Lakers Rumors: Jeremy Tyler Worked Out For Los Angeles
Lakers Rumors: Jeremy Tyler Worked Out For Los Angeles

Even though the Los Angeles Lakers have made a number of moves this off-season, the front office is still hard at work as they prepare for the start of training camp. The Lakers have already reportedly agreed to a deal with forward Jonathan Holmes and they reportedly held a workout earlier in the week that included guard Bobby Brown.

Another player who was worked out by the team, according to David Pick, is big man Jeremy Tyler:

Tyler first came into the public eye in 2009 when he became the first player to forego his senior year of high school to play professionally overseas. Tyler was originally selected 39th overall in the 2011 NBA Draft and has spent time with the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks.

Tyler also has some history with the Lakers signing with the team in September of 2014, but he would be waived before the start of the season. As Pick noted, Tyler had a dominant showing in Summer League against the Lakers with a 25 point, 11 rebound performance as a member of the Dallas Mavericks Summer League team.

The Lakers are looking at every option for players to bring in to training camp who could possibly make the team. Both Wayne Ellington and Ronnie Price were signed right before training camp last season and each not only made the team, but started at different times for the Lakers.

He’s a better 20 minute solution than Black.
With ANY true #2 center Upshaw looks capable as the #3 option.

  1. What makes you say he’s better that Black? He was on the preseason roster going into last season and although he showed flashes, he often looked clueless.

  2. Yeah, that’s not really a defensible position. Black actually played 20+ mpg last year for us and acquitted himself well. Tyler has never produced well on an NBA team, even on a per minute basis, and topped out at 13.5 mpg (as a rookie).

    If anything, I see Nance as a possible option as a small ball five against certain opponent lineups (say, Warriors with Draymond at center). Otherwise, Tarik will hold it down while Upshaw develops.

    1. I actually agree I’m one of the few who’s not very fond of upshaw, hope I’m wrong but dude looks like a stiff to me

      1. upshaw couldnt stop tyler in summer league and mcgee is gone..tyler would be a good back up behind hibbert

          1. i dont mind it he’s a loner who seeks attention the kids on here basically 24 hours trolling hardcore

          2. what do you think of the Lakers signing holmes?
            not a bad backup behind Kobe.
            nick cant play defense and anthony brown wont be much good until next year being a rookie and all….

          3. i wanted holmes we now have someone to body of lebron and players with his size and skill..thats huge

          4. yeah plus we have randle and nance jr. both guys are 6’9 and very athletic. randle a solid 250 nance is about 225

          5. randle/nance/bass all struggle shooting the 3 very badly..morris is the answer to that problem

          6. i dont like morriss id rather we land jeremy tyler.
            he showed us up in summer league too.
            not that summer league is NBA championship but he showed something.

          7. Black, Randle and maybe Nance are as big or bigger than Lebron but yeah we needed a SF but is Holmes the right one ???

          8. black is a center and wont guard a SF.
            larry nacne jr could be that guy though.
            or holmes! we got another gem i am so happy!
            now if we can sign jeremy tyler another gem!

          9. A bunch of gems that probably will turn out to beas usual. With all the gems the L.A.Futile FAKER TANKERS are acquiring it appears that the L.A.FAKER TANKER will be needing some a lot of polish to keep those gems bright!!!

          10. Back up Bryant??? you mean hold up Bryant right????….Justb a Thought!!!

        1. there must be a reason Tyler hasn’t been picked up, the NBA just doesn’t skim over talent especially bigs ???

      2. Upshaw was still rounding into shape and hadn’t played a game in many months (since January I believe). Tyler went in with better game shape and was looser as a result. Upshaw is a guy that is going to take time to get to speed, but once up to speed he’ll surpass Tyler easily.

        1. tyler simply moves faster with his feet and has the nba experience over upshaw at this point

          1. “at this point” is the key here. Any move the Lakers make with young guys I anticipate to be long term, not short term. Sure, over the next few months Tyler will be better in that regard. 2-3-4 years or more down the road, I’d bank on Upshaw.

        2. yes I’ve heard all the upshaw excuses but i have my opinion about him and to me he’s nothing special, imo in the nba he’s more likely to get posterized than block shots.

          1. I think you are unfairly expecting Upshaw to be a starter. Keep in mind that he was *at best* a mid-teens draft pick.

            Could he be a competent #3 center at the moment? Probably. That’s where his professional journey begins.

            After that… we’ll have to check back in about 5 years.

          2. I’m with ya J. There needs to be a realization that this kid is raw. He’s a project. He needs to drop some weight, he needs to get his cardio up, he needs to get lighter on his feet and he needs instruction. The ability, the athleticism is there. The talent can be molded to be able to do and the Lakers are a team very capable of doing just that.

