Larry Nance Jr. On Being Drafted 27th By Lakers

Larry Nance D'Angelo Russell Robert Upshaw

At the 2015 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers surprised most with their two selections in the first round. After being linked to Jahlil Okafor prior to the draft, the storied franchise not only took D’Angelo Russell, but Larry Nance Jr. with their No. 27 pick.

What will Larry Nance Jr. make this season? Find out here!

After being selected by the Lakers, Nance Jr. faced turmoil, but endeared himself to the fans at the Las Vegas Summer League with his motor. In an interview with Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders, Nance Jr. recalled his first impression after being drafted by Los Angeles:

“My first impression was, ‘This is the Lakers. The Lakers! THE. LAKERS.’ I couldn’t get that out of my head,” Nance said with a laugh. “I mean, it was just really cool. These guys are a part of my family now! I’m a part of their family! I’m a Laker! It was very surreal.”

After playing four seasons at Wyoming where he averaged 11.3 points and 6.6 rebounds, Nance Jr. is a mature rookie in a time where most prospects leave college after one season. Although he is not projected to be part of the rotation to start the season, his energy on both ends of the court could provide a nice spark off the bench.

Heading into the new season, all the attention will be on Kobe Bryant’s 20th season and how the young core develops. While the Western Conference will be an uphill battle, the Lakers have a nice blend of veterans and prospects that are looking to make the playoffs.


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he can be a vital piece to the team if he can become a knock down shooter. he must build up his confidence

  1. I feel exactly the same, the game Randle sat out bcuz of a back to back was the one game the Lakers won in the SL. It was also the one game that Nance stood out bcuz he got the mins to play with everyone and made the most of it. Shoot the crowd began chanting his name by the end, especially after the Okafor block. All those stupid ISO plays were killing us in the SL and most of them were being committed by Randle, it was frustrating to watch! I really hope they can all mesh well by preseason and cut down on the ISO plays, it really comes down to the coaching staff and Byron bcuz the potential is there for them to do better, hopefully much better than last 2 years.

    1. For some reason, Nance was on a minutes restriction…

      As of today, I believe Nance can be an upgrade to Kelly by the year’s end. And, I think Nance has the potential to be a very solid 6th man for the duration of his career.

      1. I’m hoping Kelly and Sacre are gone b4 the season starts to give their mins to the rooks & sign Upshaw

        1. To me, Sacre and Black are the guys on the trade block.
          Kelly too, but a bit less as he is STILL the only stretch on the team. And while Nance should be better very quickly, he’s not better than Kelly.

          Let’s take a step back on Kelly. To me, he played the 3 last year just to get minutes. Sure, at the 3, he looked like doo-doo. But when he played the 4, he looked “decent.” I suspect the team *kinda* used Kelly to tank, all the while getting him valuable playing time minutes — even if they were out of position.

          I’m not sure he’s going to be a superstar, but I think he’s be A LOT better than most realize and will be a very valuable stretch-4 in the league. Having said that, I think Nance is an upgrade once he gets up to NBA speed.

          It wouldn’t surprise me to see Kelly and Young on the opening day roster and then traded near the deadline.

          There is a really good article about kelly on the front page of silverscreenandroll com.

        2. Your are comparing two different styles Nance is the guy that goes after the ball where ever it is and is working the whole time I would have to go with him with his work ethics on the court. And KELLY is the guy that does what he can but never sticks his head in the pile after the ball, he plays with a little more finest. I like them both but if push came to shove its NANCE JR. that get the job.

        3. you can say ryan kelly shoots alittle bit better than Nance does…especially the 3 ball.
          but what does Nance do that kelly cant???
          hustle for them loose balls,rebounds, block shots,play really good tough defense.
          scoring means so much less to the Lakers when we need to FOCUS on just defense.
          Nance will hustle every minute hes out on the floor.
          he will run with the team and score off alley oops, and score most of his points off tip dunks.
          Hibbert is mostly going to block shots and rebound.
          but what i see is Nance Jr. as a gem with his hustle? money cant put a price tag on him and what he does. We should look foward to keeping this guy around at least 2-3 years.
          Ryan Kelly? i could say goodbye and not think twice about it.

