose some Israeli team over playing for the Clippers another season? Don’t blame him.

  • lol gotta feel sad for fans of such failure teams. lol clipper-chokers. lol still waiting to qualify for the wcf. you are a bunch of losers.

  • Stop replying to the troll and just flag, obviously he’s not a clipper fan, buck fan, celtic fan… most likely a Lin fan

  • YOU are a 28-year-old virgin. A loser. You support three different teams based on your mood. You will end up in a mental asylum. Matter of time.

    1. Damn, that’s certainly gonna happen. I guess he’s the worst case scenario for a laker hater being tormented by our success lol. I guess I’d feel like him too if the celtics win 5 championships in the next decade

      1. lol and think about this. can understand if players or teams are tormented by our success. but this guy is just some ordinary joe. lol and he’s so tormented. god help him.

  • Shut up stupid fool. Dumb asses like you are not welcome here. Go back to Clippers website or Celtics or to whatever team your delusional mind makes you think.

  • 2015 Vegas Summer League Roster:

    C: Robert Upshaw | Tarik Black

    PF: Julius Randle | Larry Nance Jr.

    SF: Anthony Brown | Will Davis Jr. | Tony Mitchell

    SG: Jordan Clarkson | Jabari Brown

    PG: D’Angelo Russell | Xavier Munford | Dwight Buycks

  • you are the one who’s gonna commit suicide. you are so bored, you make inflammatory remarks about a stranger. you let a team that YOU SUPPOSEDLY HATE influence your life so much. Feel sorry for you kid. Get some help. I’m serious. I’m probably double your age. Take my advice.

  • Letts get it done, staying under cap this year is important , the way it increases for repeat offenders is brutal soo staying under this year means when the Lkers do get the high dollar big names they will not be hit with double whammy too soon to make a run for the title. Cleveland is destined to be way over cap so if they can add some players they like and pick up a tradable piece it allows them to chase some players during the season. this could be a win for each team

  • In all honesty man just get a life and get off your computer. Go and be a productive human being in society instead of sitting behind your keyboard and trolling fans on a Laker forum. You are not funny or original, its just annoying.

  • you are the one who’s gonna commit suicide. you are so bored, you make inflammatory remarks about a stranger. you let a team that YOU SUPPOSEDLY HATE influence your life so much. Feel sorry for you kid. Get some help. I’m serious. I’m prolly double your age. Take my advice.

  • and rumor has it that the clippers had no interest in retaining deandre jordan’s services either.


        1. lol wonder when they were legit contenders.. maybe only last year.. but they choked as usual. it’s over for cp3. he should have been a laker, might have achieved some success.

          1. yep. he’s on the wrong side of 30 now. i don’t see the clips getting out of the first round.

          2. feel kinda bad for him. definitely the best overall PG since jason kidd.

  • Here’s a therapy line (323) 284-4423. I believe it might be the first step for you getting back to living a normal productive life

    I pray for u

    1. ^^what he says. we all want you to get better, kid. you can troll here all day long. we don’t care. at least get better.

  • Ok, Clippers fans, it’s on and crackin:

    1) Clippers fans be like: “Thank God Dr. Jerry Buss allowed us to rent a room at the Staples Center. I feared for my life at the Sports Arena.

    1. Hahaha hell yeah!! I remember when clipper fans used to get robbed on mlk and Hoover lol. Must suck being a clipper fan, seeing your team lose and then get robbed by some Rollin 40s hahahaha

  • Deandre OHHH NOOOO, anyways they got McGee >>> Deandre Bwahahahahha, and paul pierce pretty solid team and a very young core too bwahahahahahaha

  • Clippers fans be like: “How come Ralph Lawler don’t know how to pronounce ‘Los Angeles’ correctly?”

          1. sure the kid has never a) kissed a girl, b) played ball, c) made a friend, d) smoked pot, e) had sex… lol

  • ralph lawler and mike smith are racists, just like sterling was. they should have gotten rid of all of them simultaneously.

