Lakers Rumors: L.A. Currently Has ‘No Plans’ For Nick Young Trade

Following their second straight losing season, the Los Angeles Lakers spent another off-season revamping their roster in hopes of making the team a playoff contender. The Lakers selected D’Angelo Russell with the second overall pick during the draft, Roy Hibbert became the expected starting center after being acquired in a trade, and Brandon Bass and Lou Williams decided to join the Lakers via free agency.

While trying to make room for the new additions, the Lakers front office reportedly attempted to shop Nick Young, Robert Sacre, and Ryan Kelly. The team failed to find any suitors and currently has no intentions of moving Young, according to the OC Register’s Bill Oram:

Young struggled during his second year with the Lakers. He was supposed to be the team’s best scoring threat off the bench, but injuries and inconsistent play caused Young to shoot just 36.6 percent from the field while averaging 13.4 points per game. Despite the numbers, general manager Mitch Kupchak still sees value in Young for the upcoming season.

The addition of Williams appears to complicate Young’s role since the two are both known for their scoring abilities. However, the Lakers are also thin at the small forward position and could still use Young’s size. Head coach Byron Scott wants Young to improve other facets of his game, especially his defense, in order to see more playing time.

The Lakers also have a $2.8 million room exception should the team decide to bring on another player.

Young will be a beast this year !!!

  • We need his scoring badly so his good outweighs his bad. I really don’t see what’s so bad about him anyway. 80% of the players in the league play no defense so no shock on his defense. But as you can see watching the summer league games as we can’t even crack 70 pts that we really need to keep Nick. Plus his contract is actually a bargain now.

    1. His defense is actually pretty neutral, the stats showed that the lakers defense was better with him on the floor

      1. I hear you. I mean he had a couple silly plays and everybody makes a big deal about him being a problem. Streaky or not i’ll take a guy who can give me 20+ pts once every 6 or 7 games and a average of 12-14 regularly

        1. Dude doesn’t pass. He just ISOs and stops the ball. It’s horrible for the offense, which is a motion offense that needs a lot of passing. For his entire career, Streaky no D averages less than one assist.

          1. Nick needs to have the ball in his hands less which means he needs to be working on his off ball game

          2. Hasn’t happened in eight years. I see no reason why it’s gonna all of a sudden happen now.

          3. A lot of players “don’t pass” the offense we run is stupid. Fire Byron don’t trade Nick

          4. Fire Barron, waive Kobrick and give Swaggy a chance to come back after his injuries.

          5. If he never literally passed the ball he wouldnt be in the NBA. So he obviously does pass the ball. Stop being a moron.

          6. Just like Kobrick except that his 36% shooting is probably going to be better than Kobrick’s.

          7. Yeah, but Kobe at least averages over 5 assists per game. Young? Barely 1 assist his career, less recently.

          8. With no blocks no steals and no passing the ball a great team player. And other team wants him ??

  • Well, he and Williams can definitely provide the insurance for Kobe that we haven’t had in the past. How good our bench is will depend on how well they can play together. That remains to be seen. Teams don’t typically have two gunner types on the floor at the same time for efficiency reasons

  • I think him being a defensive liability is overblown. He’s pretty neutral on D. Not good or bad. But the numbers show that the lakers were better at preventing points when he was on the floor

  • Nick Young assist average for career = 1.1 per game
    Lou Williams assist average for career = 2.9 per game

    Lou is better for the Princeton Offense than Nick.

      1. Thank you. J Brown has been playing very well, can shoot, is physical and actually plays defense well. I suggested that on this site yesterday and people were like “nothing Jabari does can be compared to Russell” lol. Lets hope B Scott is not that arrogant

      1. Byron Scott – finally has some what of a decent team that he can coach. He finally got a few oh his kind of player with a defensive mentality, Roy Hibbert, Brandon Bass, Anthony Brown, Larry Nance Jr, Robert Upshaw, a passer in D’Angelo Russel, scorers in , Kobe Bryant, Jordan Clarkson, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle.

        Looking forward to seeing this year and next year. Go Lakers!

  • Nick and Lou off the bench is still a fantastic combo off the bench, those two can combine for 30 or 40 on any given night especially how we’ve seen these offensive struggles in the SL

    1. It is but someone needs to feed them. Russell can’t start yet. We need Russell to feed them. We need to sign another sg/sf

    2. Byron needs to change his system or leave. Guy can’t coach, and his players tune him out after a couple years. look at nets hornets cavs. next is lakers

          1. No team is going to turn around with a shit roster. Need talent to win games, regardless of who the coach is. Byron not getting much love in Laker land, but that’s based largely on last years results – they weren’t going to win games with that roster last year no matter who was coaching.

  • Nick
    wants to stay in LA but is on BS’s s*&t list. Nick has a lot to prove this year. It could be a good thing keeping him around.

  • fuck the lakers, fuck mitch, fuck jim, fuck byron, fuck swaggy, fuck ball………….the good ol days are gone time to retire next yr with kobe it was a good run while it lasted laker nation. #1996-2016

  • Lots of good teams have a chucker like nick off the bench. Examples:
    Clippers: Jamal Crawford
    Thunder: Dion waiters
    Cavs: J.R. Smith
    Bulls: Aaron brooks
    Heat: Gerald Green
    Warriors: Marresse Speights

    1. Do you just look at points? More to the game then that. Dude is a -20 right now. He plays on one end of the court only.

        1. Russell could not even get to double digits in scoring or assists. Madsen did a good job benching him cause he was pretty close to having 10+ TO’s.

  • Lakers´s Rotation

    PG Clarkson/Russell
    SG Kobe/LouW/Brown
    SF Young/Brown(Kobe)
    PF Bass/Randle/Nance J
    C Hibert/Upshaw/Black

  • its easy….

    Dlo-Lou-Abrown/nance jr-Randle/Bass-Tarik

    Upshaw,jbrown and nance jr/Abrown will be 11-13th


  • clarkson

    j brown

    randle,russel,anthony brown to LA defenders

  • We have to ask to ask if the team will have the same chemistry last season, if you remember this was our main problem. He was doing nothing, can this time?

    1. and just think, oak is only 19 — this guy is going to pretty damn good when he hits his prime.

  • Good, i think the lakers should start russell kobe and young since we got williams coming off the bench.

    1. I don’t think you can have any two of them (Kobe, Young, Williams) on the floor at the same time, so long as they continue to use only one ball.

      1. Your right dana but rather have kobe and young on the floor together instead of Williams and young

  • 29 teams said “no thanks” to Nick Young. I’m sure he understands that. Hope it takes a little of the swag off him, and makes him a tiny bit humble. Hungry, even. Because I think he can play well, if he decides to.

      1. Lou Williams is a baller and wil be an LA favorite, and I’m sure will play 28+ minutes a game off the bench. As long as N. Young is not in the starting lineup, then that means he would actually need to compete for time on the court, not just have it handed to him like last year.

    1. Take a little off but not too much. Remember confidence is very important in any sport. That’s why most good players are not the type you want as a friend, too egotistical.

  • B. Scott already had an idea of whose starting and whose off the bench. He knows Kobe is gonna try it out at SF, he knows Lou is off the bench to retain the 6th man award, and he knows Swaggy P is off the bench as well. Therefore, you know Russel and JC are going to get a bulk of the minutes at the 1 and 2.

  • I always knew it would be hard to trade this guy. Opposing GMs are not as dumb as we Laker fans like to think sometimes. The team might have to give up an asset to move this guy who only does the same between the legs step back j every single time he gets the ball

  • The young guys look far from ready. Nick Young might be the best player on offense for the Lakers. Kobe can’t play more than 40 games most likely. Great idea to keep him. He can score 20 points any game.

  • Nobody wants Young. That’s a shocker.
    A roster with Young and Williams both on it. Brilliant roster construction guys.
    What do you expect from the FO that brought you Nash, Swaggy P and now D’Arko Russell.
    Dark Days ahead. All capped off with our lottery pick going to Philly next year.

    1. so you just gonna give up on russel just like that? after only 3 games? wow laker fans are dumb. i still believe he can be like steph curry and i wont give up on him even if he has another 8 TO’s. im sticking by my players and my team. screw the rest of u guys! go randle russel n clarkson! lakers r gonna come back i know they can do it.i believe in them

  • Any chance the Lakers will give up on trying to convert D. Russell into a point guard? He’s got the length of John Wall, but it doesn’t look like he’ll ever have the quickness. I like Clarkson, I mean seems like a good kid, but in my opinion he’s not even starting calibre NBA guard, and won’t be anytime soon.

