Lakers Rumors: Bobby Brown To Workout For L.A. On Monday
Lakers Rumors: Bobby Brown To Workout For L.a. On Monday

The Los Angeles Lakers are starting to put together a roster for training camp. Reportedly, Jonathan Holmes is rumored to have agreed to join the squad and another player may be on the verge of doing the same earlier next week.

According to Bleacher Report’s Jared Zwerling, veteran point guard Bobby Brown will workout for the team on Monday:

Brown hasn’t played in the NBA since having a short stint with the Los Angeles Clippers in 2010. Brown played in only 23 games for the Clippers at 8.3 minutes per contest.

Since 2010, the former Cal State Fullerton point guard has struggled to land another job with an NBA team. During the two seasons he played in the league, Brown suited up for four different teams including the Sacramento Kings, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orleans Hornets and Clippers.

In 113 games he’s played in his NBA career, Brown has averaged 5.1 points and 1.8 assists per game while shooting 38.4 percent from the floor. Brown also shot 31.1 percent from beyond the arc.

During his international basketball career, Brown has had stops in Poland, Greece, Germany, Italy and China.


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well we do need a back up PG. i am guessing mitch is just going to invite a bunch of guys to camp and them them sort it all out on the court. we just have to trust him.

  1. best options right now on the FA market are Will Bynum, Donald Sloan, Sebastian Telfair, Norris Cole, Luke Ridnour (maybe), Kendall Marshall

    1. Don’t like those options

      Will Bynum – undersized, only watch him against Lakers and he seems like a calmer Nate Robinson
      Donald Sloan – never watched him to be honest
      Sebastian Telfair – ehh, never seems to stick around a team in the NBA for a season
      Norris Cole – probably wants a lot of money which is why he probably hasn’t resigned, I don’t really see him worth bringing in
      Luke Ridnour – just another body on the court lol
      Kendall Marshall – coming off a ACL injury, slow, isn’t really a good shooter, not a good defender, but a good facilitator

      1. You’re focusing on the negatives

        There’s a reason Telfair and ridnour have stuck around.

        Norris Cole waited too long. At this point, he’s gonna get wtvr a team has leftover. His previous team can only offer around 3 mil. The Lakers have a little less than that. So they’re in the mix IF they chose to pursue him.

        Will Bynum use to play well in Detroit. He didn’t get much time with the wizards as wall, beal and sessions back up. But in the playoffs, he showed his best qualities. His ability to breakdown the defense, penetrate, and finish with contact or kick it out. he’s somewhat out of shape and he’s undersized…that makes teams overlook him. But his speed+ penetration ability have always been there. Not a bad option

        1. see i didnt know who bobby brown was thats why i asked.
          if i dont know about something i dont pretend to.
          but like reading your post that last guy sounds real good for us.
          we should at least let him come workout for us, try to impress our coaching staff.

      1. Metta World for veterans minimum!! Come on Mitch , teach Julius the ropes! Julius won’t be intimidated by anyone with ” The Pandas Friend!”

  • Still need a lot of things. A backup pg, a legit sf who’s not new to the word defense, and a backup center that is a real center not a tweener. Resigning sacre and having all these pf’s are making things difficult.

  • All these guys hoping to get signed but i doubt FO will pass on Upshaw. Would be nice if we could trade kelley and Sacre so they can pick up a SF and PG.

      1. Doubt it. Just because he’s somewhat injury prone. His length and athleticism are there…but is it worth the low bball iq, inconsistent effort, and the high risk for injury? He might go to preseason but I don’t see the Lakers picking him up as they passed on Gerald green before (similar to mcgee, just different position). Plus, if I was mcgee I’d go to a team with more roster spots…increases your chances

      1. what a dumbass u are. no you cant there contracts are guaranteed which means you cant just cut them. u would have to get rid o them in a trade only way. if they could just cut them wouldn’t they have done that by now??? 😀 wow ur dumb kid

        1. Dude you can cut guaranteed deals. You simply still have to pay them the money and it still counts against the cap. Which is meaningless to us as anyone we sign will either be for the 2.8 million room exception or for the league minimum.
          As usual you are rude and wrong, you’re the worst kind of ignorant sir.

          1. He’s always wrong but he’s a little kid! Let him have his innocent fun!!✌?️✌?✌?

        2. no ur dumb. the pistons cut smith last season the lakers cut nash last season both had guaranteed deals. boom my point proven

  • ??What are we doing, while everyone else is working on their game plan well still be trying to get a roster together….

    1. Don’t stress over that..the plan isat training camp thy have a plan they getting guys that they think fits there system relax bruh lol

          1. WTF……Do you not understand what im trying to say bro? Were behind almost every other team. Training camp is suppose to be simple and routine, cardio and conditioning strength training, going through the plays and systems with the set team(get it?) Were still gonna be looking for a roster instead of doing all that.

          2. What do you expect from a rebuilding process? lol. They are looking for talent they can build on.

          3. Im not asking for an all star team, just contenders. I thought we had 14 guys with talent already. Im just looking for something other than a repeat of last season.

          4. Watch some interviews with byron Scott as he tells reports what there game plan is and there hinna invite some players who tha t they think guts our game plan and wants players to compete and earn there spots …shut up bruh

          5. Scott also said Russel was better than Clarkson just before SL, he also blamed Young for his coaching errors, he talks out of his ass, if you wanna believe Scott thats your choice

          6. Stfu why don’t you go write a book on someone else comment.I already know its just a camp invite so fuck off

          7. Why are you worrying about a guy there bring for camp? It’s just a workout to get a back up PG. are team is basically set we just need a couple more additions especially a back up PG. so stop worrying your bitchass. The team is ready and not behind.