      2. Not necessarily a 6th man, I will be happy IF he turns out to be a serviceable, rookie backup to the PF or even SF position.

        But given how he’s become an effort guy in the few games that we saw him, he just needs to work harder (his hardest) to be relevant to the Lakers lineup.

    2. when the crowd begins to shout his name i want to see him be more aggressive on both ends of the floor. use the energy of staples to hype your game up nance

        1. i saw that too he needs to be more hyped when his name is me your mean face

        2. if i was there i would have cheered his name too.
          what he does is so special. people really dont appreciate what he can do out there.
          theres no number on the stat sheet for a guy like nance jr.

    1. we can probably get morris for peanuts!
      he doesnt want to stay in phoenix.
      another SF we could have!
      id send sacre&kelly to phoenix for morris and call it a day!

    1. Dad was a late bloomer, but a near-all star. His dad was a 14ppg, 8ast kinda guy. He was a starter, but was a better role player and glue guy.

      And in this case, his son, has a very similar game, but has 100x the athleticism.

      In a year, a lot of GM’s will wish they had taken Nance, and no one will consider the #27 a reach.

    1. This. I can take a lack of skill. What I can’t take is players who don’t feel it’s a privilege to play for our squad and/or truly want to be here.

  • He and Anthony Brown should be divvying up Nick Young’s minutes by season’s end if everything goes as expected.

  • We needed athletes and defense. Larry Nance provides that. All teams need role players to do the dirty work. Good pick.

    1. he is worth keeping around. kinda like ed davis hustle and play for every rebound block shot and tip dunk.
      these players are a rare breed but when you see them you know it right away.
      pay them the money they deserve it!

  • “Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Veterans Worth A Training Camp Invite”
    Hoops Habit

    Thank You Jackson Sanders for speaking the truth
    I hope this is a reality check for these little teenage fan boys here #jtaylor

  • By drafting this cat, Lakers wasted a pick. They coulda drafted another potential future player and just simply invited Nance to camp as I think he woulda gone undrafted. Well, at least we have him. He could go places. I mean, he could do well.

  • I hope he can turn into our Robert Horry. Seems to have the tools. Obv needs to work on long range shot. But his defensive versatility is damn impressive.

  • Nance Jr. needs a reliable mid range shot and a corner three to play the 3, defensively he can guard three’s and fours all day long, he’s good covering the pick and roll, and closing out on the shooter.
    If we play Kobe at the three like Byron is saying, and his minutes are limited, than there are some minutes for Nance Jr at the three even with Nick Young still on the team. Anthony Brown will spend some time in the D league at the start of the season.
    Randle, Bass, Black and Kelly if he’s still here will take the minutes available at the four.

  • More like

    “Oh f*ck gotta get my phone, my f*cking twitter, my f*cking history gotta delete that tweet about KOBE!!”

    1. when Kobe sees this kids hustle and work ethic he wont think twice about forgiving him. im one of Kobe’s biggest fans and im over it already.

      1. everyone always know kobe forgave him duh

        im saying thats probably what he remembered first when he got drafted by the lakers lol

        1. yea but everyone makes mistakes.
          this guy works hard and thats all i expect out of him.
          Kobe knows hard work and will like him the most out of all the rookies.
          Kobe should be talking to them though this summer trying to plan workouts and stuff with maybe russell clarkson and brown. maybe even meet up just go get lunch and talk? Kobe can teach a person what he knows just by talking not even have to find a gym to go to.
          Magic Johnson should reach out to Dangelo i would love to see Russell with some of them no look passes!
          Go Kobe! Go LAKERS!

    2. Well we can see it knows one word the one that is all over your RANT, you need a little more schooling Your ma ma must be proud.

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