    1. No one is as fast as Wall. He is a freak. But Russell can play the 1. Manu plays the 1 a lot and physically they are very similar. I see Russell as a combo guard. Not a true point guard but a guy you can run your offense through.

    1. next game will be 15th July I think, they’re gonna be seeded first in the 1st round just don’t know who they’ll be facing.

  • Lakers should have traded for Perry Jones III of the Oklahoma City Thunders, 23 y/o SF/PF, 6’11 with 14ppg, 7rpg averages and can hit the 3. Now he’s going to the Celtics.

    1. I agree. He looked real good when the Thunder had injuries and he was filling in before he got hurt. Lots of potential.

    2. Yep. Lakers should have gotten him @$7M…very mobile 6’11 SF with handles and shotblocking skill who can also play PF. Can defend both forward positions.

    3. U don’t see the thread we re on? They saving that spot for nick this year then K D next yr smh shame.. Lakers stay missing out on good pieves ..He did ball out nicely

      1. I’m just saying they both looking pretty average right now. All the later picks doing much better than top 3, must be because they all kids. But everyone keeps saying Okafor this Okafor that, he is absolutely nothing special at all.

        1. He’s is special that’s what I don’t get from you and all the people on here constantly mentioning his name are trolls.

      2. f*ck okaFOR im sticking by russel, just like the titanic if he doesnt do good u dont jump ships. the only ship in town is the titanic and u have to stand by ur players u dont abandon ship like coward.

    1. Porzingis is really good though. I was really high on him coming into the draft just because of the competition he is used to competing against. He was playing against grown men last year and doing it well!

      1. No doubt, I honestly believe he will be the one the Lakers regret passing on, not Okafor. Everyone was saying he was too skinny, but he is so long that he makes it work, he blocks with two hands, it’s really quite effective.

        1. And he is so quick for his size! He is pretty unique. And he bangs down low even though he is thin. I like him a lot.

          1. exactly that i could work with. picking porzingis over russel. but look we got hibbert who is about 7’2. russel hopefully will work out his issues and play ball. i dont want to see him fail.

    2. anyone notice how this crazy man trolls okafor even though okafor looks great in summer league haaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!. compared to russel he looks like god. russel is a bust guaranteed

      1. I’m watching the game, not trolling. While idiots like you just look at box scores and see Okafor put up 18 and 6, sounds good, but when you actually watch him, you can see he has a lot to improve, just like DLo does.

          1. Maybe your right my friend..I Just Hope Lakers will perform well next season and that nick will Show he’s improve during offseason.

          2. I’m Hopeful they will contend for the spot or maybe higher than that.

          3. I have Kobe down as our starting 3 for now. Heck, Indiana is going to play George at the 4, Kobe can surely play the 3.

  • Really hope he improved his off-ball like he said. I want to see more cutting and spacing from him.

  • people are claiming that nick and lou won’t work together off the bench based on the assumption that kobe will start every single game for us this year. not exactly a safe bet. should kobe be injured for an extended amount of time, young fills that starting spot nicely

  • The way things look so far they need to look for another PG. Clarkson is not a true point and will score first and if Russell continues to turn the ball over and struggle they need another pg to bring off the bench. Wonder if they can steal Norris Cole.

    1. Norris Cole is basically the same player as Clarkson except not as big. Neither can pass very well.

  • Sign Dorrel Wright or KJ Mcdaniels

    Sign Kevin Seraphin

    Find Suitors for Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre

  • Afraid we are stuck with Young for another two years. That contract is just too long. When they announced they signed him for 4 years I was shocked, that was crazy.

    1. That’s on FO for listening to LN’s stayswag campaign. He won’t get the same opportunity as before especially with his lack of overall game. Lou Williams will get more responsibility from Scott as opposed to Young.

  • mitch could be waiting on rockets to sign either kj mcdaniels or josh smith rockets can only pick one

    1. Lakers roster is pretty set unless they make a trade. They have 15 players signed. Although two of them aren’t guaranteed.

      1. mitch will sign 1 more guy from agency (seraphin,kj mc daniels,josh smith) and he should sign a foward because randle is not ready to start

          1. He only has a summer league contract I am pretty sure.
            Anthony Brown
            Jabari Brown
            Ryan Kelly

            Is 15 players.

            Of those 15 I think only Jabari Brown and Black are non-guarenteed.

        1. Mudiay looks like the franchise player right now anyway. So losing Lawson is not hurting them.

        1. He and Wall had an awesome showdown, that is for sure. But Randolph averaged 27 points, 8 boards, 4 blocks, 3 steals a game. In 28 minutes per game!!!

          1. Yeah and guys like Wesley Matthews, Batum, David West and others were shitting the bed in summer league lol

          2. damn if that is true where is he right now? lakers need a good solid lockdown defense type player for SF SG position lou williams is 6’1 jabari brown is like 6’4 and nick young cant play defense. we should rehire metta world peace for 2 more years. i bet he can still play ball. MWP!

          3. He never made it in the NBA. He is playing in Europe. And not even very good haha.

  • Lakers plan staff move to beef up analytics operation

    http://www. ocregister .com/articles/operation-671640-coach-plan.html

    Lol, the early bird gets the worm.

    1. I wonder if Madsen does a Sesame Street performance while reading the analytics to Scott. Maybe if Oscar the Grouch could help explain it to both of them.

    2. Analytics is overrated. To win championship in the NBA, all you have to do is using basketball common sense. For example, from 2008-2010, the lakers had one of the most analytically sound team in NBA history. All the pieces on the court synergized with each other. Maybe that team was put together by accident because there was no analytics expert on the Lakers front office at that time.

      1. When you have two of the highest basketball iq’s to have ever played the game, in their prime, on the same team running an improvisational offense you can afford to ignore analytics.
        Right now the Lakers do not have that luxury.

        1. Not just those Kobe and Gasol. Ariza, Odom and Fisher were vital role players. If Ariza was healthy in 2008, the Celtics might not have won that championship.

          1. True and even though analytics prove our current offense sucks most people with common sense can see that. We just need smart people leading the team. And Byron and MadDog are part of the problem, not part of a solution.

          2. I think all championship teams have to be lucky and get 1 or 2 superstar players. And with basketball common sense, build the rest of your team around your super stars. I think the lakers are fishing right now, they are hoping Russell would be that guy.
            If Russell is indeed that guy, he will adapt to any system under any coach. Under bad coach and bad system, a superstar will still find a way to win some games and exit early in the playoffs.

          3. But you can also have teams like Atlanta with no superstars but great coaching and analytics who defy that formula and build a winning team without those pieces.

          4. 2 cases that get you to the playoffs but not championship:
            1) Superstar + bad coaching/system
            2) no superstar + good coaching/system
            To win it all, you need both super star and coaching (look at the shaq/kobe team, they went from playoff bust to 3peating as soon as they got phil Jackson as a coach).

          5. Spurs are a better example. They won with no superstars. Timmy is a legend but it has been many years since he has been considered a star.

          6. Except for a span of 3 years after Gasol was traded to the Lakers, I don’t think there is a PF that is better than Duncan when he’s healthy. The way that he impacts the game on both ends of the floor.

          7. He is my second favorite player of all time. But he isn’t a superstar, Spurs rarely even run plays for him. And he is so awesome he doesn’t even care. He trusts the system and analytics.

          8. The thing with Duncan is that he doesn’t act like a superstar, but he definitely is one. He doesn’t care if he start the game or off the bench. But when asked, he’ll deliver.

          9. Spurs are another example. Maybe a better one since they have won championships without stars.

      2. Better late than never but #’s don’t lie, analytics is more so in relation to playing more efficient.

    3. Analytics was just a bogus excuse from LA to not sign with us. I don’t think any player as good as Aldridge ever dream about playing a sidekick. The Spurs are LA’s team now and the Spurs will win a Championship again soon like they always do. Who doesn’t want to join a ball club where literally the whole team sacrificed so you can join? He can’t get that with the Lakers. Every basketball fan in general saw how the Lakers treated Pau on the last years of his contract with us. Nobody wants to end up getting used and thrown away like a piece of garbage. That was the same feeling Marc Gasol had and the reason why he didn’t want to follow his brother’s footsteps. Pau propelled us to two Championship rings and three straight Finals appearance. After a losing season, the team tried to trade him for Chris Paul and planned to sign Dwight Howard afterwards just so Kobe can get his sixth ring.