  • the clippers need to get the hell out of staples center… the lakers have hung five banners in that building. it will never belong to the clippers.


  • Why they’re last place in Los Angeles:

    1. Chick Hearn (Lakers)
    2. Vin Scully (Dodgers)
    3. Stu Lanz (Lakers)
    4. Bill McDonald (Lakers)
    5. Ralph Lawler (Clippers)

    1. this game is in the refrigerator, lights are out, eggs are cooling the butters getting hard and the jellos jiggling!

  • a recent poll of sports teams’ popularity in los angeles had the lakers at the top (naturally) and the clippers in fifth.. behind the LA GALAXY!


  • have you been to clits nation lately…it’s so sad there with your fans calling their own team as the “nightmare team” next season.

    I pity all of them much like the shitty Lakers the past two seasons…and you know what it’s not gonna end. Blake’s thinkin’ of leaving …tsk tsk enjoy your stay here we’re happy to have you.

  • To all Lakers Haters seeing this please Describe to me how much you hate the Lakers in one paragraph?

    1. I fukin hate the lakers because they win so much…….so many championships……its not fair……….i just want to live to see the clippers win 1.

    1. enjoy starting with ryan hollins and blake griffin on the front court. lol. durrat and westbrook got an easy ticket to the basket.

  • When all a Clippers fans can say is “fakers” that’s when you know they’ve run out of shit to say.

  • No Barnes to protect Blake. No DJ to protect the rim. No David Stern to facilitate the next star player. No free agents coming to play with 30 year old CP3. Your time is running out Cinderella. LMAO! back to the lottery you go Clipper fans.

  • clippers fans are so dumb. remember when they were protesting sterling’s ownership of the team?? then they would buy tickets to the game.. not realizing that they were putting their money into the pockets of a proven racist slumlord.


    1. most of their fans are disloyal laker’s pathetic… don’t think clippers ever had a strong fanbase. all converts.. they ought to move to seattle or go back to san diego. go and jack it in san diego!

  • In a couple of years CP3 and Blake are out so watch for them being on the trading block in middle of the year , the Clips are back being the clips !!! Go back to SD where you have always belonged !!!!!!

  • Lebron, CP3, Wade are vacationing together in the Bahamas, SOMETHING is in the works! Lebron & wade wanna reuinite Clipper Land, but i dont wanna get ahead of myself here, i would sound like a Faker tanker fan.

    1. Clipper Hall of Fame:
      Danny Manning
      Bo Kimble
      Benoit Benjamin
      Micheal Cage
      Gary Grant
      Micheal Oliwakandi
      Ken Norman

    2. Yeah something is really in the works. MEANING CP3 will be out of Clits Nation before you know it. Nyahahahahahaha.

  • Here’s a perfect example why Clippers fans don’t know “winning.”

    Game 5, Clippers vs Rockets, 2015 playoffs, Clippers up 3 games to 1…Clippers are all of a sudden blowing their huge 4th quarter lead as Houston is thisclose to trimming the series lead and sending it back to Texas for Game 6…

    As the Clippers are malfunctioning, you would expect the ENTIRE Clipper fanbase to get on their feet and start cheering on their ballclub. Instead what you hear at Staples Center is SILENCE because Clippers fans don’t know how to react. They straight up panicked. LMFAO.

    Rockets showed these wannabes what’s up. And I can’t stand HOUSTON cuz they’re coached by McHale!

      1. might not even be a trade for cap space it could be a trade for picks. we can trade for him and send back nothing

    1. Hey Clipper, tell me who is the Clippers player from Kansas that the Clippers traded in order to get one of the 50 greatest players of all time and tell me who the Clippers acquired in this trade?

    2. That picture was probably taken in 2010 when the entire team got up to get their rings…..and you photoshopped SA vs LAL into it.

  • the lakers are terrible, pathetic and not even close to being worth talking about. that being said, i will be here all day, everyday.. because for the life of me i can’t stop talking about them.

    — lakers haters

    1. Well for most their teams are losers since only one team wins it all every year. And the clippergirls ain’t winning one anytime soon.