          3. i think they said his reach was something like 7’5.5
            thats pretty good and probably the reason he can block shots with-out jumping very high. you know?

          4. More predictions from never happened J Taylor. Keep trying, you may get it right some day….Just a Thought!!!

        3. upshaw did pretty good up against karl anthony towns and jahlil okafor i think he even played summer league vs the knicks and porzingis. upshaw looked slow yes because he was out of shape. let him run a little bit get not only faster but light on his feet he will jump a lil bit higher and react much faster. i see him as a dikembe mutombo type player.
          very defensive but able to get some dunks and hook shots in.

        4. back in the early 90s nuggests played the sonics in the playoffs and watch hat mutumbo did to shawn kemp.
          completely embarassed him and scared him to death.
          kemp on 1 play saw mutumbo waiting when he panicked he threw the ball out of bounds!
          i was dying laughing…its on youtube/watch?v=h8-R3bBmhqU

          1. Back in the 90’s ??Really??? That really has a lot to say about today, right??? Oh well you are a L.A.61 Loss Futile FAKER TANKER fan, the past is all you know today. Did you know that losers always talk about the past, because they are losers today…..Just a Thought!!!

      3. Sounds like a perfect fit for the L.A.Futile FAKER TANKERS. Stiffs are like losers right??? …..Just a Thought!!!

    1. Just what the L.A.Futile FAKER TANKERS need during TANK TIME, right NumbFAKERfan???? …..Just a Thought!!!

          1. nobody’s responds to him or vdogg so both like to use my screen name to f with people

          2. I’ve actually responded to both joshhh and vdogg. joshhh unfortunately doesn’t have much to offer other than his opinion and insults to those who disagree with him.

          3. i dont care either way.
            Im a Lakers fan ill debate with anyone.
            i dont hold grudges or stay mad at anybody.
            Ive been a Kobe fan nearly 20 years and a Lakers fan almost 30.
            Ive heard alot of fanboys talking crap and hating on us.
            nothing these guys can say will bother me.

          4. I like the body of work, the style. End of the day, the guy is a rook though. Being a what, 4 year guy in college he’ll at least have a bit more readiness to him than Anthony Brown right now. If he makes the team, I’m guessing it means that Young, Sacre and Kelly are all being traded at some point or that the team anticipates Young playing more SG and slotting Williams into the PG spot. With all the issues we had the last 2 seasons, versatile players have been a boon for the team.

          5. lou would be perfect for PG but isnt he a SG?
            your right about nick young a pure sg.
            i see him getting traded dude wont play defense.
            same with sacre dude is so useless noone wants him to stay.
            havent heard 1 person saying we desperately need sacre!

          6. Nick does play defense, it’s just not his strong suit, same as Williams and according to Byron Nick has gotten better at defense, Nick just needed some structure from a HC but you can go to any team and you will find more than one who does not like to play defense, why all this nonsense against Nick is beyond me, when you can count 2-3 others on the team that lack defense, including Kobe now !!!!

          7. The only thing that the clown Young knows about defense is the one he jumps over to get to his back yard. …..Just a Thought!!!

          8. You mean Sherlock Holmes, the detective?? The L.A.Futile FAKER TANKERS could use some answers to their crime of being in the NBA…..Just a Thought!!!

  • trade right now nick young,kelly for mario charlmer then waive sacre for signing jeremy tyler and rick ledo and option sign jr smith or landry fields my opinion

    1. Miami is looking to trade Chalmers to avoid a major tax penalty. Why would they want to ADD salary?

      If there were no cap, they wouldn’t be looking to dump Chalmers.

      Also, keep in mind, the Tax only becomes a reality on the last day of the basketball season, so Pat Riley has about 8 months to figure things out.

    2. To whom??? What teams are that desperate to take 3 losers from the L.A 61 Loss .Futile FAKER TANKERS???Seriously, why would any team want to pay those losers to try and play for them???? Trade them???? yeah to the D-LEAGUE, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, that is hilarious…..Just a Thought!!!

  • Just watched his tapes they sure make him look good only 6’10” 245 lbs , but did not see anything on 2015 tapes, has he been out for a while (hurt) but he was strong on both ends.

  • When these C’s workout against Robert Sacre they are all going to look like Dikembe Mutombo.

  • Lakers Radar:

    Chris Andersen
    Mario Chalmers
    Bobbi Brown
    Jeremy Tyler
    Norris Cole
    DJ Kennedy
    Markieff Morris
    Robert Upshaw

    2 players on this list will eventually join the team. Sacre and Kelly shall be gone.