  • Does Mitch honestly expect us to respect a team coached by Byron Scott and MadDog? I feel insulted.

  • Damn…can’t get rid of this goof ball! He is contagious to losing. They need to get rid of him before he infects the rookies!

        1. Nothing will change my view. If the lakers don’t do at least 6 of those steps I listed, they won’t be champions.

          1. Choose your letters wisely my man…ive never in my life heard nonsense like that

  • lakers got the biggest bust in the 2015 nba draft. i knew that 15% superstar would never have been true:D i always knew the 41% bust was true.

    1. Bro..cslm down..judging too much off too little. ..that boi has so much pressure on him right now to live up to expectations and he plays for us so give it some time..hes only 19..he will blossom

    2. Wishy Washy petulant child fans, example: over on the 76ers forum right now they want to trade Okafor for Porzingis just cause of that one game.

  • What’s the difference between Rajon Rondo and Emmanuel Mudiay on the offensive end of the court?

      1. Up until recent years, Rondo was one of the best at getting to the basket since he can’t shoot.

  • Devin Booker’s shot looks really good. Wonder how that rotation will work. Bledsoe and Booker start with Knight off the bench.

  • RJ Hunter (3 year college player) the so called best pure shooter in the draft who the Lakers passed on, went 0-8, 0 points in his first two SL games, since then he has put up 18, 13, 21, 13. Patience is the key child fans,. patience.

      1. I like BS for the kids development but lets be serious does anyone here actually think when the kids are ready he’ll still be around because i don’t

  • Lakers proved they are a clueless, amateur organization when they passed on Okafor. They deseve the mockery they’re getting.

    1. and you proved you don’t know enough about basketball to even have an opinion, let alone base that opinion on a stupid summer league game…..
      Hell if they end up winning this fucken tourney i bet you’ll be back on the sack you troll

        1. I was rooting for Okafor, but we went for DLO and i like that as well…Im not basing a kids potential on a summer league tourney like you are Monix, i have enough common sense to be patient and reserve my opinion until i see them play with Kobe and the rest of the vets…

          1. I’m not basing it on SL. I hated the pick from the get-go. I watch a lot of college hoops. I was never impressed with Russell. Always was impressed by Okafor.

          2. So you call the other guy a butthurt Russell fan.. but you admit to being an Okafor fanboy just when your boy played like shit against the Knicks today…

            Ok buddy… Russell is a Laker. Not Okafor. Either you cheer for him or STFU and go somewhere else. The kids here to stay. And Okafor’s career will be shit until he leaves Philly.

          3. those two were my 1A and 1B, Okafor was going to be ready from the get go obviously, DLO is also a great pick but he will take time, although his passing abilities will look a lot better when he’s passing with guys that think the game like he does aka Kobe and the vets instead of Black, Brown and the rest of the guys that are playing hero ball in the summer league just to get noticed…

          4. Exactly. These Fanboys think Russell will be a superstar because the Lakers picked him. They don’t know a thing about basketball or assessing talent. If they did, thy would know it was a mistake on draft day.

          5. I love how they ignore the title Okafor won, by the way. Russell was on a team with dissention. Not a proven winner.

          1. Criticizing your favorite team is OK. You don’t have to defend every dumb thing they do.

    2. Okafor shot 8-18 with 4 TOs and got blocked 5 times.. Porzingis really shut him down. And I just shut you down with all that Okafor talk.

      STFU! LOL

      1. So if Okafor plays bad, he sucks. But when Russell plays even worse, then it’s just Summer League. OK got it.

        1. Here’s where your logic fails, When Russell plays bad he is a bust, but when Okafor plays bad, he is the guy the Lakers should have picked. Don’t you see the fallacy?

        2. Not at all. It’s SL, no one should be crying over nothing. They’re kids. They all will struggle, but believing Russell will fail or will be a bust like you’re doing is straight up BS. Just because you like’d someone who was already touted as NBA ready over who we picked (who has LOADS of more talent to be processed and molded), doesn’t mean you should wish for the worst.

    1. kinda hard for Randle to get going when the plan with him is to play him 5min per quarter!!!!!! Not many kids can get a rhythm with such inconsistent minutes let alone a kid coming back after missing a whole year….

    2. Seeing that the Okafor fanboy trolls are currently here, one could say the Lakers are 1-0 against Okafor, 0-2 against Towns and Porzingis.

        1. D’Angelo is playing the point, it’s much tougher than playing Okafor’s position who by the way happens to have 23 of his own turnovers.

          1. Scrub D-Leaguers are out playing D’Arko. Percy Jackon took him to school. Grant, who I wished we got with Okafor, according to the Knick announcers “outplayed Russell in every facet of the game.”

          2. So you are already writing Russell off after three SL games coached by Mark Madsen?

          3. Equally one can say that Larry Nance Jr outplayed Okafor, blocked two of his shots, and had a field day in the paint on the offensive glass. I think you mean Pierre Jackson, do you even watch games or just see the box score?

          4. I don’t care if it was Tito Jackson, he took D’Arko to school.Nance did not school Okafor. He had 19 and 11. Nance will be lucky to do that in a month.

          5. Ah figures you’d be the guy who gets wowed by big numbers, the box score guy. How did you like the rest of his game? The non existent defense? The party in the paint? Clarkson getting all kinds of easy buckets, hell even Russell dropped 14-8-6

          6. Grant didn’t outplay Russell if anything he took it to Clarkson, when DLO matched up on him he stripped him ( wack ass foul) or forced him to give up the ball….

          7. FUCK Breen and Frazier!!!!
            Jerry West said DLO is a great player similar to a shorter Magic or a healthy Steve Nash so thats what I’m rolling with!!!!

    3. Randle is our future. Not Nance. Guy played like shit yesterday too… LOL.

      People were all over his nuts after a great performance defensively, saying he should be the backup 4 over a proven vet like Bass who is not only solid defensively but solid overall (and young)…. Yeah, don’t make me laugh Bob.

    4. Randle isn’t a team player. He needs to get over himself. They say that is the hardest part to becoming a good NBA player haha.

      1. HAHAHA!!! Clarkson is not a team player. Randle got like 4 wide-open shots for others last game.

        1. That is also true. Too many guys trying to do it all on this summer squad. They have no chemistry.

          1. Randle needs to be selfish. He needs to get into a rhythm and he knows that. But he set people up on the break, and got Brown the wide-open 3…

            Guy is a playmaker. Something Clarkson needs to work on. He doesn’t need the reps, He should take SL off from now on and give the other guys the time.

          2. I am serious, he always looks uninterested until he has the ball. No energy. Watch a guy like Nance or Draymund Green and they have energy all game. Randle acts like he is too cool even though he has done nothing. He needs to get over himself.

          3. You guys are WAY TOO high on Nance. And no, Nance looked gassed after missing wide-open shots left and right. YOU guys need to get over yourselves and stop falling so hard on these guys. Losing so bad in that 1Q really took a toll on all of them. Randle doesn’t act entitled or anything. Guy has not played ball in a LONG time. You need to back off. Too much overanalyzing nothing and nitpicking.


          4. Just using his attitude as an example. Randle is far more talented he just needs to get over himself. I want him to be like Draymund Green but he can’t do that until he starts putting the team before himself

          5. Again… nothing you are saying right now is factual. Just your observation of nothing. Please listen.. STOP. Stop nitpicking from nothing more than exhibition games.

            And Randle will be better than Draymund. Book it.

        2. Randle doesn’t do the little things. You see Nance and Russell setting off ball screens and doing things that there are no stats for but Randle is a stats player. If he isn’t getting assists, points or rebounds he in uninterested.

          1. Are you seriously going to say Randle doesn’t set screens off-ball? You clearly didn’t watch the game or you have selective memory. And that’s BS! Uninterested? Everyone looked “uninterested” after the 1Q. I remember the facial expression on Nance when he fouled a dude for the and-1. He looked like, “Who the fuck cares…”

      2. Hey buddy i just saw on Twitter Lakers are bringing in Venice Mase for analytics i don’t know him but it’s a step, also heard rumblings of mitch unhappy with system

    5. Does anyone think Randle may have packed on too much muscle? It must be tough having that much muscle with such short arms, it will severely decrease his flexibility.

