Lakers Rumors: Lou Williams Agrees To Sign With L.A. In Free Agency

Heading into free agency, Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak and company were looking to sign a frontcourt player. Unfortunately, the team was unable to land an All-Star like LaMarcus Aldridge and is finalizing a deal with the Indiana Pacers for Roy Hibbert.

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Along with Hibbert, Lou Williams has agreed to a three-year, $21 million deal with the Lakers according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:

With the Lakers selecting D’Angelo Russell with the second overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft to play alongside Jordan Clarkson, Williams is a surprise signing. Although the Lakers were among the teams interested in Williams before free agency, it was expected the team would be looking to upgrade their center and small forward positions with their projected $24 million in cap space.

After suffering a torn ACL in 2012, Williams has bounced back since and was named this past season’s Sixth Man of the Year. Appearing in 80 games off the bench for the Toronto Raptors, Williams averaged 15.5 points and 2.1 assists.


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Wow that’s pretty good

    1. Hopefully Mitch gives Marshon “Dim213 thinks he scored 66 points” Brooks a camp invite….right? HA!

      1. Your obsession for me is stalk(ish) O_o

        Look like you boy Nick the brick be on the chopping block. :< Ha!

        1. Your obsession with Marshon Brooks is stalk(ish)! No reports of Nick on the trading block but if he is traded at least he’ll still be in the NBA! Where’s your boytoy Brooks? HA!

        2. That gif again? Yawn. It’s a perfect example though of how you’re obsessed with me so you’re rude to me like a schoolboy too afraid to admit his infatuation.

          But…but..Brooks…please Mitch give him a camp invite he scored 66 points! HA!

      2. I gave up on Marshon after he showed up at summer league rusty and out of shape. He was never good enough to do that. His chance slipped through his fingers. Who wants him back?

    2. the lakers are trying to make a competitive roster and the last thing you care about is jersey numbers…

      1. LOL, on a serious note the Lakers need to shed the dead weight. Two seasons and hasn’t produce overall = both ends of the floor. To the point, too much bark and no bite from nick the brick.

        1. Total bullshit. You are a fair weather fan or you just showed up. Nick was one of the few bright spots of the MDA era. Last year he was injured, so get off him.

        2. Nick was a bright spot of the MDA era, but his style of play doesn’t fit Byron Scott. They will probably trade him because signing of Lou Williams, the Lakers have to shed salary.d

        3. You are probably right about that. I would just go slow with him and see if he can be coached. Not too many people can shoot like he does and he’s still really athletic. $5M is a pitiful savings for that kind of talent.

          Also, we could just go over the cap and be under next year when we know more about what sort of team we have. I don’t want players to be afraid to come here because we throw them away like toilet paper even when they perform just because we change coaches. That’s no good.

    3. Who cares? Quit being a turd. Whatever happens with Nick, he earned his check—unlike Kobe and Nash. So get off him.

      1. ?!, Wes earned his pay by playing on both ends of the floor. Young called it quits towards the end of the season right? But if he’d shut his yapper then wouldn’t be so much on his case truthfully. His bark is bigger than his bite.

  1. I can see a starting lineup like this:

    PG- Russell
    SG- Clarkson

    Lou Will
    Jabari Brown
    Nick Young

    Bad but still better than last year I think

    1. we would still have our full midlvl for a back up pf like hill or josh smith and upshaw/blackas our back up center.

      if healthy and used right thats a good team

    2. PG Russell/Clarkson
      SG Bryant/Williams/Brown
      SF Johnson/Young
      PF Randle/Bass/Kelly/Nance
      C Hibbert/Black/Upshaw/Sacre

      Wes likely to be back so that’s why I slotted him in. Regardless, Kobe to play some 3, maybe Randle as well, Clarkson play some 2.

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      1. I don’t either. I think at this stage we are going to present a small back court. Apparently Williams’ defense got better so we could see
        I don’t know how they’ll figure out with ONE ball on the floor, but…

        1. I don’t think he is starting we got him for a 6th man probably going to trade young for a SF and likely resign Johnson for cover

          1. Well, I don’t know. Williams could start when Kobe won’t play the back-to-back games.
            I’m trying to figure it out actually. That’s a very “intriguing” acquisition.

          2. It would make more sense to reduce Kobe’s minutes in back to back games surely thus allowing him to recover. Either way I like he signing just not sure about the 3 still. We need that extra defense to compete we have enough scorers as we are to make a run if we had a better defense

          3. No to Johnson. why keep bring back crap players. Wes just sucks face it . just bring in someone else.

          4. Why not? We don’t need him. he offers nothing but scoring off the bench which Williams more than makes up for along with Clarkson. We need a good defensive SF more than we need Young and the 5 mil he would clear in cap space would be enough to get us that.

            I expect one more trade before this is all over I just do not see us leaving the 3 open like this for Kobe or nick to start there

          5. we have a defensive 3 in brown allready.

            young is another great scoreing option rember kobe is going to miss about 20 games at least next season

            young is needed

          6. So who starts at the 3 for us if we keep young? Brown is not a starter. Young is good scorer but this team will no struggle for points if we lose young we got

          7. No he isn’t williams covers any loss from young, plus with Russell and Randle we have more scoring options not forgetting Clarkson. Finally Russell’s passing ability will mean easier buckets for our bigs in the Pick and rolls. We don’t need Young as much as we need a good defensive wing.

          8. I never saw him as a 3 myself his upside would benefit us at the 4 more than the 3 and his three point game is not that good.

          9. I know what you mean. I hope he figures something out. At the 4, guys like Griffin, Monroe and LMA will out muscle him. At the 3, is he quick enough? and can he develop a decent 3-ball? I think Russell and Randle could be a really potent pair. Everything he could do from the 4 he could also do from the 3. I want to see Black, Nance and Kelly work at the 4. Can Kelly get his 3-ball back? Has Nance got a corner 3? Randle needs to find a place.

          10. I think he can handle the three more than the 4 in terms of all round offense and defense. His shooting especially is not good enough to play the 3 for us. I would start him and Russell at the 1 and 4 for better or worse. they are the future of this franchise, then have three vets at the 2,3 and 5

          11. I agree with you, more or less. And I don’t care if the rookies come off the bench. I want to see Randle play both the 3 and the 4. I want to look at him. Remember, Randle has a handle. I can see him running the break with Russell or catching a pass on the wing and driving to the hole. The “Jail Break” ought to be Randle’s bread and butter.

            I am ready for the Rookies now. Put Nance in at the 4 and Brown in at the 3 and let Randle bounce between them. I don’t care if Kobe plays at all. Let Russell and Clarkson start. They need to get their feet wet.

          12. I do. Kobe and Nick could light it up from the corner. We need to be really slow about letting a cheap deep shooter like Nick go. In this league, that’s dumb.

            I also want to say one other thing. We are going to need more and better coaching. How do we get that under the rules? I wish we had Nash for just a year with our guards. Can’t that happen somehow?