  • chris paul is going to be 32 in 2018 when he becomes a free agent and i guarantee he is going to leave the clippers………….also wont make it past the 2nd round.

  • This yrs lineup
    Hibbert compared to last yrs

      1. The funny thing is, that’s the ONLY thing you can hang your hat on brotha. Lakers are something like 97-38 all time against the Clippers. lmfao. I bet you your HOnda Civic hatchback that the Lakers win ANOTHER chip before your Clippers make the Finals!

  • watching highlights of Cedi Osmon. could be a nice project to take up. if we can get both Christmas and Osmon for this salary dump, Mitch needs to pull the trigger.

  • ‘d’angelo russell passes the ball better than any college player i’ve seen since magic johnson’

    — rick pitino

    so better than chris paul then..

    1. Since Magic and Stockton, I’d say Kidd is the best pass-first PG. Nash was just simply overrated. After Kidd, it was CP3. Now it’s Russell.

        1. well sir you don’t know this sport then. most overrated 2x MVP of all time. he just thrived within a great system.

          1. he lead dal a top all time great offenisve teams and the suns to 4 all time top ten

          2. and he played in that system! thats whole load of rubbish, his stats shows hes not overrated!
            so u saying everyone that played in that system did well ????

            if u telling me Nash is overrated then im sorry u dont knw the sport

          3. nash as a player was overrated and did not deserve the mvps but he is the best passer ever

          4. whole load of rubbish? a young amare? a young marion? you are stupid and ignorant. nash is a top-10 passing PG. he’s not even an overall top-10 pg.

        2. Right. If you were starting a team and you could take any PG in his prime you’re telling me it’s Nash?

          1. NO! but im saying hes not overrated!
            there other PG id take

            i would take Michael Jordan as my SG over Kobe
            does that make Kobe overrated ? NO it doesn’t

      1. nash as a player was overrated. nash as a passer is underrated. nash has 5 top ten offensive teams in nba history under his belt.

        nash is the best passer in nba history

        1. MAGIC is the greatest passer in history. are you kidding me? Even Kidd was a better passer than Nash.

          1. but they arnt. im sorry nash is the besst passer in the nba history and the stats prove it

          2. how do stats prove it?? Nash career Ast avg: 8.5, Kidd career Ast avg: 8.7, Magic: 12.3!!! ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME? NASH can’t even hold Magic’s jockstrap. I watched every game Magic played. He’s the greatest passer in history. if you are gonna argue with that, you are either a) ignorant, b) stupid, c) drunk

          3. 1.the top 5 nba offesnive teams all had nash as the pg.

            2.nash’s teams have the best offensive rate in nba history.

            3. nash has the best assits/turnover ration for his teams in nba histroy.

            you need to rember the era magic played in was as a hole faster which inflated his assists per game and he played with 2 top 30 players all time and another 2-3 top 100 players

            kid played with better teams then nash did too.

            the stats prove how great of a passer nash was nash never played on a team that was less then top 10 in the nba in offensive abelity

          4. nash and d’antoni’s system fit like hand and glove. i’d give you that. still don’t think he’s as good a passer as Magic, Stockton or Kidd.

          5. nash was grat in dal too. the stats say nash is the great’s passer ever but thats it hes not an top 10 pg of all time. he played nearly 0 defense

          6. the amount of assists you average does not say if your a great passer or not.

            dal ran a system that was not pg ran. they played pricstonish.

            if you put magics per 100 positions vs nash per 100

            nash averages .6 less assits but 1.2 less turnovers. meanin nash was the better passer.

          7. or D) all of the above, if presented with a multiple choice, always choose all of the above.

  • Why are we even discussing the Clits , it’s over they are done . Clips will sign Perkins and officially become the Celtics old timers reunion tour , they should trade for Garnet and ask the NBA to allow bird and McHale to show up for cameos !!!!