    1. lol. where have you heard this. how much u wanna bet sacre and kelly are still with the team come training camp. mitch is too much of a pussy to trade for makrieff morrisss.

      bobby brown is garbage.
      jeremy tyler and morris would be awesome. or cole

      1. markief morris has a MAJOR attitude problem.
        mitch has a problem signing upshaw who is an elite defender and rim protector no way he takes chances on morriss.

        i would go after a PG in chalmers or cole and take jeremy tyler while were at it.

        trade sacre maybe keep kelly.

        but sacre no questions about it.

          1. we need that attitude and toughness to win a title remember ron artest hmmm

      2. why would phoenix trade morris to a team in their own division and conference?

        And one that they will be battling for the #8 seed when things settle in April?

        You keep dreaming and finding convoluted reasons to ignore reality.

        1. seek help. ur in love wit me. im not even the one who mentioned morris i just replied to his comment on morris. u have a sick obsession with me. extremely creepy. its probably cuz ur jealous or intimated

    2. if they dont trade sacre or kelly were gonna be stuck with them forever im over that.
      but out of those guys if you only have 2 who are they?
      i pick……tyler and chalmers.
      anderson is old, cole sucks, morris has a HUGE attitude problem, bobby who? and i dont know who kennedy is so thats a problem in itself…

      1. They could simply waive them actually. They don’t need to trade them. Their contracts are small enough to absorb and not be a significant financial hit. The Lakers are well below the luxury tax anyway.

        1. true i would just take a hit on the paychecks sacre is completely useless kelly has small value little to none.
          no teams want either of them and we need to sign more players and we need 2 more roster spots.

          1. I think we could trade Kelly, not Sacre though unless a team goes through injuries and desperately needs a body. Sacre will need to be traded. Kelly would fit well on a team that has a solid defensive center and needs a stretch 4. Houston and Phoenix come to mind.

          2. we could trade kelly to phoenix for morriss.
            would that even work? if so they should try that. waive sacre and pick up tyler

          3. Financially no, not even close. Would take Sacre, Kelly and Young to get Morris plus picks. Phoenix would want one of our young 3 as well. Won’t happen. Honestly, I don’t want Morris on the team. Him and his brother are trouble.

        1. if we stash upshaw in dleague maybe next year he will be ready. i say go after chalmers and tyler.
          pg and Center. sacre sucks and black is a PF. black is real good but hes undersized ya know?
          tyler would fix that for us.

          1. if we ge morris lakers will be a 1st seeded team.morris is consistant in scoring every night

          2. randle/bass/nance

            now look at spurs


            its a no brainer to add markief to deepen our front court

            the problem is that will the suns be willing to give him up to us

          3. depending if you bench Morris or Randle we would have the toughest bench in the league. *with chalmers*

          4. you counted PF on Lakers and center on spurs duncan.
            compare duncan to roy hibbert compare alridge to randle and west to bass. nance jr is extra so would jeremy tyler. 2 extra guys plus if we add upshaw! GAME OVER.

          5. nance jr is a hustle guy extra*
            upshaw is a defensive center behind hibbert extra*
            seriously…..hibbert randle bass VS duncan alridge west whos spurs got as their bench guys?

          6. not tougher than larry nance jr or jeremy tyler.
            pending jeremy tyler’s future of coarse…..*fingers crossed*

          7. tougher than both. Diaw is a well rouned player who averages 12 ppg, 4 apg, an 6 reb. Higher basketball IQ. He gave both DJ and griffin trouble this past post-season.

          8. larry nance jr is a lockdown type defeneder.
            did you see his block on okafor in summer league?
            thats just a small taste of what this kid can do.
            did i say kid MAN!
            and if you missed his tip dunks pee when its commercials.
            exciting is an understatement!

          9. I think the clippers have the toughest front court DJ, Griffin, Josh Smith.

          10. one thing i wont do is talk to a Kobe hater.
            ill just ignore them….not worth my time here.
            im here to talk to real Laker fans.

  • If the lakers trade for Morris/Chalmers *probably won’t happen* this would be a nice small lineup coming off the bench (if morris is benched behind randle).
    PG- Chalmers
    SG- L.W.
    SF- Young
    PF- Bass
    C- Morris

  • D’Angelo Russel // Jordan Clarkson
    Kobe Bryant // Lou Williams
    Johnathan Holmes // Nick Young
    Brandon Bass // Julius Randle
    Roy Hibbert // Robert Upshaw

    3rd Stringers

    Dwight Buycks
    Jabari Brown
    Anthony Brrown
    Larry Nance
    Jeremy Tyler

  • this is the lineups how they should be.
    Starters PG- Dloading SG- JC SF- KOBE PF- Randle C- Hibbert
    Bench PG- Lou Will SG- Jabari SF- Holmes PF- Bass C- Black
    odd men out Larry Nance Jr.,Anthony Brown,Nick Young,Kelly+Sacre

    1. i see nance jr backing up 1 of those PF’s.
      I also see anthony brown backing up 1 of them SF’s.
      Nick Young dont learn how to play defense no minutes for him.
      Kelly cant play center no room at PF and unless sacre suddenly becomes a PG no room for him either……..3 guys on the way OUT!