          13. For this season Nick would hinder out ability to challenge for the 8th, however with the cap rising next year his contract would not be that bad for a scorer off the bench. I’m not saying he is a bad player but right now looking at the team what we need most is wing defense and nick is the only worthy trade option that will get us the cap we need to get that.

          14. I don’t agree on the wisdom of acting quickly. Right now we would love to have Kent Bazemore back who played D and could also light it up.

            So far I am seeing too many trades made for journeymen with no upside—like Brandon Bass. What’s with that? Lou Williams? OK, what’s his upside? I rather develop Nance and Brown.

            Let’s eat it and play the kids now so they can learn. This is no championship team, regardless. I don’t need to see the FO make trades for zero impact players just to create enough smoke to convince fans they are not incompetent.

          15. We need a combination of experience and young blood to make a team that can withstand the west. If we depended too much on the Rooks we would keep tanking and that is no way to attract good signings in the future plus it leads to a losing mentality and finally and most importantly fans will not pay to watch that. The fans need something to shout about, so while we are not a championship team we can still make improvements and even having an outside shot at making the playoffs is worth it considering we lose any draft pick outside the top three anyway this season. We might as well go for it gain credibility and use our cap next year to finish the rebuilding process.

            Bass is solid at the PF position, he may not be spectacular but he is dependable and Williams offers us buckets off the bench taking the strain of Kobe and the starting 5.

          16. I take your point. I just hate the idea of loading up on guys that have little upside and no real future with the Lakers. I think we have great rookies right now and I want to see them play and develop. The sooner the better for me.

          17. The rookies will develop within 2 to three years but with the right personnel we can still be competitive while that happens and then challenge for the championship when they do.

          18. Normally, yes. I just want to speed that up and burn less resources on place holders.
            Also, I think young players grow faster when they are playing instead of sitting. And I like watching them grow.

          19. Our main talent i.e Randle, Russell and Clarkson will get good minutes regardless. we don’t need to tank while they grow though is my point. By at least getting competent guys we can win and grow at the same time

          20. We are going to win a lot anyway, we are done tanking. I think we drafted really well. Nance and Brown are also really special. That’s part of why I don’t want to be too clogged up with just a bunch of the usual suspects, if you know what I mean. Also, Jabari Brown and Upshaw must not get forgotten: they are both going to be around for a long time. Pray for Upshaw.

          21. I get you but I also think we signed people who have the potential to contribute. Hibbert and Bass offer some defensive stability while williams takes the pressure off the first 5 to get all the points, this in my opinion has been the reason for Kobe’s injuries.

          22. We have other scorers. Jabari Brown can play. Nick. Randle. Upshaw. Williams on point?

          23. I see williams a 2 guard myself with clarkson at point. Either way we have more scoring depth than last season and we have added genuine defensive big men to protect the paint. All we need is to sure up the wing now and we can compete, that’s all I want as lakers fan for this season.

          24. Yeah he is but we have not been able to give him the rest he needs to recuperate and that along with his age likely led to injury. Look at how Spurs manage Duncan’s minutes and you can see that old age does not have to be a handicap

          25. Kobe isn’t done. He was playing well last year before the injury. We just need to manage his minutes that’s all. I would still play him at SG he can handle it, he is physically very fit for his age. He just needs to realise that he is older and play smarter not harder and he’l do fine.

          26. Kobe was playing terrible last year. He was the biggest ball hog, game after game, brick after brick. The last thing we need is a guy like Kobe throwing the team out of balance. Kobe needs to step back and help this team grow, not try to return to the glory days of yesteryear. He needs to take his share of timely shots. We can’t let all our rookies constantly defer to Kobe—which is what they will do if Kobe allows it.

          1. sigh… I want to see the actual numbers about it. I’m interested in his ability/liability to stay in front of his opponent.

          2. He was the 6th man of the year. Raptor fans are just a bunch delusional fans! We got a scorer to run with the bench!

      1. They have the same game. They love to have the ball in their hand and make play. If Williams comes out of the bench, the fit isn’t ideal. We only need two puncher/scorers from the bench mob.

        1. only think is Williams IS better than Swaggy because he passes to open guys for a better shot and plays better D

      2. Before this signing & w/ the current roster, it would’ve been Clarkson & Young in the backcourt, w/ Russell coming off the bench as the 3rd guard (& Kobe at SF). With Williams, now he’s going to be the 3rd guard, w/ Russell slotted as the 4th guard. Russell was the 2nd overall pick and key to LA’s rebuilding, so LA’s not going to bury Russell on the bench as their 4th guard. The more likely scenario is that LA moves Young, and starts Russell & Clarkson, w/ Williams as the 3rd guard.

          1. No need to argue this point, but you don’t draft a scoring phenom PG at #2 and not let him start. It’s absurd to think he’s not going to start the majority of games this season. Most of the top 10 picks will be starting for heir new teams. deAngelo is a no brainier to start right off the bat.

  • Outstanding signing! Lakers just signed the reigning 6th man of the year! With Hibbert and now this, a couple smart moves, things looking a lot better than they were a couple days back!

    1. I am super excited with signing Hibbert. Great to have the 6th man of the year but I hope his defense is also great. I just want to see Kobe play with passion even for one last year so that he can leave in peace. I don’t want him leaving all disgruntled. It is going to be a great season for the Lakers. I just know it. While they are trying to get great players, we need to be great fans!!!

      1. hibbert and kobe will clash super hard. πŸ˜€ hibbert doesn’t have a strong work ethic and has a bad attitude

        1. I’m hopeful that Kobe will be easier in terms of attitude and will find a way to mix with Kobe. If the Lakers signed him, I’m sure Kobe and Hibbert have spoken.

          1. Go ahead. Cum if you want. This is the time of year for it. You might not feel so wonderful after the all-star break.

      2. It is time for us to quit worrying about Kobe being disgruntled. Let us use him or not. There is no next year. Kobe might not even be ready when the season starts.

    2. If we didn’t get anything for taking on Hibbert, we got jobbed. He’s been an underperformer who Pacers have been desperately trying to get rid of for 2 off-seasons now. A rim protector who takes bad shots for $15.5M?? Geesh. I sure hope he works hard and improves, otherwise the only thing redeeming about this deal is its expiration at the end of this season.

      1. Hibbert stats went down because the team change the way they were playing after Paul George emerged. They have been trying to move him when they decided to play more of a run and gun offense.

    3. If getting Aldridge would have been a home run, this is essentially a ground rule double. Great move to acquire a solid piece.

  • Guys who can actually play! Thank god now get a sf so we don’t have to see wesley johnson and trade young.

    1. Stop sippin that Haterade . When he played a healthy season last year, you begged for him to stay remember the ‘Stay Swaggy’ Billboard?! He averaged nearly 14 battling injuries! Lead the team in points averaged even off the bench .