      1. not really since hes explosive, and he creates great separation when using his body. He just needs to keep it simple, knock down a few jumpers so it opens lanes and he’ll regain his touch and confidence….

  • alright so i know its fun to talk shit and have fun here but the reality is DLO, Randle , and Clarkson have had spurts were they look both good and bad, but my biggest gripe is that either the system isn’t working for the kids meaning they haven’t grasped the concept of it or Mark Madsen is just a terrible coach who can’t seem to get the team to quit playing hero ball and emphasis ball movement, spacing and an overall team cohesiveness….

  • The title should read “no choice” but to keep Young instead of “no plan” to trade Young.

  • Screw chemistry. Its bad coaching! All they have to do is spread the floor & have consistent ballmovement & the paint will open up for clarkson, randle, dangelo. All teams they are playing against are also not familiar to their new teammates but somehow they got better ballmovement. Screw the old school point guard offense & just play team ballmovement like spurs, warriors, hawks, raptors etc. Byron is so hard headed or naive. Most teams are already adapting to spurs offense. & dont blame lakers defense because its said that good offense gives inspiration to good defense. Spurs offense is benefiting an old duncan & ginobili while kobe visioning to retire because the game looks hard for him & blaming his age. But he should be smart that the spurs offense is the answer for him to see himself playing for atleast 3more years!!!! Byrons offense is so ugly! Kidd, cp3, irving are all prone to injury in rookie years under byron & is it coincidence both cp3 & irving cant be healthy at the middle of important playoffs last season… Byrons hard player conditioning, hard defense & too much pointguard use can take toll to those guards overtime. Maybe thats y kidd doesnt like byron….

    1. exactly what i just said, Madsen can’t seem to get these guys to space the floor and move the damn ball…..

  • Just fire Coach Scott. The man’s head is programmed to the 1980s and he’ll never be switched back.

      1. I’m still going to believe he will change. He will have no excuse this year but if he put Mark Madsen in charge of anything again I’m done believing

  • Everyone said Okafor is the most NBA ready and was the clear favorite to win ROY. Everyone agreed that Russell had the highest ceiling but needed time to get there. To declare Russell a bust and Okafor a super star after just three SL games is just stupid

  • Way easier to look like a stud in the SL when your game is based on iso post up plays then when you are a point guard who’s game is based on team cohesion

    1. Russell kind of hinted at that. Says to run a new play every time down the court takes all 5 guys buying in and executing. It takes 5 to tango, at least in basketball haha

  • Some serious cancer fans here enjoying Russell’s early struggles because they wanted Okafor.

      1. LOL and you claim to hate trolls and attacking people cause they have a different point of view on the Lakers hypocritical much?

          1. And no matter how hard you try Dana is never going to fuck you and no matter how much you pretend you are not desperately trying to fuck the one chick who will talk to you in cyber space it’s clear as day what you trying to do and failing at

          2. I don’t know who Dana even is. I don’t need to get ass online. You’re the loser consumed by her. And the one who keeps bringing her up and insulting her looks. Then your lame ass played the dead mom card when all else failed and she put you in your place.

          3. Dude you brought her up first by saying done beating women. So don’t give me that bullshit you are the one who brought the other board here

          4. I assumed you had a chick at home you was beating. My bad. Didn’t mean to confuse you.

          5. Total bullshit that no reasonable person would believe. If you meant my GF you would have said done beating your GF. Your back tracking because you are losing the argument

          6. Oh this is an argument now? I thought we were having a friendly conversation about whether Russell will live up to the hype.

          7. Are you for real? Are you really saying such stupid shit.? Are you done beating women is a friendly conversation I hope it’s sarcasm I am not picking up and you are really not that dumb

  • The overarching theme of Russell’s introduction to the NBA is adjustment. He’s learning a system that pulls him away from handling the ball. He’s figuring out the kinds of angles that will be available to him. He’s playing against a level of competition that’s challenging him every minute he’s on the floor, as opposed to stomping on lesser-talented college athletes who’ll never step foot on an NBA court. A player destined to conduct offenses as beautiful as Tchaikovsky symphonies doesn’t just wave a magical baton. Everything falls apart when the orchestra’s timing is off. “If you run a set and it breaks down, it’s a quick turnaround. Five seconds and you need to get a shot off,” D’Angelo elaborated when discussing the difficulties of running an offense the team is unfamiliar with that also eats up the shot clock.

    Yes, it’s going to take time and patience to watch his talent fully blossom, but the kind of ceiling he has should make it well worth the wait. “Summer League is great for the adjustment process. I feel like I’m going to get better every game, every practice,” D’Angelo said when asked about his progress. “Once I get under the system and get the hang of it a little better, I think the better I’ll possibly be.”

    1. For a second I thought you wrote that all by yourself but then I realized it’s a cut and paste job with no source attribution.

      1. Maybe Dana will read you ripping off her insults of me that will finally get her to decide to fuck you

          1. Okay like you just did not rip off someone else’s blast about ripping off others sure I am the one who needs meds not the guy pretending to be Kenny Powers online

      1. If he passes waivers then something to consider. Although for myself it’s more of a short term than long-term business move. Being to throw him into a future trade package but he’d likely head South (Texas) IMO.

    1. Seems kind of stupid to waive him with still 25 million cap hit over two years. There are FO’s out there who are stupid enough to take him, the 76ers for example, they need a point guard.

      1. The Rocket’s may still have interest in Lawson. They may end up getting him for below value tho likely requiring a pick or two.

      2. I believe there are priorities of teams when a player is waived, worse teams by record will get to take or pass.

        1. I’m talking about the Denver Nuggets cap hit they take, not what happens after he gets waived. They still have to pay him that 25 million and it takes up their cap room, unless they decide to stretch it all out over multiple seasons.

      3. Stretch provision if they haven’t utilized it unless they’d want to try and buyout his contract.

  • 1. D12, 2. Nash, 3. lose Gasol for nothing, 4. $25,000,000 Kobe, 5. signed Young, Kelley, 6. did not pick Okafor, 7. keeps Young, Kelley & Sacre. ONLY ONE THING LEFT FOR ALL OF US WHO LOVE THE LAKERS,
    The only way the Los Angeles Lakers will ever be a proud powerhouse agsin is for all of us reading this to do the following;
    A. We begin complaining that we heard/saw Jimmy Buss at a downtown bar swearing, making raciest comments about every minority & talking smack about his own players & We also say we heard/saw him laughing about his sister & Phil & the rest of his siblings…..…

    B.OR Jeanie can forget this nepotism & fire that worthless self centered moron Jim Buss who is not only ruining the team every year he is in charge but “LOSING THE WHOLE FAMILY HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN TEAM VALUE”.

    Now if the Clip’s sold for 2 billion, the Lakers ever as rotten as they are now should fetch say 3 billion & we get maybe Bill Gates to foot the bill with Jerry West getting say $10,000,000 a year to be 100% in charge & hiring Coach “K” to coach the team…..

    1. The Kobe contract was crazy, before he even showed he was healthy from the Achilles. Luke Walton deal was a bad one back in the day too.

  • Lakers Fanboys – those of us who know basketball knew Russell would be a bust BEFORE the draft, not because he’s had a few bad Summer League games. Dear Gawd you’re stoopid.

    1. so Im taking your expert opinion of that of Jerry West who called him a shorter Magic or a Healthy Steve Nash???? yeah ok troll

    2. Look troll, before the draft everyone said Russell lacked athleticism and was turnover prone, and would take the longest to develop, but he had the highest ceiling in the draft, so far this is true

      everyone said Towns was also the best big man who had the least weaknesses, and would also take longer to develop, and had issues with foul trouble so far this is very true

      everone said Okafor was the most offensively ready big man in the draft – true so far, he struggles to score against longer C’s – very true, his defense and effort is very poor – also true.

      Everything that is happening in summer league is what has been predicted so far

      1. You’re giving v-dogg a run for his money as president of the D’Arko Russell dickriders club. At least when your boy struggles you’re still here nurturing him.

        1. Meanwhile you are giving Harry Balzchak, those fake Clippers/Bucks/Celtic trolls a run for their money. Although I expect you are all actually one person, and certainly no real Laker fan would be calling their draft pick Darko Milicic already after only 3 games of SL basketball, less than a month removed from the draft.