  • fuck why am i working friday……im going to miss the game…….i never ever watch summer league games but this year i dunno im mad excited to see how our we play….for some reason I expect our team to go undefeated lol

        1. I am guilty of being a die hard fan and can’t wait to see the rooks play , hope my boss is not reading these comments , hate to get fired for summer league !!! LOL !!!!!! .

          1. This dude is a freaking waste of time. Why can’t he go to the world champion la clippers website ,oh right that’s as rare as, no nothing known to mankind is more rare,as in has never, will never happen.clippers suck donkeysrunLa

          2. you do need a therapist. day or night, you are always here, using three diff accounts. you have no life.

          3. His Mommy and Daddy don’t pay any attention to him at home so he seeks attention from others online……

      1. His rookie numbers ARE better than Westbrooks, but why am I talking to a person with the intelligence of a tree stump

      1. But A Brown is a SF, its his position! I think kobe will play 3 only in small ball. Id put Bass or Randle there before i put Kobe, and yes Bass plays the 3… KG and Perkins on the floor Bass played 3, Olynk and Sullinger on the floor Bass played 3!

    1. I don’t know, Randle’s starting at the 3, it’s going to be
      Hibbert, Bass, Randle, Kobe, Russell,

      everyone’s like Kobe’s too old, or slow, or small to play the three, and then out of the other side of their mouth they say, Randle’s too young, or big or heavy to play the 3….

      1. I wouldnt mind Randle starting at the 3 but I dont think he will, i think might rotate to that spot along with bass. We probably get a SF soon with deal, but if not we still have Young and A brown. Our team we have right now is very versatile, most of our guys can play two or three positions.

  • up 3-2 in the series..

    at home…

    up by 17 points with a minute remaining in the third quarter…

    lose the series in seven.

    that is the DEFINITION of a choke, folks!!!

  • Clippers fans think Blake Griffin is better than Charles Barkely. LMFAO…that’s how you know Clippers fans barely started watching the game in 2010

      1. Barkley had killer instinct and a much much better FLOOR GAME. Barkley was a point forward who had a plethora of post moves. Blake is nothing but a leaper. Dude I bet you were born in the 90s.

        1. barkely would be trash in this era of basketball. vhe was only 6-5 6-6

          he was luck to play in the watered down 90’s

          1. 6’6″ and he would STILL dominate the boards today, everyone thinks that the players are so much better today, but most don’t even have all the fundamentals down, Barkley knew how to get position, box out, time his jump, and pogo up a second time to get the rebound. He would get 10-12 rebounds a game minimum if he played today.

    1. Griffin is a mediocre defender at best. Just a good athlete. Decent post moves. Decent passer. Average IQ.

        1. if anyone thinks Griffin is even a top-5 player, they are either a) ignorant, b) stupid or c) drunk.

  • Fakers 2006

    up 3-1 in the series against the suns nash golden era

    year kobe scored 81

    lose the series in 7.

    That is the real definition of a choke.

    1. And how many times have the Clippers choked in the playoffs in the last three years? lol, that’s right…EVERY TIME THEY PLAYED

      1. They were up 3-1…but wait, that never happend apparently, lakers never played the suns in 2006 according to faker fans.

        1. An 8 seed up 3-1 against the best team in the league in ’06. Have the Clippers ever done that? Thought so.

        2. soft…..i still cant believe we made it to the playoffs and were up 3-1 against hands down the best team during those years…….now if we had no banners then u have a point but we have 16 so if some years we lose its not a big deal

    2. That team had Kobe and scrubs. The clippergirls were Lob city can’t miss loaded with ” superstars”And those chokers were up 3-1 and 19 points with five minutes to go in the third quarter of game five jackazz. Now that’s choking like no other!

      1. Howard, Harden arent superstars now? WOW! still salty because howard called your franchise fakers??

        1. I’d much rather have Hibbert than Howard. but who knows, if he keeps loosing enough, he might want to come join your Clitters, loosing attracts loosing, and you guys have it down to a science.

    3. Bro some of the worst players in our franchise history have rings, the best players of your franchise have top ten plays on espn..?