      1. It has nothing to do with him personally but right now we have more to gain by trading him and getting a SF. Williams would get us any points lost from swaggy and a SF would sure up the defense. This at least gives us a chance at top ten maybe even 8 with good fortune

      2. If you read, they can’t keep nick young with Hibbert and williams – they need to trade him and/or kelly

      3. Love me some shaggy P, but he’s so one dimensional, we need to move on. He doesn’t work hard on defense, and he doesn’t pass. We also want him off the books for next year.

  • Kobe Nick young and Anthony Brown are your sfs

    Russell Clarkson willams and j brown are the guards

    Only way it makes sense

    1. this has to mean they are trying hard to trade nick young…i won’t be surprised if he isn’t traded by the start of training camp…they want another serviceable big.

      1. I would be because there has been 0 rumors of him on the trade block or expected to be traded ! And We only have 1 swing man which is Nick Young and an unproven but promising Small Forward in Anthony Brown! You just don’t really know what’s going on in Lakerland man aha. At this point he’s our starter my dude and I’m more than satisfied

        1. Nope. Don’t be. Nick Young is a defensive liability. I’d much rather we go sign a kid like Glenn Robsinson III for $900k and see if we can develop him into a prospective player. Maybe that kid Terran Petteway, if we could sign him.

    2. Nah get rid of Jabari add kobe to the guard list
      Russell / L. Williams
      Kobe/ Clarkson
      ??? / (Young) / A. Brown
      Randle / (Black) / Nance Jr.
      Hibbert / Upshaw / (Black) / Sacre (Lakers always need a cheerleader)

      1. It’s a good chance that Kobe could be the starting small forward, since he would guard slower players. So, getting another guard
        is not that unusual.

    1. Lou has to find a niche in the offense before you declare him the 6th man or ahead of Nick. Who’s the current SF starter?

  • at this point i will take hibbert and lou williams along with kobe, russell and randle. it’s talent that we need. also add clarkson and black in there. just need to develop the younger talent. kobe needs to be patient as hell and ease off…dont want him putting idiotic expectations on this team like he did last year.

  • Hibbert / Upshaw
    Randle / Black
    Kobe / Brown
    Clarkson / Williams
    Russell / ?

    We still need a Starting SF and a backup PG
    Please trade Nick Young.

    1. Williams can play PG is well 6ft 2
      Swaggy p goes SG

      and Larry Nance backup for Randle
      Black and Upshaw Centre

  • This caught me off guard, damn! I’m really happy with this signing tho, we’ll have the best bench mob in the league, no doubt.

      1. Not Swaggy. He was hurt last year. The year before he was great. Kelly, too. Let’s see what they look like in camp.

  • ThatΒ΄s the silliest move to date. Especially if swaggy stays in. I guess he is on his way out but anyway. It was better to acquire a defensive minded pg like Aaron Brooks or Norris Cole.

    1. We have our PGs in Young, Clarkson, and I’m sure we’ll bring back Price. This guy was the 6th man of the yr? Time to ship Swaggy out for a 3.

    2. Always a critic.

      This guy was the 6th man of the year. Fantastic pickup.

      LA needs assets and they’re getting them.

    1. Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow package young, kelly, hill for Boogie? Dreaming, yes I know lol, but it would be sweet

  • Nick young doesn’t have any value it would be a straight salary dump to trade him! But I’d do it to not have him on the books next year

  • Broooo, I LOVE IT!!!!!! Great steal!!!! Just get Gerald green and retain J Hill if possible and we will DEFINITELY will be competing next year!!

        1. 8 mins ago – via Twitter WojYahooNBA
          Adrian Wojnarowski: Sources: Dallas engaging Lakers on sign-and-trade options for free agent Jeremy Lin. Mavs low on space to sign him to market-level deal.
          Free Agency, Trade, Jeremy Lin, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers
          The cap at 69 mill is for sure!

      1. But they have a chance to S&T Hill,Young,Lin,Sacre and Kelly. Dallas and Clippers are the desperate wifes now looking of a PG and a center. We are not done until we get our SF!

    1. hah! ur so stupid. lou isn’t a PG hes a sixth man off the bench. pretty much what nick young was for us

        1. im pretty sure you dont watch basketball :D!!!! so many dumbass kids. hes not 6’1 dumbass. go to bed

      1. “lou isn’t a PG hes a sixth man off the bench”
        *face palm* you’re just.. wow.. such an idiot. smh.

        1. It doesn’t matter about being the 6th man hahaha wow. His position is point guard. Only way it works if Kobe did play SF which most likely won’t happen. People on this site amaze me on how dumb the fans really are.

          1. To be honest he has played both pg and sg . He is more of a shooting point though. But he can run the point and can handle well enough.Depends who’s on the floor with him off the bench. But the Lakers will have four guards that can handle and shoot and that makes them way better offensively and will put a bunch of pressure on the other teams defense. Lakers will be very fast this year.

          2. His official position is sg. He started for the Atlanta Hawks a few years ago… next to Jeff Teague

    2. Clarkson can play the 2 and so could Russle if we really needed him to since they’re both combo guards, but I think that they should just focus on getting minutes for Russle at the point since he’s our pg of the future

  • 7mill for the next 3 years, that be worth if he does what he did in Toronto
    Bench could be swaggy P and Lou
    We could have one of the best benches in the league with just those 2

  • Frontcourt: Hibbert, Upshaw, Sacre, Randle, Black, Kelly, Nance
    Backcourt: Russell, Williams, Jabari Brown, Clarkson, Young, possibly Dwight Buycks, Vander Blue or Wayne Ellington
    And at the 3? Kobe, Anthony Brown…
    If I were suspicious, and knowing Kobe retires, I’d say the FO never planned to fill in the SF properly in order to catch the biggest FA next year…
    That looks sweet, and next we should have the analytics to attract him, and a lot of cap space as well to see for the future.
    Mitch, my apologies πŸ™‚

  • GREAT PICK UP! Time to sign up Johnson and trade Kelly and Young for another SF. I think we can def compete with this roster. Playoffs is a long shot but if we can float around 35 – 40 games that’s significant progress.

    1. Yupp, I agree.
      35-40, 40 being their bullseye to making the playoffs. However the west division has gotten tougher now.

      1. Actually, I think the west to dine degree hadn’t gotten weaker after the top 5-6 teams. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are battling for the 7th or 8th spot. Clippers got weaker, Mavs replaced Chandler with Jordan but lost 3 starters, Portland lost Aldridge. Those are 3 playoff teams from last year with major question marks. Now Phoenix got better and if course OKC will be back healthy. But the bottom playoff spots in the west are attainable. I just how Hibbert plays his ass off with this being his contract year

  • Russell/Williams
    Randle/Nance Jr/Kelly
    Hibbert/Black/Poop “Sacre”
    Not too bad. Not great but not horrible.

  • lou has never played PG in his career. what is matter with people or these kids .on here:D do you people even watch basketball ? πŸ˜€

      1. Hey lakers nation what the heck is wrong with my post? The word starting with s? It means SHOT!. Geez.I’ve seen worse on here lately.