          1. Who is this Darko Milicic you speak of? Are you comparing D’Arko Russell to him? I’ve heard they’re a lot alike.

          2. Ah you are a troll, forget it. Stop pretending to be a Lakers fan you aren’t fooling anyone.

  • One thing we have to realized is that all this freshman (out of college) rookies, are way behind on development on what they suppose to be. That is a whole separate discussion whether they should stay or not in school more.
    The point is, we will see these kids either develop or flop in 2-3 years. What is important is to see them develop year by year, like Clarkson is doing.
    So to say that Russell, and Randle are going to be a flop, or Okafor is going to be a star, or Town is going to be a beast, or Munday is the solution, is unreasonable.
    There are a number of things that scouts and GMs see in personal interviews, personal workouts, on the day in and day out drills, about all these players, that we, as fans, don’t know. So we should give them the benefit of the doubts and trust what they do.
    So, just chill and see how the Lakers grow.

  • My mom bought me a replica Lakers jersey with Kobe’s name on it so I really know a lot about basketball.

    1. There are uncontacted people living on North Sentinel Island who have not had any contact with the outside world for hundreds of years, they know more about basketball than you do.

  • Good for Okafor doing well for a true Laker fan it’s not about Okafor failing but wanting Russell to do well if Okafor was struggling it would not make me feel any better about Russell’s early struggles

      1. I didn’t see it so I trust you but hearing that news does not make me feel any better about my Lakers

          1. Harden is overrated. He makes a good pair with Howard. They’ll never win anything.

          2. Agreed but he’s a regular all star, and your judging Russell off of Summer league so your not credible NEXT.

          3. I ain’t judging D’Arko off SL. How many times I gotta tell you guys I watch lots of college hoops and he’s a reach at #2. He shoulda went 5th not 2nd.

  • If by the end of the season we don’t see Russell move forward then fine start the bust talk that is fair but right now slamming him like some Laker fans are is just wrong it undermines any potential success he may have

  • in other words, no team is as stupid as the lakers to want him. maybe when he is in the last year of the contract they can get rid of him. they would be better to release him. jim, jeannie, and mitch have been horrible the last few years, to state the obvious.

    1. Need to hope he has a hot streak to start to season and then quikly trade him to a team foolish enough to take him

      1. Yeah but with are lucky lately he’ll develop into a lock down defender and avg 20 ppg once he is on another team lol

  • I think the boys need to get out of Vegas pronto too many distractions for young guys who need to work on their game. Hell if I was a 19 year old rookie in Vegas I cannot claim my focus would not be on banging every smoking groupie that came my way.

  • According to my calculations, Russell has a 65% chance of being a stud and 35% being a bust. In reality, he is very intelligent

  • How can you judge a kids potential by only watching a few games. It at lease takes a season or two to know what you have with each young player in any case. Kids come in to the this league very young. Like 8 to 9 months from graduating high school and 6to8 months of NCAA experience.The NBA is a young mans league lets reserve judgment until these kids gel consistently .

  • I said it before and I will say it once more the fans slamming Russell and Randle are cancer fans undermining the success of their own team with fans like this who needs haters

  • Blame Jim and Jeanie for not reducing the expectations on these kids and not publicly saying it is not fair to put the whole weight of the franchise on their shoulders’ before they play a single NBA game. Another stupid move by fredo one and fredo two

  • Every decision the Lakers make is a good one because they used to be a good team and the franchise has won 16 titles.

  • Kobe will be five times better than Tim Duncan next season because he makes five times his salary.

  • I would start by firing every person involved in hiring Mike Brown and Byron Scott and just go from there.

      1. I love him as a laker but not as a coach, he’s a losing coach guys! A lottery winner! Hahaha

  • We already know. Why don’t you lazy pigs who work for this website go and find some REAL news to report!

      1. uhhhh no. ur obviously to young. in 2010 jerry buss was still alive and running the show. it was only when jerry buss died in 2013 when his son oficially took over basketball operations. before that he had no say on the team. so ur obviously to young to even know that

          1. so ur here to tell me that jim buss was the guy who constructed the lakers since 2005????!!!! haha!!!! dude just because your basketball operations doesn’t mean he was calling the shots. he only starting calling the shots when his farther died. thats why people say the the lakers wouldn’t be in this mess if his daddy was still alive. theres a reason why they say that dumbass. its cuz his farther was the reason behind all the lakers success. stop trying to make it out to be like jim had anything to do with that ur a pure fucken retard if you think that 😀 jim buss hasn’t proved anything besides not knowing how to make smart basketball decisions

    1. if the lakerss were smart they wouldn’t play russel anymore cuz it would just make his reputation look worse and worse game by game.

      1. Don’t worry joshhh you can see first hand DLo against the next Steve Nash – Kevin Pangos.

      1. Could be. Nothing scheduled past tomorrow but if we win we will be playing on Thursday and if we lose we will play on Friday.


    1. Exactly summer league is for making mistakes and learning from them. These fools acting like we want to put up a SL championship banner up in Thomas and Mack center

    2. hahaha!!!!!!!!!!! ur eyes are to blind to see anything. i bet you my life muiday will be come a way better PG than russel will ever be. russel belongs in the d-league. whens the last time a summer league team has been booed out of the building??? uhhh never hahahah!!!!! plus its even more sad since it was in las vegas.

    3. Lakers Fanboys don’t understand that those of us who understand basketball knew Russell was D-League material BEFORE the draft, not because of a few bad Summer League games. Go back to sniffing jocks.

  • I am convinced Jabari Brown will beat Nick Young for a rotation spot and maybe even a starting spot by the time the season is over

    1. I see him at the two spot, backing up Clarkson. But I hope Anthony Brown will take all Young’s minutes!

      1. Anthony Brown has not impressed so far. I think Clarkson will start ahead of D’Angelo once the dust has settled and JB will be at the 2, with KB24 playing point forward (actual point guard) at the 3. JB could easily guard top wing players from what I have seen of him in the SL game and from last season. Lets not forget he averaged 11.9ppg last season with 37% 3 point percentage even if it was a losing team

          1. I agree he also hasn’t had a chance to shine due to the numerous iso’s being ran. The only thing A. Brown needs is to get big.

          2. I meant J Brown. Anthony Brown I have not seen much stand out play from. He has not come out of his shell yet

  • you people need to educate yourself. bunch of fat laker ego low lifers who cant see reality right in thier faces :D. why dont u morons watch today’s show of espn first take. at least they speak the truth about what the lakers really are. a dysfunctional organization!!!!!!!!.

    1. I love Max and Marcels but just because they say something does not mean it’s true. But that being said would not be shedding any tears if they sell the team.

      1. everything they said today about the lakers franchise and the pick is completely 100% true and you cant deny it. real fans know it. only dumbass ignorant fans with there head in the sand dont

        1. Max said on the radio said everyone calm down about Russell and that he thinks will be very good

        1. Look. Only retards watch that show to hear about sports. if you think what they spew out of their mouths proves the lakers are “dysfunctional”, then you clearly are the one that’s on Planet stupid. Lol

          1. So you think the lakers are flawed based on 3 summer league scrimmages? I think listening to espn has put a toll on your brain. Those idiots there are paid to say bull like that and they know people like yourself will buy into the crap. They don’t base their judgements on truth, they base it up to get people riled up and hate lakers.

          2. everything they said today was absolutely true whether ur to arrogant to hear or comprehend cuz your ears cantt let you hear the truth. well thatss ur problem not mine

          3. Why would I want to listen to that garbage where all they do is take shit about the lakers and yell most of the time? Lol. Espn are an anti laker which is why you jizz so much to them.

          4. You must be blind. Almost everything those jerks at espn say about the Lakers are negative. Once you’ve seen one of them, you’ve seen them all.

  • As a Laker fan does anyone blame the rest of the NBA Teams. These guys r garbage. Who’d want Sacgarbage, Kelly n Young. They say they have no plans its because nobody wants them.They should of Declined Sacre’s contract at years end. Now were going to have a 1 million dollar player who sees maybe time in maybe 1 every 10 games. What a waste

    1. What do you expect them to say? “Yeah we tried to trade that sack of shit, but nobody wanted him. Anyway, let’s hope he has a great season!”

  • During the NY vs Phili game the announcers were saying Laker fans were low class for booing Russell in the last game. I agree with them. Our fanbase isn’t smart sometimes. Ugh.

