Lakers Rumors: L.A. Among Teams Interested In Ty Lawson
Lakers Rumors: L.a. Among Teams Interested In Ty Lawson

After selecting D’Angelo Russell with the No. 2 at the NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers had high hopes of landing an All-Star big man in free agency. While free agency did not go according to plan, general manager Mitch Kupchak and company traded for Roy Hibbert while signing Lou Williams and Brandon Bass.

With Summer League in Las Vegas currently in progress, the Lakers are among the teams interested in trading for Ty Lawson of the Denver Nuggets according to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated:

Despite a second DUI arrest in the last six months, embattled Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson is generating interest on the trade market, NBA sources told Houston, Detroit and the L.A. Lakers are among the teams that have expressed interest in Lawson recently, and there remains a strong possibility the Nuggets could unload Lawson before training camp.

With a second DUI in the last six months, Lawson’s stock has plummeted and the Nuggets may be more willing to move him with the strong play of Emmanuel Mudiay in Summer League. Although Lawson averaged 15.2 points and 9.6 assists this past season, he has been on the trading block this off-season.

While Los Angeles has had previous interest in Lawson, trading for him would create a crowded backcourt. Along with Russell and Williams, Jordan Clarkson is expected to start in the backcourt as Kobe Bryant will likely shift to the small forward position.

How about we give nuggets nick young, r. kelly, sacre and a second round pick for lawson? What you guys think?

        1. Financially it doesn’t work. We “technically” only have 1 point guard in Russell. Clarkson can play it but despite being a “combo guard”, he’s more of a Shooting guard. Williams IS a shooting guard that everyone tries to stuff into PG because he’s 6’1″. Jabari Brown is a shooting guard.

          With that said, you need Kelly, Sacre and 1 other to go out. Either Black, J Brown or a sign and trade.

        2. kelly sacre plus 1 player black or brown? i like nick young i say keep him at SF we cant start anthony brown hes a rookie.

        3. You guys are dreaming again. They will not get Ty Lawson for the Laker trash that everyone wants to get rid of. Russell may need lots of time to develop. I am not impressed.

        4. Well financially we could do it but we would be in the tax bracket.. Unless we unload. & even then we still would be in the tax.. Getting rid of Kelly, sacre maybe young but then we are short handed at the SF. I say just get rid of kelly sacre 2nd pick.. Snatch him up. Russell off the bench for him clarkson can start as well as Kobe with Williams and going off the bench..

        5. When we play small ball the bigger C. could never keep up + he does a great job, he never quits..

        6. hey this isnt Disney frozen you dam fruit loop!
          nick young if we trade him youll be like nooo dontt gooooooo please dont gooooooo(famous song from haddaway)

        7. Kobe/Young/A Brown. We have SF’s. Though if we trade Young we’ll need another which we can get with the Room Exception. I know Kobe is traditionally a SG but Byron has already eluded to moving Kobe to SF to free up SG for Clarkson/Williams/J Brown. Russell “technically” is our only legit PG. Clarkson can play it, Williams despite his size is a SG and Brown is a SG. We need PG depth and a reserve SF after we trade Young.

        8. You can’t do that financially. You have to do what I mentioned. You can’t simply give up Sacre and Kelly. Sacre and Kelly make around $2.5-3 mil combined. Lawson is a $12 million player. Young makes around 5.5 mil and even beyond those 3 guys, you need 1 more guy making around 700k or more to make it work financially.

        9. t. black j.brown young sacre and kelly for ty lawson will that work? we should get this guy while we still can.even if we have to trade all those guys. lawson is a hell of a player. and can really help russel learn. but well lose swaggy P and Tariq black 2 good players…….

        10. He is not worth all that. black and brown can fill the holes, beside why add more CAP money if we don’t need him and we have enough PG all ready.

        11. One of these days, I recommend actually trying to use the ESPN Trade Machine, maybe you’ll learn how the trade system works financially. $125% + 100k of the incoming or outgoing trade value.

    1. Either Black or Jabari Brown. Both have the same salaries. Honestly I’d rather keep Black and lose Brown. Another thing to note, the Lakers have guys they can sign and trade in the process.

      Kobe/A Brown
      Randle/Bass/Nance Jr


      Clarkson/Williams/J Brown
      Kobe/A Brown
      Randle/Bass/Nance Jr

        1. No he won’t. Randle is expected to start. Bass was brought in as a bench guy. That’s all he’s been.

      1. Lose brown instead of black? Lol. Really..? Wow. Uhh. I hope it’s for depth purposes only and not skill. Tarik black looks shitty out there. No defense and I thought that’s what he was intended for. I’m not a fan of upshaw but I would rather have him play instead of black. And i wouldn’t unload nick young either.

        1. Depth is exactly the reason. Typing has to for financial reasons in the trade.

        2. I don’t see this whole trade thing playing out anyways but honestly, at 22 J brown has potential to be a great player. He’s smart, knows how to attack and shoot. His defense is spotty and his passing, well he doesn’t lol. But, develop our youngs guys. If Lawson wasn’t making 12 mil i would say go after him. Even if you did get Lawson for young, kelly, sacre etc.. I would have nance coming off the bench for Kobe at the SF.
          Clarkson/Williams/ brown
          Kobe/nance/ A brown

          I prefer nance over A brown. Nance seems more ready to play, tough D and rebounds well. He could be our Dennis Rodman. Even though I’m hoping he develops a more consistent shot

        3. finally someone who sees the potential in larry nance jr. this kid is going to be special. he might not be an elite player like kobe or jordan clarkson or randle. but he will make his mark on games. he could even change a game and the outcome being a win or loss with his hustle and rebounding and blocking! he has everything you want in a small foward/power foward

  1. That be a dream trade, but Kostas Papanikolaou and Terrence Jones + another player along with a 2nd rounder sounds more appealing.

    1. May or may not, but they aren’t necessarily available. you go with who’s available not just say “this is better”.

      1. ?!, very likely some of the players that the Rockettes be including to have more sway than the other teams who’ve shown interest in him.

  2. Did you test your hypothesis on the ESPN NBA Trade Machine?
    How much did it tell you that you needed to add?
    Me thinks, about $3M.

  • If he were to shape up, this would be a fantastic pickup for the lakers. Him, clarkson, Bryant, Randle, and hibbert would be a very nice starting lineup, and that would allow Russell to work with a talented bench. If we can get him for nick young and a 2nd I’d definitely support the pickup

      1. Well, why do the Nuggets want to get rid of him? Obviously not because of his talent. There’s plenty there. It’s the two dui arrests in 6 months that make the Nuggets look bad and show he’s lost focus on basketball. Not to mention the relationship had already started to sour between him and the organization over the last 1-2 yrs. the Nuggets don’t want that type of baggage around mudiay and other players in the locker room

        1. Nuggets want to get rid of him to give Mudiay starters minutes and to tank the season. Lawson makes $12M and won’t help them do anything other than mess up a lottery pick.

    1. Lawson – Russel
      Clarkson – Williams
      Bryant – Brown – Brown
      Randle – Bass – Nance
      Hibbert – Black – Upshaw

      Would be great only if we can move Randle or Jabari Brown (preferably) to SF position. I truly think that we could make the playoffs here while developing our rookies without the unnecessary pressure!!

      1. Jabari is too small to play SF well. He’s still a SG. The Lakers could use their room exception and pick up another SF.

        Clarkson/Williams/J Brown
        Bryant/J Brown/(Room Exception)

        Mind you, one other contract beyond Young, Sacre and Kelly needs to be moved. Either Black, Jabari Brown or a sign and trade of someone like Ronnie Price will have to be done to make this trade work financially.

      2. Rookies develop with playing time. Lawson would just take away from Russell’s development.

        1. Russel’s got to improve his athleticism and overall game. Give him 20 minutes per game and have him train hard at the gym and during practice (he needs to study the game).

          1. His athleticism can only get worse moving forward. If you look at guys like Steven Nash, Paul Pierce, and Mark Jackson they never really became more athletic over the course of their careers. In fact, the opposite is true.

            The truth is that he got caught up in being what Scott wanted him to be and that is a Magic Johnson like point guard. He’s really a jump shooter who can hit the open man. Once he decided to keep his passing simple he did much better. 20 minutes a game is just going to drive a wedge between him, Scott, and Lakers management.

            Stephen Curry’s original coach was fired for the similar reasons.

            This is apart of the problem with playing for a big market team like Lakers or Knicks. Too much pressure and too many people that are willing to write you off at any sense of trouble.

          2. We are in rebuilding mode. I guess all Laker fans should know what it encompasses…

            Look at Clarkson’s body. Remember how different it looks from last year? Should be an inspiration for Russel.
            In his last SL game, Russel proved that he can get on fire a la Curry anytime during a game.

            All in all, I believe that we have to protect the kid from the impatient fans and let him develop with total peace of mind (if only we could recruit Nash as an assistant coach and sign him to a 3-year contract ).

          3. He’s not going to have peace of mind coming off the bench. They will be calling this kid a bust in the papers when Okafor is averaging 20 and 10 with Philly. He needs to get just as much time as Towns and Okafor.

          4. If we do that, expect the kid to hit the wall rather sooner than later… He’s just not ready…

    2. Do you really believe Randle will start? He has so many holes in his game. Can only finish when going left. Got beat off the dribble which cost the Lakers the last game. Bass will start. If Bass can’t beat Randle the Lakers are in real trouble.

      1. I believe he will, assuming he keeps playing like last game. He’s still getting use to 5 on 5 right now. I think he’ll be fine by the start of the regular season. I think bass and Williams would be very good for our bench and the youth there. Randle brings a dynamic that bass can’t and that will be an advantage to the starting lineup

        1. I hope you’re right. As an old basketball coach I see a guy who can finish going only one way. Last game he got to go left his strength. Previous games they forced him right. Also for a 6’9″ guy he seems to have short arms. Be great if he played like number 7 pick.

        2. Randle did go to his right twice, he had been working going to he left on all videos I saw so far, but we have 2 months to make a working team out of guys who have not ever played together, we will see improvements, in the pre-season games.

          1. Randle and Russell both need time to develop –at least a year, maybe two. Two months won’t get it.

      2. A bad pass with 1.4 sec to shoot – it was a bad call from the coach, that had nothing too do with RANDLE. Randle does not shoot half court shots, know your players and watch the games before you make stupid post like that.

        1. Read what I wrote. I didn’t even mention last play. It sure and the hell wasn’t Randle’s fault. I was referring to Randle’s weakness going right and being able to finish. Watch the games yourself.It is obvious Randle has problem finishing going right.