    1. he’ll be slotted as a PG on the depth chart only because this means JC @2, and Kobe @3 but when Lou comes in one of DLO or JC with run the point…
      Not sure if that made sense????

      1. not happening dumbo. no coach in the world would do that. u people have no brains and have no idea how to structure a team. scott is not tat stupid to put russel-clarkson and kobe in the same lineup.only a moron wwould do that

    2. Never played PG in his career. LOL
      You also essentially said Lou Williams isn’t a pg because he’s a 6th man off the bench. PLEASE THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND.

  • I love it !!!! so my line up was close
    PG-D’Angelo Russell
    SG-Jordan Clarkson
    C-Roy Hibbert
    SF-Kobe Bryant
    PF-Julius Randle
    The return of the BENCH MOB
    PG-Lou Williams
    SG-Jabari Brown
    C-Robert Upshaw
    SF-Nick Young
    PF-Tarik Black

          1. Why not? Let’s see how he plays. He was great before he got hurt. Get off him.

        1. Did I say anything disrespectful? Keeping track of trading news? Mitch is trying to dump him, just stating facts my dude

          1. We desperately need shooters. That would be such a dumb move. Nobody bad-mouths Randle and he costs about the same as Nick and hasn’t scored a point, unless I missed it. I don’t think Mitch said that he was shopping Nick.

          1. They have to trade Swaggy in order to sign Williams. Williams takes the Lakers over the cap, so Nick is the salary that has to be moved before Williams is officially signed.

          2. I see your reasoning. I hope we don’t. We could actually go over the cap this year and it not hurt us more than a few dollars, knowing that Kobe is coming off, the TV deal is hitting and Hibbert’s contract expires next year.

          3. The Lakers can go over cap, but they can’t do it by signing Williams, so they have to make a choice. A team can go over the cap by resigning their on player, but Nick is already signed, so it’s really about picking up his option. His salary is already counted towards the cap. But for a player like Williams, his salary can’t take us over the cap when signing. Keeping Nick depends on the Lakers filling other holes. If Kobe plays the SF, it could be great small ball for the Lakers if they could also have Nick coming in off the bench with Williams.

          4. Well, Dave, that’s not how I understand it. I could be wrong, but what you say is part of the “Repeat Offender” sanction. Regardless, even if they go over, there is what they call “the apron” before the luxury tax even kicks in. They grabbed Brandon Bass and are looking at a few others. However they do it, they would be foolish to let Nick get away if they can keep him.

            If you look that rule up, let me know. I am pretty sure about it.

  • This is actually a great pick up to go with our young backcourt. We still need a SF though. I’m assuming Kobe is probably going to play a lot of 3 this year.

  • I don’t think Young is going anywhere. He’s valuable cuz he can play the 2 and 3. I think they are gonna keep him and maybe if they do trade him not before february for a championship contender looking for a bench scorer

      1. Might be if Scott preach ball movement. You got 1 to 4 being able to shoot the 3 with Black or Upshaw manning up the middle. It will create a lot of space

      1. try explaining that to these stupid ignorant kids who know nothing about basketball and have no idea what a position is in the basketball πŸ˜€

      2. the only thing with our loaded backcourt is this restricts our ability to play russell and clarkson together at point guard and shooting guard (which is really what the future has in store for us). that’s what everyone wants to see, because clarkson’s aggressive nature on offense complements russell’s savant-like passing and shooting abilities… but now, everyone has to get minutes! even jabari brown, who showed some promise last year, is buried as a 3rd-stringer.

        that’s why i can’t see nick young staying. there must be some sort of trade in the works… or he’s at least being baited out there.

  • Lets say Nick Young & Lou Will play together at the same time. Nick as SF & Lou as SG if they play team ball & pass the ball around. The bench definitely out scoring every other bench in the league.

  • i will laugh if kobe still finds a way to put up 25 shots even with this roster….lol i mean come on man.

    1. Fact is with lou, clarkson, and young only way kobe has that many is he NEVER passes them the ball cuz they are heaving it to the rim as soon as their hot little hands get it!

  • Someone refresh me on who Upshaw is? I keep hearing his name but I have no clue who this dude is.

    1. Pot smoking defensive center, been kicked out a school twice. Huge potential if he can put down the ganja.

  • The cap is all gone now, this means that the Lakers likely starting SF is going to be Wesley Johnson.

      1. Even the Clippers turned him down. He still waiting by the phone, checking to see if the battery is fully charged and calling himself to make sure it is still working

    1. no its going to be anthony bbrown. once again the front office doesn’t know how to use thier money. they go for someone they already have on thier team in young instead of getting a legit SF which they need.

  • at first i was excited to hear this news. the reigning 6th man of the year!

    but then i looked at this stats:

    15.5 ppg, 40% shooting, 34% shooting from 3.

    and he shot 31% from the field in the playoffs.

    what the effing crap!!!

    and everyone wants nick young gone? HOLY!

    nick young murdered this dude’s stats just a year ago!

    man, lou williams is a brick layer! we should have gone after terrence ross instead. at least he can start at small forward.

    1. I wouldn’t be scared by those stats. The Raptors have had a rough season after a nice start. At some point they lost their chemistry. They were VERY bad during the PO. Still, Williams brought them important scoring and clutch performances.

      1. well i mean, i dont wanna sound ungrateful. we could use any kind of talent. maybe i overreacted lol… but this is clearly a “fresh face, let’s get excited!” kind of thing.

        he really is not an upgrade over nick young at all. that’s the point i was trying to make haha.

        1. Trust me Lou Will can play. Been to a lot of Raptors game last season and that guy was always making plays. Good iso player. Nice stroke. And good IQ.

          1. he has had a season where he shot 47% from the field. hopefully he’s a little bit more efficient this year, because we are looking to have a very poor transition defense again lol. lots of long range misses spells death for us on defense. looking at the big picture =/.

            oh well, welcome to laker nation, lou! i’ll still support you, even if i think we should have gotten a small forward.

            something tells me nick young is being baited out there now for a trade…

          2. Thats where he becomes more efficient. Sharing the backcourt with other offensive threats will do wonders for his efficiency. There wont be as much attention on him which will open up the game for him. For the Raptors he was the main threat so people were more focused on him and he still managed to put up good points

        2. Sure ^^ I have some doubts too. Williams will have to make his game simplier. Scott was pretty adamant about it concerning Swaggy P. I hope they discussed about b-ball before closing the deal.
          I think Williams is a better creator and defender than Swaggy P though.

          1. yes, that, i will admit, is true. he’s better at breaking down a defense with his dribble penetration. by nature, that makes him a better overall creator on offense.

            nick young, on the other hand, does a lot more dribbling and dancing… which completely stalls all offensive ball movement… although i will say when nick young gets hot, he puts the shots up really quickly. it all depends on his willingness to become a better off-the-ball player.

    1. pretty sure kings want much more than that. hibbert doesn’t fit in karl’s offense. but nice thought.

    2. Don’t sleep on Mitch. He’s a beast. He ain’t done. Plus Jeanie already let it be known, Kobe needs to go out with a bang.