    4. at least we lost to a great team (young Amare, Marion, Nash). you lost to a horrible team like Rockets. Mind you after being 20 up in the third quarter.

    5. Don’t worry about choking anymore . . . you’ll definitely be swept by whoever you’re playing SHOULD you make it to the playoffs.

      I still give the Clits the 8th seed, coz you got CP3 and Griffin.

  • The Haywood rumor might be smoke screen since Cuban really wants Booz and Lin and the FO is playing the game .

  • Trad nick young for haywood And cut him before the deadline. Then attempt to sign Gerald green to a cheaper contract. Save some money . And possibly make a trade or 2 by Allstar weekend depending on how the season going at that time and team needs. But honestly I truly believe if D russle tunes out the be as half as good as we think hill be in his rookie year along with, kobe, Clarkson, and Lou will. Will have one of the top 3 trio of guards in the league and . Kobe just gotta allow the young guns to get off. Not to mention J Randell who I believe has the potential to be LeBron and Blake griffin like when it comes to being a absolute nightmare match up for ANYBODY!.

  • Fakers 2004-05 Kobe sure lead them to greatness, oh wait he was in court, litterally in court.

  • Clippers – Billy Crystal
    Lakers – Jack Nicholson

    Clippers – Clipper Darrell
    Lakers – Denzel Washington

    Clippers – MALE Cheerleaders
    Lakers – The Laker Girls

    Clippers – Staples Center RENTERS
    Lakers – STATUES outside Staples

    Clippers – Season Tickets at swap meet prices
    Lakers – WAITING LIST

    Clippers fans be like: “I can’t win.”

    1. lol when clippers starting winning games they asked clipper darell to refrain from using the name “Clipper Darrell”………how u gonna tell a man to stop using that name but when u were losing all those years and he supported yall it wasnt a big deal

      1. Clipper Darrell was the ONLY attraction in Clipperland til Blake and CP3 came to town. Sterling and co. are bunch of clowns!

  • Since the clips are rebuilding how about a trade , Hill , Booz , Lin , R Kelly urinating , Swaggy for Blake !!!!!!!!!!!

  • The leader of the Clippers (Doc Rivers) has like a 0-8 record in playoff elimination games. No wonder they’re called the L.A. Clipchokes.

      1. WES relishes playing for worst teams like the Lakers were last season OR will be worst teams LFOL

      2. He is a mediocre Player himself….. he’s what made us mediocre last year, so you can have him.

  • Clippers have a HISTORY of signing Laker rejects:

    1. Antwan Jamison
    2. Matt Barnes
    3. Jordan Farmar
    4. Wesley Johnson

    Need I say more?

      1. Barnes couldn’t help Orlando win a chip.
        Barnes couldn’t help the Warriors of yesteryear win a chip.
        Barnes couldn’t help the Lakers get to the Finals
        Barnes couldn’t help a loaded Clippers team get to the WCF

        Barnes is mediocre bro. But he is tough and a hard nosed competitor, I’ll agree to that.

          1. Especially when he’s getting into it at courtside with Floyd Mayweather lol

        1. Thats what our team needs tho, someone to do the dirty work. Im hoping Bass can take on the bad guy role for us

    1. They went to the Fakers thinking they were gonna win but then saw they were tanking and decided to come to the winning team of LA!

      1. What team is that, you didn’t win anything, the GSW won, everyone else lost…. unless you win it all you didn’t win, you see it’s that stinking “We almost Won” attitude that makes you and the loser Clitters, and US the Los Angeles Lakers 16 time world champions.

  • Unloading those salaries of Swaggy p. AND crew is great and it opens up roster spots.

  • Clippers fans be like: “I wonder if my team paid Floyd Mayweather to sit courtside at our games just so we can get some TV exposure?”

    1. We NEVER wonder how many games we win, because we KNOW sooner or later we’re gonna hang another banner. It’s called PRIDE brutha, something Clippers fans know nothing of.