        2. Right now, Russell, Randall are both back up players at best. They will get better just not there yet. Get real old man.

          1. Who are you talking to TROLL, get a life, how did you get out of the closet ?
            Oh that’s right they just passed a LAW just for you.

          2. How is it not agreeing with you makes me a troll? Being old doesnt give you the right to truth.

          3. Because you are a TROLL who knows nothing about BB, And they are tired of guys like you, you could enjoy if you grow out of that CHILDISH ways and enjoy what is done here , most are friends that I or many have never met.

          4. I must give you some credit for energy and anger given that you are already 76. Take it easy.

      3. Byron has said that the starting job pretty much belongs to Russell in recent interviews and it’s his to lose.

        1. That doesn’t work financially. Lakers would have to give up Young, Sacre, Kelly and at least one more contract, either Black or Jabari Brown or a sign and trade of someone like Ronnie Price to make the numbers work. Without Black, Brown or sign and trade, the 3 alone won’t work. On that, they’d take on an extra $3.5 mil and would still have their 2.8 mil room exception to bring in another person at say the SF spot since Young would have to go.

          1. then the Lakers should figure this out and try to keep nick young i could possibly live with trading black or jabari brown. i th ink ty lawson is worth going out on a limb for. remember we struck out in FA. trying to get Ty will look better for the Lakers if we land him. we already got lou williams roy hibbert and brandon bass.

      1. They’re at the cap right now at 70 million. 84 million is luxury tax. The Lakers would have to give up Young, Sacre, Kelly and at least one more contract, either Black or Jabari Brown or a sign and trade of someone like Ronnie Price to make the numbers work. Without Black, Brown or sign and trade, the 3 alone won’t work. On that, they’d take on an extra $3.5 mil and would still have their 2.8 mil room exception to bring in another person at say the SF spot since Young would have to go.

  • Ok so it’s obvious we were not going to lock up an SF long term which is why A. brown, Kobe and maybe Bari will play the 3 this season
    All because they’re waiting on Durant next season
    So what do they do..gee we don’t have enough guards lets go after another lol
    Oh well Ty would be nice as long as we don’t give up anything too valuable

    1. Lol maybe they’re stashing guards to make the 76ers jealous. Who knows maybe they might make a trade.

      Also too bad Durant ain’t coming 🙁

    2. Kobe will be the starting SF per Byron Scott which means Young and A Brown will back him. Clarkson, Williams and J Brown are our SG’s. Scott wanted to start Russell with Clarkson for PG and SG and Kobe at SF.

  • Lawson makes $12M this season. For a trade to happen we’d have to give up $9M (outgoing).
    If we were going to trade for a PG, I’d rather get Jennings @ $8M.
    – The team looked at Jennings in February. How is this news in July?

    1. Russel and JC are staying here! JC looked impressive during the Summer League and that was without the workouts with Nash!

      1. The Lakers want Cousins. Karl doesn’t want Cousins. Karl likes his old Nugget players. Like Lawson and Faried. Kings signed two new centers. Lakers need someone Kings would like. Look for three team trade. Like Hibbard, Clarkson for Lawson and Faried. Then Lawson and Faried to the Kings for Cousins.

        1. Cousins can stay in Sacto. He’s a great player but a total headcase. We don’t need that.

      1. 6’1 Lawson, 6’5 Clarkson, 6’6 Kobe, 6’9 Randle, 7’2 Hibbert… that’s not small ball.

        Currently they’re looking at
        6’5 Russell, 6’5 Clarkson, 6’6 Kobe, 6’9 Randle, 7’2 Hibbert. Lawson is more your prototypical PG height though, the rest of the lineup is pretty standard.

        1. ty lawson might be faster right now and a better passer until russell can get up with his training to get up to the NBA standards. i would give him time let him come off the bench and start lawson clarkson kobe randle and hibbert. randle or bass can start at PF if randle isnt ready either. we have options so they can go whichever way they want!

    1. We already have a clown in Swaggy P, we don’t need another nutcase in Lawson, plus we already got plenty of guards, Lou Will, JC, Russell. What we really need is a starting caliber SF, Kobe is not the answer.

        1. I’ll tell you one thing, if you want Kobe to go out on his own terms then he shouldn’t be playing the SF. He will be put to the task of guarding the opponents best players, with his defense declining he would get killed, or risk another major injury. Kobe is best suited with SG, his natural position, just shoot to his heart’s content, don’t need to worry about defense.

          1. Shooting guards run around the court more than small forwards do. Kobe wouldnt want to chase players all over the court. I think hes capable of playing sf and kobes a good one on one defender. He’ll be up for the challenge, trust.

          2. LordOfTheRings is right. Kobe needs to move to SF. SF’s are a bit slower than SG’s and they’re style of play isn’t has hard on the body as an SG is. SG’s run around more, slash more, require a lot more wear and tear. Kobe on offense would do best to slide into the SF role as well since he likes to post up, freeing up Clarkson and Russell to play out on the perimeter as the traditional SG and PG. Jordan when he came back into the league moved to SF for the very same reason. It’s better for Kobe.

            SF’s do “some” slashing, primarily are 3pt shooters usually or play down low or mid range. They’re typically relied on defensively.

          1. He sees the rumors just like aby other human plus u draft mudiay in the lottery

        1. So, because of 2 DUI’s Lawson (at 27) can’t continue to average 15ppg, 9.6ast, 3.1 rpg?
          Maybe I’m wrong, but players don’t drink and drive while playing.

          1. 2 DUI’s in the past 6 months tells me this guy don’t gives a shit, and you think he would give a shit playing basketball??

          2. In the last 6 months he averaged 15ppg, 9.6ast, and 3.1ppg. Do you think he gives a shit about basketball?
            I do.

      1. We need a starting calibre PG. All those names you mentioned are not good enough to start.

  • At this point, it’s pretty obvious we’re going hard after Durant next year. I say lets just stay pat of what we have. If successful with signing KD next year, a second star signing that same offseason is inevitable.

      1. Obviously, they do, every one wants talks to the team. Why do you think that every Free Agent is get-able?

        1. I’m a Laker fan but I’m not delusional unlike you. They might be able to get in contact with the star FA’s but there’s a reason why Melo, LMA, Monroe didn’t sign.

          1. I’m not delusional and actually thought Melo would leave NYC and money.
            I’m not delusional and though that Aldridge would turn down the Spurs.

            So who is living in a delusion? These words are fake… It’s time to wake up……. It’s all an illusion bro.

          2. You are the reason why many people hate us Laker fans. It’s delusional dumbasses like you.

      2. They should have went after Butler and Chandler…

        Use Kobe’s space next year to get KD…. And if Kobe happened to be healthy resign him into the luxury tax.

    1. No way no how KD is coming to Lakers, so please stop being delusional, no Marquee free agents will come here unless we show a winning product out there.

      1. Randle, Russell, Clarkson, and Hibbert is a solid core for another 5 years. OKC isn’t close to being the best team in the West this year. And if he goes East, he faces Lebron’s team for the next 5 years.

        1. It’s cool, keep drinking the KD cool aid, all you gonna get next year is another heartbreak and disappointment. I would be surprised if he chooses the Lakers.

          1. He’s probably staying in OKC. But he’s also intrigued with the Warriors and his hometown Wizards.

          2. OKC is financially tapped out for the next 3 years.
            And the Durant and Westbrook combo isn’t good enough to win in the West…. GS can dream, but they have to trade most of their roster.

          3. Bird rights don’t mean much when a player can sign a max deal in his 5th year. And the 2% difference in salary ain’t shit bro. Educate yourself on the cap before you talk.

          4. You need to educate yourself. CA has very high state taxes unlike Oklahoma. OKC can offer him a contract without maxing out and he’ll still make more money than a max deal from the Lakers.

          5. OKC can’t offer the endorsements that LA has. They can’t offer the immediate plug into Kobe’s shoes and the Asian market. Durant will be 27 next year, do you think that the contract he signs will be his last? Maybe he’ll sign a 2 year deal like Lebron.

          6. He already has the endorsements he wants. He has Jay-Z as his agent who can get him all the endorsements he need as Jay-Z is from New York. Plus those short deals would be risky. He might end up like Dwight Coward and leave after one year.

          7. Jay-z aint got shit in the Asian market bro. Do you realize there are more Lakers fans in China than the entire USA population?
            All Jay-z got is an “in” for the Knicks…… If Durant wants to go to the Knicks….. HAHHAHAH more power to him.

          8. Please shut up. You are ruining the reputation of Laker fans. Unless Durant suddenly chooses to sign with the Lakers there is 0 chance.

          9. Can’t win a battle of words, and now you have to try the “reputation” card.
            You should try the race card, or the age card, or the family card too….

          10. Plus I never said anything about him going to the Knicks/Nets. I’m just saying he already has a good agent who has lots of connections since his agent is from a large market. Plus you realize he already has a lot of Chinese fans no matter where he goes? Going to LA isn’t going to make a significant difference. Sure there are a lot of Chinese people like me who live in LA, but he already has lots of support even though he isn’t with the Lakers. I’m a KD and Laker fan but there’s no way he’s coming with the current mental state of the FO living in the past without using real analytics.

          11. So you realize, THEN, how much MORE the Lakers brand would boost his image in China.
            And, since you are Chinese, and we will all presume Chinese are smart, then why are you trying to predict what happens in 355 days?
            – Maybe you ain’t Chinese bro. Are you sure you aren’t a Korean trying to fake the Dragon?

          12. Brb having an identity crisis right now because Jeremiah is telling me I’m Korean and not Chinese.

          13. Since JZ is the agent, he’s definitely on his way to the east coast,don’t you think?

          14. Maybe you forget that Russell, Clarkson, and Randle are under 22. Hibbert is a 2-time All Star at 28. AND the team has $45M to spend in each of the next 2 years.

          15. Russell may have a lot of potential but he has a long way to go to becoming a star. He ain’t sending us to the playoffs this year. Rome wasn’t built in a day you know.

          16. OKC is in cap hell for the next 3 years.
            Washington has never been anything more than a pretender.
            Durant is considered #2 to Lebron, and being in the East doesn’t change anything.

          17. just like this year the Lakers got $24 mil to spend but no one wants to take our money. Money don’t mean shit, winning product do.

          18. Did you really think the team would get Aldridge?
            Did you really think DJ would leave the Clippers?
            Can you blame Monroe for picking a team NO one considered?
            Just because you hit on the hottest girl in the room doesn’t mean you stand a chance to get the digits. U aint a playa bro.

