Lakers News: Pau Gasol Speaks On His Therapy To Overcome Vertigo
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Pau Gasol will not play for the rest of the season due to his ongoing battle with vertigo. The big man has continued to experience dizziness and balance issues and hasn’t played since April 1.

After that game, Gasol said he was still feeling the effects of the illness and may have rushed back too early. Now Gasol is going through therapy in an attempt to get over the illness, and he opened up about it to

I’m in therapy for an hour and a half everyday. There are several exercises to strengthen the sense of balance and to overcome vertigo. Exercises are strong movements of the head from side to side, so strong that they can cause dizziness. But it is precisely what we want, to control dizziness.

Few people thought that Gasol would be out for an extended period of time due to this illness, but that is precisely the case. It is impossible to play at a high level when you’re having balance issues.

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Gasol will undoubtedly put in all of the necessary work in order to overcome this. Unfortunately for the Lakers, it won’t result in him getting back on the floor before the conclusion of the season.

Gasol, much like almost the entire Lakers roster, could not avoid the injury bug this season, but his is much different. While you may be able to play through certain injuries, trying to play while your balance is off is dangerous to both the player and the team.

Time will only tell whether this illness has taken away Gasol’s final games as a Laker.
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