Lakers News: Roy Hibbert Suffers Broken Nose, Will Play Against Suns

After a difficult five-game road trip, the Los Angeles Lakers returned home to face the Detroit Pistons. While the game was close throughout, Kobe Bryant’s near triple-double led the Lakers to their second win of the season, 97-85.

With Andre Drummond leading the league in rebounding and quickly establishing himself as one of the premiere big men, Roy Hibbert had his most difficult challenge.

While Drummond reached his season averages, Hibbert played well and finished with 12 points and seven rebounds. However, he suffered a broken nose in the second half, but will play against the Phoenix Suns in the second game of the back-to-back via Ryan Ward of

While the Lakers have struggled through the first 10 games of the season, Hibbert has had at least two blocks in every game this season. With Hibbert focusing on becoming Andrew Bogut for the Lakers, he is also shooting 90 percent from the free-throw line, which is the best among centers.

With the Lakers traveling to face the Suns, Hibbert will have another tough challenge keeping Tyson Chandler off the boards. However, the Lakers will be without Kobe, who will rest after playing a season-high 36 minutes.


  • Dlo-JC-Nance jr-Randle-Hibbert

    off the bench: Lou-SwagP-MWP-bass-tarik or sub huertas for either big(smallball lineup)

      1. that’s one of my options too but it will disrup the bench rhythm(Lou and SwagP leading the pack)

        Lou is currently struggling, he needs help off the bench(swagP), meanwhile MWP was used in place of Kobe when he sits out games, MWP is struggling and as a starter will decrease his efficiency with RnG suns….let MWP off the bench and start Nance jr( nearest player to MWP)

        1. The Lou & Nance P&R was working last night. It may make sense to keep Nance on the 2nd unit. Swaggy may be a better option to start.

          Huertas-Lou-ABrown-Nance-Bass-Black (sub Huertas or Black for small/big lineup).

  • suns will surely RUN RUN AND RUN they know we playin back2backs and no Kobe…this will surely be a high scoring game, I just hope defense holds up for the lakers and limit phx below 100(higher chance of winning)

    1. This Suns team pushes the pace (2nd best in the league), and they play defense (6th best in the league). They’re also much improved in rebounding (2nd best in the league). I don’t see this being a high scoring game, personally.

          1. imho this just shows that they are not for real(in terms of playoffs)’s like they are overachieving but soon after they will slow down

          2. Early in the season you always have teams that can get off to a hot start by surprising teams that have started slow. Toronto started off like a house of fire last year but disappeared later in the season. It happens all the time.

            Honestly, I was hoping that the Lakers could be one of those teams this year because it happens really because they play with more effort. It’s funny because people criticize BS by saying that his whole coaching philosophy is “play with effort”, however, if the Lakers did that, they would have a winning record right now.

          3. to me, I dont criticize his coaching philosophy, what I want to see is an improvement from him in Xs and O’s of the game, the strategy,the defensive scheme, halfcoaurt plays….dont rely on Kobe so much I always see Kobe playing 30+ minutes as of late which is bad, should be less than 30

          4. Actually, Kobe missed 2 or 3 games, so “of late” is a little exaggerated don’t you think? I definitely agree about the X and O thing. I really like seeing how Doc Rivers can draw up a play at any point in a game and his team can get a shot. He is really good at that. BS doesn’t seem to have that ability.

          5. You can’t even really say this Suns team is off to a “hot start”, though. Definitely not like the Raptors were for the last two years or so. A lot of that can be attributed to the fact that they’ve consistently benefited from a soft schedule. Even after they had their dry spell, the Raptors still won 49 games, so you can’t even really say they fell off. DeRozan going down last season set them back a little too.

            Good teams are just good, and barring any set back, this Suns team could continue to improve as they did two years ago when they won 48 games.

          6. I typed a whole post with great points but then I deleted it because we aren’t going to agree anyway…nor do we have to. You believe what you want to, and i will do the same.

          7. The Suns have actually gotten better with each game. Guys like Brandon Knight and Tyson Chandler are still figuring things out with the offense, and the new focus on defense. Even saying they’re “over achieving” at this point is a stretch. They’re barely starting to “achieve”, if anything.

        1. At 5-4, the Suns are currently 6th in the West. I wouldn’t exactly classify that as not being “very good”, especially after only 9 games. They’ve had tough losses to good teams.

  • Fired Byron Scott Right now because of wrong decision And weak defense please fired right now and replace tom thibodeau or scott brooks and also consider monty williams as next head coach LA Lakers

        1. What? I’m not questioning what you want…I’m questioning your grammar. However, I can see from your last post that my comments are lost on you as your grammar is pretty poor.

  • Suns are a streaky team. They can be really good or just average. Mostly depending on how hot Knight is. It is a winnable game, but will need to work hard as a team, rebound as a team again.

    1. Knight isn’t the straw that stirs the drink for the Suns. He had 10 points in 22 minutes against Denver, and the Suns won by 24 points. It’s Bledsoe that the Lakers need to watch out for, and good luck with that.

  • Love Hibbert Toughness….some Players would have took the Injury Route….Hope it Rubs Off on some of these Younger Players….

  • Winnable game. Need someone to be dishing like Kobe did against the Pistons. Ball movement is also key but this team works best with a floor general.

      1. He’s not really a floor general really. He just know how to make smart passes. He isn’t a probing type of guard who can penetrate anytime he wants. That’s what this team needs. Russell is a off-ball scoring guard who can just pass.

        1. So why did they draft him? Clarkson can do the same thing. This is why I would have picked up a free agent point guard that can do those very things.

          1. Like Rondo, my point exactly. At least draft someone like Stanley Johnson. I just really feel getting the top-2 really hurt us more than help us.

          2. I agree and have felt the same. It’s like you feel as though you have to take a certain player because otherwise it will look bad that you left arguably a more talented player on the board for someone else to take. It’s considered a ‘no-no’ according to drafting 101.

            However, Rondo showed again last night the kind of performance he can still provide. People fail to see the synergistic effect you have when you put the right group of players together where they compliment each other naturally. The Lakers have several guys right now that are being asked to play outside of their normal comfort areas simply to try to make this work. Whereas, the best teams have guys that are simply playing in their comfort areas and it fits nicely together.

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