          19. I don’t know what you trying to say, but my point is stop being delusional and think KD will come here next season, not going to happen. Lakers are in full rebuild mode right now, and unless the team can improve and start winning again, no superstar free agents will come play for the Lakers no matter how much cap space we have.

          20. And halfway through the season Sacramento will be ready to deal Cousins.Come on KD!!!

          21. He likely would stay in OKC, or go back home to DC. OKC got Westbrook, Ibaka, and now added Cameron Payne, why wouldn’t he want to stay? They are a few pieces away from contending for a title, and who do we have??

          22. Because OKC isn’t close to being the best team in the West and have no cap space to improve. Why would he go to DC when Lebron/Kyrie/Love are locked for another 5 years and DC isn’t anything more than a #4 team in the East?

          23. Isn’t close to being the best team in the west? Your delusional dude. When healthy there definitely a contender and probably the most talented team in the west

          24. i like the KD cool aid! you know that’s the kind where he actually signs with the Lakers and when Kobe decides to retire we now have KD. sounds like a good plan to me.

        2. The only reason why OKC didn’t make the playoffs is because injuries to KD and Westbrook which disrupted chemistry.

          We do have a solid core but please be realistic. We aren’t likely to make the playoffs being in the west.

  • What the Lakers need is a small forward and a backup pg, preferably a veteran. I don’t think Lawson would be a good influence because of his multiple DUI arrests and problems with Nugget’s management. I do like Jennings. He would be a could backup, he would be returning home to LA. and his contract is only 3.1 million.

    1. Jennings is a starting caliber PG, he wouldn’t take less money to be a backup. We need someone like Mo Williams but too bad he’s already signed.

          1. I think B. Jennings is a better fit than mo williams is to come off the bench along side lou will.

      1. I agree. However, he is not starting in Detroit right now and Detroit also has Steve Blake and Reggie Jackson, so I think it would be easier to get him. I think that because so many teams are competing for the services of Lawson, the Nuggets wouldn’t accept swaggy, sacre, and kelly in return. We would have to give them someone better.

        1. We don’t need Ty Lawson, just like we don’t need Kevin Seraphin. I don’t know why all the rumors swirling around for someone that we don’t need. If Lakers get another wing player I’ll be happy.

          1. What are the options for a wing player? I also agree we need one, but I am not really sure who the Lakers can get.

          2. So far the only one I can think of is Dorell Wright, good shooter, decent defender.

          3. Yah. I thought he was going to the Heat because he was talking about them so much, which confused me because they already have so many small forwards. So thanks for letting me know.

          4. How about Tay Shaun Prince? He’s old but he can train brown on the mechanics of 3-d,plus he’s a good role model.This might be a stretch to some,but Michael Beasley had a little success in Miami this past season.That’s instant offense off the bench and Kobe can keep him in line.Just a thought.

        2. Exactly people think we kan give away our dead weight for him and it wont work hes worth more than swaggy p sacre and kelly

  • Lawson dui problem was all in 2015 ever had any other problems plus he still has atleast 5-8 good years left we dont have time to breast feed RUSSELL lawson is very capable of manning the point right now

    1. We get Lawson, definitely he will be the starting PG, it will hurt Russell’s development, not a good move, plus he’s a bad influence on the rooks, just like Swaggy P.

      1. Dont have two years to wait on RUSSELL i rather make it to the playoffs vs watching lakers suck while RUSSELL develoo

          1. A major issue with trading for Lawson, then the FO admits drafting Russell was the wrong move, they wouldn’t slap their own face like that by bringing in another starting caliber PG. Rumors are just rumors.

          2. what?? where have you heard this??? did they really say that?? nahh ur making it up right?

          3. RUSSELL is not a starting pg nowhere near it right now…..they definitely made a mistake drafting him that wasnt a need from the start

          4. agreed. a big man was definelt a way bigger need going into the summer. the reason they took him was cuz they were confident in getting one of those big man and they didn’t so it was stupid as fuck

          5. Lawson is a pretty good player, he’s 27. in his prime, & averaged:15.2 ppg 9.6 apg, can shoot the 3 pretty well

  • In some ways it can make sense. If they got rid of Young, Sacre, and Kelly is might barely work financially. As a roster it’ll make them loaded at the guard spots. But no SFs. They’re lineups would be:
    Russell, Lawson (doesn’t matter who starts, Lawson is dealing with personal problems and that may affect his game)
    Clarkson, Lou Williams, Jabari Brown
    Kobe, Anthony Brown
    Randle, Bass, Nance Jr
    Hibbert, Black, Upshaw.
    Absolutely loaded at PG/SG. And a solid 6 big men depth. Lakers do need a 3 and D SF but Lawson is not a bad pickup. Who knows if Russell is gonna be a star. He might be but if they can add Lawson then do it. The Lakers would be having a 3 guard, 2 bigs type of lineup. No perimeter defense (except Clarkson) but the offense would be fun to watch

    1. Hell maybe they’ll throw SF minutes at Clarkson (6’5). The Clippers have put CP3 & Crawford with Reddick at SF so a three guard system wouldn’t be bad on offense. Defense yes but oh well. Russell, Lawson, Clarkson, Lou, Kobe, Randle, Bass, Hibbert, Black, and Nance Jr would be the players that will be playing every game. Or even trade Lou Williams before the deadline when he can be traded

  • Might be hard to pass up if we can nab him for pennies on the dollar, but it definitely would create a logjam. Kobe would have to become a full time three. And even then, between Lawson/Clarkson/Russell/Lou, someone is getting stuck with limited minutes. We might have to get creative and play three guard lineups.

    That said, if you can get him for Young and nothing else of much substance, it’s a good problem to have.

    1. Lawson

      A.brown if denver gets swaggy
      Upshaw /black
      Whoever’s having a good game stays on the floor.
      What logjam???

        1. Yea it’s a pretty solid team all around minus a major sf but kd next season maybe, if not they’ll be others

  • Im trying to figure out why people think we kan land lawson for pennies like his talent worth nothing

      1. Not to other team’s if they’re willing to trade for him with better assets. He’ll likely end up in H-Town.

    1. RUSSELL needs two years remember… hes only 19 remember…. he needs time remember…. #SummerLeagueQuotes

      1. So we drafted a backup player with the #2 pick? Well i thought he was going to be in the running for rookie of the year after the initial hype he received prior to the draft. Well i think swing him over to shooting guard as a starter and play Kobe at small forward and bring Clarkson off the bench as a backup with Lou Williams. Nick Young will likely get traded for Lawson with additional contracts added in to make it work.

    1. For the $5.4 mil (MLE) the Rockettes are trying to negotiate with him he’d likely stay put for now.

  • Young, Kelly, and Sacre plus the 3.4 mil cash limit in a trade is still a little over a mil short.

    Right now it looks like the Lakers Roster is 15, and if one was looking for a SF there are two options. 1. Find a home for Kelly to open a roster spot, and sign Tony Mitchell | F | 6-6 | 216, the Italian League MVP who looked really good during the Summer League games. 2. After watching Nance during the SL games, I bet he could cover SF just fine.

    1. This was successful in the trade machine at ESPN. Nick Young+Ryan Kelly+Robert Sacre+Tarik Black for Ty Lawson.

        1. I was just running trades and that was a success on the ESPN trade machine. I kinda think Mitch has a thing for North Carolina players since he played there and he might want Ty Lawson. But you’re right that trade makes us no better that is a lot to give up.

    2. 6’6 too short for a SF, plus we already got Anthony Brown, don’t need another rook. Nance is a PF, he ain’t got the speed, the kind of lock down defense, and range for a SF, so please stop saying Nance can play SF, just like others saying Randle can play the 3, pathetic.

      1. Nance is a SF not a PF, they only put him at PF in college for speed advantage and since he had long wing span 7’2 with a 37 vertical he was able to keep up with the taller players

  • LA Lakers just need focus trade kelly both sacre and focus sign dorrell wright and kj mcdaniels and also consider sign darell arthur

  • I would trade Lou Williams, Sacre and Kelly for Lawson

    We need Young since we’re short on SFs. Trading Williams would clear a spot for Lawson

  • @forumblueandgold:
    None of this is the end of the world. Plenty of talented young players, who ended up becoming All-Star or Rookie of the Year winners, struggled in their summer league moments.

    When Derrick Rose played just two games in Orlando summer league, he scored 19 total points on 17 total shots, and had eight turnovers to almost neutralize his 11 assists. Michael Carter-Williams shot 27.1 percent from the field and needed 17 shots a game to average 13 points. DeMarcus Cousins put up 14.5 points and 9.8 rebounds per game, but shot 33.3 percent from the field. Even Stephen Curry shot 32.5 percent from the field and needed 16 shots per game to put up 17.4 points.

    Russell and Randle may end up having a great end to the summer, and carry it over into big rookie years for each player (Randle is no longer a rookie, but it’s basically his first year playing in the NBA). While fans and some media rush to wonder what is wrong with the young guys on the Lakers, it’s more important to realize they’re players with little-to-no experience trying to get their feet wet in the Nevada desert.

  • I’d get him if it means adding someone like Chandler or maybe a draft pick or something, but thats wishful thinking.

  • larry nance should start at the 3. hes an explosive two way athlete that doesn’t need plays runned for him which is always good to have a guy like that starting next to kobe

    1. if he was a three point threat i would agree but hes not and the offense would be stalled with that line up

      1. dude just be quiet ur embarrassing ur self. you dont need to shoot 3’s to be a starting SF. theres more to just that dumbo. hes the perfect compliment next to kobe and he’s arguably the lakers best defender on the wing and best athlete on the team

    1. apparently you wouldn’t they really want to get rid of him since muiday looks like the man now so you wouldn’t have to give up anything for him. sacre,russel and kelly should be enough.

      1. Do you really think Mitch would trade D’Angelo Russell for Ty Lawson who has received 4 DUI arrests? I doubt Russell gets traded so soon.

        1. russel will not be better than lawson in his 1st season? come now lets be serious here :D. lawson is already a proven talent and russel who knows what he is but hes a project thats for sure.

      1. Not being picky more so i am concerned D’Angelo will get stuck on the bench with little to no playing time if we get Lawson. Also we really do need a small forward.

        1. If Russel gets benched its because there are better players in front of him. If Russel, Lou and Swaggy come off the bench to start the season, thats fine

          1. dude, chill out, just a few SL games, give the kid a chance, he has the intangibles of becoming a superstar, Kobe was exactly like him if not worse when he was a rook, and look at what Kobe became.

