Lakers News: Larry Nance Jr. Has High Praise For D’Angelo Russell


Heading into the 2015-16 NBA season, all the attention for the Los Angeles Lakers will be on Kobe Bryant’s 20th season and the young core. With the first preseason game in Hawaii not until October 4, Larry Nance Jr. took some time to discuss numerous topics in a recent interview with Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders.

What will D’Angelo Russell make this season? Find out here!

Along with sharing his first impression after being selected with the 27th overall pick, Nance Jr. had high praise for Russell, who is only 19 years old:

“D’Angelo is a great kid,” Nance said. “I mean, it’s crazy because he’s 19 years old! I’m coming into the league with the mindset of like, ‘Alright, after four years of college, I’m ready and I can do this.’ He’s coming into the league like, ‘Alright, after one year I decided I can do it.’ He’s great.

“He’s fun-loving, and loves to just do things. It doesn’t matter what it is. He’ll go to the mall, go to the golf range, go play mini golf. Whatever it may be, he is always moving, always doing stuff. So I’m really enjoying trying to keep up with him. He’s just so eager to see everything and I’m tagging along.”

Although Russell averaged 11.8 points and 5.2 rebounds at the Las Vegas Summer League, he struggled with his shooting (37.7 percent) and turnovers (5.2). He acknowledged his ‘risk-taking’ style led to those turnovers, but has since talked with numerous Lakers legends including Kobe, Jerry West and James Worthy.

Heading into his rookie season, there are high hopes for Russell, who is expected to eventually carry the storied franchise after Kobe retires. While the playoffs are one of the team’s goals, the development of the young core over the course of the season will be crucial in attracting free agents.


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right now russell is best known for his turnovers thats not a good look he must change his game around or else he will be in d league soon

  1. Really? Is that what he is really known for right now? Turnovers? Seems to me you don’t like Russell too much. He’s young and he’s a rookie! Oh and guess what? It was the summer league! No, he doesn’t have to change his game at all. He just needs to learn from his mistakes. That’s what learning the game is all about. He needs to fail and make mistakes now and again or he won’t improve. He can’t be a beast of a player right away. That will come in due time. He just needs to keep working and learning which he is clearly making an effort to do. His game is what got him to this level and I have no doubts that he’ll improve on his game during his first season.

      1. Playing with veterans and starter will fix most of his issues.
        And, playing “safe” and not trying to take risks in a bad SL game will help too.

        Let’s see what he does in pre-season before we start worrying or making any sort of crystal ball predictions.

      2. I wouldn’t worry about that, the fact is the ppl he was playing with just didn’t have the awareness or basketball iq that Russell already has but takes most years to obtain. And to Tarik black who gave away about 14 points from not being ready for passes from Lo, if you want to last in this lg be ready to catch and finish near the rim at all times!

        1. don’t blame Black for inaccurate passes, you can only do so much when you are moving in one direction and the ball is thrown behind or out of reach.

        1. he had like over 30 turnovers in 3 games thats very concerning in some cases

        2. If those are his averages after 3 months into the regular season, then I’ll go there with you. But summer league? Way way too soon to draw very many conclusions.

        3. Again, do your homework, bad summer league performances are very common for high profile draft picks and even soon to be all-time greats. Chill out.

  2. I know about the collective fear about him pilling up a lot of TO, but did you see his last two SL Games? Don’t worry, he will be ok.

    1. Its funny hearing you speak to numb1 you sound like you talking to a child, and you are but its still funny.

  3. Omg dude you’re the most annoying troll
    You’re name is numb1lakefan
    But you’re over here typing negativity at the highest draft pick since James worthy
    Get that outta here D’lo is probably the youngest lottery pick and he had his turnovers after 5 summer league games wow we over here tryna support the future of the team

  • 3Angelo will be fine in due time.
    He’s only 19, with only one year of college. He’ll make rookie mistakes this year and look lost at times but the talent is there and will surface over time. I think he’ll be a very solid player if not a superstar.