  • Let’s goooo Louuu will he just got a newww deal……..I watched Lou all season cuz he played for my hometown raptors and I’m telling u he won’t disappoint.

    6th man of the year solid pick up

  • Sounds like they expect Clarkson to be Kobe’s true back-up. Lou will be Russell’s back-up. Great addition. Guy is a legit threat of the bench.

    3 years $21 million… Sounds like Swaggy is either on his way out, or that contract is backloaded.

          1. Yes it means SG’s will just shoot over him. Almost every SG in the West is at least 6’4. It’s called defensive adjustment. You’re sad if you can’t see that. lol.

          1. No his name is LOU WILLIAMS you dumbass. Learn to spell before you post dipshit.

          2. LOL Simple typo, dumb fuck. Now please go read up on some shit to improve your basketball IQ. Mr. 6’1″ he’s a PG LMFAO!

  • Wasn’t it mentioned earlier this season that we wanted Clarkson coming off the bench?
    I think this move changes the line up to:

    PG: Russell – Clarkson
    SG: Kobe – Lou Will – J. Brown
    SF: Young – A. Brown
    PF: Randle – Black – Nance
    C: Hibbert – Upshaw – Sacre

    Hopefully with a move still to be made at SF to get rid of Nick Young. Still hating we didn’t resign Ed Davis to give Randle a little more time to develop off the bench, but this isn’t a bad line up considering how this free agency period has gone.

  • lou williiams isn’t a PG!! he isn’t a SF!! hes a SG. he will be most likely backing up kobe at the 2 spot. i dont know how hes gonna get any playing time since scott is so called all about defense and if you dont play it ur on the bench. lou williams plays less defense than young so unless scott is a 2 face and lies all the time

  • If Lakers cant trade Young

    Russell Brown
    Clarkson Williams
    Kobe Young Brown
    Randle Black
    Hibbert Upshaw Sacre

    1. That’s a steal for him, especially in this overinflated market.

      NBA owners are like my daughter, whatever amount they have to spend they’ll spend up to the last penny. Lakers will in a very nice position come next offseason!

    1. Wes was actually a better shooter than Lou last year. He would be a great bench SF but he can’t handle a starting gig. He’s not as bad as people say.

    1. Brown is a role player he’s not a starter Kobe is going to start at small forward or Nick Young

      1. go see a doctor i could bet my life u dumbass that scott will not be playing kobe at the 3 just cuz u stupid fans are in love with clarkson who by the way put up meaningless numbers on a full tank team. he still has plenty to prove. doesn’t deserve a starting gig just for putting up numbers on a tank team. wake up and smell the coffee

        1. I would take that bet he is going to start at the three which is his best position at this point because he isn’t quick enough to stay in front of guards anymore he’s strong which will be a plus against the small forwards in the league Kobe will start at small forward

          1. ok fine mexican. if the starting lineup in october is russel-clark-kobe i will man up and and give you my life πŸ˜€ ok?

          2. You must be french then! You really need some help! You can not participate without bashing and bitching here! Where are the moderators of this site!

  • I’m just glad we got him on a 3 year deal. He’ll actually be around for awhile instead of that one year bs

  • Started out rough, but we should be ok.
    Williams/JC/Young/Nance Jr/Black

    1. yeah it’s talent that we needed..and are getting now. it will be a much better team than last year. just have to stay healthy. forget playoffs..just get to 40 wins.

    1. Beasley can’t stick with any team that ever picks him up. I don’t know why Laker fans seem to still mention his name every year. I think his name is better than his game unfortunately.

    1. And he they trade him they can pick up someone else. Can’t have 2 guys who do the same thing and struggle on d.

    2. Well… the money is kind of weird. I’m assuming we signed him for $7 million yearly. That means we are going to be over the cap when the Hibbert trade happens unless we trade away Young and Kelly.

  • Real Question: Why does everyone here hate Nick Young so much? He’s not the best but he’s definitely not garbage either. He’s a great guy coming off the bench. Plus he’s entertaining. Him and Scott didn’t mesh great last season but he also got hurt and missed a bunch of game (to tank). I say keep Nick Young and get another starting SF.

      1. 90% of NBA players don’t play defense though. Warriors won with a team that really isn’t a defensive team at all.

      2. he plays no defense????? welll enjoy lou willimas cuz hes plays even less hahah!!!! at least nick has the body to man up and back down

          1. ha!!! lou looks like a 16 year old crack boy. dude plzz watch basketball before u start making up shit to make yourself look smart. lou’s game is just shoot shoot shoot 90% of the time. thats all he does since came into the league. no defense .

    1. Lou Williams and Nick Young will not co exist, they are both chuckers, can’t have two chuckers on the same team, it would be bad.

      1. Patrick,
        You are hilarious.
        On Kobe’s team you’re saying there are Two chuckers, and neither wears 24?!!

        1. We all saw what happened when another gunner played with Kobe, Imagine Kobe, N Young and Lou all on the floor at the same time, it would be a fight to see who could chuck it up the quickest

    2. Well besides flaws in his game, he’s a character cancer. He just said Blake Griffin isn’t black enough to act in Space Jam.. GTFO Young.

    3. I think the hate comes from his big mouth more than his play on the court. Though he had a pretty sub par year last year. But that was i think more due to injury and being placed in a role that he just plain isnt good enough to be put in (starter). And he’s not a Byron Scott type of guy.

    4. I like Nick, however we already have had enough of side shows with the Kardashian/Odom thing. No more distractions!!!

    5. Just go back a year ago and see everyone here was riding his dick, guy gets injured and plays bad now they all hate him. Now you see why these asshole fans give Lakers fans as a whole a bad reputation. They are quick to toss people to the side.

  • How old is he? And we should def start thinking about a trade for Wilson Chandler and how is our Lineup gonna look with pretty much 3 PG but in their defense Russell and Clarkson are PG/SG?

  • Signing the sixth man of the year is a great move because our bench was ass before this guy came to our team. Reliable scorer and ball handler and he is sixth man of the year.

    1. its a dumbass move. we already have a sixth man candidate in young so its just plain ass dumb. what they should of done is invest in a two way SF. they must hate that position sine they never look at it. they must reaally believe in these rooks

      1. yea we needed an SF. but maybe They picked up Luo because we couldn’t find a decent SF now that Harris is taken. so they probably expecting Young to start on the SF position

        1. sam u need help. swaggy was clearly in 6th man conversation. stop looking at last year like a little whiny kid

          1. Says the one whining about this signing. You’re the one crying about how he might steal Young’s 6th Man role. Plus it’s funny how you accuse everyone who doesn’t agree with you “a kid” when you yourself acts immature. You’re the one who needs help.

      2. Also Swaggy and Byron bump heads so he ain’t going to win 6th Man of the Year if Byron will keep benching him.

  • Also this pretty much rules out Lin returning. So please go away Lintards and ride his dick on another team’s blog please.