          2. Kobe wasnt drafted 2overall and he definitely had atleast one good SL game dropping 36 facts…stop acting like busts dont exist…they do

          3. not going to argue with you, only a few SL games, plus Russell did show signs of a great player in those games, he just needs to adjust. Busts do exist, but I don’t see it in Russell, at least not now, I’m willing to give him a season to prove me wrong.

          4. Rookie Kobe and Russell are very different. Zach Lavine is closet to a young Kobe.

            Kobe was awesome even in high school.

            Look up film on him.

          5. Kobe was killing it in high school no doubt, but it took Kobe 3 seasons just to be a starter, and you do remember Kobe shot those 3 airballs when he was playing the Utah jazz?? All I’m saying rookies need time to adjust, give Russell at least a season to prove if he’s worth the 2nd pick or not.

  • None of you in here ever considered why would Mitch and Jim trade for Lawson so they can admit they made a mistake drafting Russell?? They drafted him with the 2nd pick not for him to just be a backup PG, just think about that, Russell is our starting PG one way or another.

    1. Exactly man Mitch would not admit he made a big mistake by trading for a guard. It’s crazy how D’Angelo Russell is being thrown out as nothing by fans so soon.

      1. that trade wouldn’t of happened either way if we drafted Russell or not. Kings were asking for a ransom for Boogie, too much to give up, plus why would the Kings trade Boogie to a division rival, just don’t make sense.

        1. Im implying that mitch had trade intentions already… they wanted 3young pcs thats why we didnt maje the move

    2. Lakers will move D’Angelo to starting shooting guard as a off ball player.

      PG Ty Lawson/Jordan Clarkson/D’Angelo Russell
      SG D’Angelo Russell/Lou Williams/Jordan Clarkson
      SF Kobe Bryant/Anthony Brown/Jabari Brown
      PF Julius Randle/Brandon Bass/Larry Nance
      C Roy Hibbert/Robert Upshaw

      1. Lmao noway RUSSELL starts over CLARKSON at the 2 we all know CLARKSON is solidified at the 2spot RUSSELL is not a better scorer stop it

        1. i still think starting clarkson will only hurt the team as a whole and you will see it when the season starts

          1. Thats not true CLARKSON will play the most minutes on this team u kan see it in SL and hes definitely a solidified starter at this point lou keeps scoring kumin off the bench

          2. Clarkson is a shoot/ ME first player, he only cares about his own scoring and not get his teammates involved. I’d rather see Lou Will start instead of JC, at least Lou Will plays more responsibly.

          3. no i appreciate you backing me up ;D but thats not the point i was trying to make. i just trying tell why kobe should just stick to his traditional position. The SG. thats all man. cuz to me its not about putting all the talent together and seeing if it works. i like my SF to be 2 dimensional not 1 dimensional to also defend the best wing player. nance should be the guy

          4. not as selfish as JC I can tell you that much, plus Lou is a 10 year NBA veteran, reigning 6th man of the year, he must be doing something right.

          5. Clarkson has all star potential, but yes I’d like to see him pass more. But hey its summer league, players are trying to showcase themselves

          6. true, but he’s already under contract, he already proved that last season by making all rookie 1st team, so why even showcase more and be selfish, instead he should’ve get his teammates involved as much as possible to show everybody he’s not one dimensional.

          7. Now you are crazy Lou Will is a shoot/ME first player.. Clarkson avg close to 6assts per game last season. Lou Will avg less than 3 assts in his career. Lou Will a better scorer but Clarkson hustle & go for steals

    1. Bass would actually be a better backup then starting, he’s a energy guy, can come in with Lou Will to give the 2nd unit a spark. Randle will start no doubt about it.

      1. no bass would actually be better as a starter for us since hes a energy guy and not a go to guy. bass is perfect fit and compliment . 1 or 2 ball dominate players in ur lineup is enough when u go over that than its not good at all cuz than ur hoping they all coexist together

    1. exactly what I say, all these recent rumors about players that we don’t need, no mentioning of any SF.

  • I say do it! Kobe and A.brown at sf fuck it it’s off the bench anyway and he needs the experience. We need a veteran WC pg on this team to mentor jc and Dlo at pg and Lawson brings that WC toughness he’s battled with curry, paul, lillard, Westbrook and can share the knowledge passed down. I like it.

  • Yes, just trade Young, Kelly and Sacre. He is a good veteran PG for us and sign another SF. Dorrell Wright i guess is still available.

  • If worst come to worst we can get Tayshaun Prince who is a 3 & D guy. He is not bad for a year contract.

        1. Wilson Chandler is a great 3 and D wing, SF, just what we desperately needs. Gallo is just a upgraded version of Ryan Kelly, no need.

  • Only way the money works is if they trade young.
    Young, kelly, sacre for Lawson makes sense. Kobe and Anthony Brown would be the SF’s.
    PG: Lawson/ Russell
    SG: Clarkson/ Lou will / J Brown
    SF: Kobe / A brown
    PF: Randle / Bass / Nance Jr
    C: Hibbert / Upshaw / Black
    Lakers could even roll out an extremely small lineup at times. This lineup would be good against the Warriors small lineup of curry Thompson iguodala Barnes and green
    PG: Lawson
    SG: Russell
    SF: Clarkson
    PF: Kobe
    C: Randle

    1. ur assuming randle will win the PF spot? uhh ok i guess. and i dont understand why ur putting nance as a 3rd stringer seriously. they guy definitely should be in the rotation. hes become a fan favorite. he should definitely play backup PF or SF or should start. hes a good fit next to anyone

  • naw, I wont buy it, reports are nuggets wants a 1st rd pick(top picks,Dlo,wcs,etc) and a player….with the arrival of mudiay, lawson if traded would be sold low….an NBA exec even said “Good Luck with trading lawson”…..

    1. You heard here first when it’s all said and done the Nuggets will simply just cut him off the team. Much like how the Suns cut Michael Beasley years back. No need to trade just wait for him to get waived.

  • Despite his problems Ty lawson remains a very good PG. But I don’t see How can the lakers could make a trade happen.. Lawson 12 M$ / year ; Nick Young+Kelly+sacre = 7.5M$ …
    Unless the Nuggets waive him…

    1. nuggets wants a high DP this yr(DLo, wcs,etc) and a player…rather w8 for Dlo to pan out and swagP to stay for firepower

    2. nuggets is contemplating on waiving him since Mudiay doing great in SL. The guy is really good, his talent was not exposed and Nuggets was lucky to get him at pick 7.

  • We need talent which we can use for our future or trade them for assets. Nothing to lose if we can pick up Lawson for nada do it !!!!!

  • I would love for Lawson to bring that western conference toughness. Like a waay better version of Ronnie price.

      1. You post the most ignorant shit on here, i know you not talking to me weirdo your worst than lin fanboys and clipper trolls and celt/bucks fans probably your other accounts.
        Everything i post on here is within right of way

          1. Shutup fag, no pussy getting, video game, comic con ass , think you know it all but how to wipe your own ass. Bitch i know bball/Lakers ball just as much if not better than you! Relax big dummy

          2. It’s just a fuckin forum everyone here is entitled to say whatever the fuck they want, including you! Brainiac chill tf out.

  • Thats an extra 15 pts. 9 ast what? Let’s go
    Lawson /Russell
    Clarkson /Williams /jabari
    Even balance of scoring and defense

  • 1. Clippers
    2. Warriors
    3. Spurs
    4. Thunder
    5. Grizz
    6. Rockets
    7. Pelicans
    8. Lakers
    Lakers vs clippers first ever playoff series
    Warriors vs Pelicans rematch
    Spurs vs rockets Texas rivalry
    Thunder and grizz would be a great series like always

    1. Grizzlies wont be the 5 seed, they got worse since last year losing Kufas and everyone getting even older

        1. they are a 2nd round exit year in and year out, kufus was a huge loss and Gasol and especially randolph are both getting old

    2. nigga no,
      Gsw vs LAL(Kobe will show ’em who da real 3pt king is and co. will surprise them)
      OKC vs Nola(this means WAR!!battle of the future)
      SAS vs Clips(rematch)
      Hou vs Mem(battle of pace, modern vs traditional)

  • The Kings void luc Mbah moute’s contract after he failed the physical test. I ‘d love to see him signing with us. he is a great defensive player, if he is healthy that will be a good add

        1. he would be a huge addition to the lakers just by his defense alone. but i heard hes signing with the kings

          1. Joshhh :
            ” The Kings voided the contract of forward Luc Mbah a Moute on Thursday after he failed a team physical.”

      1. dude he defends really well. i think nance would be a really good starter but im not the GM or the coach so i dont call the shots. there too sold on playing russ,clark and kobe all together nothing will change there mind. typical blindness

  • Front office thought russell would make an immediate impact, I dont see it. He needs to be more agressive and get to the rim more

    1. cant. he just wasn’t born to be that kind of player. u either have it or you dont. hes not ur typical nba pg in todays nba where they could pretty much do it all on offense.

    2. They thought D’Angelo Russell was the next Magic Johnson. They thought he was a great player and a starter from day 1. They were wrong.

    3. Man you guys are incredible, only been a few SL games and already talking shit about Russell. I would give him at least a season to prove me wrong.

  • just because a SF cant shoot great doesn’t mean he wouldn’t help you alot. people think that if ur SF cant shoot 3’s well than screw it.

      1. Aminu,jimmy butler was a horrible shooter coming into the league. im not saying they cant. anyone can technically. but im saying its not like you have to its ideal that ur SF must shoot 3’s even if he helps you in other aspects of the game

          1. wow. ur so sad. leave me alone kid. ur ignorance knows no bound. i guess dunleavy is a real SF to you ;D

  • tarik,bass,abrown, lou and DLo will come off the bench

    starters: JC,Kobe,SwagP,Randle,Hibbert…..JC and swagP wont hog if Kobe is there,who has evolved into a team player already, Randle will be our Dray, Hibbert be our DJ/Bogut….

  • I would love to see the Lakers trade for Lawson. He said the Lakers are whack and the Clippers were dope to TMZ a couple years back but so what that’s back then and this now. That’s old news this is different circumstances now.

  • Lawson would be good for Russell, he can say hey that midget is better than me I gotta work on my game.