  • D’Angelo Russell honestly thinks Tracy McGrady might have been the GOAT. I like Tmac but cmon now smh

    1. That post makes me question his game.
      To stand in a lakers uniform and say TMac…. that’s a bit short sighted and a tad bit disrespectful.

      Atleast he could have had the intelligence to shut his mouth. He’s lucky that he said this in an offseason or he’d get boo’ed at staples center. And i am sure he is getting enough Twitter responses to realize he should have kept his opinoin to himself.

    2. tmac wasnt even better than his cousin vince carter who is still playing!
      where is tmac at? a new burger named at mcdonald’s? lol
      kobe>lebron>allen iverson>vince>tmac

  • hopefully the starting 5 shapes up to be like this


    markieff morris

    1. This gonna be solid starting lineup. And if russel prove tobe ready then maybe january or february he got to start. Morris is strong and talented but got problem with his attitude thou.

    2. you dislike randle or what? lol
      plus where is Dloading?
      cmon bro you need to get some coffee wake up!
      Dangelo shooting touch is so sweet im starting to like him more than steph curry.
      what would be even sweeter is if dloading enters the 3 point shootout and takes curry’s crown!
      Lets not forget either D-loading’s half COURT shot he made before the BUZZER!

  • He killed us in SL… training camp is going to be very competitive. Can’t wait to see who actually makes the final roster. Mitch did a great job this summer upgrading our roster.

  • 3 guys on the way out in order of importance.
    Young(somewhat useful bench player)
    kelly(did a few dunks last year show a little promise)
    Sacre(was part of the Lakers girls)
    Holmes is new and hopefully Jeremy Tyler will be too.
    Guys i want here Robert Upshaw.
    Guys i want gone Robert Sacre.

  • Markieff Morris prefers a trade to the Raptors or Rockets. Man if he goes to the Rockets, watch out

    1. If he joins the Rockets I still won’t put them over the Thunder, Spurs, or Warriors. Still a 1st or 2nd round exiter in the playoffs.

      The raptors is a weird destination choice, maybe wants to be friends with Drake because the Raptors aren’t really a title contender, Rockets still a nice fit, but two odd destinations

  • Black is PF not a center and he is a keeper , Kelly is neither a 3 or 4 or ???Him and Sacre who with his size can’t defend or score are way overdue to be shipped out , how about the Raptors ???

  • Sixer’s hid a player in the D’league last year with an under the table deal which paid the player with the agreement they sign him the following year , the Lakers should do the same with either Upshaw or Tyler .

    1. stash upshaw in the dleague until next year. offer him money or keep his rights for Lakers only.

      sign tyler waive sacre.
      trade kelly and young for mario chalmers.

  • I thought you could under the new rules sign and send guys to d league with you retaining their rights. Anyone know the rule on this?

  • Are there ANY Lakers blogs that aren’t overrun with jock-sniffing losers living in the past?

    1. Nah they are just overrun with non-Lakers fans who think they are witty and their own blogs are so boring that they have to have a few drinks and post on here for kicks cause there aren’t any fans who respond to them due to lack of fans.

  • Second time around for the San Diego native. Hey since Upshaw looks like he’s out of the picture for now. this would be the better option for this young team. Upshaw and his grooup are looking at other options since Mitch said Upshaw would play with the team this year. I figured that this move is the next best thing for now.

  • Hey, if Upshaw don’t want to sign a deal . Let’s move on both Mitch and Upshaw nessed this entire thing up.

  • Have we forgotten Jabari Brown once dropped 32 points on Sac kings in a regular season game, unimportant game but one in which players were playing hard to make team next year. The guy can play in the NBA, and very well, maybe more so with a little developement. That game he went 4-6 from 3, and 10-11 from free throw line, with 2 steals, 3 rebounds, and 2 ast, the guy can play.

  • 5 Championships in the last 15 years. They’re entitled to a couple bad years. It happens. They’re going to be trending upward now though

  • Just like the KLAPPERS they won more games but still nothing – that makes 42 years of NOTHING, I will stick with the LAKERS RECORD. The only thing the KLAPPERS have done is put up selfies as their BANNERS, and they look like crap hanging up there.

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