Lakers News: Metta World Peace Compares Julius Randle To LeBron James
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Metta World Peace is a player that no one wants to mess with while on the basketball floor. World Peace plays extremely physical and never backs down from anyone while being stronger than most in the NBA at the small forward position.

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Although no longer in the NBA and merely a spectator at Los Angeles Lakers games, World Peace can still be seen at the team’s practice facility in El Segundo from time to time. Most recently, the one-time NBA champion worked out with second-year forward Julius Randle at the team’s facility and had nothing but high praise for the up-and-comer.

On Monday, World Peace made an appearance on Max and Marcellus on ESPN 710 radio. Metta spoke in-depth about working out with Randle multiple times over the summer and gave an interesting comparison to a current NBA superstar while co-hosting the show with Max Kellerman:

“I think he’s really quick. He’s quick and strong at the same time, which is tough. It’s like LeBron [James]. LeBron is a bit more experienced. And if he gets that, and learns how to use angles and use his body, he’s going to be tough.”

Randle may have been on a minutes restriction during the NBA Summer League, but he did show flashes of his potential and impressive strength while in Las Vegas recently.

Randle displayed a quickness seldom seen at the power forward position and an ability to get to the basket at will. Although Randle didn’t have much of a problem getting into the paint, the 20-year-old did struggle to finish at the rim. The Lakers forward was clearly still trying to shake the rust off after missing 81 of 82 games in his rookie campaign and will need more time to show his true potential.

A comparison to LeBron is obviously a stretch at this point, especially with such a small sample size for Randle. World Peace was onto something when talking about the comparable strength and quickness as Randle may ultimately prove to be a player with the same type of physicality as the four-time NBA MVP.


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Randle has a unique blend of power, speed, and athleticism. If he can develop a consistent jumper he will be a beast!!

  • I’m hoping Randle becomes an All-Star, but I think Ron-Ron might be hittin the Hessessy again…He’s not exactly stable to begin with, but LeBron?

    C’mon man…That’s setting the kid’s and more importantly, the gullable fans expectations up for nothing but disappointment.

    Let just allow Julius to be Julius.

    1. What Metta is saying is he has LeBron like abilities and style, not that hes elite like LeBron.

    2. “I think he’s really quick. He’s quick and strong at the same time, which is tough. It’s like LeBron [James]. LeBron is a bit more experienced. And if he gets that, and learns how to use angles and use his body, he’s going to be tough.”

      Where in there are expectations being set? Comparing physical tools of strength and quickness. LeBron is a bull, he’s very quick and very powerful. Randle is much the same. That’s the beginning and ending of the comparison. There is no comparison of passing skill, shooting ability, etc.

    3. I agree he’s no LeBron but he does remind me of Chris Webber a lot I hope he becomes just as good

  • Don’t get excited people. He said they were comparable in aspects of being fast and strong. He said nothing of skill, knowledge, or any other basketball abilities. Randle is definitely not equal to Lebron.

    1. Exactly. He’s just saying he possess the power and quick traits of Lebron that may allow him to bully people to the rim. But we all know he’s not close to the player LBJ is. Randle can be a 20 and 8 guy in a couple of years.

    2. Okay okay…next time they shouldn’t compare rookies/young players with established or elite veterans. They should say he’s as strong as an ox and quick as a deer, and with an athleticism similar to a kangaroo.

  • Translation; a once powerful and skilled SF see’s the same traits in Randle he once possessed and what LeBron has. Of course it’s apples to oranges right now but experience can ‘potentially’ change that.

  • MWP said he is strong and compares him to Lebron being strong. not his skills and all that dont make it out to be something its not. nothing to say here

  • If Randle can improve more aspects of his game I can see a bit of Lebron in him. Not saying he will become LBJ but he has some moves that is rare for a PF to have. I mean you can compare him to Lamar Odom but he was not as physical as Randle. I still want Randle to improve on his jumpshot then 3’s once he has that the rest will fall into place and even an all star appearance can be a possible reach or more…

    1. I think if Julius Randle work on his passing, court vision, mid range shot and his post moves he will be greater than Lebron James. In time Randle will be surrounded by a better elite team than he had in his early stages in Cleveland. Clarkson and Russell will eventually both become all stars. So it basically it will be like having Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and Lebron all on one team in 2 or 3 years, you throw Kobe in the mix the Lakers will be unstoppable.

      1. Yeah on thing I want Randle to do is when his going to finish close to the rim, to dunk it not settle for a soft touch because as you can tell in summer league he struggled to make the finish. That’s where I see that he needs to be like Blake Giffin around the rim. He can be something special though just have to wait and see..

      2. Your outlook is exactly the reason why I am ashamed to openly admit why I’m a lifelong and die-hard Lakers fan.

        Your ignorance is surprisingly very common and wide spread amongst our fan base.

      3. Its always good to aspire to be great like someone like lebron. But we dont need to rush things here either. GO Lakers and Julius! we will get better soon.

  • He moves like Lebron on the court. I always think that when I watch Julius. Metta is spot on with the comparison. I miss that crazy man.