  • can the lakers experiment with plenty of lineups:

    Dlo-Kobe-nance jr-randle-tarik
    Dlo-JC-nance jr-randle-upshaw

  • Lawson



    people are to delusional to see that this is the way to go. u can just replace lawson for russel if the trade is bullshit

  • Roy Hibbert: 11.9 ppg 8.2 rpg 1.5 apg

    Julius Randle: 13.8 ppg 7.7 rpg 2.6 apg

    Kobe Bryant: 21.7 ppg 5.5 rpg 4.6 apg

    Jordan Clarkson: 15.5 ppg 4.1 rpg 3.9 apg

    D’Angelo Russell: 14.6 ppg 3.5 rpg 6.3 apg

  • It’s really funny to me every time a rumor saying Lakers are interested in such and such and automatically is “Do it Mitch!!” sign him, trade for him. Dude why would we even need another PG or another PF like Kevin Seraphin for where the team definitely needs wing players, it’s really amazes me.

      1. clearly Dorell Wright and KJ McDaniels are options, but never see any rumors regarding Lakers interested in them, it’s like the FO are just oblivious to the fact that our starting SF is a 36 year old Kobe plus a rook and a clown.

  • Russell tries to make all these fancy passes when he can make the easy play, if he can fix his mistakes he’ll be a hell of a floor general. I just hope he shoots as well in the NBA as he did in college

    1. Like he said it himself “making something out of nothing” he tries to force it, trying to do too much, eager to make an impression, same problem with Randle.

      1. they dont want to be traded, they gotta impress the org,the fans and Kobe of course(earning his trust like Pau,DFish, Odom)

  • I will trade Dlo if it means DMC,PG13(those are realistic targets)

    how about we trade for DMC,Rondo and Koufos for Dlo,nance jr, upshaw,kelly,sacre,hibbert and future 1st rd pick

    Kobe,lou, jbrown
    Koufos, tarik

          1. you have a hard time understanding basic basketball dont you.

            if you make stupid comments im going to respond to educate you

          2. whether its stupid or not kid we both know ur gonna reply regardless of what i write. 😀

  • butler cant play and is not a SF according to cj ;D. so if butler were to sign with us that would mean he would play SG right cj? ur words not mine. 😀 i love fucking with this kid

  • Fuck Ty Lawson
    And Lakers still have Nick Young, Ryan Kelly, and Robert Sacre on their roster, not to mention an inept front office with a egotistical owner, and a coach who’s living in the past.

      1. Young has issues, Kelly and Sacre seem like good people but they’re scrubs and taking up 2 precious roster spots we could use for a fucking Small Forward that we really need.

          1. Young is a streaky shooter, can’t play off ball, and too freakin emotional. Clown is always a clown.

          2. do you know the meaning of off ball? means he can play without the ball in his hands which he is not, he needs the ball in his hands, play ISO, and then score, when he’s hot he’s hot, but most of the time he’s not, that’s why he’s streaky, or inconsistent.

    1. Young Kelly Sacre won’t get you Lawson let’s be honest, and besides Lakers don’t need him, we got Russell.

  • butler cant play and is not a SF according to cj ;D. so if butler were to sign with us that would mean he would play SG right cj? ur words not mine. 😀 i love fucking with this kid

    OH and also according to cj if your best player is a 37 year old then your in perfectly good hands and have no problems. cj’s words not mine

    1. 1.never said he cant play sf.

      2. never said having a 37 year old as your best player is the best thing.

      you said buttler is a sf. i educated your iignorance hes a sg.

      you said a team cant win a title with your best player at 37 again i educated you.

      your ignorance hurst please learn basic basketball

      1. “aminu is not a great sf and buttler is a sg and plays sg” is that enough for you to admit ur fault? its called he can play both dumbass. ur to ignorant to even say that so you came at me saying butler is a sg. you could of just replied or not replied at all in the 1st place to know what i was saying. the fact that ur wrote back saying hes a sg and plays shows how ignorant you are to just talk to me

        1. lebron can play pg, sg, sf, pf, and center

          can i call lebron a center?????????????


          buttler is a sg that can play sf just like kobe.

          hes not a sf you ignorant fool

          1. butler is way more of a SF than a SG dumbass. jsut beacuse he plays SG with the bulls doesn’t mean its his real position. any team in the nba that had butler he would be thier starting SF so STFU and save the bullshit. hes clearly a SF dumbass. he guards SF’s dumbass. him and lebron head to head etc. etc.ect.etc. etc.. save it im done debating with this stupid of kid. its pathetic that ur even created in this worls

          2. again your wrong you ignorant fool.

            he guards the other teams best player be it sg or sf. he does not guard sf’s only.

            he plays most of his time at sg because he is a sg.

            he would not start at sf for the cavs, bulls, okc, indy, sas, gsw,bucks, mavs……. should i go on????

            buttler is and will be a sg for the forseeable future

  • we now have a defensive anchor in hibbert, we need a player or 2 who can lock down and play Perimeter D….nance jr, Abrown and JC some of our chances….if not then trade for mcdaniels

    1. Hibbert ain’t no defensive anchor, he’s slow, with small hands, bad rebounder, and is mentally weak.

      1. Hibbert is all we got right now, he’s still just 28, can grow together with the rooks, and he’s been known for rebounds and rim protection, and a former all star, I say he’s pretty good, way better than J Hill at least.

  • Hibbert / Black / Upshaw
    Randle / Bass / Nance
    Bryant / Brown
    Clarkson / Williams / Brown
    Lawson / Russell

    Sign a SF and a third string PG

  • I honestly won’t give a shit or get my hopes up unless I see “BREAKING: Lakers sign ………”
    Or “BREAKING: Lakers trade Nick Young”

    And it better be a fucking a Small Forward.

  • As long as Jim Buss is the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers I hold no optimism with this team, not to mention Byron Scott as the head coach.

  • Kupchak please Sign ty lawson! He can drive and kick is a good one on one player a good passer and he’s like the missing piece for a playoff run! He can teach Clarkson and the DLoading a few tricks of the trade! Ty Lawson is under rated and he’s better than Rondo Bledsoe Rajon rondo, chris Paul he’s not an all star but he’s very talented! Tradeeveryone except for Nick young you need a lot of shooters and playmakers.

  • Hibbert – Most mentally weak man ever born
    Randle – Puts head down and charges in
    Kobe – On his last legs
    Clarkson – Fluke
    Russell – Bust
    Lawson – headcase
    Young – can’t do anything but shoot at 40%

    1. YOu can come in here and troll all you want, just because you Flippers signed Paul Pierce, Josh Smith, and traded for Stephenson doesn’t get your team out of the 2nd round of the playoffs.

        1. Hibbert is poised to have a big season, I think he’s out to prove indy wrong plus its his contract year

  • Fuck the Flippers, but everyone of those was pretty true except for Clarkson and Russell. They have their entire careers to showcase their set of skills and get better with every year. Calling someone a bust after 4 summer games is stupid. And Clarkson is no way in hell a fluke.

  • I could invision Clarkson and Randle being like Beal and Wall. Except Wall’s athleticism and mediocre shooting is like Clarkson, and pure shooting is more like Russell.

  • Anyone know how many years Lawson has on his contract? If the Nuggets don’t want Mudiay and Lawson together, what makes you think having a bad locker room guy like Lawson is good for Russell? On or off the court

  • It’s honestly so sad seeing Kobe’s last year possibly being surrounded by the likes of Roy Fucking Hibbert, Ty Lawson, Nick Young and a bunch of rookies.

    1. beggars can’t be choosers, or would you rather we stick with J Hill, Wes Johnson, Booze, and J Lin??

          1. i wrote the same comment 2 seconds ago and you bash me saying “stupid comment 0 reason to be posted”. im literally destroying in the act :D. u must be embarrassed 🙁 i feel bad for you. u caantt stay away from me no matter what

          2. u never posted this comment and i never reponded to a comment about that.

            so another stupid comment for retarded joshhh

          3. ahahahaha!!! ok kid. scroll down a bit an you’ll see 😀 its like taking baby from a candy 😀

          4. your so stupid u honestly believe you posted some thing similler to this lol

            you never did and i would not have argued with a post like this

  • I’m just sick to the fact that every fucking free agent or potential trade targets are associated with Lakers, and when real needs like SF doesn’t get mentioned, it pisses you off.

    1. Andre Iguodala along with CJ mIles will be available in 2017 FA. Next year tho it’s KD (doubtful) and possibly DeMar DeRozan THO he’s utilized more at the 2. Ball dominant player who likes shooting the ball too. Combined with the current roster not sure that pan out now.

      1. HAHAAHAH!!!! told ya!!!! GOTCHA YA!!! haha!! you reply to anything i write. i was just testing if you were gonna reply. hahah!!!!! what a stupid ass kid who got caugght in his own lie haha!!! he tells me he only replies to me when i make stupid comments to educate you. just admit it now man ur in love with me kid

        1. your wrote a stupid post so i was educating you. again i told no lies.

          post something that shows active brain cells and i wont respond

          1. no man you got caught big time kid. 😀 all i wrote was anthony brown is a good 3 and d guy. thats not stupid at all. your just in love with me. leavee me alone kid.i have no interest in you

          2. no its stupid you just called an unproven SECOND ROUND ROOKIE a good three and d guy.

            thats stupid.

            he could be that player but atm hes not.

            meaning you made a stupid ignorant post yet again

          3. haha i just caught you again!!!!! haha!!! you replied back to that comment in a good way praising it but now that im telling you it was a test to catch you, you bring this up to hide it. hahah!!!!!!. if it was stupid you would of written
            “no its stupid you just called an unproven SECOND ROUND ROOKIE a good three and d guy.” in the 1st place not now 😀 dude im schooling you big time hahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          4. i did not praise you comment i said “COULD BE” and “FUTURE” nither of that was praise.

            your ignorance is strong.

            and your stupidity is even stronger

          5. but if it was stupid why would you say that?? hahaah!!! if it was stupid you would say what u just wrote since you only reply to stupid comments of mine to educate me. dude i cant believe your to blind to see that im catching you every time haahah!!!

          6. because ur post indcates he is a great 3 and d player now i am educating you about the fact that hes not now but he might be in the future.

            i know its hard just open you ur little mind

          7. if it was stupid to write brown is a good 3 and D SF than since you like educating my stupid comments you would of corrected it by saying ” joshh ur stupid to call an unproven second round rookie a good 3 and D guy” and not bring up “starting” which had nothing to do with my comment once or ever .hahaah!!!!. oh man this shit is hilarious. u do realize im catching you in the act and your ttrying to cover it up so badly hahaah!!!!. where did my comment say brown should start??? all i wrote was hes a a good 3 and D SF. u brought that up on your own hahah!!!!.