    1. Boos weren’t for Russell, was for the terrible performance. Boos came in the first quarter after 5 POINTS. When half the teams roster is going to play in the regular season and might start you expect more out of them.

  • If I owned the Lakers and I was getting this kind of negativity from my own fans I would be seriously contemplating moving the team to San Diego or maybe even London. Who wants to be constantly attacked by your own fans.

    1. Any owner or player on any team has to have tough skin and not care about what others people think. Haters live everywhere, jealousy, boredom, to get peoples reaction , its a part of life.

    2. If I did my job as poorly as the Lakers I’d be unemployed, but they have enough gullible Fanboy support to survive anyway.

      1. The way some fans blindly support this front office is scary. The Buss kids are clueless and Mitch lost his way after the CP3 deal fell through.

    3. The Lakers are the second most valuable and second most profitable NBA franchise, why would they move anywhere? Business is good. The product on the court is a distant second in terms of importance.

  • PG D’Angelo Russel, Lou Williams
    SG Jordan Clarkson, Jabari Parker (Non Guaranteed)
    SF Kobe Bryant, Nick Young, Anthony Brown
    PF Julius Randle, Brandon Bass,Tarik Black, Larry Nance, Ryan Kelley
    C Roy Hibbert, Robert Upshaw (Non Guaranteed), Robert Sacre

    — We did a great job unloading players that were not prudent to our rebuilding process:, Wesley Johnson, Wayne Ellington, Jeremy Lin, Ronnie Price, Carlos Boozer.

    — With 15 Players already we are maxed out. If we can somehow unload: Ryan Kelley, Robert Sacre or even Nick Young we could bring in a SF and PG.

      1. Completely Agree, that’s why Ed Davis is not on that list. I thought about mentioning that point. He is the only player we should have kept.

        1. I think Ed will regret that. He can not be happy about moving to a team that just lost 4 of their 5 starters.

  • After Okafor wins Rookie of the Year and Russell has spent the season tearing up the D-League we’ll still see the same “yeah but we have 16 championships” in here.

        1. Flagged, spam, get an original thought instead of relying on others to give you your opinions.

          1. go suck russels dick im sure thats what hes gonna be doing a year from now so its perfect for you

  • Screw chemistry. Its bad coaching! All they have to do is spread the floor & have consistent ballmovement & the paint will open up for clarkson, randle, dangelo. All teams they are playing against are also not familiar to their new teammates but somehow they got better ballmovement. Screw the old school point guard offense & just play team ballmovement like spurs, warriors, hawks, raptors etc. Byron is so hard headed or naive. Most teams are already adapting to spurs offense. & dont blame lakers defense because its said that good offense gives inspiration to good defense. Spurs offense is benefiting an old duncan & ginobili while kobe visioning to retire because the game looks hard for him & blaming his age. But he should be smart that the spurs offense is the answer for him to see himself playing for atleast 3more years!!!! Byrons offense is so ugly! Kidd, cp3, irving are all prone to injury in rookie years under byron & is it coincidence both cp3 & irving cant be healthy at the middle of important playoffs last season… Byrons hard player conditioning, hard defense & too much pointguard use can take toll to those guards overtime. Maybe thats y kidd doesnt like byron….

    1. Not yet, It’s a lack of communication amongst the team and the coaches. At times it gets confusing figuring out who the he’ll the point guard is tho Randle seeing himself as a Point Forward for some reason even confuses the situation more.

      Hearing Randle’s post game vid yesterday was sort of awkward, stating he needs to make plays for others? Nah, worry about filling the duties at the 4, that’s the pg’s role especially given the youth = don’t complicate matters even more being screwing the flow of things.

  • Intriguing offensive lineup:
    4 guys that shoot high percentage from 3. But yeah, that little lineup would get destroyed on defense. What lineup do you think would work with Kelly as a stretch 4?

      1. That would be a fun lineup I think, I like it. Randle would give us an ISO guy surrounded by shooters

    1. Kelly’s ideal position is as a designated scrotum inspector. Guy sucks. Seems like a good kid, but just so damn slow, and I don’t care what his 3pt shooting stats are, I know not ONE of them was made with a guy in his face.

  • Ty Lawson would be a nice pick up if he is waived by the Nuggets; the only team ahead of us we need to worry about picking him up before us is NY. The Sixers are tanking and don’t want a veteran pg while the Wolves don’t want another pg when they already Lavine and Rubio.

    We would most likely need to waive a player under contract to pick him up; the most likely candidate is Ryan Kelley.

    Starting lineup:

    Ty Lawson. PG
    Clarkson. SG
    Bryant. SF
    Randle. PF
    Hibbert. Center

    Not a bad lineup, competitive at least.

  • word is they’re bringing @VeniceMase in to assist in the analytics department. A beacon of hope if there ever was one.
    dae d. lee
    6h6 hours ago
    dae d. lee ‏@Daeizm
    @forumbluegold purely hypothetical, but how would you feel if this squad was being ran by Scott Brooks?
    Cody Binyon
    6h6 hours ago
    Cody Binyon ‏@rcbinyon
    @forumbluegold has Byron changed his mindset at all since that quote you posted?
    Prashant Joseph
    5h5 hours ago
    Prashant Joseph ‏@PrashJoe
    @forumbluegold are there any better coaches available right now. Byron just seems stubborn
    Darius Soriano
    5h5 hours ago
    Darius Soriano ‏@forumbluegold
    @PrashJoe Byron is stubborn. This was known before he was hired. We’ll see how adaptable he is & whether the team improves this season.
    Carl Reed Jr
    5h5 hours ago
    Carl Reed Jr ‏@KingWest909
    @forumbluegold at least they’re learning
    Bob Everitt
    3h3 hours ago
    Bob Everitt ‏@bob_everitt
    @forumbluegold Finally got rid of the typewriter and bought a computer?

  • Listen to the Max and Marcels podcast from today’s show to learn just what a huge liar Joshhh is they both said to be patient with Russell a guy with his type of game takes time to develop and that they would rather have him than a guy who jumps out of the gate but that is all that the player will ever be and he is giving the false impression that they were just talking mad shit about him all day already declaring him a bust

  • Degrees of a fan:
    Diehard – win, lose, or draw still a fan

    Loyal – Very optimistic, no harsh words

    Fairweather – When it’s good all in, when it’s bad forget about all the good

    Bandwagon – Root hard when it’s all good, jump ship when the team is down

    Clueless – Good praises when it’s all good, nobody knows what they’re doing when it’s all bad

    Just saying

    1. You got to add the HATER level – secretely loves the team, but has too much of an ego to admit it but he won’t shut up talking about the team.

    1. Spell it ‘kobe’ … that’s the first step.

      Gain a shred of credibility thereafter … that’s the second step.

  • Re-watching the Lakers Knicks game. That first quarter by Randle was just about as bad as a player can ever have. Poor Julius. I imagine he was just over anxious to get going with limited minutes though.

    1. Yea i hate he can’t get off tho. I really like julius’ s game. It seems like when nobody can get going he can but it doesn’t happen.

          1. He looked fine to me. Anyone can score. Being able to draw contact is a more useful skill in real game scenarios. They got down 17-4 or whatever and I could tell Clarkson and Randle said to themselves let’s get a few buckets individually to get something started, and then they just happened to miss shots too.

  • im not liking that guys like jerian grant are outshining D.russ(i know i know its only been 3 games) he better show some improvement next game as well as the rest of the team.

    1. Yeah man i can’t stand it. And everyone keeps making excuses. He’s 19. It’s summer league, no chemistry, fuck that! What about all the other teams winning and losing scoring more than 60 pts. What SL team ever had chemistry?

    2. Gotta be patient w/ DLO. i think he just needs to get comfortable with everything and things will slow down for him. He needs to let the game come to him and not force anything. who knows he might be a late bloomer like Chauncey or Nash but give him time & he’ll be fine.

      1. I really just want him to be more aggressive offensively. I don’t expect him to be magic the guy only averaged 5 assists so if he can maintain that but be offensively a threat I’m happy

    3. Don’t over think it. Summer league isn’t worth the stress. He is our guy. Support him. He is going to be a big part of our future. As long as he comes out of this healthy it will be a good learning experience he can grow from.

      1. More excuses? I know he has less experience than some of these guys but Russell is a #2 pick and he’s playing against guys that might not even make it to the NBA so yes I would like to see russell play more like a #2 pick nothing wrong with that but you can keep talking about his age and his inexperience

  • are there any better coaches available right now? Byron just seems stubborn
    Byron is stubborn. This was known before he was hired. We’ll see how adaptable he is & whether the team improves this season.