  • Randle game could be so crazy if he puts in the work 6’9 quick and strong i like the lebron james build plus the zbo in paint but I’m die hard lakers fan but I would like randle to play like Blake hate clippers but griffin development since coming into league got extremely better see what he averaged why cp3 was out no randle doesn’t have bounce like Blake tho but he come better shooter play more under control create for others believe could average 20ppg, 10reb, 5+assist

  • I have been saying that too. And most people here called me crazy. But I do think that he can become a premiere isolation player in this league. Just too big, too strong and too skilled to be stopped in Isolation.

  • Randle needs to practice finishing around the basket and having a consistent mid range jump shot. He struggled in summer league finishing and without a respectable mid range shot he’s going to be how griffin was until he started making his. The speed and strength are already there. Develops those 2 things and he will be a nightmare for 3s and 4s.

  • Why don’t they resign Metta he could teach Randall the tricks and trade of being an NBA player.

    1. I agree. I would like a whole crew of Mentors: Nash, Meta, Kareem, Worthy. Guys the new guys could respect and learn from.

  • Julius Randle reminds me of Cliff Alexander. Both powerful guys that get to the rim and both have issues making a jump shot. Alexander is a better rebounder than Julius. Both are very athletic i prefer Alexander on defense. Julius can prove he is great next season as of right now he is a unproven player with a great rep built in High School AAU ball just like Cliff Alexander, both of them are undersized power forwards with no jumper. That’s a big disrespect to LeBron to compare a player who never played a full game to LeBron.

    1. What’s the disrespect? Considering he’s only comparing strength and quickness, there is nothing to disrespect. He’s not saying he’s going to go out there and score 25pts, pull down 7 rebounds and dish out 8 assists and has the same skill set, no. There is no disrespect in comparing basic physical tools.

  • No one can stop Julius 1 on 1. Knowing that, he needs iso’s and

    he needs to defensive rebound so he can bring the ball up the court. But, til he fixes that outside shot, he will not become a star player. Blake finally has a consistent jumper after years in the league…hopefully Randle totally re hauls his shot cuz it’s all off.

    1. And we know this how?… he hasn’t even played a full regular season game. He’s not a point forward.

        1. No diss but DGAF what the hell you so call think you’ve watched. How last season turn out? Nough said.

  • “I think he’s really quick. He’s quick and strong at the same time, which is tough. It’s like LeBron [James]. LeBron is a bit more experienced. And if he gets that, and learns how to use angles and use his body, he’s going to be tough.”

    Ryan, where’s the stretch in comparing to LeBron? Strength, quickeness, quickness, strength. I don’t see the stretch. I don’t see passing ability, shot making, play making, any of it. C’mon now.

    1. You have no idea. Anyone who thanks their Psychiatrist on National TV is OK by me. He auctioned off his only ring, too, for mental health. MWP is special in my book. And He goes to war—which is why Kobe likes him, too.

  • Lol I guess thats a compliment Metta, but this is the same guy that said the lakers would beat the Bulls regular season record. But then again, skies the limit for Randle, and I hope he lives up to be more than what his potential is.

  • He’s not as gifted as LeBron in terms of game or athleticism that is a little bit of a stretch he reminds me more of Chris Webber

      1. I was talking about his athleticism and he’s not even close to LeBron quickness or strength LeBron is the most athletically gifted player in history it is a stretch for anyone to compare Randle athleticism to that of a LeBron James he’s a lot more like Chris Webber who had elite athleticism and their size and skills are also very similar

      1. Yeah I agree hopefully he’s Barkley but if he’s Webber that’s not bad either I would be happy if he’s one or the other

  • You have to be a certified fool to believe anything coming out of Artest’s mouth. Isn’t this the same guy that proclaimed Brandon Roy was a better shooting guard than Kobe before he joined the Lakers?

    1. Yup I was impressed on his first step in summer league then disappointed time after time couldn’t finish

  • Randle is more agile and atheletic than Chris weber guys. Randle has that Lebron strength with ability to take coast to coast ala odom.

  • The poll was ridiculous! How can nance jr be a steal when he was a projected 2nd round pick? Who voted for him??

  • Meta comparing him to lebron can set randle of his stretch goal. Strength and speed are qualities that will convert and will cause much damage against rival teams sf, thats if he will be able to polish and become consistent w/ his outside and midrange shooting. Its a dream scenario for now, but realy like in the future to beat lebrons ass..

  • I don’t think big hats like this is helpful now. He has the size to do well. Let the kid play some games first.

  • If metta can still go id sign hime to one yr veterans minimum, Imagine Randle and metta on flour at the same time? Instant toughness on the court, Bash brothers!

  • It’s ok to compare, we all know he’s not at the level of LBJ but he has all the potential to dominate. in 3 or 4 years who’s gonna be able to handle him. WHO???? Aldridge, Towns, Okafur, wiggins and he was compared to LBJ and was supposed to be better. We’ll see. Don’t get me wrong, LBJ is great but he will never be the greatest or anything close to it. He bails on his teams too too much. Technically it’s his 3rd team, He will not win in Cleveland again. tooo one dimensional and doesn’t have an arsenal of moves. I’ll take KD over LBJ easily. KD has all the fundamentals of greatness he just needs to separate himself from that ball N chain (Westbrook). Julius is gonna be one hell of a athlete mark my words. Seen players come and go and watching him play was a beautiful sight to see. Go Lakers. The stealll of the decade (Clarkson), He will be great. He got all the tools.
    Basically anyone can be great.

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