          8. no because there is a chance he gets there at some point so saying the whole point was stupid would have been stupid on my part

          9. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just ignored joshhh’s ignorant ass so he could go back to being the sad little loner/attention whore he’s always been? He doesn’t deserve a second of your time. He’s a two-bit troll with the mind of a child. Leave it alone. Flag his posts and move on.

    1. If he gets cut then certain he’ll head to Houston. Showed interest a few months back to which this is why the Rockettes have expressed interest in acquiring him.

      1. very possible.

        but he was also intrested in sac and the lakers. and i believe the lakers could offer the most money but i might be wrong there

        1. Let’s hope so b/c for me it’s about placing a bigger trade package or make an impact-ful trade before 2016’s FA. Otherwise, expect similar results as this off season.

    1. DMC isn’t coming here, forget it. The Kings owner and Divac aren’t giving him up. They’ll fire Karl before they give up Cousins.

  • ths kid is so fun to play with. he doesn;t even know well im sure he does but hes trying to hide the fact that im destroying him in his own words hahaha!!!

    1. your destroying your self and only proving to this board that you are to uneducated to be over the age of 13

  • did i write “brown should start” ???? no. all i wrote was hes a good 3 and D SF. since you only write back to my stupid comments to educate me right? you would of actually corrected me and not bring up something i never even said in the 1st place plus ad the fact that you wrote “he could be in the future” a meaningless point to say. if your gonna “educate me” than why would you even bring up such a meaningless point to a stupid post? im destroying you :D!!!!.

    if my post was stupid the only thing you would of written down was 2nd thing you wrote when i said gotcha ya and not 2 meaningless points (future and starting) that had nothing to do with my post. hahah!!1

  • If my comment had said “Anthony Brown is not the future and he should start” than you kept your word when telling me “if you make stupid comments im going to respond to educate you” but the fact that you didn’t educate me and brought up meaningless stuff proves like i told you before that you respond to my comments regardless of what i write

  • What’s the point of this bullshit rumor? The only way the Lakers can even trade for him is if they give up
    Sacre, Kelly, Nick Young and Randle either that or:
    Sacre, Kelly, Nick Young, Jabari Brown, Tarik Black, in which case you have issues with Roster numbers of both teams.
    So the Lakers aren’t even realistically able to trade for him, unless they somehow acquire Brendan Haywood’s contract, in which case they’d likely have to give up something substantial, they don’t even have any draft picks second or first until 2020. I wish the writers of this site would actually do some research instead of just copying what other stupid sites are saying, this is basically like a gossip site.

    1. You don’t have to give up that combo. Instead you can do
      Sacre, Kelly, Nick Young, Jabari Brown

      Sacre, Kelly, Nick Young, Tarik Black

      Sacre, Kelly, Nick Young, sign and trade Price, Blue, or Buycks (if any of those 3 will and if Denver wants one of those 3).

      You don’t need to unload Brown AND Black. One, the other, or neither if you do sign and trade. Financially it does work per the ESPN Trade Machine.

      1. Indeed, I was just guestimating the salaries. Although the sign and trade won’t really work especially for price cause he has already signed for phoenix, and S and T requires at least a 3 year guaranteed contract for those crappy guys. Either way none of these trades even remotely help Denver in any way other than to rid themselves of Lawson, I’m sure the Rockets can offer a much better deal, with actual draft picks, something I’m sure Denver are more interested in.

        1. Wow Price signed with Phoenix? Where the hell was I when that happened? Damn. Here I thought he was still a FA. Well there goes that pipe dream idea.

  • C: Hibbert / Black / Upshaw / Sacre
    PF: Randle / Bass / Nance / Kelly
    SF: Young / A. Brown
    SG: Kobe / Williams / J. Brown
    PG: Russell / Clarkson

    We’re probably not realistically going to make anymore moves knowing the FO. Kelly, Sacre, and Young have no value since not one of the 29 teams were interested in them. I’d say try this lineup, Young and Kobe played well together last season, and let them play with a natural PG like Russell. I also like Clarkson and Williams duo off the bench with Clarkson being explosive and Williams looking to score. I like that better than Young and Williams.

    PS: We’re not getting Lawson. Lawson for Kelly, Sacre, and Young will not work, including a few second rounders.

    1. Agree with all your insight except the fact that Clarkson is more ready to be a starter than Russell .

      1. That’s because his lineup isn’t according to what Scott has eluded to:

        C: Hibbert / Black / Upshaw / Sacre
        PF: Randle / Bass / Nance / Kelly
        SF: Kobe/Young / A. Brown
        SG: Clarkson / Williams / J. Brown
        PG: Russell / (Need a backup though Clarkson will slide here when Russell rests. Williams might see time here too)

  • What a joke huh? Nuggets drafted Mudiay and believed they can trade their top PG. Lakers drafted Russell but wanted to get Lawson. Smart huh????

    1. That part right there. And I got all these guys saying Russell should be coming off the bench.

      1. I’m all for starting him if we are not able to get a veteran pg but if the option is out there to get Lawson then it’s a no brainier.

        1. Of course if we had a vet like Lawson, he’d be the starter. I don’t see how we can afford Ty at this point without giving up too much.

    2. Russell is 19 and might do him some good coming off the bench a couple years behind someone established like Lawson. Isn’t a knock on Russell, but the Nuggets are obviously trying to revamp their roster and the Lakers are trying to load up.

  • LA Lakers just need focus trade kelly both sacre and focus sign dorrell wright and kj mcdaniels and also consider sign darell arthur and second option waive sacre and sign dwight buycks both Jarvis Varnado

  • Lemme guess. Dan Duangdao. I swear this guy has put us “in active contact” with half the NBA players this year, and none of the ones we ultimately signed.
    Don’t pay attention to his rumors, this is just bullshit.

      1. That’s even worse, but yes, you’re right, I took a short-cut, he is never emitting the rumor. He just takes the one from another guy (who did or did not verify his source, or sometimes don’t have any at all) and, well, just copy/pasted it. This guy is a professional journalist, right? I thought they were supposed to verify their source of information? That’s just trash reporting, right here. I could do that. Just go on twitter and fill up a blog with retweets. All day long. And fill the heads of people with inconsistent dubious rumors that shall never come to light.
        So yes, as a fan I feel cheated by this kind of bad info. That’s modern journalism, great…

  • Trying to trade for more backcourt players and no quality SF yet – barred the aging Kobe. FO at its best, I reckon.

  • After watching some SL games the one player that I think we should sign is Tyler , he dominated every big including all ours in the last couple of games and the dude looks NBA ready .

    1. I said the same thing but let’s see if he played well just because he was fueled with revenge for us letting him go. But he is good

      1. He looks like one of those players that’s ready to breakout into a good NBA player, like one of those guys that has finally matured and is very ready to prove the NBA that he is going to be a factor this time around. You can just see it in heck just the few games he played in. Sure his first couple games were garbage but watch his last 3 games, man he looks like a real good NBA big man. Better than all our bigs including Sacre.

  • ALL TOGETHER !! FIRE BS NOW , before he ruins all these rookies and another unwatchable year of him coaching !!!!!!!!!!!! His initials couldn’t be more fitting !!!!

  • It is no secret Karl wants Lawson. Securing Lawson would be huge trading piece when Cousins and Karl blow up.

  • Why in the hell did they resign Sacre or Kelly ???? What did they see that we didn’t in the past couple of years ??? Especially R Kelly @ 1.7 million !!!!!!

    1. I thought this yesterday…Why in the heck did Kelly not play on the SL team? He has showed us nothing to warrant he gets a SL pass. I do think he has some value at the 3 since he would be a 6’10 SF that can stretch the floor. I think we can squeeze some value out of him at the 3 spot. But very disappointed he didn’t play SL his year.

      1. Seriously great point , he has not shown anything to be acting like a vet even Earl Clark who has played more years with more potential played , same with BS . Fish and all is coaches participated , same with the Sixer’s and all the other lotto teams but BS too busy playing with ” Me luv u long tine ” and just Motha Fucking rooks before and after games !!!!!!

        1. Haha exactly. When I was watching the game vs Dallas and I saw Jordan Crawford playing I’m like wait he’s been in the league and actually been a somewhat productive player on teams for about 5 or 6 seasons and I started thinking where is Kelly? He could of definitely used the work.

      2. And Kudos to you again I think Kelly should play the 3 since he is in no shape or form strong enough to play the 4 .

    2. Kelly had a two year contract, this is his second year, they didn’t “RESIGN” him. He’s simply playing out the remaining year. They could trade him, IF they could get some value, but so far nothing has materialized. The Lakers would want at least a 2nd round pick for him, or he could be used as filler to make a bigger trade work.

    1. Considering we don’t have another PG outside of Russell, yeah the need is kind of more than zero..

  • You just called the greatest Laker ever, Kobrick. What a plastic fan you are. What are you, 16?

        1. Like I said, if you are happy with another Kobrick scoring title even if he shot below 40%, taking 25 – 30 shots; even if we lose again with another shot at lottery …. FINE. Good luck, you wont be disappointed.

          1. EricJ,
            Nice to have a place to go when I need someone to tell me about disappointment.

    1. The greatest ever is Kobe. Kobrick is the guy who shot below 40% but insisted on taking the most shots last season. Get it? I speak the truth and hate to live in memories and fantasies.

      1. Just KOBE will do, no matter what happened last year, returning to the team after rehabbing may have been part of the problem or don’t you watch the LAKERS games and notice he was not there very long, before he had another problem, if you want to dis respect him go some where else, like a good little BOY.

        1. Don’t you think Kobrick is no longer Kobe but his lapdog Byron insisted that on playing around Kobrick which clearly didnt work last season. Based on the clear scientific evidence of what aging can do, I have no reason whatsoever to believe anything but the same if not worse from Kobrick this season. Get it???

          1. I think it’s obvious you’re a troll, just leave the site. Just taking up space on a fan forum. Calling a NBA all time great Kobrick rather than just Kobe. Don’t gotta like the man, but you can respect the 5 rings and 20 years of being a awesome Laker. So disrespectful.

          2. How is it obvious? Because I dont share your loyalty for Kobrick? Not all Lakers fans love Kobrick like you do. Especially one who has lived through the glory days of showtime.