    I hope the latter.

    Stay focused and keep working hard kid.

  • Kid is Only 19yrs old…..Not that far removed from HS……Now the True Learning process begins…..Rumble Young Man….Rumble.

    1. A 19yr old can’t have fun during down time?He just need to be smart when he is enjoying himself,but people lighten up…After his workout let him get to know his teammates and have fun.

          1. Somehow we had over half our real team on our summer team and we were the worst team. It was so embarrassing.

          2. What they got out of summer league was more important than winning in the summer.True,you want to win all the time… However, They had a week ofpractice and were fed the Princeton offense with players who hasn’t played together…. And fans are over reacting because they didn’t look good…Its called GROWTH.

        1. Being awful in the summer was good for them in this regard. Now the young ones know that everyone can kick your ass! They are now primed to listen and work hard.Now Scott can Mold them.

    2. They need to learn how to play half court offense with the 24 second clock and the older slower guys.. Kobe,Kobe! And Slow Roy. When Kobe is out of the game, the pace could be faster but they still need to know how to execute the offense.And that is where the summer will pay dividends… Head start on the system.But most of all they will need to learn how to fit with Kobe… And how and when to play around him…When do we run without him and when do we all slow down and wait?

  • I like the way Nance presents himself to the media and to fans. Seems like a genuine dude.

    1. i hope he gets alot of dunks this season.
      only if the coach gets in the game. i dont care if he’s at PF or SF i just wanna see him out there hustling for rebounds and blocking shots!
      this guy is going to be special i said it first.

      1. He has the feel of a ‘glue guy’. One of those players that every team needs in some capacity which makes the whole thing work, doing things that no one else on the floor adds to the team but which are needed for the overall team chemistry. He’s a player that gives you the sense that he’s willing to do the little things and all of those effort plays that don’t necessarily show up on the stat sheet to pull out a win. I think they got great value with that pick and hopefully he’ll be a Laker for a long time.

          1. Yeah, that’s a fair comparison, I’d say, particularly regarding their size. Nance is pretty raw right now, though. More recently, Lamar Odom filled that role. But Nance and Odom have different skillsets with some overlap here and there. Odom was a Point Forward and tenacious rebounder during his better years with LA. He’s the guy that made the Gasol/Bynum pairing gel. Once they lost him, you could tell it just wasn’t as smooth or seamless a rotation. Gasol and Bynum both needed time alone in the paint during games, and Odom helped sub in for one of those guys and stretch the D. Nance could be a dirty work type of player for the Lakers, and if he can bring his shooting around, I think he’d be a legit role player.

            I like what he and Anthony Brown can bring to a 2nd unit, and I actually expect them both to be taking minutes away from vets later in the season.

  • “Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Veterans Worth A Training Camp Invite”
    Hoops Habit

    Thank You Jackson Sanders for speaking the truth
    I hope this is a reality check for these little teenage fan boys here #jtaylor.

  • I already like Nance Jr: the guy earns his points and is aggressive on defense, Could be an ideal roleplayer for us in the future.

  • I like Russel he will get better from here on out he has a really high basketball IQ and see the floor very well. Its too early to say what kind of player he’ll be but so far it looks good and give him time so we can see what he is.

  • Russell and JC, they will be the Lakers guard tandem in years to come. Today, those two don’t look much with all those mistakes that they’ve made on the playing court.

    Just give them time to work together, not one summer league nor during the summer camp. Give them the whole season to play together. So what IF they commit a HUNDRED more mistakes playing together, Lakers won’t be champs anyway.

    They just need their important acquisitions to develop and play in a system that will be effective and efficient. My question now is what system will the Lakers employ and who will guide Russell, JC and Randle in playing this system.

  • I honestly believe larry nance will be kicking some major butt in the nba. Did you see his play in summer league. And russell will follow hopefully ir else not drafting okafor will haunt the management forever.

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