    1. I want to give him one more season, now that he has a respectable roster. But I agree if I don’t see noticeable improvement he needs to go. Lakers need to play at a much faster tempo. And space the floor. A lot of the turnovers are due to bad spacing.

      1. I’m with you on this but No to princeton! Try other things. Modernize and utilize players to their abilities

        1. I hate the current offense. I think that’s hurting DLo as well. He was score first at Ohio State, that’s what opened up the passing. It’s hard to watch him look for others first instead of attacking. Hopefully we’ll figure it out when the regular season starts.

  • Why do they expect Nick Young to be more than what he is? Scott doesn’t know his personnel. Smh. Young is only instant offense. He’s not a two way player. Bring him off the bench and mix him in with the starters at times for offense. That’s it.

    1. He actually played defense for D’Antoni but that was a contract season. I tried to warn Mitch but he didn’t listen haha.

      1. But who on the roster honestly played good defense? Wes Johnson was supposed to be a solid defender yet he got torched by almost all SF’s last season. Lol.

  • Oh by the way, those who booed our kids during last summer league game should be banned from Lakers Basketball! SMH

      1. Who wouldn’t boo for their team bad play? You expect them to cheer? They paid to watch our rookies play good teamplay not iso all game and play bad defense.

        1. You don’t boo at a summer league game. Period. The games don’t matter, and 80 percent of the players involved won’t make a NBA team.

          1. Outside of the really bad teams, most summer league rosters only have 1-2 players actually make the team roster. Ok 70 percent. Lol

        2. Their kids technically besides what does that show or prove about us? Not a good look. I don’t like it either but I’m not going to boo! What does that show other teams?

        3. Because the kids are in a learning process. I had to pay €14 to wtach those games. Only reason why I did it is I could not wait to see them play together and although I was a bit disappointed in them, there’s no way you want to send them negatives vibes!

        4. They are kids learning a new system and super stressed. Last thing they need is to have added pressure. No need to cheer and no need to boo. It is a learning experience for some and for others it is a tryout for a job. You have the right to boo though, everyone in this country can be a rude jerk any time they like. That is your choice, but hopefully people can be better than that. And sadly it is only our fans displaying such ugly attitudes.

  • Sooner or later those D’lo turnovers will become assists. Haters beware. D’Angelo is a superstar. He got star dust sprinkled all over him when he has the ball.

    1. Let’s see when Russell pairing with guys like Bass, Hibbert, and other starters. This kid is going to learn like a sponge.

      1. Oh man i know it! I can see him really getting it together especially under kobe’s tutelage. Developing that killer instinct just rubbing off on him. To me as long as he’s offensively aggressive he will shut ppl up. Most Ppl love to see scoring . if he develops an all around game i know he’ll take the world by storm

          1. I know locally it is on TWC SportsNet. Not sure if it is on nbatv though. You can buy a package from NBA website for all summer games online.

  • Gonna keep posting this sht until it gets thru they heads…

    Various factors will come into play for Russell to have a big impact next season.

    My 1 cent.
    One, physical conditioning = muscle endurance for now given it’s his rookie
    season. He’ll get banged around to which given the 82 game season it’s bound to take a toll.

    Two, work on/improve his ball handling abilities even more THO he has good
    handles but one thing that vets/team’s place the most on rookies is pressure,
    thus, expect a lot on him along with double teaming (something JC struggled with last season) thus best to prepare Russell for those types of scenarios.

    Another-thing, he also utilizes his ball handling skills to separate/make space for himself to shoot up J’s and given his quick release that be one of his strengths as a rookie. Being don’t try to do too much at first. Learn the game since it’s played @ a faster pace and roll with your strengths while limiting his swag b/c he’s known
    for being flashy at times.

    Three, absorb as much knowledge from 24 (that’s the least I’d expect out of 24, to help mold the future). Russell has court vision like no other I’ve seen for his age. Kobe would help him learn the game quicker and slow it down by passing along what he’s managed to attain throughout his career with relation to learning the in’s and out’s aside of the work ethic required to be at the top.

    No pressure off the bat, but if Russell manages pickup the game sooner as opposed to later he’ll show why he was drafted #2 as opposed to a few yrs from now. In the end IMO, Russell’s a hands on learner being he’ll have to learn the ropes on the floor as opposed to picking it up from others experiences.

    1. DLO to-do-list:
      -get nba fit
      -work on his handles
      -learn from kobe

      Quick summary of this essay.

    2. After all that experience he acquired I’m still gonna stick by my prediction that he’ll still be a good PG but not a great one you would expect from a lottery pick that high, he is best utilized as an off guard to catch and shoot or catch dribble to an open spot and shoot or make a great pass which lead to an assist.

      To put it simply; a NATURAL point guard is a special breed that is born a pg while others learn to play it and is considered as 2nd class or inferior. Russell has some of those tools such as passing and court vision and I’ve known that but he lacked complete pg skill set which include strong handle to dribble and deal with tough defenses and stamina above your average guard.

      I don’t think he’ll ever be an all star running the point but unlike others I don’t think he is a bust there is too much skill there, better would be a disappointment.

        1. I see why you’re comparing him to Manu; their shooting mechanic is very similar but Manu is very quick and explosive attacking the basket which is not Russell’s game. Russell when he goes to the basket which is not too often likes to drop the tear drop or stop and pop a short floater in the paint, more finesse.

  • Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
    It’s hard to get a read on Russell and some of the other Lakers because the offense is “give Clarkson the ball and get out of the way

      1. josh quit talking shit you hack, Clarkson is the reason this summer league squad can’t do jack shit!!!! guys are suppose to work on understanding the offense and gaining chemistry, instead it isn’t give the rock to JC and watch him score but rather whenever JC gets the ball the whole offense stalls and ball movement becomes nonexistent ……
        Not really sure what the fuck it is you don’t see?????

        Clarkson-obviously doesn’t belong here, he’s NBA ready but is ball hogging and causing the offense to sputter….

        Russell-is passing like Nash but the kids game is far ahead of anyone there in terms of how he sees the court which is why balls go through open seems and then out of bounds. Thats a special talent to see openings and lanes 2-3 steps ahead, and as for his shooting he’s getting great looks they just aren’t falling period……It also doesn’t help that he’s pressing to appease everyone…

        Randle-Finally another kid you talk shit about and just show how much Basketball knowledge you guys lack… First he doesn’t suck, he’s coming back after a year of rehab after not only breaking his leg but also having a new screw inserted into his foot….Game wise he’s doing great; he gets to his spots at will, is showing explosiveness, can run a fast break at 6-9, 250, has played real good defense on KAT and Porzingis, two guys with 7′ size and massive wingspans but he’s more than held his own…Again just like Russell he just needs to relax and the game will eventually come to him…

    1. I don’t think that’s the gameplan, but Clarkson is a player who looks to score (attack the rim first). A lot of the reason why I don’t like the plan of Russell and Clarkson on the court at the same time this season. Kobe say what you want, he’ll get his shots but he does pass, but every past few summer league games Russell brings the ball down court and if Clarkson runs to the ball Clarkson doesn’t pass or run an offense. It’s tough to gage the bench and maybe starters this season since we have Clarkson, Lou, and Young players who don’t really look to pass unless trapped.

      1. I think Clarkson is just trying to show how much he improve this off season in these summer league games last year he was a willing passer and could score as for the Russell and Clarkson back court they are not looking good because they have never played together so there is no chemistry during the season they will play better together because they will have a better feel for each other’s strength and weaknesses where the others sweet spots are give it time this can work

    1. Yeah, I was glad to see that too. It would make the playoffs more exciting. Hell, I couldn’t even get into the 4 vs 5 seed matchup in the East, just not that exciting knowing they are about equal to the Phoenix Suns :/

    2. That’s not how it will work. They’re changing it so seeding is based on record alone and not who wins their division. It’s not open season.

  • How are the lakers gonna get rid of Sacre and Kelly those 2 have dented the pine on the sidelines for 3 years and counting? come on Mitch get rid of those ho-bo’s wearing purple and gold


    C – Hibbert
    PF – Randle
    SF – Young
    SG – Kobe
    PG – Clarkson

    Reason for this lineup :
    Hibbert can be the anchor to compensate for lack of defense. Clarkson can also help on the defensive end, use his length against PG’s and can also drive to the rim and create aside from Kobe. Young can be the knockdown shooter for Kobe when he gets doubled and another shot creator. Randle because we need versatility to switch on D.