          3. It’s very obvious, not only are you coming on to this site with complete and utter bs, which I’m honestly quite tired of seeing from these trolls and as someone else called you, plastic fans. He was leading the league in scoring in his 19th nba career. He would earn the name Kobrick if he wasn’t already a proven winner. You’re a troll or just a plastic fan. Don’t gotta like Kobe, but if you call yourself a Laker fan or a actual fan of the game of basketball, you wouldn’t call him that. Just another dude who needs to get educated on the sport of basketball. I’ve seen the showtime era, didn’t live through it but I know all about them (born 1990). I can call myself a Laker fan cause I won’t make fun of the great players who have played for this team. I understand loving the show time Lakers. However, I won’t openly disrespect great players like you will. Kobe Bryant is my all time favorite Laker, but I won’t go back and make fun of Magic or those guys. You claim to be a Laker fan, but you seem pretty plastic imo.

          4. i’m glad there are other Kobe fans out there besides myself. I will always love Kobe no matter what people trash talk about him. to me the GOAT and i know it’s just my opinion but i have seen him do alot and set and also break records and sitting 3rd on the all time scoring list he isnt behind but 2 guys Kareem and Malone he just passed Michael Jordan.

          5. I am 83 years old and can not do anything as well as I used to. Why do you think Jerry West, Wilt, Karrem and Jordon are retired?

          6. jordan and kareem can probably still play. i know jordan and Dr. J can still dunk kareem can still i bet.

          7. Will you stfu and stop hogging up space in the comments? God you’re annoying. You would never in your life call him Kobrick to his face. Aren’t you also a Lintard? The nerve. Go take a long walk off a short bridge and stop wasting precious oxygen.

          8. I call him Kobrick because he played like one. Lintard? That’s so history. I am still here. If you hate what i say, just ignore me k. Don’t be a bully.

          9. Nah I’d rather tell you to stfu and stop irritating people with your moronic ramblings. Your boyfriend Lin is still a scrub while Kobe is a basketball legend.

          10. I can speak for myself as I am getting older I am 76 years young and in my mind I can still do what I did 20 years ago but the only one I a fooling is my self, but I still have the same respect from my family as I did 20 years ago from children and grand children and great grand children and that mean more to me then anything, so I know how KOBE feels, and we are his family in BB, and he still should get our respect , even if he falls on his face because he has done so much for us over the years, and if you cant understand this then you will never get it, I can only say I feel sorry for you ,

          11. How about asking Kobe to play a more ‘team’ role? Not passing him the ball most of the time, and get out of his way???

          12. That’s none of our business like I said before its the FO & the COACHING team to regulate that problem , I don’t think Kobe would hurt the team, just to have something to do, but you just don’t throw 20 years of work away when your getting ready to retire.

          13. None of our business??? We are fans Al. We are part of the NBA life chain. As fans, we are consumers. We have a role in the NBA business. Dont belittle yourself.

          14. KOBRICK will be much worse this next season. Wake up! The Laker management (Jeanie Buss) is selling TV and tickets and she thinks that KOBRICK is good for business and is not all that concerned as long as the money keeps coming in. Common sense says that that will not work much longer.

    2. I am 83 years old and have been watching the Lakers and going to their games since 1969. The Lakers are not a retirement club for players who are done and are now milking the Lakers. The Lakers need to show some balls and either let Kobrick retire or waive him and get on with rebuilding. Up until now, the Lakers have been all about winning and I have enjoyed watching them but in the last several years watching KOBRICK dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, then get double teamed and either lose the ball or throw up a BRICK rather than passing to a team mate has shown that he is not good at team basketball. The game is constantly changing and selfish basketball no longer works. Especially when your shooting % is extremely low by NBA standards.
      The NBA is about winning. KOBRICK has already had all of the rewards he deserves. Waive him.

  • This site is in serious need of editorial management change , why do they still have headlines from months ago ??? Not to mention 3 paragraphs for each one with a video link which won’t upload most of the time . ” NEWS FLASH LA SIGNS WITH THE SPURS ” !!!!

  • I know it’s a slow news day but how about : Russell signs with Nike , Smart dislocates 2 fingers , LMB’s contact voided for failing his physical , J Smith signs with the Clips ????? SOOOO MUCH NEWS and nothing new here !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Because you want the playoffs now instead of letting the team grow and learning some patience. Yeah sure.

    1. Wont promise us a playoff spot but definitely our chance is greater with him instead of RUSSELL

  • Best move for the Lakers would be to tank this season and let Russell start and play 25-30 minutes per game. The roster they have right now is terrible and they will finish last in the West. Minnesota, with KAT, Wiggins, Rubio, Shabazz and Zack Levine are way better than this Laker team. Denver with Mudiay, Wilson Chandler, Faried, Nurkic and Gallinari are better than this Laker team. Best thing to get out of the year is to see Russell struggle and maybe grow into a NBA player.

    1. Any team with Rubio isn’t going anywhere. The guy doesn’t belong in the NBA. Denver isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The roster was fine under Karl, but it doesn’t work for whoever is there now. It didn’t work for Shaw.

  • If we do get Lawson our lineup should look like…


    1. we would have to TRADE for him.. what are you giving up?? Swaggy?? I don’t think that will cut it

    2. or Kobe plays shooting guard and we sign KJ Mcdaniels to play SF; Clarkson-Russell combo would come off the bench. hoh never mind that can’t happen because of Williams

  • This trade is a must and Mitch Kupchak and the Lakers FO are good friends with the Kroenke family. Mitch and Ty Lawson have the North Carolina ties. This trade should happen we need top talent and Ty Lawson fits the western conference speed game.

  • Why did the Lakers draft D’Angelo Russell? About 80% of Lakers fans shart all over the place once they heard Adam Silver blurt out the name D’Angelo Russell #2 pick. Now if D’Angelo Russell gets traded for Ty Lawson every NBA fan will shart themselves LOL HA HA HA, This FO is too unpredictable and crazy. We wanna WIN RIGHT NOW!

    1. U give two shits/sharts about RUSSELL at this point we need to pull the trigger on this trade ASAP

      1. No we don’t. The team is rebuilding. Clarkson, Randle, Russell at the core. They need to grow together. They aren’t this big playoff team that needs Lawson now to compete. Have some patience and let these kids grow. It’s going to be years before the Lakers are competing. Be patient.

  • That’s not a crowded back court. You have Lawson start, you have Russell come off the bench behind him, Williams is a natural SG despite his size and Clarkson would play SG. Behind Clarkson is Jabari Brown. That’s 5 guards right there. Young and Kobe will be playing the SF position so people need to stop trying to shove them into the SG role.

    Question is, what do the Lakers have to give up to get Lawson? If it’s say Young, Sacre and Kelly, go for it. The Lakers can then use their room exception to bring in another forward behind Kobe.

  • Starting lineup of Lawson Clarkson Kobe Randle Hibbert gives Russell the needed development time and more freedom with the ball if he plays with the 2nd unit. He doesn’t have to worry about slowing down for Kobe & Hibbert, and just like what they did to Clarkson last year they didn’t force his development.

    It also makes the starting lineup more competitive, instead of having 2 rookies forced to playing big minutes it is down to 1 (Randle).
    If Lawson can get his act together he might help in getting team to the playoffs.

    We still need a legit SF though.

    1. I agree with this.. RUSSELL didnt do enough in SL that showed hes immediately ready to be a nba starter… we need to pull the trigger on this trade

      1. Russell still has preseason and training camp to work on it all. He’s hardly had the chance to learn the offense and learn the players. There is months to learn. When Lawson comes in, he’s got to learn as well remember. Russell showed he can pass, make plays, but he’s got to slow down a bit and just learn the plays and players. Preseason isn’t for another 2 1/2 months and the season isn’t for another 3 1/2.

  • Fuck it might as well find out if Ty Lawson wants to be a Laker before making a trade for him.ell fucking Ty Lawson talked shit about the Lakers on TMZ a few years ago, he said something like the Lakers were garbage wack Hen and Hypnotic got da best of him. He needs to hire a personal driver and shut up about the Lakers being wack lol.

  • If the Nuggets are willing to trade Lawson because of the strong plays by Mudiay during SL, what does that tell you about the Lakers looking to acquire Lawson although they already have Russel?

        1. Seriously? You’re giving up on Russell already after 4 SL games? You and everyone else like you suck man… LOL.

          Hope you’re ready to eat crow when the kid shows up.

          1. I’m not giving up on Russel. I just always believed that guys like WCS or Winslow or Johnson would be good/great players (positions we also needed to fill in). So a package including a lower pick and a good vet or a future first rounder would have been a great option.

            By the way, keep your insults to yourself, buddy.

          2. Well, since they’re my insults.. I’ll distribute them however way I see fit. And I didn’t say anything too drastic to make you feel salty so yeah. And if you haven’t seen it already, it’s obvious that they neglected the SF spot for one reason.. Durant. Now, I’m not saying that’s smart considering our big name FA mishaps.. but we have more to offer this time around.

            And drafting Russell it shows we are committed to spreading the ball around. Something Durant has to be excited about since with Westbrook the ball sticks. Dude hardly playmakes enough to satisfy Durant. Russell will get Durant the ball since he’s a pass first PG so far..

          3. Distribute your insults to whomever you please except me.

            With that being said and as you point out, not spending money on a good SF just because the spot is supposed to be all Durant would be foolish considering the success we’ve met landing marquee free agents lately… Look at us now as one of our best options is to slide Kobe to the SF position with Young as his back-up. This means holes in defence. Again!

          4. Feel free to distribute your insults to whomever you please, except me.

            With that being said and as regards to Durant: 1) the nature of his freak foot injury is worrying 2) not spending money on a good SF because the spot is supposed to be all Durant as soon as next season would be a dangerous move (not to say stupid), especially when it comes to our success at attracting marquee players…

            As regards to Russel: I think that he will become a tremendous guard but it will take more time than most people think (and I’m not one of those who booed him during SL!!!). Fans here have no patience. And more importantly, a star like Durant wants to win NOW. Not three years from now.

    1. That Russell needs more time to develop. Lakers FO got him because they feel has more UPSIDE than Okafor, not because he is better NOW than Okafor.

    2. D’Angelo needs a quicker first step to be a PG. Lakers see his flaws they stick out like a sore thumb, D’Angelo Russell is not even a top 10 rookie according to every website after the Summer League debacle. D’Angelo is flawed with slow speed and limited athletic ability and he is turnover prone and he is shooting 30% FG% and he is missing free throws. See the flaws can’t be hidden.

      1. New personnel, new teammates, new offense, a lot to learn. Patience on D’Angelo. Let the kid who hasn’t even played his first regular season game get an offseason and a preseason in.