      1. Yeah because he sucks! According to Lintards he was the best thing since sliced bread and YET he hasn’t signed with anyone yet. He wasn’t wanted back. Now watch Russell break his ankles and Clarkson put him on a poster!

      1. Lin can go there but they have no money to get him unless they ask us for a favor. that means we can either unload Young or get a pick for the S&T if they want so much!!

    1. how??????? how does this affect lin???? wow u people need to get a hole on urselfs no joke. lou doesn’t affect any PG dumbass . the only person he affects is Ellington and young

    2. how many times do ppl have to say that luo is a SG not a PG… Joshhh is right it doesn’t affect lin. Not saying LIn should stay but your argument is stupid. LIn’s a PG.

        1. no he doesn’t dumbass he never played point in TOR or when he was in ATL. wake up. hes a pure SG

  • Out standing pickup… now were starting to put a bench going. Williams, young, Kelly, Black, Sacre, and maybe Hill or Johnson. I think were #7, #8 seed in the playoffs

        1. lou is NOT a pg. so clarkson and russell will probably back each other up. and lou will probalby bench for Kobe at SG. I’m guessing Young and Brown will be SF position

          1. When your mentioned more for your girlfriend rather than your on court performance, that’s a bad sign.

      1. Since it’s not finalized and they have no c or pf……..they just got Ellis so they could prolly make a playoff run with hibbert

        1. They have a center that they just drafted (Miles Turner) and they are playing small ball this year. They don’t want Hibbert to dictate their style of play and Hibbert hates them for constantly throwing him under the bus with trade rumors. PG is rumored to be become a stretch 4 for them.

          So no, he’s ours. And they already informed him that he’s going to be a Laker. That’d be PR hell if they tried to pussy out. But they won’t. They want his salary off the books.

    1. They already used their new cap money to sign Stokey or whatever his name is. The deal is done!

  • Smart pickup by Mitch. He understands that for us to attract talent we need talent both on the floor and the bench so by doing that he solidifies our bench and if the youngsters develop you have a better chance at attracting FAs.

  • They actually did something this year!

    Idk about Hibbert, but I don’t care Hibbert>>>>> Sacre

    and now we got Lou Williams

    1. I’m thinking this is because Russell and Clarkson are both new to the league. We needed a vet PG.

  • Lakers always make moves that nobody see’s coming. Russell, Nance, Brown, Hibbert, Sweet Lou all were not predictable moves only D’Angelo was somewhat known.

          1. Don’t be ridiculous. They have Dirk, Parsons, Matthews, DJ and would still have Barea and Harris at the point even if they didn’t sign Lin. That team eats our lunch.

          2. Dirt is done! Parsons is a wishy washy player who plays no defense. Mathew is coming back from a huge injury. It will take a while before he returns to form. Jordan is a strong defender,but a liability at the Ft line who score form the hands of a great pg. LIN might be their pg?

          1. Suns have not prove they can actually compete and we are more balance to fight them. Pelicans depend on thier super paid star and we can compite with them too. No FEAR!

        1. Mavs will not make it unless they get LERUN! Clippers lost their best defender and that is huge. I see Spurs and Warriors as the front runners and the rest following them. We ahve more size and we added two very good vets and we are not done yet. We are competing that is for sure!

    1. If Russell, Clarkson and Randle all play to their potential then we have a shot either way we are much more competitive than we were last year

          1. no derozan plays the 2 and switchs to the 3 sometimes, lou cant play pg he isnt a playmaker.

          2. derozen is too small for the 3, in this league you don’t want a 6’1 guy guarding a 6’7 SG

          3. That doesn’t mean he didn’t play the position. There are plenty of guys who play PG and don’t play make.. have you never seen a LeBitch controlled team before?

          4. lebron can set teamates up he can play pg.. lou cannot do that hes a sg point blank he wont be playing ANY PG he never has.

          5. Oh my God… No he’s a Point Forward at times. Not Point GUARD. You don’t actually have to set people up to be a PG! Jesus have you never seen the 3-guard lineup before!?

            He can guard/play the PG position, doesn’t mean he has to ball handle all day. Just needs to play off-ball,

          6. the whole point of being point is to set players up, and he isnt the greatest defender to be guarding a point.

          7. Won’t be any different when he’s guarding Klay Thompson either when they’re just backing him down and shooting over him.

          8. You don’t understand obviously, you can play the point with being the pg. Look at curry, he can pass but he’s a shoot first player

          9. Actually everyone in the NBA/Planet Earth can pass the ball. I think you mean he can’t pass the ball fancy highlighty right. God just stop..

          10. you need to realize that all cause hes 6’1 does not mean he can play pg, he doesnt set anyone up , he has the lowest apg from any guard with the minutes he gets.

          11. YOU…. DON’T… NEED… TO… SET… ANYONE… UP… to be able to play PG!!! Why can’t you understand this?? Now you’re just trolling.

          12. smh you dont understand why there is positions in basketball and what the job is of certain positions, do you want your team to look like a ymca pick up game with lou running the point or a professional basketball team??

    1. Only a fucking loser like you goes around and repost comments just to make yourself look funny. All I see is a pathetic individual trying to be an asshole. You’ve succeeded.

  • idk anymore. I feel lakers shud tank 1 more year to get back the protected top 3 pick from philly (another C draft by philly) or just fucking let the rooks show the world ANALYTICS is BS. ALDRIDGE I put a curse on you just like i cursed cuban and gilbert.

    1. Lakers talent will win them too many games, it’s not an organization that tanks anyways. Besides can’t tell these youngsters to lose games – definitely not telling Kobe that. Top-5 pick was ‘doable’ and realistic, especially given Nash/Randle/Kobe injuries.

      Aldridge? Let him see what happens when Timmy/Manu/Pop are gone and all eyes are on him and Kawhi to carry that small-town team on their backs.

  • I like this guy him and Clarkson or Young is going to be a very good bench a lot of scoring it also gives Kobe much more rest I like this move

    1. i thought u said clarkson was starting? ha!!!! or did you finally come to the realization that i needed help

  • I love this signing in free agency because he turns teams that struggle into winners, he did it in Atlanta and Toronto and hopefully now the Lakers. They miss him in Atlanta.

    1. Young is the only viable option not named Wesley Johnson to play the 3 on our roster unless they move Kobe down.

      And I know you’d rather not see Wesley Johnson playing the 3 anymore.

  • Not good enough to make the playoffs, but not horrible enough to tank to keep our top 3 protected pick

    1. Not worth it really, next year’s draft isn’t particularly good, and there’s no guarantee they won’t fall out of top three anyway. It’s best to play this season with nothing to lose so they can build a somewhat winning mentality in the roster. And if the Lakers can turn some combination of either Russell Clarkson or Randle into an all-star they’ll look that more attractive to free agents down the road versus 37 year old Kobe and rookies.

  • We have 24 million from the start of free agency trade for Hibbert that’s 15 million so after Hibbert we 9 million sign Lou for 7 million now we have 2 million can we find any 3&D SF for 2 million? KJ Mcdaniels?