          8. Where did your dumb ass come from nobody was talking to you, youre confused go back and read the whole thread. Isaiah to the rescue right… Why is everyone so sensitive tonight. If yall are gonna continue to be females about everything then stop replying to my comments. NO NEED FOR A RESPONSE SERIOUSLY.

  • Why is the media and the lakers trying to push Kobe to retirement….I’m pretty sure he can still play for another 2 years max….the problem is the money if Kobe agrees to anything below $15 I don’t see a problem….I understand they wanna move on and develop the rookies but this is Kobe Bryant we are talking about I can’t believe the was he is being treated right now. In the next 2 years I garuntee we are not getting any superstar player through free agency.

      1. Anyone that doesn’t defend Kobe 2nd to Michael in my eyes is no Laker fan! Go root for the Chippers Hector! Come on Vato?

    1. I’m fine with Kobe returning, but he’ll have to show he can play a whole season and not get hurt. Even if that means he plays 25 min a game and rests for 20 games. He can then back Durant up at SF for 10 million a year. He’s not a top 20 NBA player anymore, maybe not even top 50. He should be paid accordingly so we have $ to build our team.

      1. Kobe at 50 pct is better than 90 pct of the players in the NBA today.
        I would take a 37 or 38 year old Kobe over any 18 year old rookie.
        bet on it

  • “every little step I take, you will be there, every little step I make, we’ll be together…”

  • these are just camp invites. dwight buycks is better than this guy. the lakers dont need a backup pg if they just played clarkson ad russel at that position

        1. Didn’t buycks miss all his FG attempts in the SL? Or did he finally make one during the knock out round?

  • Bobby freakin Brown. Wow. But it’s really a shame we’ve got 2 useless pieces of trash on the roster in Sacre and Kelly. Just taking up space smh.

      1. Not really no. At least not in the past. He has shown glimpses of being good but never been able to find a rotation spot in the NBA.

        Overseas he is a dominant scorer, although he doesn’t shoot a very good percentage.

    1. If you really want to know go to YOUTUBE-I would think real fans already know these things, instead of waiting for others to do you leg work.

      1. overseas basketball is alot different than NBA level.
        hence why i asked if anyone knew about him.
        go check yourself. maybe you need to get laid bro.

  • 15 Playerd who should be in the roster, if heathly can definitely make a run for the playoffs

    C-Hibbert (rim protector)
    PF-Randle (playmaker, versatility on defense)
    SF-Young (3pt shooter, floor spacer)
    SG-Kobe (post player, scorer)
    PG-Russell (playmaker, midrange & 3pt shooter)

    C-Mcgee (rim protector)
    PF-Bass (mid range game, decent D on back up PF)
    SF-Brown (3pt spot up shooter, play average D)
    SG-Williams (scorer, 3pt shooter, can guard opposing back up PG)
    PG-Clarkson (scorer,playmaker can guard opposing back up SG)

    J. Brown
    Nance Jr.

    * No Sacre & Kelly it will work out. Also, too many Brown named players in the team. Jabari can bring what Bobby brings to the table.

    1. why would you want to start that Swaggy Scrub? We’re trying to off load or trade that piece of crap so desperately.

      1. Why such hostility for Nick? He was arguably the best player on the team last year, with all the injuries. Now they won’t need him to have much responsibility and his job will be to provide scoring punch off the bench, which he can definitely do.

        1. Best player, by what measure? His best season was his first season (under Coach D’Antoni). He has never playec or responded well since. He does not take direction well, he does not like to pass, he has no defensive skills whatsoever. But, he does have the style and flash to be a great celebrity DJ in Hollywood! Perhaps he’s missing his real calling!

        2. he’s good at providing the scoring punch off the bench, but we already have Lou Williams and even Jabari Brown to a certain extent. I just can’t see Swaggy Scrub on the floor when Kobe and/or Lou are on the floor. Too many ball hogs not good.

    1. Yeah they know I’m up this late. There pissed. I gotta go to bed now you’re mommy is waiting for me.

      1. Okay well good night, stay in school and dont do drugs. When you get to school ask your teacher to teach you the difference of there, theyre and their k.

  • If correct, he recently played for team USA at the Pan Am games. One of the best players on the team, BUT they seriously lacked top talent (finished 3rd). Brown helped to hold the fort (@Pan Am) but he’s more of a shooter/ball possessor than a distributor who’d help make plays for others.

  • He doesn’t sound like a Baller, but I guess a training camp invite is ok….ultimately it’s not MY Prerogative, Mitch can Do What He Wants To Do.

  • I appreciate the Lakers front office diligence in continuing to search for talent. While other teams have fallen asleep, my Lakers get better every week.

  • Wow, are they lookin’ for Ronnie Price 2.0? “Veteran experience” is overrated. Either you’re good or you’re not.

  • Going after JaValle McGee as a backup center makes sense. Bobby Brown at PG? Not so sure! If they keep a maximum roster of 15, they can rotate two prospects at a time through the D-league. Must be something about Dorell Wright that they don’t like, otherwise why hasn’t any team picked him up? If McGee is brought in, then Black can be their third center (he can also play PF), making it less important to bring in Upshaw. Still hope Kupchak keeps an eye open for a decent veteran backup SF. That position is a weakness because Kobe has been injury prone the last three years, and Young is a bit of a wild child.

  • Will he perform Aint nobody Humping Around and every little step while dribbling the ball down court?

  • I’m hoping the Lakers get Javelle McGee. We could use as many Vet’s as we can get to help this young group. Having McGee at the 5 in small line ups with Kobe at the 3 Randle at the 4 and Russell and Clarkson in the back court. That can be a very quick and athletic group that can keep us in games. Lakers do need a vet in the back court rotation. I understand them looking at Brown to fill that role.

  • Wonder how the workout went? Wish they’d give us some footage.. guess they don’t want anyone to know who’s invited.

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