  • We don’t have the chips to match the money for the 12.7 Mil that Lawson is owed this season unless we have key players that we just signed beside Nick to throw in the deal .

    1. ESPN trade was successful where i included Nick Young, Ryan Kelly, Robert Sacre and Tarik Black for Ty Lawson. We can make this trade by not matching the entire salary, it’s within league rules.

      1. 125% + 100k. Can do Black or Jabari Brown. Can also explore a sign and trade of Ronnie Price in the deal, Vander Blue or Dwight Buycks to keep Black and Blue.

        I just imagined a roster of Tarik Black, Vander Blue, Jabari Brown, Jeff Green, anyone with the last name White and if we can pull him out of retirement, Michael Redd *smh*. No I don’t necessarily mean for the Lakers, just the damn colors in the names lol.

  • SF’s available – Prince, Mcdaniels, Fields, Daye &Jeff Taylor. Players who might play for vet’s minimum or 2.8M exception.

    C’s available – Sanders, Mcgee, E. Okafor back up to Hibbert. Black (foul prone), Upshaw (project)

    If we get Lawson these players should be targeted, because surely Young, Kelly & Sacre will be part of deal.

    1. Black isn’t as foul prone during the season. He was during summer league, but the pace of summer is different than the actual season. Black will be fine during the season.

  • The nuggets are willing to trade Ty Lawson because of strong plays by Emmanuel Mudiay during summer league. This is the reason they won ZERO championship in their entire history.

    1. I don’t know why they’d be impressed. Guy has been just as bad as Russell, glimpses of superstar talent but a lot of mistakes and missed shots. Can’t say it’s very reassuring for Mudiay. But I believe in Russell, because he’s gotten better each game.

  • Once Again…..another player’s agent Using the Lakers Brand to sell his client……Everybody in some type of Trade or Movement is Link to the Lakers…….Actually the Lakers need to start Charging for using their Brand for Personal Gain…..

    1. You’re comment makes no sense considering Lawson and his agent have no leverage to request or “use” the Lakers brand as a trade target. That’s the Nuggets FO’s doing..

        1. No I get what you’re trying to say, but you worded it horribly wrong (and you’re comment structure looks like the work of a 12-year old). It’s the Nugget’s FO leaking that info, not Ty or his agent.

          And LOL, you like your own comments! Lame.

          1. You have issues Man…..I don’t play with the Like or Dis-like button…..Even if you do…I don’t think you can vote for yourself…And if it’s more than 1 apparently someone else agree…You’re trying too Hard Man.Truth B Told.

          2. I’m highlighting your upvote indicator and your name comes up on both of the comments above. You’re an idiot if you’re actually trying to play cool about what you did. LAME.

          3. Whether I get Facebook likes of Laker Nation likes….You are in Denial because your statements are Silly and people know Bulls-t when they read it or see it….Walk It Off.

          4. Ignore LakerSpartan. He’s a dumbass. Overreacts over any little argument like a little kid.

          5. Lol. Make me. Oh that’s right, we’re on the Internet. You can’t. So STFU.

  • I’ve always loved Lawson’s game and believed he’s one of the top of second tier PG’s who is on the verge of entering the best.. He’s only 27 and would add to the talent pool we’re accumulating. Russell might not be ready to start so having Russell be the backup PG makes a lot of sense considering we don’t have one.

    Problem is even though they really want to get rid of him, they might not be that desperate to accept whatever change we have willing send. And if we were to include Young in the trade, Kobe for sure would have to play SF and Brown would have to play major minutes. Not very ideal. Not unless they know another temporary SF to target.

  • That’s what the Lakers should’ve done before selecting Russell go for Ty Lawson. No need to give up Nick Young, why y’all keep bringing up Nick Young name in trades? Two seasons ago he was our best scorer (avg 18) per, last season he got injured & avg 13 per, his only problem defense just like any other player on the team. A part from Hibbert Lakers have no elite defender. The fans in LA actually love Swaggy P. Now if Denver waived Ty Lawson & we can claim him & keep Nick Young that would be perfect. Then we waived Rob Scare/ or Ryan Kelly sign another SF.

      1. doesnt make sense to have two small pgs if we get lawson i would send russell to denver..huge upgrade for la at pg

          1. I see, he doesn’t play D that’s why he has some steals and lots of rebounds in Summer league. Do you know getting the defensive rebound is also part of playing D.

          2. i dont care he gives up alot points our motto is defense wins championships right

          3. And does that motto apply to you also in summer league games, you really should change your name.

          4. And your statement is based on Summer League games. Where playing defense is a premium.

          5. Yeah and so was other players. Have you heard of the word development. Google it so you have an idea. Basing your shit on Summer league games.

          6. dont have time for all that rebuilding crap..we have kobe and hibbert add lawson and we become really good

          7. As much as i want Kobe to have a chance at that 6th ring, you can’t give up the player who might give you the next rings 3-5 years from now. Take note of the word MIGHT.

          8. Kobe is done. At his age and Achilles injury, that’s the formula for retiring in the NBA.

          9. im one thats really hoping we land lawson we outside of clarkson we have no pg pont blank period …cmon

          10. Yeah i want Lawson as well. But tou don’t give up a player with potential because of bad summer league games. Go to youtube and watch how “well” Steph Curry played back then in Summer League. Players change, they develop.

          11. Curry was making bad passes in the summer league. Those same passes became easy layups and dunks for the warriors last season.

          12. You got that right. Again FO got Russell because of his higher potential than Okafor. Not because he is better than Okafor right NOW.

          1. Mudiay is at his peak in the summer league. Just wait 2 years and you will see what I meant. Mudiay = Rondo 2.0.

  • Are you crazy?

    His value is still much higher than Lawson with substance issues. We need a veteran pg but no way for Russell, a second round sounds fair.

  • Lawson’s remaining contract is cheap considering the cap space will go way up next year. If Lawson plays well, team will just be paying him 12-13M compared to R. Jackson getting 16-17M/year.

    1. Get real Al. Not sharing your optimism with Kobrick doesnt mean I am trolling. Lakers is really not all about Kobrick. You must accept there are passionate fans who believe that Kobrick should no longer feature as point man in the Lakers team. We want to win, not another high scoring but below 40% shooting % from a yesterday’s legend. No matter how great he was.

      1. So you think your doing good for the LAKERS don’t you think that, is none of our business , and by trying to belittle KOBE is a little CHILDISH, for a guy that has been with the team going on 20 years, I am not a big KOBE fan but he does deserve better then that no matter what you think, yu are either a LAKER fan or not, if running down the players make you feel bigger, you could do that all by your self just by growing up.

        1. Kobe was great in his time. His time has passed. Usually the great players retire when it is time and don’t milk their team. Kobrick should either retire or the Lakers should waive him. He is done and is holding the Lakers down.

  • I see where signing some of these veteran players is very useful assets; at least we can use either Lou Williams or Bass contract to go along with Young to make the contracts match.

  • it’s the perfect time to unload N. Young, R. Kelly and R. Sacre via trade for TY LAwson..Our Backcourt will be awesome if the FO can strike a deal on this one.

  • The nuggets are continuing their championship-less tradition if they are banking their franchise cornerstone on Mudiay (aka Rondo 2.0).

    1. If we trade Russell to 76 he will ball out, okafor will come here and suffer from Princeton offense disease and Byron Scott syndrome

      1. Actually a set offense would be better for Okafor, such as the Princeton since it’s a read and react offense, similar to the triangle. Scott doesn’t run a full blown Princeton though, just uses some of it’s principles and some of the plays.

  • Ty will make 12 million this season. So unless we are willing to give up Russell along with Swaggy P, it isn’t going to happen.

    1. It can happen, Young, Kelly, Sacre & Black/J. Brown for Lawson. Although i prefer it to be Black coz J. Brown can ball. Try it on espn trade machine. You don’t need to match 12M, just need to be close to it for trade to be legal.

      1. Brown would be pigeonholed behind Williams and Clarkson. I’d trade him and keep Black for depth purposes honestly. If I’m the Lakers though, I find out if they’d do a sign and trade to include Price, Blue or Buycks and try to keep Black and Brown.

      1. Neither of those guys can be traded for quite some time. Only guy we could trade that is new is Hibbert.

        1. They can be traded. That’s why FO has been offering them to teams since before the draft.

          1. Nope. Newly signed FA’s cannot be moved until after a certain time. Can’t remember the exact time but it is months.

          2. My bad, i thought you were refering to Young etc. You’re right you can’t sign newly signed players. Till January i guess

          3. Hibbert was signed only a week apart from Bass and Williams.

            What is the CBA rule prohibiting here two guys?

        2. Where are you basing your comments? Do you have your own set of rules that FO doesn’t know about?

    2. I did a trade with the Lakers and Nuggets at the ESPN Trade Machine and it worked since i included Nick Young+Ryan KellY+Sacre+Tarik for Lawson. It said successful trade, go try it out everyone at ESPN Trade Machine.

        1. Yes they would if the Lakers throw in 1 future first round pick plus Larry Nance. They could simply just waive Sacre and Kelly then keep Nick Young and Tarik Black since they are productive players that can help them plus they get a young athletic forward in Larry Nance. It’s better to get 1 first round pick plus Larry Nance and Nick Young plus Tarik Black than just getting nothing.

          1. Next future 1st we can offer is 2020. And I don’t want to lose that for Lawson.

      1. They don’t want our trash and all of those guys will likely push them over the 15 man roster, it will never happen in that scenario.

          1. Kwame had an expiring contract which at that time was very valuable. Nick Young has a terrible, long contract

          2. 5 years for another 3 is not bad. Remember there will be huge spike in cap space next year.

          3. Not a huge spike. There is a spike, but Salaries on the rise so the extra money goes to the stars. Cannot afford to overpay bench players that are not good.

        1. Qes Paso? Vato Loco listan up man the Lakers FO can add in sweetners to the trade bruh like future first round pick plus Larry Nance. Bums like Sacre and Kelly will likely be waived in a trade like this then Denver would retain Nance, Young, Tarik and wait on that future first rounder. Sorta like the Suns and Heat deal for Dragic shit the only difference is the Lakers package is better than that package Miami sent the Suns.

  • Oh yeah lets trade for an alcoholic PG who has openly stated he hates the Lakers yet you all want Nick gone, not to mention they have no assets to give.

    1. Lakers needs Lawson because Russell is not ready to start. BTW is Ronnie Price still there?

      1. No he isn’t but Ronnie Price is still better than Lin. BTW Where is that scrub to now? On his 8th team in 7 years? Lmao.