      1. he’s more like a D&D guy… dunk and defense haha. he reminds me of a raw shannon brown type of athlete… shannon did dramatically improve his 3-point shooting while he was with us though… gotta give him that.

          1. i doubt it. he’s restricted. houston could match that very easily. maybe if we did a sign-and-trade with nick young.

    1. Actually hibeert will atke more because there is a trade kicker of about 2,5 mill that affecst our cap. What this means is that the lakers have anothe rdeal in place that might come out tomorrow.

  • somewhere, mike d’antoni is angry… we have the perfect team for him right now… well, minus the hibbert acquisition haha.

    seriously though, i never once doubted d’antoni’s coaching abilities. he just hasn’t had the correct rosters in new york and los angeles. lol…

    if he just has a defensive guru at assistant head coach, he could do damage with this team… y’all might not want to admit it, but he would… and his style of play was vindicated by the warriors winning the title, with his understudy alvin gentry as the offensive mastermind behind it all.

  • Raptor fan who first follows the Lakers…… Lou Will is a great pick up as long as he plays SG….. if he goes for PG he will ruin the offence as he tends to kill the ball movement…. other than that get ready for some crazy 4 point plays and game winners…. ice in his veins!! #lakersnation!

      1. exactly….. thats how we lined em up in Toronto with Vazquez who is 6’4…. gonna be a good season hopefully!

      1. i know he’s a PG but when he played last year he was always a SG cause he can’t really facilitate the ball and get others involved…. plus all u want him to do is score..

          1. Wow so I actually have a duplicate/fag/stalker account? Wow, that’s pretty sad. LOL!
            115 COMMENTS TOO!!! God, some on the internet are pathetic.

    1. why the hell would the kings want 0 point hibbert, wesley goof johnson and larry fuckin no shot nance for the best center in the league?? please tell me what kind of drugs your on to execute a trade like that

        1. he doesnt want out goerge karl wants him out but divac was about to fire him so now they gotta get along.

      1. you’re right… the kings are gonna demand robert sacre too.

        if they did, no way in hell i make the trade.

  • good sign! You can’t have too many point guards and shooting guards! LAL Should load up on shooting guards and point guards f*** the front court players! Good job MITCH keep it up! 3 more shooting guards or point guards that are good three point Shooters! Westside!

  • I love Kobe but i will say this if LeBron or Stephen Curry had this roster they would easily make the playoffs. Kobe can prove the haters wrong and use this roster as a redemption back to the playoffs, he needs to prove it to the doubters. Welcome Lou Williams!

    1. lebron make the playoffs with a buncha rookies??? maybe in the east bro but i wouldn’t say so in the west

    2. The current cavs minus Lebron would STILL make the finals. They would lose in the finals though. That’s how stacked the cavs are. Lebron doesn’t have to do shit.

      1. Even this Cavs team with Lebron would finish 4/5 in the West. LeBron couldnt fathom the daily grind of playing in the West. Has had the easy way to the Finals almost every year!

    3. ummmm that is unfair on so levels. lets see curry and lebron carry a team when they are 37…and also kobe isn’t in his prime anymore…noone should expect a 37 yr old to carry any team.

  • The NBA is about match ups, Lou will be the SG but he’ll mainly be guarding the small guys while Clarkson or russell get the bigger dudes

  • People hyping the mavs waaay too much. DAJ makes them a better team defensively thats for sure but don’t think they are much better than us. I actually think we are in a much better position than them in the long haul with Russ, Randle and Clarkson. They are not head and shoulders above us. 8th-7th spot is doable. Portland only have Lillard now.

      1. They are talking about Lin and only way for them to get him is via sign and trade with us. We could ask for a 1st round.

          1. “Mavs have expressed interest in Jeremy Lin since start of free agency, but only way a deal happens now is if the Lakers sign-and-trade him.”
            From Alex Kennedy

          2. Sure he will! He will do it because there are not teams looking for him. But that wil be stupid when he can force DALLAS to pay him way more! But even with this guy they are worst than we are.

      2. Dirt is so old now that is going to help their defense! Their sg is coming back from a huge injury, no pg,no bench and no cap to add! Way to go Mr. Cuban! Burn in Hell!

    1. mavs are better. its not even close ha!! they just got jordan that automatically makes them a great team. jordan is better than our whole frontcourt combined ha!. he can change a team just by his presence on defense

      1. How about offense? Charlotte was a pretty good team defensively last season so was Indiana but they had no offensive game which set them back. Jordan wont give you 20 a night especially with no good PG which the mavs dont have. Matthews coming back from an Achilles injury you dont know how good he would be. Parsons is a role player. Not a bonafide star. Which leaves you with a 38 year old Dirk who at this stage of his career wont give you 20 a night. I repeat they are not that much better than us

          1. Dude, go tell that to tim duncan :D. u look like a pure gorilla but with glasses πŸ˜€

          2. ha if that were the case they wouldn’t have won against the spurs last year ha!

    1. We still need a solid 3 and even then I would say we would be a 40 win team. Not making the playoffs I don’t think. I’m just hoping this means we have a trade in place for young and kelly to get a 3

  • Wouldn’t mind seeing a lineup of…
    40+ wins and if lucky and healthy 8th-7th seed
    Clippers might suck this year almost 99% of their players are Guards
    Trail Blazers they’re iffy
    Mavericks on the come up
    Pelicans iffy can’t gel enough to be a real contender

  • DLo, Clarkson, Kobe and Lou will occupy the 96 minutes of the guard positions, and Jabari Brown and Random Pickup guy(Buycks, Price) will see garbage time. Ellington and Lin will likely not be back. This solidifies the guard rotation.

    Now the need is to address the SF spot with someone who is not called Wesley Johnson

  • Is Jae Crowder still available? I like him and he can be a great 3&D guy for us? Can we get him for 2 million?

  • I think they made this move because they know they’re going to rest Kobe a lot and need fire power when he’s off the floor.

  • Lakers again going with that best player available theory regardless of position or size. They shocked the world on draft night by passing on center Jahlil Okafor and now they go small yet again with best player available mentality signing Lou Williams.

      1. So a defensive monster in Hibbert is a scrub? And Seraphin is a quality energy big off the bench.

          1. Seraphin can shoot the 3 and score in the post ..Has the size to guard aldridge thats who we need

      2. Hibbert is the best rim protector and seraphin plays hard on both defense and offense hes also a lob threat along with hibbert

    1. Lakers need depth. Plus more competition among the guards produces a better product on the court because these guards will be competing for their jobs! That’s the real truth.

  • He got underpaid big time, this free agency fucking proved he needed more money. Good value pick by our Lakers, good job.

  • Can someone tell me what happens with Hibbert? Is the trade still happening? If so, how are the Lakers able to afford Hibbert?