    C – Black/Upshaw
    PF – Bass/Nance Jr.
    SF – A. Brown
    SG – Williams
    PG – Russell/J. Brown

    Reason for this lineup :
    Russell can have the ball in this lineup & set the offense, pick & pop with Bass, drive and kick with williams & a. Brown for corner 3’s. He can also push the pace and not think about Hibbert and Kobe getting left behind. That’s his game, take the ball away from him and not set him up for open shots makes him ordinary.

  • Am I the only one not liking this Clarkson-Russell backcourt (as of now). I love both players and we can all acknowledge Russell’s struggling (turnovers, shooting), but his shooting touch is pretty smooth, I think it’s just a case of shots not falling right now and a lot of turnovers is due to his good court vision and players not being ready for the pass. Clarkson has improved his game, but he’s not looking to pass or run the offense. If you watch Russell bring the ball down the court, if Clarkson runs to him chances are Clarkson is just going to attack the rim. With Clarkson the ball movement hasn’t been great. Russell is really differing with Clarkson on the court, and please guys I love both players and all our young guys, but right now I don’t like the idea of Kobe-Clarkson-Russell. Kobe gets his shots, but he does pass. Clarkson as of now is just attacking the rim (which is nice), but bad ball movement. Russell will differ to both Kobe and Clarkson if all 3 on the court. I think a Kobe-Russell duo can work, maybe next season Clarkson-Russell works, but I just don’t like the guard play so far in Summer League with the two

    1. I agree. For this Russell/Clarkson backcourt to work, Clarkson needs to play like Klay Thompson (selflessly set picks every chance he has). Unfortunately, Clarkson can never shoot the ball the way Thompson can. Russell/Anthony Brown backcourt may be a lot more effective than Russell/Clarkson.

    2. Hard to tell if I like it or not to be honest. I do think their skillsets compliment each other well. First game they showed some signs of having nice chemistry but ever since then it seems every single offensive play is a broken play. I think we will get a much better feel of whether they can work in pre-season.

    3. No sir you are not. I said the same thing on a different article. Like you I love both players but I don’t like them on the court together. You hit it dead on the head I feel the exact same way. We cant have those 3 on the court together. Only thing I disagree on is that I would rather play Clarkson with Kobe than Russell only because I want to see Russell play with Lou and Nick since they need a pg to distribute to them to get them good looks. Right now the Russell Clarkson duo scares me.

    4. I agree it hasn’t been working but its summer league chill they never played together so it’s going to take time for them to gel especially when they haven’t even been through training camp summer league is all about showcasing your talent you can tell by all the iso plays but I would acknowledge that Clarkson should play a little less aggressive and look to pass I think he’ll start passing more when the season starts I think Clarkson is just trying to show how much he improve this off-season I know Russell and Clarkson will be a great back court when they learn how to play together and that will come with playing together on the court

  • Josh,Monix, and sorry ass Harry, quit talking shit you hacks, Clarkson is the reason this summer league squad can’t do jack shit!!!! guys are suppose to work on understanding the offense and gaining chemistry, instead it isn’t give the rock to JC and watch him score but rather whenever JC gets the ball the whole offense stalls and ball movement becomes nonexistent ……
    Not really sure what the fuck it is you don’t see?????

    Clarkson-obviously doesn’t belong here, he’s NBA ready but is ball hogging and causing the offense to sputter….

    Russell-is passing like Nash but the kids game is far ahead of anyone there in terms of how he sees the court which is why balls go through open seems and then out of bounds. Thats a special talent to see openings and lanes 2-3 steps ahead, and as for his shooting he’s getting great looks they just aren’t falling period……It also doesn’t help that he’s pressing to appease everyone…

    Randle-Finally another kid you talk shit about and just show how much Basketball knowledge you guys lack… First he doesn’t suck, he’s coming back after a year of rehab after not only breaking his leg but also having a new screw inserted into his foot….Game wise he’s doing great; he gets to his spots at will, is showing explosiveness, can run a fast break at 6-9, 250, has played real good defense on KAT and Porzingis, two guys with 7′ size and massive wingspans but he’s more than held his own…Again just like Russell he just needs to relax and the game will eventually come to him…

    1. You’re hard on Clarkson, although you’re right on your description. His problem right now is the same Kobe has been criticized all his career for. He is far above his other teammates. His motor is much stronger, his court-vision, his positioning, his mechanism, his drive, everything is NBA-level. The problem then is in a game, when you are that superior, you see the openings like freeways and the best course of action, whether to set up a play for a slow team or go for the more efficient one-man drive. As a matter of fact his plays did bring points, whether he scored or got fouled, when the set-up plays attempts ended up in turnovers most of the time. They play to score, and if the best course of action is to drive in, then that’s the right play, even if that makes you look like a ball hog.
      But you’re 100% right saying he should not be here considering only rookies development and half-court tactics, and it’s totally distorting how Russell plays. Russell needs to up his tempo, decision making, set-up. It has to go faster and be more fluid. It also goes with mastering the team’s tactics and systemic plays, you can’t ask to guess that out of the blue, especially when his other teammates don’t know about it neither. So there’s a lot of training to do this summer, but once he’ll get there, just watch and see. Plus playing fluid will free him the space he needs to get the right uncontested shots.
      Randle will need the team to set plays for him. He’s not Clarkson in terms of experience and court vision, so his drives are going into traffic jams all the time, the only thing that saves him is his body as he attracts the fouls. Again, he will be able to do that when the team tactics get applied properly and the floor has been spaced for him. He’ll also get the ball from Russell in better conditions. And the same could be said for Nance, minus the penetration.

      1. I’m just being realistic in that JC is an NBA player and just shouldn’t be there but it also confirms that he will be a big part of the team next season because of what he brings and while i expect both Russell and Randle to be around 12-13ppg, Clarkson should be at no less than 16+ppg. Surprisingly, JC and Russ have a great idea of where they stand because whereas Russ throws balls out of bounds to other teammates he and JC are almost always on target and i think it’ll be the same with Kobe, those 3 think alike…
        I think Clarkson will have an impact on the team similar to what Harden had on OKC….

    2. Clarkson right now is trying to play like Kobe without the jumpshot. Kobe in his prime was nearly unstoppable with the midrange pullup jumpers (during the Kobe/Shaq 3peating era, Kobe was killing the spurs with those shots).

  • I like how Clarkson has that Kobe mentality and killer instinct. He should be our leading scorer for years to come.

  • As of today my lineup would be:


    Reasoning on this is that Clarkson and Russell as of 7/15/15 can’t play together. Kobe at this stage in his career needs to play with an aggressive PG which is Clarkson. Kobe can playmake from the post. I’ve noticed too over the last say 3 yrs one of the Lakers biggest problems is getting off to slow starts scoring. With 5 mins left in the 1st Q I find the majority of the time we have 6pt or 8pts 11 pts. We end the first Q down 28-12 or 29- 17. Then we have to play catch up and that’s recipe for a loss. Having too many kids out there will have us in the hole early which is why I want Bass starting over Randle. Lou and Nick need someone to get them “good” looks at the rim and that’s why I have Russell off the bench. He can distribute for those guys and get them better looks at 3 and mid range J’s due to his better passing ability than Clarkson. Plus at this point I feel Russell starting with Kobe will just be Russell star-struck and letting Kobe do whatever he wants while he stands at the top of the 3pt line watching. We need Russ to playmake for Lou Nick and Julius. I think this is a nice balance of if the first unit struggles to score the bench with Nick and Lou with a distributing PG could spark the scoring. The more experienced first unit is less likely to dig a 10pt first Q hole and we can keep the games close and pull out some wins. Thoughts?

    1. I think that is a good lineup. Probably the safest lineup we could have. Maybe start Lou over Clarkson.

      1. I only say Clarkson due to his aggressive nature. Kobe needs an aggressive PG to run with him so he doesn’t have to play so much 1-on-1 anymore. Clarkson doesn’t mind taking the ball and going straight to the basket. Eases Kobe’s workload a little more.

        1. I think Clarkson will work in that spot. Neither he or Lou are great passers. Lou is a better floor spacer but I think Clarkson could be a better defender.

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