    1. i used to tease my brother and sister, hoping to get a response, getting under the skin. but that was when i was 8. you are a fully grown man who tries to garner responses from a bunch of strangers. you need help.

      1. I love trolls when they try to get under your skin….love it soooo much! I don’t have any skin to start with LFOL

        1. lol nah man.. ,maybe until the age of 10.. even i used to piss everyone off.. but this guy never gets tired of it.

    1. Does that mean Lakers get Simmons and Thon???? That is just not fair!!! Let’s VETO it!!!

  • Clipper fans be like: “It’s SUPER EASY to sneak into the lower level seats at Clippers games.”

  • History proves the Lakers are the best franchise in the NBA and the Clippers are the worst franchise in the NBA.

      1. lol we won a ring five years ago. what tables? you haven’t reached a conference final in 45 yeas. fucking losers.

      2. Is that the table you were hiding under when they chocked and lost three straight last year, or the table D’Andre Jordan sat at to sign his new contract with the Mav’s this year?

  • Clippers fans be like: “Donald Sterling is a dumbazz for trading Byron Scott for Norm Nixon. Now the Lakers have three extra chips because of Scott.”

  • Anyone who has ever watched a Clippers playoff game knows that Clippers fans have ZERO CLUE how to get loud in the postseason

  • Riddle: I’ve been in the NBA for 45 years. I have won only two division titles, I have no conference titles, I’ve never made the conference finals. Statistically speaking, I am the worst franchise in THE HISTORY OF THE LEAGUE.

    Who am I?

  • Even the Pacers and Suns have made the NBA finals. Clipper still seeking first Conference Final in 45 years.

        1. ure gonna be thrown out for being so mediocre. no conference finals in 45 years. we are a city of winners. can’t accept such mediocrity.

  • The Lakers have a much better future than the Clitters. D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, Lou Williams, Roy Hibbert, Robert Upshaw, Larry Nance trumps 30 year old Chris Paul and Blake Griffin any day of the week. What happened you lost you’re big franchise center D’Andre Jordan but LOL you got that scrub Wes Johnson LMFAO LOL HA HA HA!

  • The Los Angeles Athletic Totem Pole

    1. Lakers
    2. Dodgers
    3. Kings
    4. Angels
    5. Galaxy
    6. USC Trojans football
    7. Ducks
    8. UCLA basketball
    9. The Sterlings, er Clippers

      1. lol we won a ring five years ago. Is that the past?? you haven’t reached a conference final in 45 yeas. fucking losers.

      2. Times have changed ?, Clippers lost big time in the past and they lost last year three straight…. same old .. same old

  • DeAndre Jordan left the Clitters and in 2 years Blake Griffin is leaving back to OKC. Chris Paul will be 33 by then LOL. Austin River the future Clitters fans be like he the man LOL.

  • The Los Angeles Athletic Totem Pole 2001

    1. Lakers
    2. Dodgers
    3. Kings
    4. Angels
    5. Galaxy
    6. USC Trojans football
    7. Ducks
    8. UCLA basketball
    9. The Sterlings, er Clippers

    The Los Angeles Athletic Totem Pole 2015

    1. Kings
    2. Clippers
    3. Dodgers
    4. Angles
    5. Galaxy
    6. USC Trojans football
    7. Ducks
    8. UCLA basketball
    9. Lakers

    1. think you forget that these lists are based on facts. when you don’t reach a Conference Final for 45 years, you don’t deserve to be in town. Losers.

  • Clippers fans be like.. Our young gun point guard Austin Rivers is gonna shut down Russell and Clarkson!

  • With the 1st pick of the 2019 NBA draft the Los Angeles Lakers select, Marvin Bagley, III out of ……….. University.

  • The Clippers Curse continues…

    Shaun Livingston annihilates his knee as a Clipper and wins a chip in Golden State.

    Blake Griffin suffers major injury against the LAKERS during his rookie season and won’t win a chip until he leaves the Clippers.

  • Clippers fans be like: “You can buy Clippers playoff tickets on Craigslist for $15, parking included.”