    1. not sure how the 21 mil got divided but assuming he gets 6 mil this year we can afford both. Hopefully this mean young or kelly gets traded

  • Russell/Clarkson

    like it or not this will be the lakers line up next year
    its either young or williams coming off the bench not both. cant see it happening.
    clarkson should be able to back up both guard spots. seeing 27 plus minutes or might even start
    kobe is looking at only playing 24 min a game. bringing in a scoring/playmaking guard like lou is really good for lowering kobes offensive load.

    Great Pick Up

          1. yup byron scott is always doing some weird shit with the starting line up.
            Nance can play the sf as well

    1. Too soon to say that’s the line up I think we can trade Young to someone and that will all us to get the SF we all know that we need and unless I’m mistaken we could still sign Johnson and go over the cap as he is one of ours?

  • Interesting. Looks like someone is going to be traded and if not we will have no trouble scoring the ball this season that’s for sure.

  • Looks to me that sooner or later Young is gone. Russell and Kobe first team, Clarkson and Williams, off the bench.

  • Good Pick Up. Regardless We need Talent On The Team To Attract Future FA’s. Thats what Went Wrong This Yr. But You Either Start Swag at SF Or Trade Him For A better SF. But Theirs Nothing Wrong With Having swag And Lou Come Off The bench.. B.Scott Already Told Swag He’s Gonna Have To Adjust his game To play So We’ll See!

      1. lol True But Come On Now.. The Team Was Trash Last Year No Matter Who The Coach Was. We Had No Center. No PF. And JLin As PG Come On.. lol

          1. Because they’re ignorant. Simple as that. Unless you win.. you’re trash.

      2. seriously…this guy doesn’t believe in taking three’s…when all young and lou do is take threes. lol. this should be fun. i hope b-scott adapts to a new style. pop did it…see the old spurs and now the new spurs. two totally different styles of play.

      3. scott’s an idiot. he’ll find away to screw things up like he always does ;D. hes not gonna put the best roster on the floor for the lakers to win games. hes gonna put it off pure credibility.

        1. Young is not getting traded yet. Maybe next year, if he doesn’t climb out of Iggy’s ass and get back to basketball.

          I don’t know what these storm crows have to complain about with Young, though. Byron sort of disapproves of certain players and doesn’t tell them why. He did that with JLin last year, too. We need Nick at the 2 or the 3 full time this year. We need shooters for Russell to play off of. It will be mid-year before Nance and Brown get up to speed.

  • I like this move…. But I think it’s more likely that Swaggy P moves into the starting lineup than get traded! The lineup looks like this:

    Randle/Black/Nance Jr.

    1. the lou siniging means they have given up on ellignton. that’s what it specifically means. it also means that Clarkson will not be playing any time at the 2.

  • SF available that we should try to sign for 2 million:

    Tayshaun Prince
    Landry Fields
    Caron Butler
    Gerald Green
    Dorell Wright
    Chris Copeland
    Josh Smith
    Alonzo Gee
    Wesley Johnson
    Shawn Marion
    Justin Holiday
    K.J. McDaniels
    Michael Beasley
    Jordan Hamilton

    Let’s try to get one of these guys and we will have a decent SF

  • I’m pretty sure the only way the Lakers afford this is if they are trading someone, they had 4.7m cap left after Hibbert and Lou will make about 6.5m first year salary
    This could mean either Ryan Kelly or Shaggy Pea getting dealt.

  • Hibbert is a good center. Great ft percentages, can hit the mid range, has shown he can post up down low, and his defense is one of the best. Just because things didnt work out on the Pacer doesn’t mean it dont work out in LA

    1. i bet you my life this upshaw guy will completely out shine hibbert given the chance :D. hibbert is nothing special. hes a solid rim protector but upshaw wiill so out shine him πŸ˜€

  • What if we traded Nick Young and Ryan Kelly to the raptors for Terrance Ross the Raptors will need a sixth man since Williams left and Young would be that guy and Ross has been on the trading block!

          1. He’s a self admitted Clippers bandwagon fan but since we all kept flagging his comments under his Clippers username he pretended to be a Bucks fan, then a Spurs fan, and now he’s pretending to be a Celtics fan because they have 1 more ring than us. Just flag his comments.

  • If Hibbert can average 10-15 ppg and at least get a rebound we’ll be hood at the C position
    Bench at least scores 30 ppg and Kobe stays Healthy and averages 15-20 ppg our team could actually be watchable maybe even 8th seed

    1. Kobe needs to be 20-25 for us to make playoffs. More importantly I think Kobe needs less usage and more assists. We need everyone to be involved and for Kobe to trust the other guys to carry the load sometimes. he can still be a clincher just doesn’t need to run himself into the ground before the 4th

  • Doug Smith: Raptors βœ” @SmithRaps
    Raptors have acquired Nick Young from the Lakers, sign and trade for Lou Williams.

          1. cats always take a twitter handle and act like that person really said it.

      1. No, nick young is GONE. Mitch will trade his weak ass in the following days (maybe even hours). He can take his goofy ass somewhere else

        1. Calm down young man.. Nick isn’t gonna anywhere .. but you have a Blessed day and May God Bless you!!! you shouldn’t down talk others. #Letthatsinkin

          1. He will be gone and I will reply laughing at u when it happens #letthatsinkin

          2. why would we not trade young for a SF? We have more scorers this season than last so we don’t need him. What we need right now is defense at the 3

  • kobe can actually have rest this season knowing lou is backing him up because last season was a mess…

    1. This guy is in disarray. Doc rivers once again lost the clippers another solid player.

      And this chumps celtics are being run into the ground by ainge. Hahahaha

    2. Trying to sell your Lakers tickets on ebay for cost and nobody will buy them. How times have changed for Lakers πŸ™‚

    1. what did he do? had one good game out of 7. yeah I remember. #brick #BailedOutByPauandRonArtest

    1. I’d take smith. Don’t think Butler has much left in him. At least Josh Smith would be good on D.

  • Your pretend favorite team doesn’t even have a center right now and NO CAP SPACE! And here I thought our off season was bad! HA! Time to pack your bags for the Warriors bandwagon you loser.

  • Building block moves. Williams and Hibbert. Next they should shock the world, don’t go after KD in 2016 or Westbrook in 2017. Build a solid team of hard workers and players who had to fight their way in the league. Depend on Russell and Randle to be star players.

      1. I would say we need two things before I can say we have a chance for the 8. First is a good defensive SF. Next is good health. With those two things I think we can at least be relevant this season which I think works well for us even if we don’t make the playoffs because any FA would see that we are only one or two pieces away from being back in the big leagues. With our young guys we could definitely challenge for the title in 2 to 3 years with the right development and signings.

    1. just you, this team is 10th seed at best right now especially with scott coaching, if they pull off another trade maybe 8th.

      1. We’re already a different team from last season. We added Russell, Hibbert, Williams, Randle, and we get Kobe back

        1. Never said we werent a different team or that we werent better. We are just not a playoff team. And there is nothing wrong with that. We shouldnt have that expectation.

    1. Yeah he could play both power forward and small forward he is a good signing if we can get him away from The Rockets